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 Post subject: Justice Of The Peace-Complete
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 1:11 pm 
Title: Justice Of The Peace

Author name: Auburn

Email address:

Rating: It's going to be NC-17

Discalimer: I own nothing except my imagination, if you want this story, (I don't see why you would) but if you do, tell me where it's going.

Feedback: If you want to leave it, I will read it.

Summary: Willow and Tara are both police officers in Sunnydale, California. Tara has just been transferred from Alabama. together they face untold dangers. and become closer whilst doing it.

Willow Rosenberg ducked behind a car, hiding from the suspect she had been pursuing for four blocks. The suspect was wanted for questioning on attempted murder of a young woman who had sustained a neck injury and severe blood loss. Rosenberg had been tracking the suspect for just over a week and his hangouts were usually the graveyard or Willy’s bar, why anybody would want to hang out in a graveyard was beyond her.

“Willow? you copy... over.?” a message came over the walkie talkie.

“Copy.” she answered.

“What is your position?....over.”

“Behind a red automobile left of the hardware store, pursuing suspect on foot.... over.”

“I’ll try to cut him off at the end of the street try to head him in my direction...over.”


Rosenberg heard hurried footsteps passing the car she was crouched behind, she leapt from her position and threw herself and the suspect, stunning him and knocking him off his feet.

He quickly recovered and threw the officer off him with more strength than humanly possible. Rosenberg layed dazed for a moment as the suspect sped off. The officer reached for her gun and slipped it out of its holder strapped to her waist then aimed it at the retreating form of the suspect.

The metal bullet released as she pulled the trigger with a bang. It rippled through the air and hit the suspect on the back of his thigh, knocking him to the ground with the force of the impact, surprisingly the he got up and carried on running, although slowed by the injury he placed more weight on his uninjured leg.

“Suspect shot and heading in your direction Xander.... over.” she radioed her partner then chased off after the villain.

She ran as fast as her small frame would take her and slid over the bonnet of a car rather than going around it. the suspect was seriously injured yet still out running her, it’s like he wasn’t human.

She neared the end of the street with the patrol car in sight she looked around for her partner. The sound of gun fire and a blood curdling scream brought her attention to an ally and she ran towards it, gun in hand ready to defend herself.

The officer used the wall as a shield as she neared the corner, careful not to get herself into a situation hard to get out of. She turned the corner, gun first ready to shoot. Xander was on the floor and the suspect was climbing up the fire escape of a near by building, she aimed her gun at the villain and released a few rounds until he disappeared.

“Xander!” Willow ran to his side checking for injury. He had two puncture wounds in his neck that were oozing blood.

“Base this is Rosenberg.... there’s an officer down, need an ambulance on princess avenue ....over.”

“Copy that Rosenberg, ambulance on it’s way.”

Willow sighed, this had not been her night.

* * * * * * * * * *

“How’s he doing Rosenberg?” a strong male voice asked the young woman whilst handing her a cup off coffee he had just got from the hospital vending machine.

“He’s holding up sir.” Willow smiled although it didn’t quite reach her eyes. Xander Harris had been her partner for two years and her best friend all her life. They’d fought the evils of school together, made each other feel accepted in a society that seemed out to get them and watched each other blossom into mature adults. Xander Harris had been Willow’s saviour and she was going to make sure the man who did this got brought to justice.

The old man nodded. “Well, if he’s out of danger maybe you should go home and....”

“Lieutenant, please...” the woman turned to her superior. The man had been her mentor since she had started her career in law enforcement, to her he always looked so down like life had repeatedly thrown things at him in his 56 years of life that took all his energy to fight. His gray hair covered all except the top of his head and often stood on end as if it hadn’t been cared for in years. His blue eyes were pained like he had seen one to many upsetting things in his life time and the corners crinkled when he attempted even half a smile. His cheeks were puffed out with the extra few pounds he had gained in his ‘mature’ years and his lips had a downward twist that spoke of untold pains. “I can’t leave Xander here, he needs me.” she tried to explain.

“Rosenberg.... Harris isn’t going anywhere he’ll still be here tomorrow, you can take the day off I’ll get some off duty officers to cover the two of you, you need to take care of yourself kid, because if you don’t then who will?....” her superior tried to encourage her, he looked upon Rosenberg as one of his best officers her ability to sniff out a criminal and assess a situation within seconds was one of the first things he noticed of the young officer, the first time he saw her he mistook her for a victim, her small frame and big expressive green eyes made her look so angelic, her head of red hair accentuated her pale smooth skin and the pale skin made her red lips look like they had been permanently coated with lipstick.

“I’m staying right here.” she answered stubbornly.

The old man ran his hand over the top of his bald head and sighed. “Fine.... don’t come in to work tomorrow I’ll sign you off, call me if there’s any change ok?”

“Yes sir.” she nodded, getting up off her chair, she then mock saluted him, giving him a teasing wink and walked towards her best friends room.

She entered the room quietly while a doctor was checking Harris’ vitals and waited until the man had finished to ask what was what.

“Well.” the Doctor explained. “Mr Harris is going to be sore for a while, he lost a lot of blood very fast, we’ve checked for any internal damage the blood loss may have caused and we’re just waiting for the results.”

“What’s your personal opinion doc?” the redhead probed.

“Well... to be honest officer, I’m not sure, but lets just hope for the best.” he offered a sympathetic smile before leaving the room.

Willow looked at the prone form of her best friend and a wave of sadness passed through her. What would she do without Xander Harris?

