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 Post subject: Quotables
PostPosted: Sat May 10, 2003 8:55 pm 
Well, this is the start of an idea I had a few days ago and just had to act on due to a good idea to start it off. I've collected a great deal of quotes over time, and I've decided to start writing one shot fics inspired by said quotes. This is the first of I have no idea how many. Just as a note, all will be individually titled, rated, etc. Anyway, please enjoy!

P.S. - This idea was pointed out by bzengo below. If you want me to write a fic with a quote you like, gimme the quote and I'll maybe see what I can do.

Quotable #1

Title: Hell Is Made For Every Person

Author: MellindraX

Rating: PG >: :>Angst Warning<::[/b]

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy unless I created them myself. No copyright infringement intended, just having fun with them.

Summary: Hell has a special creation for every person, and Tara has hers too.

Notes: This is a tiny bit AU, basically that after the end of season 5 Willow did not ressurect Buffy, did not do dark magic addiction, etc. It is now about 20 years since then.

Hell is a public bathroom in New Jersey.


Tara let the cold water rinse over her hands, washing away the almost greasy soap as she sighed, looking at the mirror in front of her. The years had passed her by, but they were not cruel. Her large blue eyes looked back at her, rimmed by only the lightest touching of crow’s feet, and her dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a casual ponytail low on her head, with only a few thin strands of grey standing out against the uniform color. Her full lips were set in an almost permanent smile, little creases a pleasant testament.

Turning the handle, Tara turned off the water and looked away from the mirror, swinging her hands around to look for paper towels. Swiping away the water absent-mindedly, Tara listened to the sounds filtering through the door a few feet away. She could hear cars, and occasionally the shrill ‘ding’ that sounded every time a car left the gas station, but she didn’t pay any attention to those. Instead, her smile grew broader at the giggles and laughs she would have recognized anywhere.

Willow, the love of her life for nearly 20 years now, and Catherine, their adopted daughter for all ten years of the young girl’s life. Both were laughing over something, anything, it didn’t really matter. It never really had. Just that the two girls she loved the most were happy, that was all she ever needed to know to feel her heart spill over with her own happiness.

In the past two weeks, Tara had had so many moments of such simple joy that she’d lost count long before now. They’d set out on the extensively planned road-trip with a common unspoken dread of the many expected hours of boredom. Tara distinctly remembered the first two solid hours of the trip filled with Willow’s high-strung mind shooting out anything that popped into it. Considering the power of Willow’s mind, that was quite a bit of talking and Tara actually giggled remembering Cath’s successful attempt to stop her Mom.

“-because you know that mousses will just jump out into the middle of the street and try to make us crash our car which would be bad because we don’t have a med kit in the car and then one of would get hurt and the other ones of us wouldn’t be able to help her unless we stopped next time we see a store to buy a med kit and maybe then we could pick up some drinks ‘cause I’m getting kind of thirsty and I’m sure you guys are too what with-”


Willow stopped short, her extensive babbling actually causing her to pant slightly as she swung her head around to look at her daughter. “Yeah, sweety?”

“You remind me of Tigger.”

Willow merely blinked, glanced at Tara who merely smiled, and then looked back at her daughter, completely confused.

“They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN!” Cath finished, bouncing in her seat and giggling as she sang the song she could remember from years before.

Willow smiled and actually sniffled a little until she felt a hand on her arm. Turning, she looked at Tara who still had her eyes trained on the road.

“And you want to know the most wonderful thing about Tiggers?” Tara looked at Willow sideways with a soft smile. “There’s only one.”

Tara remained firmly locked in the memory, remembering the perfect Willow-smile she’d elicited by simple truth. After that, they’d spent the rest of the day in the car trying to dredge up the lyrics to old songs, and get the others to sing along. It was going fine until Tara had mischievously begun to hum the tune to the only song by the group ‘Miss Fortune’ she knew. Soon, the car and possibly the entire road was filled with Cath’s more than enthusiastic singing of the favorite songs of her favorite group.

Every day in since then they’d decided on a game to play in the car while they ate breakfast, then spent the rest of the day playing that or whatever variation it morphed into by the time they pulled into the next motel. Already half way through New Jersey, Tara knew they’d be in New York in no time and able to give Dawn a surprise visit. They hadn’t seen her in nearly a year, so Willow decided they would have to visit her, and at the same time make sure their daughter had visited at least half of the fifty states by the end of the trip. From one innocent comment of missing Dawn, Tara had planted the idea of a major one-month road-trip expedition.

