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 Post subject: From Hell To Heaven-Complete
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 6:37 pm 
Title: From Hell To Heaven

Author name: Auburn

Email address:

Rating: Will be NC-17 (18) (as if I'd write anything else.):fallen

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Feedback: If you want to leave it, I will read it.

Summary: Willow is stranded, but can something good come of a bad situation?

NOTES: I wasn't going to post this fic here, but alot of people begged me to so if you enjoy it thank them and if you don't it's all their fault hehe!

Oh and I'm not american so I tend to get things wrong if it bugs you that much...uhm... pretty much nothing I can do about it. :flirt


Willow Rosenberg kicked the wheel of her car in frustration as she stood in the middle of a dirt road not getting anywhere fast. Walking around to the hood of the car she opened it up to take a look but only grew more frustrated as the wires and metal gadgets of the engine stirred back at her. She had no idea how to fix such a contraption.

Walking back round she opened her car door and got in, sitting in the silence as the clouds grew darker and nearer she knew a storm was brewing and that was great. Just great.

Checking her cell phone one more time the screen still told her there was no signal and desperation was starting to become an issue. She didn’t want to be stuck out on a dirt road in the middle of the storm; it just screamed horror movie kind of death.

So here she was and there was really only two options she could consider:

Get out of her car and walk possibly finding a phone box.

Or stay in here car and wait to see if another car comes along.

The second option to her seemed ridiculous, as Willow Rosenberg was not graced with the trait of patience.

So hopping out of the car her final decision made, the small woman went to the trunk of her car to retrieve the warmest clothes she had packed and put them on. Her cell phone in her pocket hoping it may retrieve a signal her wallet in her other pocket in case she found a public phone. Checking her watch Willow determined the time 10:30am this was going to be the worst day.... ever!

Running her hand through her tousled red hair Willow set off at a leisurely pace. Every step she took made the dust on the road fly into the air then float back down into a new spot or onto her shoes staining the black leather with the brown colour of the road.

Her arms swung by her sides in time with her steps and her breathing was even, controlled as she tried to relax herself and keep calm as Nothing but loneliness and isolation awaited her with every step.

She wasn’t sure when the rain had started, when one drop had turned into two and two into a million. The drops were more like thuds as they hit the dirt with such force and the dirt instantly turned to mud as it was joined by it’s moist companion.

Her shoes squelched with every step as water began to seep through the seems and into her shoe although the water provided a cooling relief to the burning blisters that had began to form as leather constantly rubbed onto material that rubbed onto skin.

Willow’s clothes began to sag as the moisture seeped into every crevice weighing it down considerably. Her legs began to ache as her jeans became heavy and her shoes constantly got stuck in mud. Red hair clung to her pale face and Willow Rosenberg was lost in a cold, wet, middle of nowhere. The sun stopped trying to find its way through the thick clouds as night came and the moon stayed hidden. All that greeted the redhead was darkness. The further she walked the darker it got.

Glancing at her watch Willow quickly glanced again not believing her eyes, but there were the illumines digital numbers stirring back at her. 6:16pm.

Eight hours she had been walking and it seemed this was it. This was how Willow Rosenberg was going to die.

Until.... was that?....... was it really?

Willow’s heart began to race in anticipation maybe eight hours of walking wouldn’t turn into nine as a faint yellow glow in the distance caught Willow’s eye. It had to be something; anything that would help it just had to be.

Her walking turned into a brisk pace as she neared the source of light, Her heart sang when she realised what it was and quickly began to sprint.

Coming up to an old house the redhead stopped running, her body demanding she slow down and breathe much needed oxygen. Her muscles burned and her skin stung against her harsh movements.

Making her way down the long path of the front garden Willow took in her surrounding. Why would anyone live so far away from civilisation?

The front garden was covered in plants among other things as the darkness of the night covered most of it in shadows, the house looked like something straight out of a horror movie but Willow shoved her apprehension to the back of her mind and just allowed herself to be glad she had found a possible solution to her problem. Anything was better than being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Finally she made it to the front door and lifted her shaking, weak arm to knock.

“Can I help you?” A soft voice asked yet in spite of the softness Willow’s delicate state made her body jerk in shock. She turned towards the voice that seemed to come from her right and her eyes widened in surprise.

Stepping out of the shadows that covered the porch of the house a blonde haired woman took attentive steps towards Willow as though she was sizing the redhead up and Willow stood with her mouth agape, her frail, wet frame stayed still as she took in the sight.

“Are you ok?” The woman tried again walking a safe distance around the redhead until she reached her front door.

The question reached Willow’s ears and the soft voice warmed her.

“My car broke down and I’m stranded... it took me eight almost nine hours to walk here and.... I’m not going to hurt you.” Willow found she needed to say that last part although she wasn’t sure why. She saw kindness in the blonde woman’s eyes but also a little fear and the last thing she wanted to do was make this woman uncomfortable in her own home.

Nodding softly the blonde opened her door and waved her hand for Willow to enter, shutting it after her she walked through a narrow hallway into a spacious kitchen.

Willow felt the warmth inside the house surround her chilled, wet body and shivered. Following the blonde into the kitchen she took in the house decor, it seemed a little out dated for someone she presumed was her own age but comfortable and homely, more welcoming then her own apartment she mused.

She was brought out of her reverie by a soft; warm hand placed onto her wrist as the blonde guided a cup into her palm. The warm liquid inside the porcelain radiated its heat through the barrier and onto the redhead’s skin eliciting a moan from Willow’s lips. She immediately blushed and took a sip from the steaming mug.

“What is your name?” The woman asked, her back turned as she put something into the oven.

“Willow.” The redhead answered and returned the question.

“Tara.” The blonde half smiled as she turned to face her guest.

“Tara... That’s a nice name.” The redhead thought out loud. “ I’m sorry to be a nuisance, if I can just use your phone then I’ll be out....” Willow found herself being silenced by a hand held in the air.

“The phone doesn’t work at the moment due to the storm.” The blonde explained. “You are more than welcome to stay here.”

Willow shook her head vigorously. “No I’ve already inconvenienced you I don’t want to be anymore bother.”