Taking a seat she pulled it from by the window and positioned it next to the bed, she held her friends hand in her own before letting the tears drift her off to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

The sun shone through the window in the white hospital room onto the sleeping form of the redhead, she had slept fitfully through most of the night her exhaustion brought on by the days drastic events. She opened her eyes only to close them just as quickly through the intrusion of the sun making her green eyes water. She turned her head before attempting to open them again only to be greeted with the sight of her best friends pale yet smiling face.


“Hey, Will.... I thought you were gunna sleep the whole day away.... and I’m the one who’s supposed to be in a coma.” he joked as he always did in situations he wasn’t comfortable with.

“Oh my god... you scared me!” she complained, leaning over the bed she gripped the young man into a fierce hug. “Don’t you ever do that again!”

“Sorry.” he said seriously, then added some humour. “Are there any oxygen masks in here because when your done-a-squeezin’ I’m gunna be needing some air.”

She tapped him lightly on the arm in mock hurt. “Has the doctor been in yet?.... does he know you’re awake?”

“No to both....hey is there any food in here ‘cause I’m in much need of some sugary goodness.”

She glared at him, trust Xander to think of food at a time like this “I’ll see what I can do” was all she answered. “I’m gunna go get the doc and ring the had us all worried.”

He gave her one of his ‘please forgive me’ smiles before she left the room.

Willow walked down the corridor of the hospital looking for the doctor that had treated Xander last night, she passed a room and saw the white coat, so she decided to wait until he had finished with another patient.

“Doctor.” she called as he exited the room.

“Officer Rosenberg, Hi” he gave her a genuine smile. “Is officer Harris ok?”

“He’s did you get the results of the blood tests?” she got straight to the point.

“Yes I did.... listen, I’ll come and check on officer Harris in a second ... then we can talk about the results, ok?”

“Ok.” she agreed, “is there a phone I can use anywhere?”

“Errr.... down the hall to the left.” he instructed, pointing his directions.

“Thanks.” she said before heading off in the direction the doctor had told her.

The doctor watched the redhead retreat as her hips swayed with the movement of walking, he looked around self-consciously to make sure nobody had seen him staring.

Willow knew the doctor was watching her walk away, she could feel his gaze on her back, or rather her backside. She shook her head and hoped he wouldn’t ask her out on a date. He wasn’t her type, in fact the entire male species wasn’t her type.

Turning the corner of the corridor, she was pleased to be out of the doctors line of sight, she saw the phone attached to the wall and walked over to it. she pulled out a coin from her to pocket and inserted it into the machine then dialled the precincts number.

“Officer Rosenberg, get me Lieutenant Mack please.” she instructed the person on the other end of the receiver.

“Lieutenant?.... yeah Xander’s awake the docs going to tell us if there’s any lasting damage.”

“Ok I’ll see you in half an hour.” she ended the call and went back to Xander’s room.

The doctor came in 5 minutes later, his face expressionless, Willow just assumed this was a normal day for him.

“Officer Harris, officer Rosenberg....”

“Skip the pleasantries doc, just get down and dirty.” Xander encouraged.

“Well the test results don’t show any abnormalities, liver function, kidney function, they’re all normal.... it seems you got to the hospital in time.”

Xander looked over at Willow and gave her a grateful smile.

The doctor continued, “You should be ok to go home tomorrow, we’ll just keep you tonight for observations, ok?”

“Indeed doc, sounds good.... although food would be nice.” Xander hinted.

The doctor smiled. “I’ll have the nurse bring you something....”

He was interrupted by someone entering the room. “Harris good to see you’re back.” the Lieutenant greeted. “The guys down at the precinct came together and bought you some things.” he handed Xander a bag and then turned to the doctor. “So everything alright doc?”

“Yes Lieutenant, we’re just going to keep Mr Harris in over night to make sure, then he’s free to go.”

The Lieutenant breathed a sigh of relief and gripped Willow by the shoulder pulling her in for a one armed hug. The redhead let the colonel comfort her, she was so pleased Xander was going to be alright she hadn’t payed attention to her own needs, the exhaustion and hunger hit her fast.

“Well Xand.... If you don’t mind I’m gunna go home for a shower, I’ve been so occupied with making sure you were alright I forgot that I smell.” she joked.

“Thanks, Will, couldn’t have made it without you.” he held his arms out for a hug and was pleased when Willow filled them

“I’ll be by tomorrow to pick you up ok?” she checked.

“Indeedy.” he smiled.

“Mack, you give me a ride home?” she asked the colonel.

“Of course.” he turned to Xander. “Good to see you Harris, you had us all worried.”

* * * * * * * * * *

“So Mack, what now?” Willow asked as she opened the passenger door to his car.

“Well, kid... I’ll take you home and....”

“No...I....I....meant with Xander what’s gunna happen with him.”

“Oh....err... well I’ll have to keep him off the streets for a while kid, doing the less physical stuff, I’m afraid I’m gunna have to put him on desk duty, hook you up with a new partner... that kind of thing..... it’s for his own good.” he started the engine to his vehicle and drove out of the hospital parking lot. He knew it was going to be hard for Harris as the young officer liked to patrol the streets so he could keep his ear to the ground and make sure officer Rosenberg was safe. He had a new partner in mind though who was transferring from Alabama, it seemed the country wasn’t eventful enough for such a skilled officer.

