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 Post subject: FIC- repost- KERITH
PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2002 8:14 am 
halo. old fic, new update... chapter six. i'm working on the rest. hope you like... ;)

Title- Kerith

Rating: G to R

Spoilers- reference to little cousin Jordy that bit Oz… the day Oz turned on Tara… other than that no real spoilers to anything.

Notes- Willow and Tara never broke up, none of the magick addiction came into play. I’m keeping them Season 5 relationship status. Oh and Buffy never died.

Notes2- This is an updated version from the previous version seen at the Kitten board and willtara. Re-did how she was made after seeing *The Gift*. It’s pretty much the same I guess. I hope it's clear now how Kerith was made....

Notes 3- Gosh, I hate doing math. So this takes place about seven years after season 5. Or is it four? Whatever. You do the math.

Notes4- Chapter 3, 4 & 5 have R parts I guess. And as for Spoilers- No real spoilers to anything. Remember the end of season five never happened. Neither did all of season six. Buffy did not die, Willow did not become a magick freak and well… none of Six happened. I choose to erase it from my memory. Well, most of it cause Tara and Willow kidding on network television made me smile.

Written: Spring of 2001 and updated at later dates. Chapter six written: May 2002

oh and yeah i dont own any of them... feedback welcome... hugs and kisses to all


Chapter One


Xander’s arms opened wide as the small five year old ran into his embrace. “Hey there you! I must say you have grown a whole inch since the last time I saw you.”

The reddish blonde haired child giggled as she wrapped her small arms around the construction manager’s thick neck. “That is impossible uncle Xander. I saw you yesterday!”

“Hello little woman!” Anya held up a colorful bag with ribbons. “Presents!”

The child’s clear blue eyes opened wider as Xander deposited her back on the ground. “Oh, auntie Anya, thank you!” The child was careful to not hug her too hard. She knew the pregnant belly was delicate and Anya was very pregnant. “Mommy!“ She turned to the blonde walking up to them. “Look!”

Tara smiled. “I see.” Xander and Anya both hugged and kissed her hello.

“May I open it now? Please?!”

“Please!?” Xander asked as enthused as the birthday girl.

“We really should wait until everyone is here.” Willow replied as she walked up to the group with the birthday cake and a couple of bags hanging loosely.

Tara was quickly by her side. “Oh, honey, let me help you.” A couple more bags joined the ones she was already carrying.

Anya grabbed the boxed cake from Willows hands. “Me too. Oh, I love birthday parties. Especially the cake. I’m starving. Lets go set the table.”

Xander took the little girls hand and they hopped away. “Come one, Willara. Let’s go play in the sandbox.”

“Xander, try not to get sand in her hair!” Willow called after them. She turned to Tara. “One bout of lice this year was enough.”

Tara laughed. “You don’t get lice from sand.”

“Well, they look the same to me.”


As Buffy and Dawn walked up to the playground both smiled at the sight of Xander Harris playing with the little girl. He was Xander from high school but now he had a sense of maturity still laced with child like glee. She knew he would make a great father from the way he interacted with Willow and Tara’s daughter.

‘Willow and Tara’s daughter’, she thought as she rolled her eyes heavenwards. What a long story that was, but here they were five years later on her fifth birthday, and all were gathering for the family affair.

“Buffy! Dawn!” The child ran up to them as they neared. “Thank you for coming!”

Buffy whisked the girl up. “And miss my favorite nieces birthday?! No way!”

“I’m your only niece!” she giggled and reached out to hug Dawn.

“I even took my final exams early so I could fly back here in time.” Dawn kissed the girls’ forehead.

“This is so wonderful! Wait ‘till mommy sees you’re home! All we need now is Mr. Giles and-“

“I’m right here, love.” Giles wandered up from behind. The child quickly reached out to him.

“G-man! How goes it?” Xander held out his hand.

Giles shook it just as soon as the birthday girl was securely clutched on his right side. “Hello, Xander. Well, what are we waiting for?” He asked the little girl. “To the cake!”

By the time the rest of the group reached Tara, Anya and Willow the birthday picnic was secured in place by the two witches.

Willow waved at all of them. “The circle of light wind has been cast.”

Anya nodded. “Yes, now we wont have to worry about things flying about.”

“Just me!” The child giggled as Giles moved her down off his shoulders, not without first circling her in the air. After making sure she was safely on the ground he turned to Xander. “Next time you do the flying monkey. I need to sit down”

“Are you ok?” Buffy asked her Watcher as Anya helped him walk over to one to the chairs.

“Just a bit dizzy at the moment.”

Willow hugged Dawn. “So, how is my little Ivy Leaguer? Any boys we should be worried about?”

The individual conversations trailed off as Tara Handi Wiped her daughters hands. Even though she was only five years old she already had Willow-hands. Every time she looked into the child’s eyes, same color as her own, or saw Willow’s smile coming from that cherubic face tears swelled her eyes and her heart wanted to explode.

Suddenly whispered from the little girl’s lips was, “Oz?”

Everyone paused knowing they all heard the same word slip out. Quickly all eyes veered to the direction the child was staring at.

“Oz.” Willow sighed as she noticed him tentatively walking up to them.


After the awkward hello’s Willow and Oz went over to the swing set and began to talk.

He couldn’t help but stare at the birthday girl. Her resemblance to Willow was uncanny. “She’s so beautiful. What’s her name?”


Oz frowned at the name. “Willara? Sounds cultish.”

Willow nodded as she watched the Scoobies playfully laughing with and hugging the child. “She’s highly revered by some in Sunnydale. But I’m kidding. That’s just what Xander calls her. Her real name is Kerith.”

“Kerith? Never heard of that.”

Willow nodded. “Me either. Tara came up with it.”

Oz nodded in silence. “Who exactly is her mother? If you don’t mind me asking.”

Willow shifted a bit. “Well, Tara gave birth to her but -she’s from me.”

“What do you mean?”

“My energy. Well, our energy combined.”


Willow reddened at her admission. “I found the spell the monks used to create Dawn.”

“Oh.” His eyes widened as the information registered. “Willow...”

“I couldn’t help it! I found it and- I know what we wanted, and I just had to tinker with it and... Don’t worry. I will never, never ever do it again. She didn’t even want to go through with it. Ended up in the hospital for a week.”

“Sorry to hear that.” he voiced sincerely. “But, I guess it worked, huh?”


There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. “You know, the conventional way is pretty easy.”

“Yeah, well-“

The bitterness of her response wasn’t lost on him. “Oh, no, I didn’t mean it like that, Willow. I meant in vitro. I wasn’t talking girl-guy… sex.” Willow chuckled. “I mean…” Oz looked over at Kerith laughing at Xander’s funny face. “She has your smile.”

“And Tara’s eyes.”

“Can she lie?”

“Nope, got that from me.”

“Is she gifted?”

Willow smiled and another awkward silence surrounded them.

“How does she know who I am?”

“Scooby stories.”

“Scooby stories? Personally, I don’t find that to be quite G rated.”

“Of the non horror variety. We edit. A lot... Oz, why are you here? I mean, did you come back for good?



Oz smiled softly. “My cousin Jordy. It’s his bar Mitzvah.”

“Really? Already?! How’s he handling the whole wolfie thingy?”

“Pretty well actually. Taught him my techniques.”

Willow gently smiled at him as Tara discreetly walked up to them. “Umm, s-sorry to interrupt but- Anya wants to eat, and Xander w-wants to open the presents. So…”

Willow grinned at her lover and held her hand out to her. “Funny, you’d think it was Kerith’s birthday not theirs.” She said as Tara helped her stand up.

“Those two… They truly are meant for each other.” Oz said as he stood up along side Willow.

“I guess.” Willow replied as she began to walk towards the Scoobs. She never noticed that Tara nervously hung back.

Oz seized the opportunity and quickly turned to the blonde. “Tara?”

“Y-yes?” she asked not really looking at him.

He could sense she was uneasy. “Look, I’ve been meaning to say this for a long time-“

Tara shook her head. “You don’t have to say anything.”

Oz tried to reach out to her but stopped. He didn’t want to frighten her more. “I’ve been carrying this weight for seven years. Please, Tara.” Tara nodded and slowly looked up at him. “That day- I want you to know it had nothing to do with you. It was me.”

“I-I know. At least, I think I know… Really?” Her shoulders relaxed.

A rare Oz smirk spread his lips as he looked at her. She was just as cute as Willow when nervous. “I’m so sorry.”


Dawn reached over for a paper plate and spoke aloud to no one in particular, “I wonder what they are talking about.”

“Huh?” Willow was watching Anya place the birthday candles on the cake.

Kerith was the one to reply. “Mommy and Oz.”

Willow turned to her daughter. “What, honey?” Willow turned to see Tara and Oz still talking.


“Will you be staying?” she asked as she wrapped her arms across her chest.

“No.” Tara nodded. She understood why he’d come. He said his peace and had a Bar Mitzvah to attend. “But I would like a piece of cake before I leave though.”

Tara smiled and nodded her head. “Good.”