Tara chuckled lightly. “You won’t be any bother you will be company. Please stay?”

Willow felt rather than heard the plea in the blonde’s voice and her heart sank for the woman who was so obviously alone. Standing and placing her now empty mug into the sink she nodded “I owe you everything.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow lay in a nice comfortable bed, her head was reeling with everything that had happened to her that day. She chuckled to herself at how her day had started alone in her hotel room to where it had ended in a beautiful blonde’s bed, well guest bed but still... it counted.

The past few hours she had been getting comfortable and Tara had made her very welcome offering her a shower and vegetable soup to warm her from the inside. The blonde had also made her drink one of her personal concoctions insisting it would stop any impending fever that was likely to immerge due to being out in the storm so long. Willow had obliged and was surprised the taste as quite pleasant.

Feeling the soft sheets snuggled around her Willow allowed herself to think about Tara for a moment. What was such a beautiful, kind woman doing alone in the middle of nowhere? Tara hadn’t talked much her words were few and far between, it was the body language Willow had begun to read and if she had read correctly Tara was alone, isolated in this house with nobody to share anything with. It made Willow appreciate her friends and life back home and everything she had.

A knock on the bedroom door brought Willow back out of her thoughts and Tara attentively peeked her head around the wooden barrier.

“Is everything ok? are you comfortable?”

Willow sat up and switched on the lamp beside the bed and checked the clock, she had been lying there for at least an hour. “Tara?”

“Is there something you need?” The blonde worried hoping there wasn’t something she had forgotten it had been such a long time since she had a guest.

“No thank you. You‘ve been the perfect host I promise.”

The blonde dipped her head covering her face with her hair, Willow saw the faint blush before it was covered.

“Goodnight Willow.” Tara said softly as she closed the door.

“Goodnight Tara.” The redhead answered and smiled to herself at the blondes blush. It was very cute she sighed. Turning the lamp back off she once again made herself comfortable in bed and this time drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow hated being woken up, the feeling of being pulled towards consciousness was the most annoying thing in the world to her, but today was an exception. Today Willow didn’t mind as a soft humming noise made it’s way through the door when someone walked past. Sitting up and brushing back her bed mused hair the redhead took in her surroundings and remembered the day before. The worst day ever.... except not so bad once the initial horror and potentially deadly strandedness had been dealt with. A blonde woman had made all things better, had made the night seem brighter somehow. Tara had been Willow’s saviour.

Flipping the covers to the side Willow climbed out of bed and wobbled as her weak legs held her weight, every muscle in her body screamed at her to go back to bed and stay there for at least a week, but her curiosity told her to go downstairs and see what Tara was doing.

Making her way down the stairs as quickly as her painful limbs would allow the redhead walked down the familiar narrow hallway and into the kitchen, she immediately noticed a pan boiling over and moved it, giving the contents a quick stir.

“Good morning.” Tara greeted coming in from the back door. “Thank you for doing that.” she smiled and dipped her head taking the pan from the redhead’s hand.

Willow stepped back giving the blonde space and seated herself gently on to a chair next to the kitchen table. She sighed as her muscles relented a little and the weight was taken off her feet and legs.

“I’m sorry Willow but the phone still isn’t working.” The blonde explained with sympathy etched in her voice. “I’ve been thinking of other ways to help you, but the only way I could come up with is to fetch your car here and let me have a look at it?”

The redhead stood and took a few steps towards her saviour. “It’s not your fault the phone isn’t working Tara and bringing my car here is a good idea although really.... I’m trading that thing in for something that is much more reliable and not likely to leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere and make me have to walk for eight hours in a storm....” she mini-ranted before taking a deep breath.

Tara giggled lightly at her guest and nodded. “Yes I think a more reliable car would be best. I’m making breakfast or at least I was, but I had an emergency out in the field. I’ll start over it won’t be too long.” She explained and dipped her head once again, a move Willow was coming to realise was designed to shield Tara‘s emotions.


“Yes Willow?”

“Are..... Are you alone?..... out here I mean.... are you alone?” The redhead asked hoping Tara wouldn’t think she was prying, but her curiosity was peaked as to why anyone would live out here.

“I live on my own.” The blonde answered simply with a smile.

“For how long?”

Tara didn’t answer the question straight away, instead she gazed at Willow, her eyes looking directly at the other woman as if she was contemplating the reason for the question being asked.

“Almost five years.” She finally answered.

A silence surrounded both women as Tara made breakfast and Willow rested her aching head on the kitchen table, she watched as the blonde moved gracefully around the room, sorting and organising until the final result sat invitingly on a plate.

By the time Tara had finished preparing breakfast Willow had fallen asleep and the blonde internally argued with herself whether to wake the redhead or not. Willow’s fiery hair splayed wildly across her pale face and her eye lids shielded the green orbs from view. Tara’s final decision was that Willow’s neck would ache and therefore she should wake up her guest.

Gently moving the offending hair from Willow’s face the blonde called the other woman’s name softly.

“Willow... breakfast is ready.”

“Uh....” Was the reply as the redhead tried to hide deeper into the arm that her head rested on.

“Willow wake up.” Tara said a little louder.

The redhead’s eyes opened slowly and blinked against the light that streamed through the kitchen window and into her eyes. Lifting her head slowly she rubbed her face to wipe away the grogginess of sleep and caught an expectant gaze of a beautiful blonde woman staring at her. Realising what happened she blush.

“I’m........ I’m sorry I’m just so tired, so much for keeping you company huh?” The redhead apologised.

“Don’t worry about it, just having you here is a nice change.”

Placing the plate of food in front her guest Tara sat down to enjoy her own, she had so many questions to ask her visitor but didn’t want to bombard the obviously exhausted woman.

Willow ate her breakfast slowly, savouring the taste of the blonde’s cooking. Her eyes kept wandering to the woman sat opposite her, every time she looked up Tara looked down and she realised the shy blonde was probably curious as to what she was doing out here on her own.

“Yesterday morning I woke up in a nice hotel generously paid for by the company I work for, but however expensive. The food was nowhere near as delicious as yours.”