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow had gone home that night and let the stress of the last couple of days wash over her, she had never cried so much, the fear of losing Xander left her more appreciative of what she had, she cherished her friendship with him, he was all she had. Her parents were never around and were usually off in some other country ‘working’ all throughout her childhood and teenage years they had been somewhere other than where they were needed, looking back on it though she really didn’t care, at least she got to choose what she could and could not do and was never dictated too. Her parents were ‘pleased’ she had a career, ‘pleased’ she had made something of herself and hadn’t let them down. She hadn’t made something of herself for them, she’d done it for herself, to prove she could be somebody with or without them, as long as she had Xander and her job she was ok. That’s all she needed, or so that’s what she told herself. Of course she had dated and had a serious relationship with a guy named Oz, he was a nice guy and cared for her deeply, but there was always some underlying issue that she just couldn’t put her finger on, some secret she knew he was keeping, but couldn’t get it out of him, plus she knew that he wasn’t the one for her... her attraction to him wasn’t physical, it was just because he was a nice guy. That had been why they broke up Oz said he had to go ‘find himself’ .... yeah go ‘find yourself’ in a ditch was her bitter reply. She was hurt of course she was, but the break up was inevitable, there was secrets, and secrets keep people from showing who we really are, but now she didn’t have to pretend to herself that men were what she wanted, she could be open with herself and at least admit her attraction to women.

Willow had showered and fed herself, she wasn’t really hungry, but you have to eat to live.

She knew Xander would be less than happy with the arrangement at the precinct, but it was out of their hands. He needed to take it easy for a while and being behind a desk was the only way he would.

Turning off the lamp beside her bed the redhead curled herself up under the covers, falling into a deep sleep, soothing away the tension from the last couple of days.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ring.....Ring..... Ring...... Ring....

Willow awoke to the high pitched screech of her telephone ringing, at first she thought it was an intruder and was ready to make it across the room to her gun, but had quickly realise that an intruder wouldn’t ring and would just simply enter, take then leave.

She answered the phone after composing herself. “Hello?”

“Rosenberg?.... did I wake you?”

“Just a little Mack, what’s up?”

“Sorry it’s 10:30 I thought you’d be up.... I want you to stop by the precinct before you pick up Harris, I’m going to introduce you to your new partner, ok?”

“New partner? soon?” she at least thought it would take a couple of weeks.

“Yeah well they were already on transfer, I’m just trying to make good of the situation Rosenberg.”

“Ok Mack, I’ll be there in an hour.” she hung up the phone and sighed. Xander was not going to be happy about this situation at all.

The redhead dived out of bed and into the shower, quickly refreshing herself. She put on some faded blue hipster jeans and a light pink ‘hello kitty’ vest top, then made her way to the door, picking up her keys from the floor where she always threw them she made her way to the garage.

Her house wasn’t big, yet it wasn’t small it was just satisfactory for a single woman to live comfortably, Willow had enough money to buy a bigger house if she wanted, her parents saw to it that she got everything she wanted. Her wage was by far adequate for a single woman, so she tried not to use her parents wealth, but sometimes the devil in her couldn’t resist making a hole in their account. Of course they’d never say anything, after all they missed her childhood the least they could do was ease their guilt with material assets.

opening the electric garage door Willow smiled at her car, the metallic blue was a vibrant colour and she just knew it caught peoples eye to see a hot chick driving a hot car. Unlocking the car she got in and felt the leather clash with the material of her jeans. She put the key in the ignition and heard the engine roar. Pulling out of her driveway the redhead pushed a button on her key ring and watched as the garage door closed automatically. She then sped off down the street making a note to stop at a café for breakfast before going to the precinct.

The weather in California was hot, the sun beating down from behind the odd cloud. The people dressed in what could pass as the bare minimum, it gave Willow satisfaction to know she helped keep justice on these streets, although the strange disappearances were something she had to figure out. She saw the sign of her favourite café and made to pull into a nearby parking lot.

A crash could be heard as two cars collided, the screeching of the tyres as a car tried to break to avoid any further collision or injury echoed in the air.

Willow sat in shock as her mind processed what had just happened. Her hand gripping firmly onto the steering wheel, she kept her gaze forward not sure what to do.

The driver of the car behind Willow got out of a gray truck and ran towards the metallic blue vehicle her car had just hit. She peered her blonde head through the Willow's window.

“Hey you, are you ok?.... what the hell was you thinking?!”

Willow looked at the blonde and was hit by two things simultaneously. This woman was very good looking and this woman had just hit her...

“Oh my God! car.” She unclipped her seat belt and got out of her vehicle.

“Oh my God your car?..... are you kidding I could have killed you....who taught you to drive?.... Michael Schumacher?” the woman raged.

“Me?..... you hit me, this is your fault!” Willow walked around the back of her car and saw the damage, the back bumper was hanging off and the left tail-lights were shattered, the metal of the car had been badly dented. “Oh, my car, look what you did with your.....your.... what is that?.... it’s not even a car it looks big enough to be a freakin’ space shuttle!”

“Just give me your insurance details!” the blonde fumed as she picked up a pen and paper from the dash board of her truck.

Willow snatched the pen and paper and wrote down her details all the while muttering unintelligible words under her breath. The redhead handed the pen and paper back to the blonde and waited for her insurance details so she could get the hell out of here.

The woman handed Willow a piece of paper. “Stay away from populated areas if you can’t drive properly.” she gave one last jab before jumping into her truck and driving off.