So wrapped up in her reminiscing of the happy weeks before the trip, and the weeks included, Tara didn’t notice as the door behind opened and shut a second later. She didn’t even notice as someone walked up behind her. She did, though, notice when that person put a hand on her shoulder.

Spinning around, Tara opened her arms expecting to envelope one of her girls in a hug. Instead, her hands remained spread out beside her, the contented smile of a moment ago flitting away from her face in an instant. Tara could feel her heart freeze and her mouth go dry, all in a moment.

Donnie smirked, the expression staying as far away from his eyes as it could get.

“Good to know you finally got a hug for your big brother.”

Tara stumbled back, her arms dropping to her sides once she’d regained her senses. She recognized her brother in an instant, though he had changed quite a bit since last she’d seen him. Much thinner, the clothes Tara could distinctly remember him wearing from almost as early as sixteen hung of his body, the colors faded away until it seems all he wore was grey-brown. His once wide and deceivingly jovial face had shrunk to give him a sallow face, his once bright beady eyes sunken and utterly dull. Even still, the expression on his face alone gave him away to the woman who had grown up with that smirk lording over her life.

“D-D-Donnie.” She winced; she hadn’t stuttered in years.

He didn’t step forward, choosing to simply stand there and block her way to the door.

“I saw you outside, with that girl.” The last word practically dripped with disgust and loathing. “Twenty years, twenty years since I last saw you and you’re still going around, flaunting your affront to nature.” Donnie shook his head, sighing. “Probably corrupting that poor little girl.” He looked over his shoulder at the door, a high-pitched giggle coming through as if on cue. Bringing his cold brown eyes back to rest on his sister, Donnie’s face contorted into a painful grimace. “Hell, I’ll bet you’re even teaching her that…” He paused, his features somehow growing even more pained. “Witchcraft.”

Tara blanched, trying to shrink back farther into the wall.

“Wh-what are you doing here?”

Now Donnie took a step forward.

“No more than two miles from the house you grew up in, and you can’t imagine why I’d be here?” Donnie scoffed, shaking his head in amazement at his own sister’s stupidity. “You probably weren’t even gonna come and say hi, for old times sakes.” The smirk returned in full force, Donnie leaning back and shaking his head slightly.

“I hop-, I thought you’d moved.” Tara replied, slowly straightening her back against the wall, eyeing the man across from her warily. Donnie looked back at her like she was insane.

“What?! Sell the house? You know how long it took Dad to build the special room. If we moved out, we’d be at least a month without. People could get hurt, Tara. I’d ‘of thought you’d be the first to think of that.”

A shudder worked it’s way up Tara’s spine, memories of the “Safety Room” as her father had called it flooding back into her mind. The solid steel walls and ceiling, with concrete on the floor. The thin slit of a window, almost completely covered by bars. The thick, industrial strength chains nailed with railroad spikes straight into the wall. And the door, spikes more resembling more spears peppering the inside. Staring back at her brother, Tara looked at him in confusion.

“You, you still believe it?”

“Fff, just cause you’re willing to risk your friends’ lives doesn’t mean all the Maclay women are that selfish, Tara.” His expression had become completely sober, looking with total seriousness at his sister. “You can still come back, y’know. I can help.”

Tara just stood, completely floored the revelation. “You still believe it.” For a moment, she simply processed that what she had known for years, that what she had known for years before that was not true, was not known to Donnie. And then his words caught up with her. “You’ll help me?

Donnie nodded. “Of course I will, little sis. If you want to finally start helping yourself, your family has always been there for you.”

Tara shook her head vehemently. “No, I don’t want your help. But… you’ll help me?” She paused. “What happened to Dad?”

“He died about 14 years ago.”

Tara remained pressed against the wall, shocked by the blunt statement. She couldn’t help but wish she were outside right then, laughing and joking with Willow, with Catherine. It occurred to her that she could call out, and that Willow would be there in a second flat, and she could be saved.

“A lot’s changed since you left, Tara.” Donnie’s jaw was set, for once not enjoying giving his sister misery. “Dad died, like I said. Beth tried to get Reverend Store to perform an exorcism, but of course it failed. She committed suicide, deciding she couldn’t live with the demon anymore I guess. I lived alone for almost seven years after that, but I met a great girl named Julie. We got married five years ago, one daughter.” He paused, taking a shuddering breath. “We had a son, too. I found him one morning, torn to shreds behind the house. That was the first sign the curse had taken Julie.” He stopped, staring at the floor for a second. When he looked up, the smirk had returned. “This really wasn’t why I came in here.”