Tara blushed profusely at the obvious complement; her hair covered her eyes as she dipped her head in a move Willow was becoming accustomed to. Reaching out her hand the redhead ran her fingertips over the blonde’s knuckles until the other woman was looking up. She then smiled softly and was rewarded with a smile back from her saviour.

“S-so that’s how you ended up here? Because you were on a business trip?” The blonde enquired, giving in to her curiousness about Willow’s situation.

“Yeah, they wanted me to take a train, but I’m not good on trains at least if I drive somewhere I can make my own stops, you know?”

Tara nodded her understanding. That had explained how Willow had ended up at her home but also fuelled so many other questions. Who did Willow work for? What job did she do? Where was she from? Her curiosity was peeked, but her shyness stopped her from asking and the second time her mouth closed after trying to speak Willow spoke instead.

“I teach computer programming to businessmen and women. Their companies ask for a teacher to teach and my company send me.” She explained. “Originally I’m from Sunnydale California so the drive from there to Arizona wasn’t that bad, it was the drive back that was the winner.” “How did you end up out here Tara?” Willow threw that question in clearly taking the blonde by surprise, but the redhead’s inquisitive nature kept getting the better of her, once she started talking her mouth said things her brain hadn’t told it to.

“I-I..... My mom and I were driving across country and found this house, she fell in love with it.” Was all the woman said before getting up from the table and putting her plate in the sink. Her face once again clouded by her blonde hair.

Willow didn’t doubt the truthfulness of Tara’s answer, but she somehow knew there was more to it than this woman and her mother stumbling upon a loveable house. Her memory told her that Tara lived alone, so where was Tara’s mother now?

Deciding not to ask such a delicate question Willow also got up from the table and placed her plate in the sink. Tara put her hands in the water about to wash them before Willow gently touched the blonde’s arm.

“Let me, please?”

Tara understood Willow’s need to feel useful although she wasn’t comfortable with a guest doing her chores the pleading look in the redhead’s eyes made her relent.

“I’m just going to go out and fix the rest of the wire fence so the animals don’t wander off, I’ll be about half an hour then we can go pick up your car, is that ok?”

Willow nodded her affirmation and the blonde made her way out. Quickly finishing the dishes Willow made her way upstairs to wash up, walking into the guest room she saw her freshly clean clothes ironed and folded neatly on a chair by the window and a soft smile graced her lips at her thoughtful saviour.

* * * * * * * * * *

The journey that had taken Willow eight hours took about 3 hours as Tara drove fast down the deserted road. Yellow dust whipped up behind the speeding vehicle as the tyres left their imprints in the dirt. The drive was quiet as the blonde kept her eyes fixed on the road, although her mind was dancing freely through thoughts and fantasies and Willow slept peacefully, the gentle motion of the truck lulled her aching body to sleep.

Tara kept telling herself not to get attached to her guest, for Willow would be gone in a few days and once again she would be left in the house and the secluded land that was once a home and safe refuge but was now her only way of life. Living in this house by herself for such a time had become the only way she knew how to live and Willow’s arrival stirred in her what she had longed for for so many years.

The woman sleeping beside her awoke as the truck pulled to a stop and Tara found herself watching as Willow slowly came to, her red hair quilting one side of her face making her skin appear more creamy.

Willow’s gaze lifted from its view out of the window to the woman next to her and for a brief moment the blonde’s emotions were completely uncensored. So raw and revealing. Tara quickly diverted her eyes and jumped out of the vehicle leaving Willow sitting in wonder.

Jumping out of the truck she stood by the side of Tara who was inspecting the engine of the redhead‘s broken down vehicle, her brow crinkled in concentration and Willow mentally slapped herself for stirring.

“G-Gear box.” Tara said simply and dug her hand further into the tangled web of wires and gadgets. “It broke.”

“That’s not good right?” Willow knew it was a dumb question, of course it wasn’t good, the car wasn’t working how could it be good? The blonde looked on as Willow internally poked herself, knowing she didn’t actually have to answer the question.

“We’ll tow it back to mine, but I’m afraid there’s really nothing I can do after that Willow.” The blonde sighed. “The only other options you have is to stay at my house until the phone works or I can drive you into town which is Five hours away, It’s up to you.” Walking back to her truck she grabbed a rope out of the trunk and tied it to Willow’s car leaving the redhead contemplating her options.

Tara lead both vehicles down the dirt road that lead to her house, Willow sat in her own car steering it whilst it was being pulled by the truck in front. Her thoughts were filled with home and her friends and the life that was waiting for her when she got there.


As much as she didn’t want to admit it Willow wasn’t entirely disappointed that Tara couldn’t fix her car, yes she wanted to see the people she loves again.


Here she was, stuck in the middle of hell only to be rescued by one of it’s angel, It wasn’t such a bad thing being stuck out here with a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts.


Staying here for a little longer, just until the phone starts working Willow could find answers to all the questions that intrigued her about her obviously lonely saviour.

Tara pulled into the driveway of her home, the muscles in her body tense after being sat in the same position for so long and her head was beginning to ache as thoughts had rushed though it during the quiet drive getting louder and louder. Pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and index finger she allowed herself to rest until her drivers side door swung open.

Holding out her hand Willow offered to help the blonde from her truck and Tara shyly took it.

“Are you ok?” The redhead asked holding her coat over both their heads as rain began to poor and Tara huddled closer for shelter, the blonde nodded at her guest preferring a silent answer rather than having to shout over the harsh wind whistling around them.

Willow wrapped her arm around Tara’s shoulders to hold her coat closely over the blonde’s head to keep her dry and they both made a mad dash for the sheltered porch of the house. Finally making it their breathes heavy with the rush Tara pulled herself away from the closeness of the redhead’s body and frowned as her skin immediately missed the warmth of Willow beside her.

Digging her hand into the pocket of her jeans Tara searched for her keys and then her palm collided with her forehead with a loud slap causing Willow’s eyes to widen.

“Uhm.... do you slap yourself often? because that could be considered a little... well... a little...”