The redhead was fuming, as if the last couple of days hadn’t been bad enough now her beautiful car was hurt too. Jumping into her baby Willow decided to skip breakfast and head straight to the precinct.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Rosenberg where have you been?... I’ve been waiting for you for about twenty minutes.” the Lieutenant stated looking at his watch, he hated to be kept waiting.

“Sorry Mack, I had a fender bender on Durham street, some idiot hit my car.” she explained hoping that would get her off the hook.

“Oh” his demure instantly softened. “Are you alright? Any injuries?” He discreetly checked her over with his eyes for any bumps or scrapes.

“No sir, just a little shaken.”

“Ok good. So, are you ready to meet your new partner?”

“Yes sir, lead me to him.” She had to admit, no partner would be as good as Xander, but at least it would be a change of pace.

“Errr.... she’s right this way.” he said trying to sound nonchalant, he knew Willow would be expecting a guy.

“She?... what?... no Mack I want a he.... why a she?” The redhead exclaimed, she was used to having a male partner.

“Look Rosenberg, she’s new and needs to be shown the ropes, you need a partner, this is a perfect match... plus she’s no push over, it’s only for a while anyway, ok?”

“Fine.” She answered, following the Lieutenant to his office.

The aging man opened the door to his office and shuffled Willow in. The redhead immediately caught sight of the blonde woman stood looking out the window of the ground floor office. The same blonde woman who had bumped into her car 20 minutes ago.

“You.” She said in shock.

“Willow Rosenberg..... Meet Tara Maclay.”

To Be Continued....

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 1:19 pm 
Another work by Auburn...I'll read it soon with great pleasure...:devilish

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 1:49 pm 
I already love this fic. :heart

This one made me laugh. :rofl

“Oh my God your car?..... are you out of your damn mind I could have killed you....who the hell taught you to drive?.... Michael Schumacher?” the woman raged.


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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 2:18 pm 
Hmmm... I did guess the woman could be Tara but her behaviour didn't seem to fit. Should be interesting to see how different this Tara is then... maybe she knows a thing or too about those not-so-human criminals :D

It's good to see Willow doing a job she obviously likes. I think it also makes her feel 'needed'. Too bad about her parents never spending any time on her, money can't fix everything you know :( .

Strong setup with Xander and Mack. The choice of a new partner for Willow wasn't much of a suprise of course, still should be nice to see them get along. Willow still mourning the damage to her car likely... :-)


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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 3:03 pm 
I agree with Grimlock - Tara did seem a bit OOC, but then I couldn't see her being a police officer in the first place, so. . .

And Willow. . . "A male would a make her feel more protected when out on the streets patrolling." made me sad. But if that's the way they have to be. . .

Nicely written, though. Very intriguing. (grin) Last time I met a car crash cum lover setup, it was pretty spicy.

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sat Jul 26, 2003 4:09 pm 
:lol That was such a funny meeting for them....

I see they will be first those fighting bitches and then they get together:p ....good concept:love

And police officers....hmm oh 2 hot chicks in uniform:drool

I already like this Gemma!!!:heart :clap



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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 4:12 am 
I love how they met each other! :lol how charming!

and looks like it's strong Tara here. I can live with that, heck, I love it.

“Me?..... you hit me, this is your fault!” Willow walked around the back of her car and saw the damage, the back bumper was hanging off and the left tail-lights were shattered, the metal of the car had been badly dented. “Oh, my car, look what you did with your.....your.... what is that?.... it’s not even a car it looks big enough to be freakin’ a space shuttle!”

“Just give me your insurance details and shut the hell up you loony tune!” the blonde fumed as she picked up a pen and paper from the dash board of her truck.

Oh, yes sir, they're so gonna drive each other,...mad, indeed.

Can't wait for more!



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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 5:23 am 
:bigwave Auburn,

You never let us down! Great start to what seems like what will be a great fic. :clap :bow I love how you hav :willow and :tara meet. So they aren't going to be all happy and love at first sight this time huh? Well I can pretend to wait patiently. :whistle More soon, please? :pray :pray :pray :pray Now this gives me two of your fic to :read . :applause

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 9:54 am 
This is going to be good. When is the next update?

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 2:00 pm 
I like the premise here. Tara seems really different and I am interested in finding out the whys of it all . And look forward to them getting closer of course! Thanks!

- - - - - - - - - - -
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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 5:40 pm 
Hey Gem..Ooh, i love this..willow and tara as officers, sounds soon? :flower love sam xx

 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 7:34 pm 
Hey just wanted to say this is a great start :) I so can't wait to read what's coming next. This seems like it's gonna be an interesting fic.

 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 4:50 am 
Now...that was funny:D

The line with the "freaking space shuttle" and "Michael Shumacher" just made me :rofl :rofl :rofl and a couple fo :lol :lol :lol :D

Very intresting:D

Please more:D :pray :pray


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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 10:44 am 
Haha! :lol :lol

Tara called Willow a looney tune. :lol

I love this beginning! Poor Xander though, being replaced by a hot, sexy, beautiful blonde Goddess...woo, go Willow! :grin

Great start Auburn. More soon please? :)

~Holly~ :heart

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:45 pm 
3peanuts: hehe you just look for smut don’t ya?:lol :bow

Littlecrazy80: I’m glad that part made you giggle, it made me giggle when I wrote it:banana

Grimmy: hey, glad to see your giving your thoughts on this fic too.:flower Yes this Tara is going to be different from the Tara we so often see her as, I thought I’d explore a different aspect of how they usually meet/fall for each other. Urgh Willow’s parents, at least she gets to spend their money hehe and she has Xander and Mack of course. I knew the partner thing would be an easy thinker, I didn’t want to get myself into anything too confusing, I’m still new to writing this only being my second fic and all, but I’ll learn to be more sneaky lol! :devilish

Sprhrgrl: spicy... defiantly gunna be spicy! You couldn’t see Tara being a police officer?.... neither could I, so I thought I’d write it!