Donnie took another step closer, stretching up to his full height to try and gain an imposing stance over his sister. He didn’t even notice when she didn’t shrink down like she always had before, that she was standing eye to eye with him.

“So, are you going to come home and finally end this charade that you’re normal?” He sneered. “Normal as you could ever be, anyway.”

Tara shook her head, looking her brother straight in the eye with as much of a glare as the shy witch had ever used. “I’m not going home with you, Donnie.”

Donnie’s sneer disappeared, his face already becoming livid. “This really isn’t a choice, Tara. You’re coming home.” His arm reached out, intending to grab his sister. Her hand caught it midway.

“I said no, Donnie.”

Donnie’s face was quickly becoming red, his sunken eyes bulging slightly. “How are you going to stop me? Turn me into a toad, right?”

Tara looked straight back at him, none of the fear in the back of her mind showing in her face.

“I’ll do worse, if you try to force me away from my wife and my daughter.” Donnie glanced down at the hand being held with no kindness by his sister, then back at her suddenly cold eyes. “And if you try to tell my daughter, through mail, by approaching her, by telephone, however, that she’s going to become a monster, you’ll wish I really were just a monster.”

For a second neither of them moved, the only sound being Donnie’s harsh breaths. Tara let go of his hand, and shoved him backwards with an uncharacteristic expression of complete disgust. “Just go.”

He took one last fleeting glance at his sister, before turning and walking out of the bathroom with as much dignity as he could muster. A second later, the door opened again, and Tara’s smiled reappeared.

“Hey baby. You ok? You’ve been in here a long time.” Willow walked closer, pulling Tara into a brief kiss.

“Fine, now.” Tara pulled back, taking Willow’s hand as she walked out of the small room. The bright sun greeted her, and Tara could see as a car quickly pulled away, moving down the highway before turning into a small side road only a few seconds away. They walked hand in hand to the car, where Cath sat nonchalantly munching a bag of potato chips.

“I believe those were my chips, dear.” Tara pointed out with a small smile.

“’Were’ being the operative word.” The girl pointed out primly.

Willow shook her head and sighed, exasperated. “Goddess, I think we have a teenager.”

Tara laughed, pulling the love of her life into a drawn out hug before releasing her and giving the same treatment to her only daughter. Two minutes later, Tara was at the front wheel of the car, driving calmly in the direction of New York. She would have to remember to ask Willow to remove New Jersey from their route home.

It is my solace, my home, the place where my walls crumble and fall away, because no one can know who I truly am. Thank goodness for the Internet, preserver of sanity! -Unknown

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 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2003 3:40 pm 
Go Tara! Go Tara! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! WOO HOO! What happens?


"F#&k you, but have a nice day!"

 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2003 4:36 pm 
YAY! Mel! I am so jealous of your writing! I stink badly and you are really good! I cant wait for more! :clap

Why can't I write like you?:cry :cry :cry :cry

 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Sun May 11, 2003 11:49 pm 
Willow, the love of her life for nearly 20 years now

Oh yeah, with a quote like that liking your fic is a given. well, you writing so well has something to do with me liking it...


I need to read some "Learning to pay compliments in 7 easy steps" book.

You rock.

Your fics rocks.

I'm waiting for an update.

well, that wasn't so difficult...


 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 2:45 am 
Loved it, very well written and a very interesting concept.



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 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 2:48 am 

Great fic. reat quote. Great idea. Just all together great. Can't wait for more.



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 Post subject: Re: Quotables
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 3:25 am 
That was a great story. It's a really good idea.

I understand, you should be with the person you l-love

I am

 Post subject: Thanks!
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 12:49 pm 
Awe, you guys are so sweet :) . Oh, and bzengo pointed something out. If you want to suggest a quote to me, I'd love to try and write something to go with it. I've already got the next few planned out, but your quote will go into the selection, no fear! I think I'll put that into my main post....

bzengo - Boo! Teehee... And yes, as I said, I do take requests!