“Insane?” Tara finished for her. She smiled lopsidedly and shook her head whilst pointing to the vehicle they had just ran from.

“Keys?” Willow understood what the blonde was trying to say and tried to find a way to get to the truck with less chance of getting completely soaked. Realising there was no way she stepped from the porch into the openness.

“Willow what are you doing?” Tara shouted at the redhead a little perplexed.

“Getting the keys!” Willow walked at a leisurely pace towards the blonde’s truck.

Shaking her head at her guest the blonde also stepped out into the rain and met Willow on her way back to the porch. Holding her hand out Tara took the keys from the redhead and giggled at her bedraggled look.

Tara’s long blonde hair had been pulled back loosely but the weight of the moisture caused strands to escape and stick to her face and drops of rain trickled down her cheeks gathering at the end of her nose.

Willow lifted her hand and collected the bundle of drops giggling as she did so and the blonde grinned lopsidedly before suddenly running off towards the house.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” She shouted leaving Willow with her mouth wide open in surprise.

To Be Continued....


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 7:49 pm 

Really enjoying this story, its got me wondering why Tara is out there all alone and wondering if Willow will be taking her with her when she goes.

.... and yes that was nice of you !! :)


 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:30 pm 
What a nice beginning... and unlike WD, I'm hoping that Willow will stay with Tara...

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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 9:51 pm 
great story. two thumbs WAY up :)

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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 1:13 am 
Awesome! I'm hooked! More please?! :D


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 3:10 am 
Wow intruiging beginning, can't wait to read more!!

I wonder why Tara is living so isolated from everything and everyone..


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:34 am 
Hi Gemma!

I read this on ur side and i loved it! I am so happy that u posted it here and i cant wait for more:D

I see those two have already a connection! GREAT:bounce I wonder when that phone gets back to work :hmm hopefully not too fast :lol And maybe they will have a long night with talking and stuff.

K me sits here and waits for the next update



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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:12 am 
Gem, sweetie..I loved the beginning to sweet. Can't wait to read more. Love sam xx

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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 10:09 am 
Hi there :wave

I really liked the beginning of this story :grin

There is just something so romantic in walking under a storm finding a house in the middle of nowhere and meeting the person of your dreams there :sigh :grin

Your story has put a smile on my face that probably won't come out all day... Unless someone punches me... But what is the probability of that happening anyway? :hmm :lol

More soon? please? :pray

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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:17 pm 
**claps hands together excitedly and grins**

Oooooooh! I like, I like, I like!!!

Crossing my fingers for an update soon. Really like the beginning of this story, very original. Can't wait to read some more... see where you'll take the girls.


~Melyssa xxx :pride

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 Post subject: Re:From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 9:37 pm 
Great start...

Can't wait for more, more, more!!!!

:read :applause


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 Post subject: Re: Re:From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 1:09 am 
Great start to this fic :read

 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 7:32 pm 
Looks like you have another good story here.

By the way, what is going on with "Justice of the Peace?" Things are going so well for W/T now. I want to see how they will handle the new evil force in Sunnydale.

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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 10:29 pm 
Excellent beginning to this story.

I must agree with my fellow Kittens that there is rather a romantic overtone to being stranded in a desolate rural location and then a Victorian mansion revealing itself from behind a clearing or whatever.

Better Willow having her sparkage recognition moment with Tara than meeting Norman Bates on the landing.

Again, we see there is no variation upon the Willow/Tara theme that circumstances will not shift, adapt, or change to allow them to find each other and fulfill their destiny.:peace

 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 11:49 am 
This story is really good!

Please do continue! I really want to see what happen next!!!


 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 7:30 am 
great story! i'm hooked, hope to hear more soon.

i really like the set-up, and the (romantic) possibilities :D

xox bluemote

 Post subject: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 7:49 am 

Author name: Auburn

Email address:

Rating: This part PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Feedback: If you want to leave it, I will read it.

(Part 2)

Willow sighed as she sat down beside her saviour in front of a roaring fire in the front room. Tara had made them both some hot chocolate and a snack whilst the redhead showered to heat her small frame after being drenched by the rain, then whilst Willow dried off and got her self settled Tara took her turn under the heated water.

Both women enjoyed the heat from the flames as they sat side by side on the floor enjoying the food Tara had prepared.

“Oh!” Willow exclaimed and the blonde frowned at her guest for startling her.

“You’re cute when you frown.” The redhead said without thinking and felt her cheeks go the colour of her hair. “Ahem anyway I was going to say If you don’t mind... I mean if it’s ok with you... if it won’t be too much trouble... and you wouldn’t mind.”

“Willow say it.”

“I’ll stay until you’re phone starts working.” She finally got the words out although it sounded like more of a question than a statement.

“That’s great Willow I really don’t mind, like I said before I’m really glad of the company.” The blonde was genuinely pleased although she suppressed much of her happiness trying not to get too attached to her guest.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tara popped another piece of chocolate into her mouth and took a deep breath trying not to disturb the sleeping redhead sprawled across her stomach. The women had spent most of the night talking and getting to know each other and the more they talked the more Tara knew once Willow left to go back to her life in California she’d be once again by herself. She wasn’t sure if it would be Willow she’d miss or the mare presence of someone to share her home with, and not just her home but herself, thoughts, feelings....

Shifting slightly from the position on her back she propped herself up on her elbows to take in the sight of her sleeping guest. Her hand reached out to stroke away a lock of hair obstructing her view of part of Willow’s face and the redhead stirred lightly Tara almost believed Willow had leaned in to the touch but admonished herself for thinking such things. She barely new this woman....

And yet here she was laying comfortably whilst being a pillow for Willow. Tara had never been so at ease with anyone, not that she had met many people throughout her life, living in the middle of nowhere would take that away from you, the opportunity to learn from people and them in turn learn from you. Tara had never craved friendship, never wondered what it would be like to party with friends or talk on the phone for hours about nothing in particular with someone she would be seeing the next day anyway. It wasn’t that she didn’t think she’d like it... it was more the case of... how would you miss something you never had?