Stroke Of Luck: hey Natti.....I reaaaaally do love your accent It’s so cute I could just imagine the way you sound when you talk English.:blush I’m glad you liked the meeting lol you perv liking the uniform!:devil

FuzzWT: strong Tara= hot Tara :devilish

“Oh, yes sir, they're so gonna drive each other,...mad, indeed.”

oh yes..I agree! hehe!

Bluewillowwitch: hehe I try not to let you kittens down. Nope no love at first sight here! Just feisty Willow and a head strong Tara! Yummy!

“Well I can pretend to wait patiently.”

Made me giggle lol.

Bigmack: Thank you and SOON!:glasses

Xita: In most fics I see a strong Tara who thinks she is weak this time I decided she should be strong and know it. Here’s praying I can pull it off :pray Thank you.

Sam darls: hey Sammie more soon I promise *mwah*

tiger17: Thank you, hope it doesn’t disappoint.:bigwave

YMKA: hehe you like the smilies huh? Thanks I’m pleased you thought it was funny.

Taras Shadow: hot, sexy, beautiful blonde goddess... have you met me? :lol

yeah poor Xander there’s just no way he’s competing with that! More soon


Thanks to Bethany, I'm not sure who you are on here, but thanks. I was looking for the police ranking for about 4 hours and I didn't think the ones i had were right but oh well. I didn't think the comment was sexist I'm a woman and it didn't bother me, I suppose it depends how you look at it, it was just a sentance to get a point accross, I've taken it off now anyway. Thanks again you were helpful! :flower

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Mon Jul 28, 2003 7:56 pm 
Hi Auburn,

Sorry, usually I put my kitten :kitty board screen name in a letter, guess I forgot. :



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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 4:48 am 
:lol Gemma u lil charmer you:kiss :whistle My accent huh....u really want to hear my accent:p :hmm lol well give me your yahoo or msn name and its possible to hear my voice...but its absolutely nothing special....U see what you get yourself into :rofl

And oh dont tell me u dont like women in uniform!! Geez every person looks HOT and Jummy in uniforms...:drool

*sits here more or less patiently for your next update*



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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2003 1:03 pm 
:bigwave Auburn,

Awwww love at first sight is always fun but so is love after hate. :lol That just gives you that 'sitting on the edge of your seat' feeling. Glad I could make you laugh. Well I hoe you d update soon. :pray :pray *Continues to pretend to wait patently.* :whistle

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 4:08 am 
hi sweetie,
hmmm... naturally your fic is great. can't wait for your awersome fics... i guess i'll be expecting cliffhangers in this fic... am i right? oh miss TEASER

haven't been lurking much in the board... and wow... its great that i thought to lurk a bit.. i wouldn't miss this fic written by Ms. Gemma aka Ms. TEASER.....
Cool fic by the way... heheh... ohhhh tara's very different here..not shy and willow hmmm.. always sexy

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 Post subject: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 6:20 pm 
Story title: Justice Of The Peace

Author: Auburn


Rating: PG-13 I'll let you know when it's NC-17


“I know who she is....well I don’t know who she is, but I know she hit my car.” The redhead turned towards Tara, “You hit my car.”

Tara rolled her eyes “I know I hit your car, but I wouldn’t have if you had used your indicators, how do I know your turning if there’s no signal?”

“I did use my indicators.”

“You....did.....not.” the blonde took a step towards Willow.

“Now now ladies,” Lieutenant Mack stepped between the two feuding women. “You have obviously gotten off on the wrong foot here......”

“Wrong foot?” Willow interrupted, “no Mack not the wrong foot.... this is so far away from the wrong foot it’s like a third foot!”

Tara stifled a giggle, it seemed the redhead was quite neurotic, but she decided to at least try and fix things.

“Look....Willow, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to hit your car... we haven’t started off so great, I’m really not that bad a person, so lets just start over ok?”

“Fine.” the redhead answered, she decided to pretend to be civil, at least she could have a raging war with the blonde in her own mind.

The blonde lifted her hand towards Willow and the redhead took it. Tara’s grip was soft but firm and her skin was smooth against Willow’s palm. They just stared at each other for a moment until the lieutenant interrupted.

“Good, now that’s settled I’d like you both here tomorrow morning, Willow I want you to help Tara get settled in, show her around the precinct and the rough areas of town. Tara just follow Willow.” the old man prayed the two women would sort out their differences, he knew the redhead could be stubborn and Tara didn’t seem the submissive type either. He left his office leaving the two women in an awkward silence.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Xander honestly....this girl hit into my baby and now expects me to show her the ropes.” Willow ranted, she had been ranting since picking Xander up from the hospital, all the way to the grocery store, in the grocery store, on the way to his apartment, in his apartment.....

“Willow.” the man interrupted her. “Considering you don’t like this...Tara, you’ve been talking about her for a good two hours....”

“Mr Harris....what’s your point?” she asked aggravated, he better not say what she thought he was gunna say.