CHAPTER TWO- Two Months Later


“Kerith Elizabeth don’t you dare!” Willow sternly warned.

The little girl just grinned and giggled as she ran her soaking, naked body into her mommies room and proceeded to jump on their bed. She’d hatched this plan as soon as she entered the shower five minutes ago. “Teehee!” she laughed aloud. Wetness spread as she sprung up and down like a kangaroo over the sheets.

A smiling Tara couldn’t help but reach out her arms to her daughter ready to embrace her. However, the smile quickly turned into a look of pure horror as the little girl missteped and fell forward, face first, onto the ornamented and wooden backboard.

Willow’s eyes widened as she noticed large droplets of red spreading all over the lilac linen. Blood was everywhere yet the room was eerily and completely silent. Both women were shocked still.


Her daughters’ confused voice broke Tara’s hypnotic state. She had been simply staring at her, doing nothing, paralyzed. She couldn’t believe there was so much blood.

Snapped back to reality the blonde began to scream.

Willow looked over to her daughter from her lover and quickly wrapped the quiet little girl in her arms. She wiped the blood and tussled wet hair over the girls’ face trying to see where she was cut. Horrified there was so much blood Willow began to think silly thoughts.

“Don’t worry, sweetie, your brain won’t fall out.”

Kerith giggled but then, finally, she began to cry. “My eyes are stinging. I can’t see.”

“B-blood.” Tara whispered, still numb. She hadn’t moved an inch yet.

“Tara, honey. Call an ambulance.”

“There’s so m-much blood.” The blonde replied.

Willow looked at Tara again. “She’s ok. Just a little cut over the eye.”


Tara could feel the fear in her daughters’ voice. She looked down at her. Willow’s hand was gently held over her left eye, apparently putting pressure on the open sore. There were rivers of tears throughout the bloody landscaped cheek. Tara’s heart was breaking.

“Tara, the phone!” the redhead urged.

Her eyes connected with Willow and tears began to form. She willed her stoic body to move and surprisingly it did. She reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the portable phone.

As Tara spoke with the emergency operator she could distinctly hear Willow in the background singing a lullaby. She was able to process the redhead employing the wrong words in the song as Kerith’s sobs turned into giggles again.



“Kerith Elizabeth Alexander.”

“How do you spell that?” the woman behind the desk asked the redhead.


“Her name.”

“Kerith with a K and one R.” Willow looked over to Tara who was, as of a short while ago, staring off into the floor as she sat in the waiting room. “Then Elizabeth, then Alexander.”


“Uh huh.” Willow absentmindedly replied.

“Ma’am.” The woman called. Willow turned back to her. “What’s your insurance?”

“Uh…” Willow couldn’t believe she had forgotten the name of her insurance carrier. She’d only spent months and months going over different policies that included not only Tara in her coverage but Kerith once she came into their lives. “Um…” She began to tear. “I can’t remember the name.” She chuckled dejectedly as tears rolled down her face. She was oddly remembering the Sumerian to a spell she’d done years ago yet the name of her insurance company escaped her.

“Rainbow Insurance.” Came a soft voice from behind. Tara had since walked up to the desk and gently began to caress her lovers back.

“Rainbow Insurance?” The woman asked again a bit mystified by the name. She noticed the movement Tara was performing and thought nothing of it. People comforted each other in the ER all the time.

Tara shyly grinned and softly crossed her fingers with Willow. The redhead leaned over onto her lovers body, cherishing all of her. Smelling Tara, she closed her eyes as her ears listened to the sound of Tara’s whispery voice. She was giving the woman all the information she needed yet none of the words registered until she heard the woman ask, “Have you notified the father yet?”

“There is no father.” Willow replied without even thinking.

“Just because you two are together now doesn’t mean there is no father, honey.”

Tara sensed Willow’s anger rising. “Miss, that has nothing to do with our daughter or why we are here. You have all the information you need. Please tell us as soon as possible when we may see her.” With that Tara turned around and headed back to the row of chairs.

Willow followed. “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let us go in with her. She’s only five. She’s just a baby…” She finished as she sat down and kicked her right leg up in the air for no reason.

“You have to respect Kerith’s wish, Willow. No matter how odd it seems to us.”

“Why wouldn’t she want us there? Getting stitches is no fun.”

Tara sighed. “Maybe because she noticed what a complete fool I was and-“

“Hey! You freaked. It’s only natural. I didn’t move either… At first anyway.” Willow frowned at her last comment.

Tara began to cry. It wasn’t because of what Willow said though. “Every time I blink… I just keep seeing her falling over and over again. I knew it was going to happen. I didn’t stop it. I couldn’t. I didn’t have enough time.”

Willow wrapped her arm around the blonde. “Shh, honey… She’ll be all right.” She gently ran her fingers through her lovers hair and kissed the top of her head. “It’s not your fault, baby. Don’t think that.”

“Willow!” Buffy’s voice echoed through the waiting room.

Dawn also ran up to the two witches behind her sister. “Oh my god!” she noticed the patches of blood over their clothes. “How bad is it?”

“Not that bad. She’s getting stitched up.” The redhead replied.

“And why aren’t you in there with her?” Buffy’s eyes widened.

“She didn’t want us there.”

“What?!” The Summers sisters echoed.

Willow just shrugged her shoulder. Tara’s head was resting gently on her shoulder as her line of sight registered Dawns’ shoes.

All the voices drifted away as Tara thoughts turned to Kerith and of the magickal night she was created. The hours and hours she and Willow spent making love, slowly building up enough energy, desiring the spell would work. Then the dreadful hospital stay when they found out she was pregnant… The first time she felt Kerith move in the womb...

Tara faintly smiled remembering how Willow would place her ear to the belly button and talk to Kerith, telling her outlandish stories about lost princesses and troll gods. And how, when Kerith began to read at 11 months, Willow wasn’t able to exaggerate anymore. Tara remembered how they would run into the little girls’ room practically once a week because the stuffed animals were dancing around on the bed as Kerith smiled and laughed at the parade she was creating.


“Huh?” She looked up to Dawn. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. I’m fine. I need something to drink.” All three women offered at the same time. “It’s ok. I’m fine.” She got up and headed to the vending machines.

Buffy, Dawn and Willow continued their conversation oblivious to the rest of the people in the waiting room. A few minutes later a young doctor headed towards them.

“Mrs. Alexander?” He asked. None of the women looked over to him since obviously none of them were a Mrs. Alexander. “Hello? Mrs. Alexander?” he asked again.

Dawn was the first one to turn over to him. “Excuse me?”

He looked at Willow. She seemed an obvious choice. Her mouth and facial structure were the same as Kerith’s. All except the color of the eyes. Those sparkling blue eyes that reminded him of cloudless summer days. “Mrs. Alexander, I’m Dr. Chard.”

“You’re so young,” Buffy stated. Dawn eyes him up and down as she tugged on her lower lip. He sure was a cutie.

“Well, I’m a resident,” He smiled. He then turned back to Willow, “I just finished stitching up your little girl’s forehead.”

Willow seemed to only register the part about a little girl. “How is she?”

“She’s doing fine. We used a Proline suture so the cut shouldn’t scar too much.”

“Can we see her?”

“Of course, Mrs. Alexander. She is in room 102. Down the hall.”

Dawn had to ask the question everyone was wondering, “Why are you calling her Mrs. Alexander?”

The resident’s eyes widened as his cheeks flushed. “Are you not Kerith Alexander’s mother?” He looked down to his clipboard. “I’m sorry. I could have sworn you-”

“Oh, no. I am. I’m Kerith’s mommie but- Oh, the Alexander threw you off. No, that’s her name. All of it. It’s just three names. Kerith Elizabeth Alexander. She’s named after her godmother Elizabeth-“ Willow pointed to Buffy who half waved as she smiled at the young doctor, “And her godfather- but he’s not here right now. He’s on his way. He’s Alexander. O-or Xander. We call him Xander. But Alexander is not her last name. She doesn’t have one. Well, I mean, we have last names, Tara and I do, but Kerith, she- um, doesn’t. But I’m a Rosenberg and Tara’s a Maclay and-”

“He gets the point, Willow. We all do.” Buffy interrupted her babble. Buffy laughed as she patted Willow’s arm.

“Can I please see Kerith?” Willow asked again.

The doctor nodded. “Room 102. Down the hall.”

“Dawn-“ Willow began.

At that instant, Dawn noticed Tara heading back to them and grinned. “Here she comes. With a big, stuffed animal to boot.”

Indeed Tara had bought her daughter a large purple hippopotamus. “I saw it at the pharmacy and I couldn’t help it.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders and half smiled at the group.

“Just as long as we don’t have to chase this around the house…” Willow kissed her lips. “I’m sure Kerith will love it.”

“Explain to me again how a five year old can be obsessed with hippos.” Dawn voiced as they all headed down the hall to room 102.



Last year of college


Willow waited a few minutes after Tara’s climax to begin talking. Not only because she wanted Tara’s full attention but because after spending hours making love to her girlfriend Willow needed a little break as well.