Looking at Willow Tara wondered about how things would be if her mother hadn’t packed them up and drove them away....... so far away. From everything that would or could hurt them both. That everything being Tara’s farther.. a drunken lout who had once been a respectable man, time changed him... as time changes everything. Sometimes for the better sometimes for the worse.

She hadn’t missed him, she supposed you’d have to care for someone to miss them. In fact her and her mother Lived very happy lives in this house they stumbled upon by accident as more than a few wrong turns were taken on their way to Mexico. So many wrong turns in fact they ended up in Arizona, maybe it was fate? Right now at this moment with Willow laying so close, Tara was glad her mom had no sense of direction.

Tara’s mom, a wonderful woman who could light up a room with just a smile. She had made sure Tara got the best of everything and if that meant taking her away from her farther then so be it. She hadn’t planned on leaving her daughter so soon, so sudden and unnecessary was her death. It left Tara broken, alone, but never unloved even now after five years Tara still held her mothers love close. As does everyone.

Willow stretched her limbs managing to cover more of Tara’s body with her own and the blonde shook her head chuckling as she did so.

The redhead popped open one eye to see what was causing her world to start rocking and quickly removed herself from the blonde’s body.

“Oh oh I’m so sorry.... I didn’t mean to invade your personal nice body space... I was asleep... asleep as in unconscious and didn’t know what I was....”

“It’s ok Willow.” The blonde reassured, stroking her fingertips over the soft skin on the back of Willow’s hand but quickly moved her hand away and blushed.

“It was nice... the waking part and the falling to sleep part... and us talking, you- you have a lot of stories considering you live alone.”

Tara blushed even more and hid her face behind her hair whilst standing up.

“Um.. I think maybe we should go t-to bed... it’s been a long day and you’re obviously pretty tired.”

Willow nodded her head, yes she was tired but she didn’t want to go to bed she wanted to stay here and go back to sleep on something that was way more comfortable than a pillow, Tara. But of course she didn’t say that.


* * * * * * * * * *

Both girls lay in their own beds. Since yesterday night Tara’s little cocoon had been broken and the real world had seeped in she couldn’t help but think that if the world outside her cosy home had more people like Willow in it it would be worth exploring.

Turning over in her bed Tara stared at the ceiling, it held nothing interesting except every now and then her mind would create an image of Willow, when she smiled, when she started talking and couldn’t stop, when she blushed. The blush seemed to go all the way down her neck and other places Tara knew she wasn’t going to allow herself to think about. She also wasn’t going to allow herself to think about what the house would go back to being when Willow went home.

Turning to her clock the blonde made out the time from the glowing numbers, there really would be no point in her going to sleep, by the time she had made it to bed it was four am now it was six am and almost time to get up.

Pulling her body from the warmth of he bed Tara padded across the soft carpet and out of her room.

“Shit!” Willow exclaimed as she collided with something soft in the darkness of the early morning.

“S-sorry.” Tara giggled as she let go of the smaller woman she had grabbed to stop her from falling.

“Come here often?” Willow giggled back goofily.

“Only when I know you’ll be here.” The blonde joined in the light teasing.

“That was quite seductive, if I didn’t have to pee I’d be able to think of a great come back.” The redhead snorted rushing past the other woman to the bathroom.

Tara looked on as the bathroom door closed and shook her head, a smile plastered across her face.

Five minutes later and Willow entered the kitchen with a sigh.

“All better?” The blonde chuckled placing a cup of coffee in the table here Willow had sat.

“All better.” The smaller woman smiled.

Both women turned their heads to a sudden shrill coming from the wall near the table. Willow simply looked at the telephone as if it had grown a head and Tara quickly picked it up.


“Yes I’m fine thank you.”

“Ok I will, Goodbye Jack.”

“That was the Sheriff.” The blonde explained. “He got the Phone Company to connect a line to this house just in case.... well, something like this happened. He was just calling to see if they had fixed it and to make sure everything was ok up here.” “I-I-I guess this means y-you can call your f-friends now.”

Nodding her head Willow took the phone from the blonde’s hand. If she called her friends now it would take them at least two days to get here, that meant two more days with Tara. Satisfied with that Willow dialled the number of her best friend.

The conversation was long and emotional as she found out that her friends had been calling her cell phone since the night her car broke down and she explained about having to walk almost nine hours in a storm to find help and even told her friends about Tara saving her and being so nice, although she decided to save the bit about

Tara being absolutely gorgeous and cute and everything that describes an attractive person for another time when the blonde wasn’t actually in the room.

Buffy, Willow’s best friend told the redhead to hold tight and she’d be there with chocolate and a hug to end all hugs when she got there.

Xander, Willow’s other best friend told the woman she had two days to get her rescuer into bed. He was joking of course, or so Willow hoped even if getting Tara into bed would be The best thing like... ever! The redhead supposed if she had to walk another nine hours in a storm knowing Tara was at the other side. She’d do it... absolutely without question, but her mind was going way off topic and into a naughty topic.

Giving her best friends directions to where she was at Willow said goodbye to her two favourite people and hung up with a smile on her face, she knew she’d missed her friends but just ever realised how much. Buffy’s dumb quips and Xander’s dirty mind. They were, if sometimes annoying, comforting and lovable.

“Everything ok?” Tara asked, noticing the smile on her guests face. She had also noticed a few blushes during the long conversation.

“Yeah everything's good, they were really worried obviously, but they said as soon as they get off the phone to me they would be zooming down here faster than.... something really fast.”

“T-that’s great for you Willow.” The blonde smiled half heartedly although the attempt at being positive didn’t go unnoticed by the redhead.

“Maybe you can come and visit?... I mean I’d like to think we could be friends after all you did saved me.”

The blonde shook her head vigorously “All I did was live here, you walked nine hours in a storm so when you think about it. You really saved yourself.”

Willow did think about it for a minute and she supposed that were true but then found another way to compliment her saviour. “Ok I walked nine hours in a storm, but you could have been an old woman who smelt of cheese and had hair in places it shouldn’t be, such as your chin and said ‘go away’. But as it is you smell of Jasmine and have soft blonde hair on your head and said ‘come in make yourself comfortable.” And I would, if it was appropriate, run my fingers though that hair. Willow discretely kept that last part in her own head.