“Well you know.... if you dislike her so much then you wouldn’t talk about her, but as you are talking about her then you must like her in some way....”

“Don’t you try to psycho-analyse me Harris... you haven’t met this woman and when you do you’ll see what I mean.” she guarantied.

Xander listened as his best friend sped off into another babblefest about the new officer and he knew there was something more behind the redheads disdain of the woman. Willow was his best friend and the only thing he had in his life that he could depend on, girlfriend’s came and when, literally. Even his male friends seemed to drift away either getting married or moving town. Willow though was always there through the stupid situations he got himself into. When he was drunk he’d call her to pick him up, when he was stranded he’d call her, when he was upset he’d call her. Xander Harris was who he was because he had someone like Willow who cared about him. His parents were both proud that their son had turned out better than they could have dreamed, but just the mere fact that they didn’t believe he could be the man he is made him resent them. The only person who truly believed in him was Willow and he owed her everything.

“’re not even listening to me are you?” the red head whined as she broke her best friend out of his reverie.

“You know what Will?” he smiled lovingly at her “you’re just darn adorable, what’s say we go get blind drunk and sing to the dixie chicks are ya with me?”

“But Xand, you can’t drink and I have to be up early tomorrow to show the devil woman the ropes.” she stated.

“So that’s a yes then.” he giggled naughtily.

“Darn tooten!”

* * * * * * * * * *

Willow awoke to the sound of a male voice singing badly to a song on a radio with a fuzzy signal and the smell of something frying. Lifting herself into a seating position she recognised the symptoms of a hangover by the fact that she wasn’t in her own home and that she was wearing one of Xander’s old T-shirts that was four sizes too big. She looked at her surroundings taking in the modernly decorated room also knows as Xander’s bedroom and smiled. He must have changed her and put her to bed because she had been to intoxicated to do it herself.

Getting up off the bed she walked out of the room towards the kitchen and recognised the smell of bacon.

“Hey.... little miss I-can’t-handle-my-beer... you want some breakfast?” Xander beamed.

She silently cursed him for being so cheery, the hospital had told him not to drink alcohol for a few weeks just to let his body recover so he had been drinking apple juice all night, the first few drinks Willow had drank she thought were non alcoholic, turns out the Xan man was on a mission to get her drunk and cheer her up. She had to admit, it worked.

The redhead felt a little better although she still didn’t want to go to work today.

“What time is it?” she asked opening the refrigerator and removing a carton of orange juice.

“Eight o’clock.” he answered pouring some scrambled eggs onto a plate.

“Urgh, I have to go home, take a shower and go show the devil woman around..... I’m off work around five I’ll either call or check in on you depending on my mood, ok?” she checked.

“Yes mom.” he answered cheekily.

Willow raised an eyebrow at him “oh and will you call the auto-repair people please, see if they can fit me in at the weekend?” this was more of an order than a request, but he knew her bossy side so he just nodded before she turned and left the room to get dressed.

The redhead went home to her empty house and revelled in the peace and quiet before going to work. Her house was her sanctuary that offered solace from the hectic days fighting crime. The quiet surrounded her and left only her thoughts to be heard. When home Willow would work on computers, computers were her hobby and always had been since high school, she often used her knowledge of the modern machine to track criminals, to hack in to e-mail accounts of the villains friends or families, nobody knew she did this except her and Xander, she just looked at it as one of her many qualities which made her a good police officer. Sometimes she did feel guilty for doing it, but occasionally she supposed it takes a rule bender to catch a rule breaker. Besides a little e-mail hacking is nothing compared to murder.

Putting on some old clothes the redhead made sure her house was secure before locking up and getting in her car, she tried hard not to look at the dent in the back before getting in. Then drove off to the precinct.

The precinct was busy as usual for first thing in a morning, officers swapping shifts some starting work others going home to their families. For some reason in Sunnydale the nights were more eventful than the days. Nobody knew why this was or if they did they weren’t sharing. The redhead walked passed the front desk and the waiting room where civilians were waiting to report some violation or another. Willow half waved towards a dark haired female officer who was dealing with a hysterical woman then disappeared into the changing room.

The precinct had two changing rooms and your sex determined which one you used. The girls changing room was slightly bigger and more colourful, plus it smelt nicer. Opening her locker Willow removed her uniform and began to put it on. The uniform changed her from just plane Willow to officer Rosenberg.

The redhead took her gaze from the mirror on her locker door when she heard the door to the changing room open.

“Hi.” Willow greeted as Tara entered the room. The blonde just smiled and looked through the name tags on the locker doors. Willow turned her head towards Tara when she heard the blondes sharp intake of breath as the blonde lifted her arm to open her locker.

Tara shook her head to indicate that it was nothing and she was ok so the redhead didn’t pry.

“Get ready and meet me outside.” Willow directed before leaving the room to give Tara some privacy, the last thing she wanted to see was Tara naked no matter how good looking she was because that would just make the situation more uncomfortable.

Tara nodded her confirmation and changed as quickly as her aching arm would allow, she was glad the redhead hadn’t pried for information on her discomfort because quite frankly she didn’t have a good enough explanation, or at least not one that was believable to any sane person then she remembered thinking that the redhead was neurotic and it brought a smile to her face.

Exiting the changing room Tara looked for Willow among the charade of people going about their own business and saw her talking to a dark haired female officer. She walked over to the two women catching the end of the dark-haired woman’s sentence.

“ .....I’ll call you beforehand, ok?”