“I found the spell.” The redhead casually mentioned as she traced happy circles around her lovers’ right breast.

“Which spell?” The blonde asked as she looked down towards Willow whose upper body was draped over her own. This was one of her favorite positions in the world. Willow’s body curled, skin on skin, tingles of love running up and down her spine.

Willow looked into her lovers’ eyes as she playfully bit the aroused nipple. “THE spell.”

Tara sighed in bliss. “What spell?” She managed to voice as her eyes closed.

Willow’s tongue slowly moved over to the valley between Tara’s breasts and her lips planted more kisses. “The Holy Grail…”

Tara’s spirit suddenly changed. She lifted her lovers chin, their eyes met once more. “Willow, no.”

“Yes?” Willow replied a bit hesitantly.

“What?! How?! Where?…” Tara had only one more question, “Why?”

“I wanted to.”

“Get off.” Tara voiced as she tried to extricate herself from her lovers’ embrace.

Instead, Willow wrapped her arms tighter around her lover. “What? No.”

Tara chuckled, half in shock and the other half with affection. “Willow. Please…” She knew Willow would never let go. She didn’t want Willow to let go either. Never. Ever. “God. Do you realize what this means?”

Willow kissed her lovers’ ruby lips. “That I found the spell that created Dawn?” She trailed soft kisses over Tara’s face.

Tara sighed in delight as Willow slowly licked. “Exactly.” Then her eyes opened again. “No! What were you thinking, Will?”

Willow moved back a little, confusion spreading her features. “I don’t understand. I thought you-“

“I said it’d be interesting but not-… I never thought you’d be able to find it…” Tara looked unsure whether to continue talking. “Is it- Was it hard to perform?”

Willow grinned. She knew Tara was as interest in the spell as she was. “No. Well, yes.” She quickly sat up and straddled her lover with one leg on each side of her waist. Her nakedness revealed to Tara’s hungry eyes. “The main ingredient is obviously the energy and the monks already had energy from the Key. If my calculations are correct it took about four monks to perform the spell. After all, they were creating a 14 year old but we could…“ Willow sighed as she tried to regain her composure. Tara was tenderly playing with her.

The blonde was lovingly trailing her fingers and occasional nail over Willow’s smooth belly, creating magickal decorations on the redhead’s freckled skin. “We?” She looked up to her lover. “What are you thinking, Will?”

Willow tenderly cupped Tara’s hands with her own. “Tara… I want to have a baby with you. I want to do this. I think I’ve figured out a way to get the energy.”

Tara’s eyes widened in shock. “What?! Willow. A baby? You cant just- I mean- What? W-when did this come about?”

Willow entwined her lovers’ fingers with her own. “I love you so much and I want us to have a child. A little girl…or boy. With you lips and my eyes, your smile, my klutzyness...”


“I know we can adopt but it wouldn’t be the same. Tara, please, just hear me out.”

Tara began to wriggle from underneath Willow’s firm legs. “No. I can’t. We can’t do this, Willow.”

“We can. It’s not impossible.”

“That’s not the point. Maybe you don’t care about Wiccan rules and oaths but I do. I can’t do this.”

“I love you.”

Again, Tara tried to get out from under the redhead. “Willow.”

Willow gently held the blonde down by the shoulders and leaned over her. Her lips hovered close to Tara’s and her green eyes filled up with her blue. “I LOVE you, Tara. It’s you and me. We can do this. We can use our energy to create another life. We’re not misusing our gifts here.”

Tara sighed, her heart breaking. “It’s selfish and wrong.”

Willow slowly sat down on her tummy again. “It’s selfish and wrong to love you as much as I love you? To want to have a baby with you? To want to have a family with you?”

Tears began to form within Tara’s blue orbs. “N-no… But…”


Slowly, the tears leaked out. “Willow… Don’t you think I feel the same way? Don’t you think I hate the fact I can’t- w-we can’t…”

Willow quickly kissed the tears. “Baby…Shhh… It’s ok.” She gently wiped them off and replaced them with gentle kisses. She then captured her lovers’ lips again hoping to take the pain away.

There was so much love between the two. It was impossible to deny that Willow and Tara were meant for each other. They kissed for a few more minutes, relishing each other, loving each other.

After Willow settled her head on Tara’s chest, the small ear pressed against her heart, the blonde quietly mentioned, “I thought you were thinking about asking Xander.”

Willow chuckled. “I was insane to even suggest that. Anya’d kill us both. Besides…” Willow looked up towards the blonde. “Tara, I don’t want to look at our child and see him. I want to see you. And this way we can. Remember what Buffy said? Dawn was a part of her. The monks made Dawn out of her. We can do this.”

Tara took in a deep breath, a breath filled with Willow. She lightly licked her dry lips. “How?”

“Concentrated pure energy.” Willow’s tongue darted out towards Tara’s mouth.

“And how would we go about creating that?”

“We, um, you know…” Willow’s mischievous grin appeared after licking her lover’s lips.

“What? Sex?” Tara smiled as she gently pushed hers hips up towards her lovers body. She saw the desire build in Willow’s eyes as the redhead bit her lower lip.

Willow chuckled nervously. “Y-yeah. For hours. Much longer than usual, much longer. I haven’t calculated how long yet…”

Tara giggled as her hands roamed over Willow’s back. “Sounds fun already.”

Willow quickly kissed her. Then, her furrowed brow appeared. “But I haven’t mapped out the rest yet.”

“What rest?”

“Well, we can get the energy but we need…”

“A host.”

“You make it sound so non romantic.”

Tara sighed. “Well, it is and not at the same time. I don’t know about this, Willow.”

The redhead kissed her lovers forehead. “Just let me figure it out and I’ll come to you with all the facts, ok?” Willow casually slid down her lovers body, kissing, licking, nipping certain zones she knew would build up her arousal. “Then we can make a decision.” Her mouth now hovered over Tara’s center as her hands lovingly caresses the inner thighs. “Together. Okay?”

“Oh, yes.” Tara replied losing herself the moment Willow’s tongue entered her intimate temple once again.


CHAPTER FOUR- Takes place four months later.


Tara awoke in the middle of the night with a flash of pain in her midsection. She tried clutching herself but Willow’s arms wrapped around her upper body blocked the movement.

Another shot of pain hit her. “Ow…” she mouthed. “W-Willow?”

Still asleep, Willow simply pulled Tara closer. “Hmm”, the redhead mumbled, a content grin over her lips.

Tara’s face wrinkled in discomfort as another pang broke loose inside her. Tears began to form. “Willow.” She cried. The blonde realized she had no energy to pull her petite lover off. “Will?!”

“Don’t mess with Red.” Willow voiced.

“Willow, please!” Tara flinched as she raised her voice to a near shout.

The redhead suddenly awoke. “Huh? What?”

“It hurts.”

“What? What hurts?”

“My tummy.” The persistent and severe pain continued.

Willow grinned. “Want some belly rubbin’s?” She asked as she gently caressed her lovers tummy.


Willow began to get concerned. “What’s wrong? Tara, god! What?”

“It hurts!”

Never one to be shouted at by her lover, Willow knew something was disturbingly wrong. “Turn around. Lay on your tummy.”

“I can’t move. It hurts.”

“What? What do you mean you cant move?”

“I don’t have any energy.”

Willow began to panic. Tara had never had such an adverse reaction to spells. Plus, the one they had done that night before bed wasn’t one Willow would have considered magick heavy. Certainly not like the one they had done three months ago to create a life. They were still waiting on that one. But, this one wasn’t one that could have drained her of her energy. Not like this. “Oh my god! What’s wrong? Tara, baby, what is it? Is it magick?”

Tara looked very unhappy and in pain. “No… It’s something else.”, she cried.

“Period?” Willow asked.


Willow shook her head. She knew that. It was too soon for Tara’s period. They’d been keeping track on it. “What is it? What does it feel like?”

Another stabbing pain in the abdomen made Tara bend over. “Pain… Ow! Will.”

Willow hated hearing the desperation in her lovers voice. “Hold on. I’ll think of something.” ‘Duh!’ She reached over for the phone to dial 911.

But it was too late. Tara had passed out.


“Is she going to be ok?” Tara heard Dawn whisper.

Tara slowly opened her eyes as she drifted back from sleep to find herself in what looked like a hospital room. A bit disoriented she looked for something red. Trying to focus properly she found Willow, Buffy and Dawn huddled together near the front of the private room.

“She’s fine. Its just, um… You know.” Willow fiddled with her hands.

Buffy smiled. “I guess congratulations are in order.” Tara heard Buffy say. She watched as Buffy and then Dawn hugged Willow.

Tara could sense her lover was nervous. “Thanks, but… I can’t stand seeing her like this. I don’t like this place.” Willow’s voice was shaking. “It’s heartbreaking.”

“At least she’ll be fine.” Dawn commented.

Tara decided it was time to speak but as soon as she opened her mouth she heard a soft knock on the front door and a doctor walked in.