Tara had began to laugh as the redhead came to the part about an old woman having a hairy chin, such a funny thing to come out of her guests mouth.

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow mentally slapped herself, she had done that so many times today her brain was starting to hurt. The mental slapping ensued whenever her mind would appreciate Tara and her assets as the blonde went about her daily routine of maintaining her home and caring for her animals.

The redhead had been so surprised when she walked out to the back yard of the house, it wasn’t a back yard as such and was more like acres of land, then some.

Tara went on to explain how her mom and her had slowly evolved their home into a successful farm although they only owned cows for their milk and chickens for their eggs. The blonde was firmly against slaughter of any kind.

A vegetable patch was also grown although in the winter months very little grew which was fine by her. Less time spent out in the cold the better.

Willow helped Tara muck out the stables for the horses and groom them, she had once been afraid of horses due to a bad birthday experience, but after much begging and bribing Buffy had managed to get her friend to over come her fear. The redhead noticed how each animal’s temperament was calm and friendly with their own little quirks as Tara talked to them and cared for them with love and devotion. The cows were content and the chickens were happy clucking away.

Right now, at this moment Willow was having a major dilemma. Pulling wasn’t helping and squeezing certainly wasn’t making anything happen. She knew something was supposed to come out, but it wasn’t.... it was being stubborn, well, two can play stubborn!

Squeezing a little harder Willow learned that that wasn’t helping either and quickly let go as the cow grunted in displeasure. She pouted at the udder. It was clearly broken!

Willow had been too busy sulking that her senses hadn’t picked up on the sound of a crate being pulled across the floor, or the motion of somebody sitting on that crate, the only time Willow realise that Tara had sat behind her was when the insides of the blondes thighs grazed across the back of hers and Tara’s hand softly stroked her own before holding it.

Willow quickly turned her head to see the blonde sat directly behind her, her legs either side of the smaller woman’s body and the redhead closed her eyes momentarily to regain her focus. Now would be one of those times a mental slap would be needed.

Holding Willow’s hand in her own Tara moved closer to her guest until their body heat merged and gently guided the redhead’s hand towards the cows udder, when the smaller woman's palm was met with the soft texture of the udder Tara closed her hand around the redheads until it softly squeezed, making sure the right amount of pressure was applied to the udder Tara pulled Willow’s hand with her own and warm liquid was released.

Willow attention was fully focussed on the woman behind her, she could feel Tara’s breasts pushed against her back and every beat the blondes heart made vibrated onto the smaller woman's back as her chest expanded and deflated as air was taken in and pushed out.

Tara felt her heart beat hard against her chest, she hadn’t intended to initiate anything but simply teach her guest how to milk a cow. Now she knew things had taken a different turn as each beat of her heart hammered the truth in to her body. When Willow left, it would be her she missed not just having someone around to talk to or share things with.

Anybody could have stumbled upon the blondes house two days ago and Tara knew she would have helped, it was in her nature to be kind, but she wouldn’t have cared whether they stayed or went.

With Willow she cared, She wanted the redhead to stay. Tara was attracted to Willow and feeling the smaller woman’s breathing deepen the longer they stayed this way Tara knew her guest was attracted to her also.

That fact warmed the blonde within. Someone other than the beautiful woman she had created in her dreams, was attracted to her. Someone in the real world outside of this secluded (what was fastly becoming) prison wanted Tara. And Tara wanted them back, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Standing, Tara reluctantly pulled herself away from what had become an intimate embrace and shook off the feeling of loss.

“Y-you can go inside and h-have a shower. Get warm & make yourself comfortable. I’ll be in soon and maybe we can have d-dinner and watch a movie?”

Willow‘s frown didn‘t go unnoticed by the blonde but she made sure to keep her distance as she walked out of the barn.

To Be Continued....


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 8:34 am 
Loved the update! I hope Willow won´t leave Tara alone. Maybe she stays with her. I doubt that Tara could leave her farm with all these animals.


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 1:11 pm 
Ok, i don't think i've ever read a fanfic where our girls get flirty while milking a cow. lol. :wink

I have the feeling that Willow won't leave for a while or maybe Tara goes with her, at least for a while...till they both realized they can't be without each other... :hmm

Great update!


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 Post subject: Re: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 2:44 pm 
Ooh..wonderful update sweetie..I loved it. And flirting during milkin a cow..awww. Love sam xx

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 Post subject: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 6:00 pm 

this is really good keep up the good work. i loved the last scene.:thud


 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:04 pm 
Amazing story, I can see the dilemma our girls will face when it's time for Willow to go. Can't wait to see how oyu'll handle that.

Update soon please, this is a great beginning for sure.

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2004 9:17 pm 
Our ladies are really getting to know one another. Beautiful. :heart

Tara: My heart doesn't stutter.

Tara: Willow, I got so lost.

Willow: I found you. I will always find you.

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 1:20 am 
Nice pace to your storytelling,great update :read

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 5:35 am 
And another great update!:D

But to see that Willow has just 2 days left is :cry I hope they will stay in contact or they admit their feelings for each other!

The leaving part will be tough for them BUMMER

But the milking was soooooo lovely *sigh* maybe they will have many many reason like that to be CLOSE;)

Pls next upate asap:)



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 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2004 4:09 pm 
Hey Auburn! Sweet update. Really enjoying the story. More soon please?


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 Post subject: From Hell To Heaven
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:41 pm 
Author name: Auburn

Email address:

Rating: This part PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters but the story is mine.

Feedback: If you want to leave it, I will read it.

Notes I'm sorry I havn't wrote any replies but I'm really busy. Learning to drive sucks! :gnome thank you to all who leave it I still read it and appreciate it.:heart

The redhead walked back to the house in a sour mood, kicking at the grass under her feet as she walked. Clearly the grass was to blame!

She knew something had happened back in the barn between herself and Tara, but why had the blonde reacted so badly to it? Honestly, a simple kiss wouldn't have hurt.