The redhead saw Tara approaching and thought it only polite to introduced them. “Tara this is Kathy....Kathy, Tara she’s my new partner until Harris gets back.”

The blonde outstretched her arm to shake Kathy’s hand and smiled mannerly. “Nice to meet you.”

The dark-haired woman’s eyes draped over Tara’s curvy body before releasing her hand. “Likewise.”

Willow looked on as Kathy openly flirted and she also noted the blonde seemed unfazed.

“Uh...Tara lets show you around shall we?” the redhead said, feeling a little uncomfortable with Kathy’s behaviour. She walked off with Tara at her heels.

“Ok, The building is basically separated into three major areas with their own points of entry:

this is the public lobby, it’s monitored twenty four hours a day by staff and there are cameras too.” she looked at the blonde to see if she was listening and was surprised to be met with blue eyes staring back at her. “Err.....” she lead the Tara into another part of the building. “This is the detention area it kind of acts like a ‘mini-prison’ within the precinct. It includes a drive through vehicle sallyport, holding cells, interview rooms, and support spaces with all the security equipment and electronic monitoring that are appropriate for correctional work......and.. Then there’s the staff area which is basically for training, meetings, or offices for the superiors the entrance for the staff area is through the parking lot.” she stopped walking and turned towards Tara. “You get all that?.....any questions?”

The blonde smiled, “yes I got all that and yes one question.”

Willow raised her eyebrow for Tara to continue

“Is there any good places to eat around here?....I skipped breakfast.”

The redhead smiled and lead Tara to the parking lot to get the patrol car. She took Tara to the café she was going to yesterday when the blonde had hit the back of her car, it was small, but the food was nice. On the way Willow took Tara around the streets picking out spots that were high in crime or which were occupied by local gangs, she explained about Sunnydale being more active at night. Tara didn’t seem too bothered by this and Willow was surprised by the lack of questions.

They sat down to eat what would now be lunch rather than breakfast and tried to have a civil conversation although it quickly turned into an angry debate.

“Cats are way better!” Willow protested.

“Absolutely not, I like horses. Horses can carry you, if you tried to sit on a cat you’d squash it!”

“You trying to say I’m fat?” the redhead jumped to her own conclusion.

“Oh my Goodness, that is not what I said now you’re just twisting my words, you’re being irrational.”

“And the insults keep on coming. First you hit my car, then you call me fat, now I’m irrational?....”

“Willow please....” the blonde tried to make the neurotic redhead see sense.

“No no Tara it’s ok..... lets get back to the precinct and see if they have anything they want us to do.” she said picking up her coffee cup she threw it in the trash as she exited the café.

Tara sighed, the redhead was unbelievable stubborn.

* * * * * * * * * *

A week had passed and the lieutenant had been giving the two new partners little jobs to help them get used to each other. He knew there was still tension between the two woman, when they were on shift they hardly said a word to each other, it seemed Tara tried to make an effort with the redhead, but Willow was unwilling to compromise. Mack knew Willow and it seemed her behaviour was a little odd. He had tried to talk to her about it a few time and had just gotten one word answers, at first he thought it was because she missed Xander, but now he was certain it’s something else. Xander was due to start back work after his sick leave he was now ready to go, although he was sad he couldn’t join Willow out n patrol he was at least glad not to be stuck at home anymore. He was also looking forward to meeting Willow’s new partner or ‘the she devil’ as the redhead had nicknamed her. The young man had had to listen to endless moaning about how Tara does this and Tara does that he really wanted to see for himself.

Walking into the precinct Xander took in the surroundings of the building. He loved his job and although he wanted to be out on the streets he supposed a desk job would do. He went to the male changing rooms to get into his uniform then start his shift, his first day back was to be in the lobby dealing with complaints. Willow said she’d meet him before starting her shift that night.

“Hey Xand.” he heard the familiar voice.

“Willow Hi.” he greeted her by scooping her small frame into a big hug.

“ you feel better?.... no more soreness and ouchies?” she checked.

“Absolutely not Will, the Xan man is back to his usual jokey self. Now err....” he stopped as he saw a tall blonde girl enter the lobby, her long hair flowed gracefully down her neck, shoulders and back and her eyes were a distinct blue.

Willow was irritated by his sudden stop mid-sentence so she jabbed him with a finger.

“Huh?” he saw the scowl on her face “oh...errr where’s this Tara girl?”

“She’s probably getting changed, we’ve been ordered to go check out a disturbance down vine street, neighbours reported it about 10 minutes ago, Mack asked us to check it out.... I hope it’s something juicy in a non-fatal way.” she wriggled excitedly.

Xander smiled at Willow and then let his gaze drift to the blonde that had just rounded the corner. Willow followed his gaze unaware of his attraction and called over to the girl.

“Tara come here.” then she whispered to her best friend “watch you’ll see how evil she is.”

Xander was completely aghast as the blonde walked over, he had no idea what to do or say so he just stood still praying he didn’t say anything stupid.

“Tara, this is Xander my partner and best friend....Xander this is Tara.”

The blonde noticed Willow’s introduction as the redhead punctuated that Xander was still her partner. She wondered if their relationship was more personal outside work, were they living together? Were they more than just ‘friends’? She quickly shoved the questions to the back of her mind and held her hand out for the young man to take it.

Xander looked at the offered hand as if it was going to wrap itself around his neck, he took it and quickly gave it one quick shake before taking his hand back as if he had been burned.

“Nice to meet you Xander, Willow has told me a lot about you.”