“Oh, good, she’s up,” the doctor said as soon as she crossed the threshold.

The three girls turned towards the hospital bed were Tara was blushing furiously trying to stop her lips from smiling. She knew she’d never hear the end of it.

“You’re awake?!” Dawn asked as they all rushed over to the bedside.

“How long have you been spying on us missy?” Buffy kidded, her mock Slayer frown at full force.

“Tare?! How could you? I’ve been waiting, like, forever!” Willow kissed her forehead and stood beside her girlfriend.

The patient giggled as the doctor read her chart. “Glad to see you’re feeling better, Tara. I’m Doctor Elias.”

“H-hi.” Tara smiled at the doctor as Dawn reached out to hold her hand.

“Does this hurt?” the youngest Summers asked as her fingers laced with Tara’s.

The blonde grinned and shook her head. Her gaze turned to Willow whose eyes were shining. ‘I love you.’ she mouthed.

The doctor’s voice broke her Willow trance. “Well, the ultrasonograph of the abdomen-“

“The what? Where?,” the blonde asked her.

“We needed to see what was making your tummy hurt so much.” Willow brought up as she ran her fingers though Tara’s soft hair.

“Yes. Initially we performed a physical exam looking for inflammation and ran several blood tests, but we also used an ultrasonograph. It was helpful in your diagnosis.” Dr. Elias took in a deep breath before replying, “We found an ectopic gestastional sac in your right adnexal area which contains a viable fetus.”

Tara voice cracked as she looked to the doctor, “What?”

Not really understanding the severity of what the doctor said Dawn smiled, “In plain English, you’re pregnant!”

“Dawn!” Buffy crossed her arms over her chest. “Let the doctor speak.”

Dr. Elias always hated this part of her job. She hated bad news. She hated having to tell a woman that she shouldn’t have her baby. That it was dangerous. That it could kill her.

Dawn just rolled her eyes at her sister. The Slayer looked over at Willow and noticed that the redhead was tearing up.

“No,” the slayer warned as her own eyes began to sting with tears, “Willow crying makes me cry and me crying makes me not a coherent person.” Buffy quickly wrapped her arms around her best friend.

“As opposed to what?” Dawn smirked.

The doctor took this moment to look at the roomful of women. Three of them appeared to be sisters and the redhead- she had no clue. She had to be the friend to one of them. Probably the one that had also just started to cry.

But, it seemed Willow had understood some of what the doctor had said. She registered the nervous and the pained look on her face. She knew something was wrong. “Buffy-“

“This is a miracle,” Buffy sobbed as she hugged Willow, “A miraculous miracle.”

“You can say that again.” The doctor spoke before she could stop herself.

Her comment concerned Willow even more. “What do you mean?” she asked as she broke the embrace.

“The baby is fine. It’s just not-“

“Not what?!” Willow stepped closer to the doctor. She was alarmed and couldn’t help but be confrontational. This was Tara and her baby they were talking about.

“Willow.” Tara reached out with her free hand and grabbed the redheads’ pinky finger, pulling her towards the bed.

In all her years of practice the doctor had never seen such worry in anyone’s eyes before. Both hatred and concern. Could both emotions show through at the same time like that? She cleared her throat and tried to explain. “The only thing is that the baby is growing where it shouldn’t be and we have to discuss-”

“What do you mean?!” Willow almost shouted at the doctor. “What’s going on? Just say it.” She hated waiting.

The blonde tugged the redhead back towards her again and sternly warned, “Willow.”

Willow looked over to her everything and sighed. “Sorry. I just don’t understand.”

The doctor began, “Somehow the fetus attached itself to Tara’s abdomen and-”

“Abdomen?!” Tara questioned quietly.

“What?!” the Summers sisters asked at the same time.

Willow was stunned silent.

The doctor tried to reassure Tara. “Don’t worry. We’ve had cases like this before. True, they are very rare. Only 1.4% of all pregnancies are ectopic and they are usually terminated with surgery for the mother’s sake.” Dr. Chard hated those statistics too.

Tara was horrified, “Terminated?”

“This is a life threatening pregnancy.” The lost look in all their faces broke the doctor’s heart. “However, there are a few cases we do know of were the babies were carried full term. The fetus grew in the abdomen and it was birthed through surgical delivery. Both the mother and baby were healthy.” She added to inject some hope in the young women. “But-“

“But what?!” Willow asked knowing she should let the doctor finish. She hopelessly felt she’d never be satisfied until she search every single website available for any record on this situation. “Sorry. I just-“ Willow took a deep breath and tried to explain. “You’re talking about one case here. What about the others? You said there have been a few.”

“There have been a few.” The doctor began, “But complications usually arise and-“

“Is that what you meant by life threatening?” Tara asked.

“The chances of the mother…” Tara’s eyes begged her to stop and quickly darted to Dawn. Even after all these years Tara was still trying to shield Dawn.

Dr. Elias realized Tara knew what she meant and cleared her throat. “The truth is this whole situation is very dangerous. For both of you. If you decide to continue the pregnancy you will have to be monitored very carefully, twice a week, and obviously the birth will be a c-section and-“

“Wait-“ Willow began to ask a question but was stopped short by her lover.

“I have school.” Tara absently mentioned after absorbing the reality of the words the doctor had spoken.

“Tara, what?” Willow asked.

“Oh. For the monitoring. I’ll have to schedule around it.…” The doctor could see Tara was a special case in more ways than one. Her inner strength seeped through.

“How old is she?” Dawn asked. “How old is the baby?”

“I never said anything about the baby being a she but-“

“Trust me”, Buffy interrupted her, “It’s a girl.”

The doctor smiled, “About three months.”

Willow quickly did the math and her eyes sparkled with a thought. “And hey! It’s December. She’ll be a June baby! A graduation present!”

“Or not.” The doctor corrected her. “We need to remember that even if the body doesn’t reject the fetus, the babies tend to be born prematurely.”

“Is that what my body was doing? Rejecting her?” Tara asked as tears formed in her eyes.

“I’m sure it wasn’t ready to have a baby attach itself to the abdomen. I wanted to explain that earlier. That what our uteri are for.”

Dawn chuckled nervously. “Uh, uteri. What? It’s a funny word.” She said once Buffy’s eyes pierced her.

“This is serious.” Her sister cautioned. But she noticed Tara was now smiling at her sibling and relaxed.

“It is a funny word.” Tara mentioned.

Willow was still trying to process everything. “But Tara will be fine, right? If she takes care of herself and everything the baby can grow all right, right?”

“Yes. Like I said, I know of cases where the babies are born healthy. Well, not here in Sunnydale but there are published cases of this situation we can look into.”

“But that means that you can’t help her here. This is a one Strabucks town. We’ll have to take her somewhere else. I’m not going to let Tara-”

Tara shook her hand to stop the babbling. “Willow, don’t be a fuddy duddy. Relax.”

“I can’t relax. Tara, this is serious. If you’re in danger or she’s in danger-“

The doctor tried to assuage her fears. “No one is in danger right now. We know what we’re dealing with. We’ll take very good care of Tara. However, due to the advance stage of pregnancy we do need to discuss if you are positively sure-”

“Yes.” Tara said, her eyes fixed on the doctor.

“Tara?” Willow whispered.

“I’m having this baby.”

Dr. Elias noticed the tension in the room relax even though they all knew rough times were up ahead. “All right. It’s your decision. But I’m sorry, if something-“

“I’ll be fine.” Tara gave the doctor her best resolve face. “There will be no plan B.”

Dr. Elias sighed. She hoped Tara’s strength would help her through the pregnancy. Otherwise, she knew only an abortion would be able to save her. “All right. You’ll have to begin your pre-natal care as soon as possible and uh- Are you married?”

That was quite a question from left field for Tara, “What?!”

“Why?” Willow asked.

“For the family training- Lamaze. I don’t know whether to say husband or boyfriend.”

Willow huffed and rolled her eyes. “Neither.”

The doctor looked over to Willow. The obviousness of their relationship hit her. “Oh! You two? That is so adorable!”

“Thanks.” Willow wasn’t sure whether to be offended or not.

“We’re her family.” Buffy mentioned.

“All of us.” Dawn added.

“That’s beautiful.” The doctor smiled. She wrote some notes on the patient’s chart and added, “Now, we’re going to have to draw some more blood for some more tests.” She saw Tara wrinkle her brow. “I know. But we have to. We need to check your levels and the baby’s levels.”

Willow turned to her lover. “Don’t worry, sweetie. We’re here.”

The doctor smiled again. “I’ll send the nurse in.” she said as she began to walk out. “If you have any more questions…”

“Thank you.” Buffy voiced. Tara and Willow were lost in each other’s eyes and she looked over to Dawn. “Let’s go, little bit.”


Willow slowly pulled back from her lovers lips. The nurse had since come and gone, and Tara had cried over the needle prick but Willow’s lips on hers afterwards were better than any flavored lollipop.

“Sweetie…” Tara sighed as Willow pulled back sat down on the bed facing her.