But, if Willow really thought about it a simple kiss wouldn’t have been so simple at all. It would have inevitably made Willow feel guilty; coming into Tara’s home invading her world, privacy.... body, then going home a few days later to a world Tara wasn’t a part of.

It wasn’t right and she knew it.

Switching the shower on Willow undressed and got under the warm sprinkling water, each drop that fell on to her skin warmed her chilled body, the cold outside was piercing and to think Tara went out there everyday caring for her animals.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tara made her way back to the house, two hours had passed since Willow had gone inside, she felt a little bad for her reaction earlier, but had no idea how to explain her actions without it sounding wrong.

Walking into the house her nostrils were filled with the homely scent of cooking, the kitchen was a mass of food preparation, knives, chopping boards, pots and pans were scattered about the place, but on the kitchen table sat two nicely prepared meals.

“I-I wasn’t sure what you’d like so I made a mixture.” Willow explained as her head popped out from behind a cupboard door.

“Wow.” Was all the blonde said as her eyes grazed over the mess that was Willow, her red hair hanging loosely in a messy ponytail and bits of gravy littered her angelic face, the redhead had an air of sex appeal that was surprising to Tara.

“It’s wonderful Willow. It’s just..... wow!”

The redhead was aware that Tara’s eyes hadn’t moved from her, and that last statement had been said without the blonde looking at anything but her. Blushing slightly, she ran her hand over her hair to try and push away the strands that were whisping over her face, but instead only managed to rub the dirt that was on her hand onto her hair.

Tara diverted her eyes to stop herself from reaching out and removing the hair herself. Instead she kept her eyes to the ground.

“I’ll t-take a quick shower and then we c-can enjoy this together. Is t-that ok?”

“Of course, I’ll see you in a few minutes.” The redhead smiled and made a plan to tidy the kitchen whilst the blonde as gone.

Tara let the warmth of the water spray her supple body, her bones chilled and her muscles aching by being outside so long. Admittedly she had stayed out longer than she would normally, but that was only to clear her head. Tara was a firm believer that everything happened for a reason, because the world keeps spinning no matter what happens and things that are meant to be simply be.

Her thoughts on how she had been in the middle of nowhere for most of her life, surrounded by nothing but empty spaces and silence were beginning to make her head hurt. She knew her mother’s intentions weren’t to bring her out here and be secluded for the rest of her life, it was so they could be safe, at least for a while. No man would ever find them out here not even her farther and that was the reason she came. All Tara needed, she guessed was a reason to leave.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Tara, don’t cheat!” The redhead protested.

“I’m not cheating Willow, how can anybody cheat at fish?” The blonde chuckled trying to get a glimpse of her guest’s playing cards.

The redhead shuffled away from the blonde, holding her cards tight to her chest.

“Give me a five.” She asked.

“Go fish.” Tara ordered with a smirk.

Willow eyed her saviour and decided she wasn’t convinced. “Tara, give me a five.”

“Willow, go fish!”




“Fi--ahhh!” Willow suddenly throwing herself at the other woman cut off Tara’s words and they both fell back onto the floor with a thud. The redhead’s body pressed against Tara’s as they fought over the cards that were in the blonde’s hand.

Tara grasped them as tight as she could, holding the cards above her head, laughing heartily as she did so and Willow struggled to remove the cards from the blonde’s killer grip.

“I want a five!” The redhead shouted, over the blonde’s laughter until she eventually ripped the cards from the woman’s grip. Quickly looking at the she inspected every card...

“Humph!” She huffed displeased and turned her gaze to the woman beneath her.

“I told you I didn’t have a five.” Tara’s breath was coming in gasps from the battle yet her voice came out low and deep.

Willow didn’t say anything; she just looked into the blue eyes realizing that once again they were sharing a moment, the second one that day. Tara’s laboured breath was affecting the redhead more than she’d like.

Removing her body from off the blonde’s Willow ran her hands through her hair. She was attracted to Tara, but she didn’t want things to go any further for Tara’s sake as much as her own. It would just make leaving more difficult.

The blonde sat up and gathered the mass of playing cards; her body tingled where Willow’s had been. She sighed inwardly at the situation; they really should talk about it this time.

“S-so you’re gay?” She asked although inwardly chided herself for her lack of tact.

The redhead smiled, she thought that the answer to that question was obvious, but maybe Tara needed a little clarification.

“All my life.” “You too?”

Tara nodded her answer and moved to get comfortable with her back resting against the couch as she sat on the floor.

“All my life, as you put it.” She smiled.

“I always thought it was weird when I read articles about people who were 30 and just figured out their sexuality, but growing up nobody ever tells you that you could be gay, they just tell you that it happens to people and so you go along living your life as you think you should live it.”

“That’s very insightful.” Tara half-grinned at her guest and patted the space next to her. “Although it doesn’t just ‘happen to people’ does it?”

Shaking her head Willow yawned and moved into the space next to her saviour, she wanted so much to rest on the blondes stomach like she had once before but felt it would be adding fuel to a spark. Instead she settled for Tara’s shoulder.

“No it doesn’t just happen, it didn’t to me. I knew I wasn’t attracted to boys from an early age, my friends all did their hair and make up so they could look pretty for the boys and I did it so I looked like my friends.”

“I never went to high school.” The blonde shared her past. “I was home schooled, I mean five hours to get to school and back? There really wasn’t any point.”

“So your mom taught you?” Willow saw the flash of emotion that swam across the blonde’s face at the mention of her mother and wrapped her arm around Tara’s middle for comfort.

Tara looked into the redhead’s eyes and silently thanked her for the comforting gesture.

“Yes my mom taught me, She was very smart.”

“Well then she probably transferred that smartness to you.” The redhead beamed.

Tara unconsciously stroked a piece of skin on Willow’s arm enjoying the closeness.

“So what about your parents? I mean p-presuming you have...”

“I do.” Willow interrupted before the blonde could start to panic in case she said something wrong. “My mom and dad work in France, I see them every now and again, but they call me about three times a week to catch up. When I was a kid my mom put her career on hold I guess now I’m grown up she’s making up for lost time.”