“Nothing bad I hope...because if she told you about my porno collection it was all lies.” he spurted out and then slapped himself on the head.

Tara chuckled at the young man, it seemed they were both neurotic.

“Nothing about your porn collection I swear, although you do realise that secret is out now.” she teased.

He smiled at her and relaxed a little. Tara Maclay seemed like a nice person and he now had proof Willow was being irrational.

“You ready to go?” the redhead asked her new partner.

The blonde nodded her assent.

“See you tomorrow Xander?.” Willow confirmed.

“Yes you will, Will.” he chuckled at his own joke then looked down in embarrassment.

Willow frowned at him and his strange behaviour then indicated for Tara to follow her out the door.

Both girls got into the patrol car and sped off, making their way to vine street. They didn’t speak as there was nothing to say. Tara hated that Willow was still being hostile and she didn’t know how much longer she could put up with it. she had tried to communicate with the redhead, but got absolutely no response and it was driving her crazy.

they got out of the car once reaching their destination and knocked on the door of the premises where there had been a reported disturbance. There was no answer, so Tara went to the neighbours house to get the full story whilst Willow checked through the windows, she went round the back to see if there was any sign of someone home and found the backdoor to be wide open. The redhead radioed for Tara to join her just to be safe.

“What’s up?....oh.” the blonde exclaimed when she saw the wide open door. She lifted her gun from it’s holder on her hip and went in, Willow shone a light in front of them so they could see in the darkness of the night.

They made their way through the kitchen noticing various items were randomly thrown on the floor creating a mess. Following through into the front room they saw the same although it did seem to be a little more dishevelled than the kitchen. An sofa showed signs of old age with cigarette burns on the material and slashes through the cushions leaving bits of fluff hanging out.

Tara lead the redhead up a small stairway and they noticed what seemed to be scratch marks branded in the wallpaper which decorated the walls. They walked across the hall into a bedroom and saw what the struggle had been.

“Oh god.” Willow yelled, taking a step back from the vision before her. The redhead had seen a dead body before on many occasions, but never one as badly maimed as this. “I’ll just go call for forensics.” she made an excuse to leave the room.

Tara studied the body closely checking for ‘unusual’ neck wounds Sunnydale was so famous for, but saw nothing except a blue pen that had obviously been placed on the victims body.

To Be Continued....

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 8:31 pm 
This fic is great:p It's so fun having Willow be hostile towards Tara.:lol I'm sensing some sexual tension here hehe:glasses I like Willow, Tara, and Xander as policeofficers, and that Willow is still hacking.:cool


 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 8:56 pm 
Hi Auburn,

I really love this story. There are no stories that have Willow and Tara as police officers. Very original, but why is Willow still being so hostile to Tara? Not a good way to begin a friendship, or a relationship, for that matter.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 4:21 am 
Oh hey has Xander a crush on Tara?:lol I guess he saw a goddess huh?!:wink He is so funny his porn collection LOL

And i dont like that Willow is still that stubborn....geez Tara trys her best to be a nice colleague and maybe friend someday...:smash We have to wake Willow up and shows her what a nice girl Tara is....:flirt

Another great update Gemma:heart keep on going:kiss :bounce



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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 10:35 am 
Hmm... Interesting.

I'm enjoying hostile Willow vs. confident Tara. And you've added a lot of humor. That's always good! Plus there are these mysterious criminals...! I wonder what they could be...?

Can't wait for more from Sunnydale P.D. Blues! ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 10:52 am 
:bigwave Auburn,

Love the update! :clap :bow See I knew me waiting patently would pay off with an excelent update! :applause :applause I have to say the :willow and :tara beening hostial is very funny. :lol I can't wait to see how they actually reliase that they are in love! :bounce Update soon, please? :pray :pray :pray :pray *sits and waits patently* :whistle

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:35 am 
Willow is really good in denying her attraction to Tara.

Xander being all drooly about Tara and talking about his porno collection made me laugh. :laugh


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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2003 12:20 pm 
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww a certain redhead thinks a certain blonde is a hottie (she just doesn't want to admit it).

Poor Willow isn't handling having her cage rattled by Tara very well - giggles.



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PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2003 4:43 am 
Ooh stubbon Willow. :devilish

I think there's got to be a way to pop stubbon Willow :grin :wink

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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2003 5:00 am 
For some reason I expected Willow behave better after her car was fixed, but that didn't seem to help :( Don't know why she's still being hostile, maybe because she doesn't want to get used to Tara as partner ? She just wants back to the things were, with her and Xander patrolling.

I don't envy Tara, getting setup with someone who doesn't want another partner on patrol. She could just ask Willow straight-up what her problem is, she'll have to come up with some excuse then :) .

This story is mostly descriptive so we don't have a clue (yet) why Willow is acting like she is. Surely it can't be the near-accident with her car anymore, if it is it's used as an excuse. Can't avoid being near your assigned partner though, Willow might as well adapt a bit. She's being a bit silly/childish at the moment.

Ah well, should be interesting to see when that situation kinda explodes... can't go on like this forever. (it's not exactly handy to have such hostility in possibly life-threatning situations either)


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 Post subject: Re: Justice Of The Peace
PostPosted: Fri Aug 01, 2003 1:47 pm 

I'm loving this fic, dude! It totally rocks. Poor Tara though, getting a very scowled Willow all the time.

I'd be happy that Tara hit my car :grin Reason to talk and know.. ;)

Love this!

~Holly~ :heart

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