“I can’t believe it.” the redhead whispered as she lovingly pulled some of Tara’s hair behind her ear.

“That it’s really real?” Tara cupped her hand.

Willow was deep in thought as she played with her lovers hand. “After- I didn’t think the spell worked, Tara. It’s been three month and nothing happened, ‘til-”

“It worked, baby.”

“Yeah but- You were in so much pain you passed out.” Willow softly rubbed her girlfriend’s tummy. “And now they want to keep you here for a week to monitor you.”

“At least winter break started two days ago.”

Willow rolled her eyes and looked at her. “Tara, this is serious.”

“We’re pregnant, Willow. That is serious. Can you believe that?”

“No.” tears streamed down her cheeks. “I’m sorry I made you do this.”

“Hey! You did not make me do anything.” Her fingers laced with Willow’s.

“I pushed and pushed. I found the spell, I did the calculations-”

“And I said yes.” Tara caressed her face. “I love you, Willow, and if this is what I have to go through to have a baby with you then I’d do it again.” Willow looked at her with doubt. “Ok, maybe not but I’m doing this for us. I’ll take any pregnancy pain as long as I can look our little girl, or boy, with my eyes and your pouty lips. And-”

“What if something goes wrong?” The redhead worried.

“We’ll deal with it.”

“Not if- Not if you die, Tara.” Willow was shocked by her own words and saw the same look in Tara’s eyes. “I-“ Willow quickly stood up and ran out the door leaving a devastated Tara to look at her run away.


The first thing Xander noticed as he ran into the waiting room was a crying redhead. “Will?! What happened? What’s wrong?” He asked as he reached his oldest friend in the world. “Buffy’s message didn’t say much.”

With tears running down her cheeks all she managed to say was, “Tara…”

This concerned the young man, “Tara?! What about Tara? Is she hurt?”

“She’s pregnant.” Willow whispered.

“Excuse me, I think I heard you mumble she’s pregnant.” Off Willow’s serious eyes he realized she wasn’t joking, “Woah! First off- WHAT?! Secondly- HOW?! And may I add a ‘Congratulations, Will!’ to that?”

The redhead shook her head. “No.”

“No?” A horrid thought struck him. Oh my god, he thought to himself, if Tara slept with a guy- No! Bad thoughts! Bad! She’d never! She’s Willow’s girl.

He hardly heard Willow mouth, “No, the baby-“

“The baby what? Oh god, Willow come on. Tell me.” He began to panic.

“It’s complicated.”

“Complicated? How? I mean two lesbians creating a baby is complicated within itself but how-“ the answered dawned on him. “Willow.” He closely looked at her. “You did a spell?”

“Months ago.” She sniffled.

“What?! When?”

Willow gave him her best ‘you dummy’ roll of the eyes. “Months ago.”

“Right. Sorry. Shock didn’t allow me to register that the first time. She said yes?!”

The question incensed the redhead. “What?! Of course she did, Xander! I’d never- We decided together. We made her together.”

“Her? I’m having a little niece?!” he smiled.

Willow had never seen such a grin on his face. “I’m pretty sure she’s a girl. I mean Dawn’s a girl.”

“What does- OH MY GOD! Tell me it isn’t true!” Xander couldn’t believe it. “You used the same spell?”

“Well, I tinkered a bit with it to meet our needs but-”

“And Tara said yes?!” he asked a bit exasperated.


Xander nodded. “Cool… So, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with the baby?” He asked.

Willow began to explain, “It’s just growing where it shouldn’t be. It’s in the abdomen instead of the uterus and-“

Xander did his oogly moogly dance. “I’m getting kinda grossed out here, Will. Please stop.”

“Xander…It serious.”

He quickly wrapped his arms around Willow. “I’m sorry. Look, I’m here for you. Buffy, Dawn. Even Anya is here for you. We’re all here. We’ll help you both through this.”

“Where is Anya anyway?” the redhead queried.


“And you both are still in school and have no real jobs. You cannot afford this child!” Anya lectured Tara. She had been talking non stop since Tara gave her the news five minutes ago.

“Anya-“ the blonde tried to interject.

“No! Let me finish. You need to make a list first, Tara. I have a list. I’m still in step one, I know, but Xander needs to save up more money and I have the shop to look after-“


The ex-demon stood back a few paces. “Yes?” she asked a bit fretful.

“We don’t need more money.”

The comment wound up Anya. “Of course you do. Money makes the world go round. It pays the bills. Expensive hospital bills for one. And lets not forget about food, and clothes, and school, and pets. And do not even *think* about getting her a fuzzy bunny. Those things-“

“Anya, back to the money part- your favorite part-“ Anya’s lips curled into a smile, “Willow’s building websites and that’s going really well for her, and I do work for you part time.”

“With the salary I pay you? I’m giving you a raise!”

“I don’t need a raise, Anya.”

“Yes, you do. With full benefits to boot!”

The blonde smiled. “I love you.”

“I know. I am very lovable.”

Tara extended her arms out to Anya. “Gimme a hug.”

“No,” Anya shook her head, “I may hurt you.”

“I promise you wont.” Tara chuckled.

With that Anya grinned and walked over to the blonde. She carefully wrapped her arms around the mother to be and hugged her softly. As soon as she felt the embrace tighten she followed the blonde’s lead.

As she backed away Anya wiped some tears off her cheeks without looking like she was wiping tears of her cheeks, “Dust. This place is very dusty.” She commented and Tara giggled. “Can you feel it? Is it kicking yet?”

“Not yet but I know she’s in there.”

“Because of the pain.” Anya said as a matter of fact in her typical Anya fashion.

“No,” the blonde grinned, “I just do.”

“And so you should. You’re a woman. Trust your womanly intuition.”

“Willow’s a woman. She didn’t know.”

“Yes, but she is not carrying a bundle of energy in her belly.”

“I guess not.” Tara smiled.

Anya sighed as she saw the IV line hooked up to her dear friend. “Why didn’t you tell us?” She asked somberly.

“In case, you know. I didn’t want to have something happen and then…“

“It’d be so horrible.” Anya was near tears.

“I’m sorry.”

Anya looked up to Tara as she settled her skirt. “I accept your apology. Never do that again.” She pointed her finger at Tara as if she were scolding a child. “Nearly scared me half to death with Christmas coming up I need your services in the shop. And-“

The sound of Tara’s laughter echoed down the hall.


Chapter Five- PRESENT


Even after so many years Willow could still hear the echo of Tara’s laughter. A laugh she knew she’d never tire of hearing. It was the same laugh her daughter now had, and whenever Kerith and Tara would laugh together it felt like angels singing. Or, what the redhead thought angels singing would sound like.

This time around Willow listened carefully to Kerith’s glee as all the women approached room 102. Tara was still clutching the purple hippo she’d just bought as Buffy and Dawn walked hand in hand behind them.

“Mommie!” Kerith giggled again once they all entered the room. “Look,” she said as she pointed to a little brown haired boy sitting on the bed next to her, “This is Thom. He’s my new boyfriend!”

Willow and Tara looked at each other and smiled. Buffy and Dawn did the same.

“I think you’re a little too young to have a boyfriend right now, honey. Maybe when you get to, I don’t know, high school?” Willow chuckled as she walked over and inspected her daughters bandage. Life as a Scoobie had taught her a lot things she never had wanted to learn in the first place. First aid being one of them. But she had to admit it did come in handy.

“Does it pass inspection, Dr. Rosenberg?” Buffy playfully asked as Dawn walked over to Thom.

“Buffy…” Willow rolled her eyes.

“Hippo!” Kerith extended her arms out to Tara. “Oh, thank you, mommie!” she finished as Tara handed the hippo over to her daughter and began to lovingly run her fingers through her daughters hair.

“How did you break your arm, honey?” Dawn asked the boy whose arm was in a blue waterproof cast.

“I fell.” He timidly replied. Everyone noticed how rosy his cheeks became and how he held his head low after answering her.

“He’s precious.” Buffy declared. “Blushes just like Tara.”

The room’s tranquil state was interrupted as another young woman entered. “Thom?! Oh my god, Thom! Are you ok?!” She quickly grabbed the little boy’s face and gently looked for other cuts and bruises. “Rita told me she brought you here. Darling, I told you not to ride Knossos. You’re too young. And tiny!” He enveloped him in her arms. “You’re still so tiny.”

All the Scoobies just watched as the mother overdid it with thoroughness, searching every knook and cranny of her son’s upper body. Even Willow was surprised.

The woman quickly noticed all eyes were on her. “Yes?”

“Nothing. He’s just adorable.” Buffy replied.

“And so are you with your over attentiveness attentiveness.” The redhead added.

“He’s my little boy.” She sighed.

“I’m Tara.” The blonde Wiccan began, “This is Kerith with the stitches. And Willow, Buffy and Dawn.” She rounded out the rest of the introductions.

“That’s a lot of you. I’m just Kerry and this is Thom.”

“Oh, we know Thom.” Tara smiled.

“Kerith and Thom are dating.” Dawn giggled.