“That’s admirable.” The blonde agreed.

Willow noted how Tara never mentioned her own father, but she decided some things were best left in the past. She had managed to work out that the blonde’s farther is the reason her and her mother ended up out here, and that was all she really needed to know. The mere thought of someone mistreating Tara made her insides churn more than she cared to admit.

The room fell silent as both women just sat in each other’s company. Willow found herself drifting off to sleep but fought it; she wanted this moment to last, to imprint this memory into her brain a thousand times over. The warmth of Tara’s body, the motion her body made as breath was taken in and released, the sight as she looked up at Tara’s face, her strong jaw, full pouty lips and down curved nose. The blonde’s head was tilted back resting on the soft cushion of the couch and her eyes were closed as if she too were savouring this moment.

Finally Willow gave in. Her eyes closed and her body relaxed as a deep sleep over took her, so deep was her sleep that she never felt herself being gently guided to the floor or being turned onto her side. Nor did she feel Tara’s body press firmly into her back as the blonde held her from behind and watched over her whilst she slept.

Tara stayed awake, just looking at Willow. No reason in particular she just wanted to see the redhead sleep, to hold her. Hoping she was seeing something not many people would get to see. Willow sleeping. So peaceful and calm.

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow awoke to the soft crackling of the fire as it was burning out, sucking the last pieces of energy from the wood trapped in it’s grasp. Not wanting the room to get cold the redhead untangled herself from an arm wrapped around her waist and got up to place more wood onto the dying flames from a small stack of logs situated a few feet away from the TV.

She stretched her stiff muscles and yawned whole heartedly, for a night spent on the floor she was surprisingly refreshed. Her eyes grazed over the sleeping form of Her saviour then her mind wandered back to how she had awoke. Tara’s arm wrapped protectively around her, her body shielding her own. It felt...... safe, secure, warm, caring.

Everything Willow craved was lying fast asleep on the floor.

Laying her body back down besides Tara the redhead simply watched as the blonde slept peacefully and every now and then a small crinkled would appear on Tara’s brow or a smile would tug at the corner of her lips.

Willow couldn’t resist, she couldn’t know someone as rapturous as this and not know the feel of their lips pressed against her own. Before she had thoroughly though through her actions her lips were lightly against her saviours.

As quickly as she had done it Willow pulled back, her mouth open her mind mentally scolding her for such a manoeuvre on an unsuspecting sleeping goddess.

But even though it was soft and brief the feel of Tara’s lips were forever imprinted in Willow’s mind. The redhead quickly got up and left the room. Her mind in full on Willow-babble.

Tara let out a deep breath she hadn’t realised she’d been holding, being such a light sleeper she had felt the redhead move to put wood on the fire and then lay back down beside her, when Willow’s lips touched her own ever so lightly Tara’s heart had stopped, almost literally. Willow had just kissed her. WILLOW HAD JUST KISSED HER. She would have (if her brain hadn’t have melted and her heart hadn’t of stopped) wrapped her arms tightly around Willow’s body and kissed her back.

There was no excuse Tara could possibly use, it was clear than a clean window that Willow liked her in a way nobody ever had and it had happened in three days.

This woman had invaded her home and mind, made her question everything she had ever known, made her want to experience life in a world different from the one she lived in. This woman made her feel which is something that had been missing for a long time.

Getting up she followed the sound of pots clattering into the kitchen and saw the redhead stood in front of the kettle, a far away look on her face. Walking up to her guest she gently took Willow’s hand in her own and squeezed until the smaller woman was looking at her.

“Lets go back to sleep.” The blonde smiled and tugged on the hand she was holding. Leaving the kettle to bail pointlessly Willow followed without question.

Tara led the redhead up the stairs and when they passed the guestroom Willow’s curiosity was peeked as to where her saviour was taking her.

When Tara finally stopped in front of her own bedroom door she twisted the handle until the barrier opened. Ushering her guest inside Tara closed the door behind them and reached over to a switch that operated strategically placed fairy lights that added a sense of warmth and friendliness to the room. It was how Willow imagined it to be and yet different.

The room was earthly, full of warming and calming colours. Beige, dark red.... Tara’s bed sat in the middle of the room, it was large and covered in overly stuffed pillows and plush toys. Willow grabbed a particularly cute bear and sat on the blonde’s bed as Tara lit two candles on her bedside table.

The redhead fidgeted with the bear in her hands not quite sure why Tara had lead her into her room.

“Make yourself comfortable.” The blonde instructed as she closed her bedroom curtains to stop the light of dawn shining through the window. Walking over to the bed she climbed on and settled herself next to her guest.

“Your friends should be here by the end of the day.” She said absently whilst staring at her ceiling.

Willow felt the twang of emotion pass through her mid-section as the sentence left Tara’s lips. She really didn’t want to leave the blonde out here on her own, but she knew she couldn’t ask her to leave this place either. This was Tara’s home just as Sunnydale was her own. Willow fought for something to say but in truth there was nothing she could say.

Instead the redhead turned to face her saviour and wrapped an arm around her taunt stomach, pulling herself closer she let her senses be filled by the other woman. Her warmth, her smell... the way her body felt so soft and right in her arms. Burying her face in the crook of Tara’s neck Willow stayed there and allowed herself to be intoxicated by the blonde.

A few minutes passed as both woman stayed close. Willow found herself drifting off until Tara shifted slightly. Opening her eyes the redhead staring into open pools of blue and smiled dreamily.


“Yeah?” The redhead answered sleepily.

“Are you going to kiss me properly?”

To Be Continued....


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 Post subject: can't wait for that proper kiss..!
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:25 pm 
:D I'm really liking this fic, very original, and now...can't wait to see where that story's heading..!

update soon please!


 Post subject: Re: can't wait for that proper kiss..!
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2004 10:44 pm 
Stiil enjoying the story. Keep up the good work.

Tara: My heart doesn't stutter.

Tara: Willow, I got so lost.

Willow: I found you. I will always find you.

 Post subject: Re: can't wait for that proper kiss..!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 12:28 am 
woohoo that was so sweet.

Can't wait for the next bit.



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