Kerry smiled at her son. “Really?! Huh. You know, Thom’s dad and I met in kindergarten.” She told the crowd.

“Tara and I met at Wicca group.” Willow revealed with out thinking. “Uh, wicker… basket… making group. At the university. A long time ago.”

“None of that underwater basket weaving either. True craftsmanship.” Buffy chortled.

Kerry didn’t know what to make of the lot. “Right.” She helped her son down off the bed. “Come on then, time to go home.”

“But they just met.” Dawn announced.

“Dawn.” Tara bashfully voiced.

Kerry saw the little girls beaming face change into a sad frown. “You should come to our ranch on Saturday.” She said as she wrapped her arm over Thom’s shoulders. “We’ve got horses and-“

“Horsies!” Kerith shouted all excited.

“Ranch?” Tara asked.

“Oh no. No horsies.” Willow shook her head. “ Not even little ponies. No. No way.”

“Bad pony experience on her fourth birthday.” Tara explained as she walked over and clasped her lover’s hand. “I’ve been trying to get her near a stable for years.”

“We’ve got sweet ponies and horses. Except when little boys try to ride ones that are far too big for them.” Kerry kidded as she looked over at her son.

“Aw, mom. I’m a big boy. He got spooked by the cat.” The boy clarified. If he’d had a pebble to kick with his shoe he would have.

“Sure, sure.” His mother smiled. Kerry looked over to Willow. “We live at the Gama Ranch down on Vasco. Say about 10? I teach a riding class to a group of children and it should be fun.”

Hesitantly Willow nodded as Tara lovingly squeezed her hand. “Ok. But I’m staying far, far away from the horses. Like in the car. Locked and down the street.”

Kerith giggled. “Oh, mommie!”

“We’d love to. Thank you.” Tara added.

“Well, see you then. Goodbye. Say goodbye, Thom.”

“Bye.” He smiled shyly at Kerith.

Kerith’s smile brightened up the room. “See you Saturday!” she waved.

As soon as the mother and son walked out of the room Buffy turned over to Willow, “I’d say your daughter has a date, Willow. You ready for that?”

Willow just shook her head and sighed. ‘Oh boy’, she thought, ‘oh boy’.


Chapter Six- FLASHBACK


Eyes scanned a checklist. “Fatigue?”


“Enhanced sense of smell?”

“Very much so. Although I do like your lavender and chamomile baby powder. Everything else just makes me want to hurl.”

“Excess stomach acids?”

“Yes, it’s all a grumbly all the time. I think we should buy Riopan stock.”

“Queasiness or mild nausea?”

“Mild? It’s a long, sickening ride on a one of those loop de loop mega-roller coasters I never, never want to ride. Ever. I mean who are those freaks anyway that get off on hanging upside down and-” A light chuckle interrupted the babble.

“Sweetie, according to this, you are suffering from morning sickness. What's worse is morning sickness can strike anytime. Like right now.”

Willow looked over to the alarm clock by their bed stand and noticed it was 9:21…PM. “Wait? What? How? It’s called morning sickness for a reason. It’s not called all around day sickness or evening sickness. And, by the way, I’m not the one that’s pregnant in case you haven’t noticed. Why am I getting morning the sickness? Not that I want you to be getting the morning sickness or anything. I didn’t mean that. I-” Tara’s sweet lips quieted the redhead as they pressed against her mouth. “Mmmmm, feeling better. Do that again.”


“Where’s Willow?” Xander asked as he noticed his best friend was missing yet again. It was the third time on this poker night that Willow had disappeared.

“Bathroom.” Tara replied as she scanned over her cards. She set two down on the table.

“Again?” Buffy asked as she dealt Tara her new cards. “Is she ok?”

“She’s fine. She’s just peeing a lot more these days.”

“Bodily fluids. Definitely my kind of conversation at the poker table.” Anya spoke up.

“Ahn, honey, you’re not at the poker table.” Xander pointed out.

That much was true. Anya was actually sitting on the Summers’ living room couch. Knitting. Anya took a few seconds to look at her creation and smiled. “Tara, please stand up.” She said as she herself stood up.

“What? Why?” The blonde asked her even while she did as requested.

Anya quickly walked over to the pregnant woman and help up a small woven sweater against the protruding belly.

“AWWW!,” Buffy cried, “That is sooooo cute!”

“When did you start knitting?” Tara asked the former demon as she gently traced her fingers over the small garment. It was the cutest baby sweater Tara had ever seen.

“When I realized it is cheaper to knit clothes than buying them. You know babies. They don’t care you’ve spent a fortune on their clothing, they just outgrow them in a month.”

Willow quietly watched the scene in front of her from the entrance to the living room. This is how everything should be. Buffy and Xander playing poker, Tara looking gorgeous as ever and Anya… Well… Anya being Anya.

Tara noticed her standing there and called out, “Hey sweetie. Look at this.” She held up the little sweater for Willow to see. “Isn’t this the prettiest thing in the world?”

Willow smiled. “The second. I find you pregnant and glowing the prettiest thing in the world.” She said as she walked up and kissed her love on the lips.

“Xander! Why don’t you ever say such things to me?” Anya huffed as she looked at him.

Xander chuckled. “Well, maybe because you aren’t pregnant and glo- Uh. Right? Are you pregnant?” His heart began to race as he stood up from his seat.

“God, no! You think I want stretch marks?” Anya replied.

Willow smiled her secret smile at Tara, her eyes sparkling. “I find them sexy.” She said aloud.

“Really?” Buffy asked.

Willow nodded as she slowly traced her fingers on Tara’s belly. “Very, very sexy.” Her other hand lovingly caressed Tara’s arm. “All stretchy and and soft and- Uh…” Willow’s eyes pleaded with Tara.

“Oh." She certainly knew that look. "Um, w-we need to g-go. And... Uh…” Tara was at a loss for words as her body burned with Willow’s touch.

“Have sex.” Anya finished for her. All eyes were on Anya, mouths agape. “What? Hormones. It’s a thing.”




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~ellie! :) camp flutie part two is slowly begin written. heh, at least i'm writing and not just fussing with the outline anymore! woo hoo!

~Thanatopsis- you'll be seeing more soon! ;)

~Pixie- you little cutie! like i said next part will be soon. so... mazal... you do speak hebrew right? if you do i'd like to know if i used that word correctly cause i have totally forgotten most of my hebrew. :/

~WR- i'm glad it's back too. hehe.

~Vamp- the Tara and Anya friendship i absolutely love. it's hilarious. there'll be more anya/tara interaction to come. hehe. and the knitting just came to me while writing that poker scene. i remember anya just sitting on the couch while everyone esle was doing stuff at buffy's party and my grandma knits when bored so....

 Post subject: Re: hi!
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 4:17 am 
Oh goody! Rane's back in the real world loop... *rubs hands together* more fic... heh heh. :bounce

Glad you love my name. It means new year and to me new year means new hope. New hope means well... new fic and hope for Tara!

Can't wait for the next update Rane! :D


She Looks at the world in a special way, and I feel special because I'm part of her world. She gets my jokes. She understands. It's Magic.

 Post subject: Re: hi!
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 8:11 am 
Rane: Great update, it reminded me why "Kerith" is one of my favorite fics ever, I really liked the part where Willow still found Tara sexy and thought that her stretch marks were sexy too, very cool. I can't wait to read more.


 Post subject: Re: hi!
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 11:04 am 


love ellie x x x x

*dance of joy!*

*thats me as a vampire im so evil and skanky and i think im kinda gay*

*no candles? well i brought one its extra flamey!*

 Post subject: Re: hi!
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 8:35 pm 
Rane said: ~Pixie- you little cutie! like i said next part will be soon. so... mazal... you do speak hebrew right? if you do i'd like to know if i used that word correctly cause i have totally forgotten most of my hebrew. :/

Hey Rane!!! *Pixie puts on teacher hat* "mazal" means "luck". "mazal tov" means "good luck" but people also use it to mean "congratulations". I'm not sure which you mean, here.

*Pixie takes off teacher hat and tosses panties to Rane to encourage her to write more!*

Life is full of changes...The better you are at letting go of things, the freer your hands will be to catch something new. ~from Off The Map by Joan Ackerman
"It's good to be a chicken casserole," Tara murmured before passing out. ~from "Answering Darkness" by Sassette

 Post subject: Re: Kerith
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 9:38 pm 
So great to see you back with this Fic again...A truly beautiful labor of love...


 Post subject: hehe
PostPosted: Fri May 03, 2002 10:37 pm 
~pixie, you fiend... panties... :D FYI... i like cotton ones. with cute little designs and stuff. dunno why. guess i'm vanilla... *puts on student hat* i remember "rega" means "wait" but i could have sworn "mazal" meant "patience" as well as "luck". i mean we have words like shalom that mean three different things and so... ani lo medaberet correct ivrit. heheh. i even do the "rega" with the hand signal sometimes. ay, what you learn while trekking thorugh isreal for 8 weeks. and i was valedictorian of my hebrew school class but unfortunately i've forgotten much. :(

~loniewolfie! hi love! i'm so glad you liked the update. i know you love kerith a bunch. hugs. I find stretch marks due to pregnancy beautiful. my mums got one right above her belly button and she said i made that one. just imagine being inside there. it's insane. i love pregnant bellies. pregnant women just glow. ok, enough of that... hehe...

~emily- kerith is certainly a labor of love between the girls themselves... and me. ;) gee, i cant even remember why i started writing this fic last year. it just happened. i think it was around *tough love* and i just needed some w/t happiness. sucks that i need some again.

next update may be a bit late as i am heading out of town today. but it will be posted asap. I have two scenes i can do... the actual spell scene or another one. not sure yet. will think about it on the drive though...

much hugs and kisses!

Take care of my heart, won't you please? Take care of it because it's all that I have. And if you let me, I'll take care of your heart too.’ ~Anya, *hell’s bells*

 Post subject: Re: Hebrew
PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2002 4:32 am 
The "rega" hand signal - lol!!! I remember thinking that was so rude the first several times I got it. At m'daberet yafah! (you speak very well). Have a good time on your tiyul (trip), and we will have harbeh savlanut (much patience) untill you get back.

Life is full of changes...The better you are at letting go of things, the freer your hands will be to catch something new. ~from Off The Map by Joan Ackerman
"It's good to be a chicken casserole," Tara murmured before passing out. ~from "Answering Darkness" by Sassette

 Post subject: mini update....
PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2002 6:28 am 


“Are you sure about this?”

“Of course I’m sure. Uh, unless you’re not sure. A-and if you’re not sure then I’ll be not sure and I don’t want to do this unless you’re sure, sure and not, you know, unsure.” Willow took in a deep breath and exhaled. “Tara, are you not sure?” Her green eyes questioned in between worried brows.

Tara giggled softly at her lover. Willow had gone through so much to prepare for tonight. “Of course I’m sure. I just… I’m…” <‘A bit scared, maybe?’> her inner voice nudged.

Willow’s eyes opened wide, she knew exactly what Tara was thinking. “Then we’re not doing this. Ok? Forget it.” Willow turned to the bed and began to collect some pink candles scattered over the duvet. “We are not going to do this.”

The blonde stepped forward and lovingly twirled Willow towards her. She cupped her beloved’s face in between her delicate palms, caressing the soft cheekbones with her thumbs. “Willow…” she breathed as her lips met with the redheads forehead, “Oh, Willow. I love you so much.”

Willow sighed in bliss, her eyes still closed. “Mmmm…”

Tara smiled and kissed the tip of her nose. “Sweetie…” She waited until Willow’s eyes looked deep within her own. “I trust you.”

Willow’s eyes teared as her knees grew weak. Her hands held on to Tara’s waist for strength. “I love you so much.”, she softly cried. “So much.”

She knew Tara was giving herself to her once again. All of her. Her mind, her soul, and her body. This time it was deeper though. This time it was every single molecule. This was a link they would create that would alter them forever. This spell would forever tie them. “Tara. if anything-”

“I trust you.” Three simple words that meant the world to Willow. “I love you.” Another three. “I want this.” Tara grinned, “You know that.”

Willow nodded. Of course she knew that. She also knew Tara trusted her. That Tara loved her with everything she had but she still couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t believe that they were still in love with each other. Still learning and growing together. Still happy. Things like this faded over time. Couples got tired of each other. Couples fought. People left. People broke hearts. But not these two. This is what soulmates truly were. What Willow had read about all her life and wanted to feel. She not only felt it, she knew it now.

After silently pleading with her eyes, Willow slowly pressed her lips against Tara’s. Precious lips she’d been denied for seven days, a conscientious agreement between the two that had made her cranky all week. But she knew they needed to build up the necessary energy to perform this spell.

Willow could feel the energy building intently inside her already and they hadn’t even parted lips yet.

Tara whimpered. She needed more. She wanted more. She wanted Willow everywhere. On her, below her, in her… She wanted willowlips kissing, willowfingers touching, willowhands holding, willowbody pressing. It was torture. To not be able to physically show Willow how much she loved her, how much she wanted her, how much she needed her, how she felt complete with her. Shivers ran up and down her spine converging at her body’s center. She throbbed… everywhere. “Ok, first spell first. Now. Right now, Will.”


 Post subject: Re: mini update....
PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2002 7:45 pm 
Rane: Cool update, a little short but thats cool any kind of update is cool. I can't wait to read more.


 Post subject: Re: mini update....
PostPosted: Wed May 08, 2002 10:02 pm 

great update!! i love this fic is sooo lovely.

** “I trust you.” Three simple words that meant the world to Willow. “I love you.” Another three. “I want this.” Tara grinned, “You know that.” **

these lines were really amazing. made me go all tingly.

and my three words are:




he he he.

love ellie x x x x

*thats me as a vampire im so evil and skanky and i think im kinda gay*

*no candles? well i brought one its extra flamey!*

Edited by: witchbitchwillow at: 5/9/02 2:03:39 pm

 Post subject: Re: mini update....
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 1:11 am 
me love fic! me want more fic! me need fic!!!!!

ok, I'm done. And Rane, you have no idea how thrilled I am that Camp Flutie is being continued. It sorta funny, considering I'm heading back to camp (I'm a counselor) in about a month....

Your Faithful Reader,


***"Now whatever will become of me? Elegant waste and chivalry."

 Post subject: much longer update this time... ;)
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 3:50 am 
ok, many of these rituals are taken from other uh, rituals.. hehe... but if they make no sense to true wiccans i'm sorry. i just formed my own ritual pastiche. :D hope you like... feedback welcome and i'm sorry about the mini update before. i just wanted some W/T goodies out there.


Willow and Tara began to carefully prepare the magick space they would be using for the three rituals. They cast the circle of balance and protection around the bed as the sun slowly began set. Both knew this was the time when miracles happened. Sunset and sunrise, an old ending, a new beginning.

Tara looked out the open window into the green leaves of the tall tree outside their bedroom. She could see spots of blue sky slowly turning pink and red as the sun hid beneath the horizon and the full moon rose. Little rays of light traveled in between the branches and fell upon her face. She could feel the warmth of the fading rays even as the air around her cooled.

Tara tried to concentrate on her task at hand again. She needed to be setting the purple lace and bloodstone on the corner of the bed for the third ritual. She took in a deep breath as she tried to steady her body and mind. She certainly needed balance right now. After that little lapse a few minutes ago when she had allowed Willow to kiss her she was ready to just adoringly take the redhead and make love to her for eternity. The love and energy quickly building between them didn’t lie and both fought hard to repress their urges. After all, they would shortly be complete again, and she needed a clear head to fulfill the first part of the spell. And the second. And certainly the third.

The blonde looked over at Willow and smiled. She couldn’t help it. The redhead was in full analytical mode as she looked over her notes for the hundredth time. Her brows furrowed and her lower lip was held back by pearly white teeth as she read over the instructions again. They had already gone over it ten times in the last day and Tara just loved Willow’s cautious procedure. Tara knew the ritual backwards, they both did.

She giggled softly as she thought about how it would have been fun that way too. But, either way, starting from the first ritual to the last ritual Tara knew Willow would be making love to her and she would be making love to Willow. Either way they would be together, complete, and loving each other.

Willow set down her notes on the bed and scanned around the room. “There it is.” She said as she walked over to the dresser and reached for an object. They had molded some clay into the form of a pregnant woman yesterday and much discussion was raised about this part of the first ritual. Tara joked about golems and Willow certainly didn’t appreciate any of that. ‘This is serious’ she’d said with a pout. A playful mud fight began soon after that in the Summers backyard which ended with mucky witches.

Tara laughed out loud. Notes and lists and careful preparation broken by such a simple action. “You just broke the circle, Willow.” She gave her lover a lopsided grin.

Willow gasped and held her hand up to her mouth in shock. “Oh god, I’m sorry. I’m so nervous. I-I should have looked for this before we-“

Tara’s blue eyes shone with love as walked over to her girlfriend. “It’s all right.” She said as she held Willow close to her body. She physically ached for her beloved. “My concentration is out the door too. It’s probably in Venus by now.”

Willow’s eyes held Tara’s. “We need to concentrate. We have to. I just… We… You can’t look at me or hold me like this and not expect me to lose my concentration.” Willow sighed as her free hand caressed Tara’s lower back. She carefully set the mud doll on the bed and both hands were now descending on their own.

Tara smiled as she ran her fingers through Willow’s hair. “How did the monks handle all this?” Their vow of celibacy had certainly not been fun.

Willow grinned coyly. “Well, for one, I don’t think they were in love with each other. Two, they didn’t have to create the energy like we do. Little Dawnie was already there for them to make her...”

Tara sighed blissfully as she leaned her forehead against Willow’s. Her body was tingling again. “Hands…”she voiced due to the fact Willow’s fingers were now softly touching her bottom, nails lightly raking.

“I can’t help myself,” Willow whispered as she slowly closed the gap between their lips.

Tara kissed back but painfully pulled away. How she wanted those lips everywhere on her body. Right now. “Will…We’ll get to this part soon.” she breathed slowly.

“Yes, ma’am.” Willow grinned as they set out to purify the sacred circle again.


“Knowledge, courage, and will.” Tara held up the clay model and offered it to Willow.

The redhead reached out for the pregnant object, “Knowledge, courage, and will.” She repeated. Willow then carefully tied a pink ribbon sprinkled with lavender oil around the fragile item.

Sitting on the bed in front of each other, Willow and Tara continued. Tara held a patch of white cloth as Willow gently placed the doll inside. Thereupon Tara tied it shut with a yellow ribbon. “Let the bonding begin.” She declared happily. The first ritual was finished.

Tara looked up at Willow sitting in front of her and her eyes took her love in. The redhead had bought a pair of silk negligees for this special occasion. Hers was red while Tara’s was yellow and both bodies were naked underneath. They had performed a ritual bath and their skin still smelled of sweet lemon and rose. Their bodies were still slick with the chamomile and lavender oil.

The blonde smiled as she watched Willow’s face light up and a bashful grin spread over her lips. It was time. Finally. Her green eyes sparkled and Tara noticed the perk buttons on Willow’s breasts she loved to kiss were pushing against the silky robe.

Leaning forward behind the redhead, Tara asked, “Did you set the alarm for 11:55?” as she placed the precious bundle by the side of her pillow.

“Yes,” Willow replied as she felt sparks rush through her body once Tara’s arm rubbed against her own. She could feel the energy running all over her. It was heaven. Tara’s touch, her touching Tara… Soon. Very soon.

“Good.” Tara looked over to her and kissed her freckled shoulder after brushing a bit of the robe off the round edge. She unlaced the silk strap around Willow’s waist. “Very good.”

And so commenced the first of many rounds of lovemaking.


Hours later the atmosphere of the large bedroom was heavily charged. Energy was everywhere. Channeling said energy into the goal they were trying to achieve was taxing but Willow and Tara never stopped. They never stopped making love. Their fingers never stopped touching, their lips never stopped kissing. Their bodies never parted for more than a second.

As it neared the witching hour the alarm clock signaled it was time to begin the preparations for the second ritual. Sweaty and drained, their bodies and mind remained connected. Somehow their concentration was more solid than before.

Tara slowly lit the four pink candles placed around the bed on tall stands. She sat down in front of Willow again and reached out for her hands. Fingers entwined, palms pressed against one another as she sincerely expressed, “Luperca, honor us with your presence. We ask you to help us with our request. Help us. Help us create a life.”

Willow and Tara both looked up and saw a large swirl of energy captured above the bed. Their energy mixing together. Swirls of red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. Different shades of blue also surrounded a bright white center.

They felt it, they felt the goddess above them looking down on them. They saw a small figure in the middle of the white light. Whatever it was they didn’t understand yet but they did know one thing, the second ritual was finished. And, most important of all, their request had been accepted.


Sounds of rapture accompanied the energies mingling under fingertips touching soft skin. Caressing hands continued to love willing bodies, lips continued to kiss. Everywhere. A new life was being created. A new day was beginning.

Even though they saw the darkness slowly reveal the first rays of the sun, both witches had felt the dawn coming. They felt it as much as they felt themselves in each other. Their bond was fastened and they knew it was time for the final ceremony.

Willow sat up and slowly reached for the purple lace and bloodstone. Her hands trembled as she prepared the final step to completing the ritual. Tara noticed this and quickly reached over to cup the gentle hands that loved her so well. She kissed her lovers lips.

Willow had poured over diagrams and photos of the female reproductive system. She knew exactly where the uterus was, where the overies were, where the fallopian tubes met. She needed to plot the jasper stone in exactly the right spot of Tara’s belly. If not… She knew it was a big gamble. They both did.

Tara knew each woman’s body was different and that if the little dot Willow had drawn according to her calculations of where her uterine wall was… If they were off by a micrometer or two… She knew how dangerous it could be if the estimations weren’t correct. She knew Willow feared that the most.

She looked deep into Willow’s green eyes. “I trust you.” She kissed her lips again. “I do.”

Willow’s breathing calmed as her lovers fingers caressed her face. Her throat, her neck, her shoulders. Tara’s fingers traveled up and down, touching, feeling, loving. Tara kissed her again and smiled.

That was the smile Willow wished to see grin from their daughters lips. Those were the eyes she wanted her daughter to have. That nose, those cheeks, that chin. All of that mixed in with a bit of her own.

Willow gathered strength from Tara’s touch as she held up the stone above them both. She held it up towards the swirling energy above them. “We call on you once more, Luperca, to finish what was begun.”

Tara reached over and held the stone with Willow. Currents ran throughout their bodies at the touch. “We call to you that I may carry and bear a child who shall be born of love and cherished as a child of blessed life.”

The activity above them crackled as a funnel of light and wind touched down on the stone and sucked the energy into it.

Tara took the bloodstone from Willow and wrapped it with a bit of the purple lace, “I am yours, as you are mine.” she said reverently as she offered the stone to Willow.

Willow smiled through her tears. Again, Tara was offering everything to Willow. She carefully set the stone against the dot on Tara’s lower abdomen and vocalized, “I beseech you, Tara, mother goddess, to call new life into being.” as she wrapped the remaining lace around her lovers body.

Tara could feel the magick working. The stone became warmer as Willow continued to wrap it in place. Tara felt a tingling sensation that made her giggle. She felt pure, she felt loved, she felt complete. She truly had a bit of Willow inside her now.

The energy continued to spread to the rest of her body as the redhead stared, her eyes never leaving the blonde. “Are you ok?” she whispered, worried something may be wrong.

Tara nodded and smiled. “I feel it all over me. It’s everywhere.”

Willow sat back and cautiously watched as Tara was slowly engulfed in a white light. She hated this part. Waiting. Not knowing what was going on. Not being a part of this.

Tara sensed her emotions and held out her hand. Willow quickly reached for it and entwined her fingers with Tara’s. Tara held up her other hand and Willow did the same again. She instantly felt it. The redhead felt it. It was now all over her too.

Their foreheads touched again as breaths escaped. They knew it. They felt it. True love. Pure. And, bound.



 Post subject: Re: much longer update this time... ;)
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 4:58 am 

***"Now whatever will become of me? Elegant waste and chivalry."

 Post subject: Re: much longer update this time... ;)
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 5:05 am 
I loved the update. I liked how you had Willow and Tara connect during the spells.:) Cant wait for more


See ya later Squidinater

 Post subject: Re: much longer update this time... ;)
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 6:36 am 
Rane I just read the two latest updates and they were wonderful. I love how you portray their relationship with such love and trust. It must of been so hard for W&T to keep their hands of each other for those 7 days in order to build up the energy for the three rituals. And I so loved this line of Tara's "She felt pure, she felt loved, she felt complete. She truly had a bit of Willow inside her now". I am really enjoying this story, and look forward to the next update!

 Post subject: Re: much longer update this time... ;)
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 7:09 am 
Rane: Great update, I loved how Willow and Tara trusted and loved each other so much, you could feel it. I can't wait to read more.


 Post subject: thank you
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 12:19 pm 
I am having a posting frenzy - how can I not say thank you to all the writers who are creating these beautiful stories and keeping our girls alive?

Rane - I was really happy to see this story back again, thanks for carrying on with the updates - looking forward to more.

jo x

 Post subject: Re: thank you
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 4:25 pm 
Beautiful update to a truly lovely story.

Thank you so much.

Adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two
Indigo Girls

 Post subject: hello
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2002 11:50 pm 
ellie- you cutie! tingly = good. :D

lonewolf- hi honey. glad you still like Kerith. sorry for the short part one to this update but i just wanted to get some W/T happy stuff out there that night. sigh...

babyjune- hehe. camp... oh dear. it's been forever. i actually had to call up a friend and ask him what it was we did every summer at camp cause i couldn't remember much. how sad is that?

faye- ;)

VN12- love and trust should be the basis for any relationship, including magick. it's only natural to have W/T have that, it's not too hard to write it cuase they just ooze it. and as for keeping their hands off each other... can you imagine being one of those two (after watching SR) and having to keep your hands/lips off each other? they are one of the most affectionate couples out there i believe. and yeah we didn't see much on screen sometimes but you could just tell in their looks. and i'm rambling on cause i have no life and i'm in love with tara... hehehe...

jo- updates are cool!!!! i love updates and i love all the fanfic on the board! W/T 4EVA!!!! hehe...

molly- you are very welcome and thank you so very much for reading.

i'll probably update once a week. i need to chart out a plot to this fic. i was basically going to just show how Kerith was created, tell her story and i pretty much have. i may be done here. maybe one more chapter just to round it all up... like the birth day. :)



*We gotta get you a nice companion rat that you can love and play with and grow attached to 'til it leaves you for no good reason. Wont that be fun?* Willow in Smashed

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