Ten10239 - Well, that's the fun of these shorties. You don't know! Well, you sorta know. Rather, you decide in your head what happens. Make it something nice ^^

The Next Tara Maclay - You do not suck. And thank you for your confidence :grin

some dark thing - Oh, I dunno. I think those last few comments swelled my head quite a bit :p

WillowPowered - Why thank you! :)

bluewillowitch - Hell, you're great too! Everything's just friggin lovely...

justin - Thanks you :)

You're all so nice :bow

It is my solace, my home, the place where my walls crumble and fall away, because no one can know who I truly am. Thank goodness for the Internet, preserver of sanity! -Unknown

 Post subject: Re: Thanks!
PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 5:31 pm 
Mel, kickass part. Like bzengo said, it starts all fluffy, then, horror crashes on us. Althought, if I were Tara, I would have told Willow about it. Anyways, great beginning, and I hope ya right more! :grin


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 Post subject: Quotable 2
PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 6:00 pm 
Washi - I just wanted to have Tara stick up for herself and stand up to her childhood tormenter. And she'll tell Willow eventually, probably just without their kid right there :p

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who replied. SERIOUSLY appreciated (hint hint). And a reminder, if you have a quote you want me to add to my list of things to use, please do tell me! Ok, and here we go with the second of my little series thingamummy.

Quotable #2

Title: Interact

Author: MellindraX

Rating: PG (very mild angst warning)

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy unless I created them myself. No copyright infringement intended, just having fun with them.

Summary: Even the socially challenged have feelings.

Notes: A different concept of how Willow and Tara met.

When you're used to thinking that you're a worthless nobody that no one would ever want to talk to. It must be hard to imagine for "normal" people. How it is to not be able to be close or talk to others. It seems like such a natural thing. I really hope there will come a day when I'll be able to stand next to another person and do a little small talk and not feel bad inside. When all my instincts don't tell me to run and hide and shut up.


People swarmed throughout the room, pushing and shoving and moving in a great mass of bodies and forms. A giant press of life and social interaction; talking and laughing and yelling echoing all around her, hurting her ears. She watched them smile, watched them frown or pout, watched all of them.

She didn’t talk though.

She was the one in the corner, her back pressed into the V-split as far as she could, trying to push herself into the wall. Away from the people, away from the noise and the confusion. Away from the fear of it all.

She knew, without question, that she was being weird. You weren’t supposed to be so worried about just saying “hi”, or even just smiling when someone looked your way. But she did know she wasn’t the only one. Sometimes when she went into a room there was someone else, pushing themselves into the corner. And sometimes they would look at each other, and recognize what the other one was doing, and they could smile at each other before going back to watching.

Not here though. She was all alone here, not even that small comfort to make it easier. People like her weren’t supposed to be here.

A man walked towards her, smiling the smile she knew so well, had seen so many times. She couldn’t smile back, she never could. So she ducked her head, tried to pretend she hadn’t seen him. She felt him wait there, smiling at her for a little while, before moving on, away. When she lifted her head again, he was gone into the crush, and she was alone again.

It wasn’t like she really wanted to be here. She hadn’t wanted to come at all, at first. But when the girl had asked her so many times, describing in such glowing detail the fun and excitement she would have, how she needed to try new things, and the vast number of new people she could meet and become friends with, she couldn’t see how bad it would be.

Like so many times before, she’d forgotten how much more lonely she felt, surrounded by people.

The girl hadn’t even come, in the end. Had gone off, with the boyfriend. Hadn’t bothered to tell her, just assuming, she guessed, that she wouldn’t even come.

‘She should have been right.’

How much time had passed since she’d come? It felt like hours, eons of a bubble of awkward silence pressed into her by the talk shunning it from without. But a quick glance at her watch told her what she’d suspected. Only half an hour.

Time passed slowly, whenever you want it to go.

Why couldn’t she just leave? Make her way through the crowd, open the door, and step out into the night air. Walk back to her home, slip through the perfect silence of the night, hide in the gloom and the shadows, in anonymity? Return to her dark room, her quiet room, and read the book she’d left half-read behind her?

Because she was so hopeful, so damnably optimistic. She knew it would never happen; she’d never had luck in her life before, why would that change now? There would be no magical person, who would just appear and shine through the rest, giving her the conviction to go forward, to try and make friends. People like that would never bother with someone like her.

Shy girl, stuttering girl, why don’t you just go stand back in the corner and leave us alone girl. She’d tried so hard, at first, but she just couldn’t do it anymore. Couldn’t take those accusatory glares, staring right through her, those horrible taunts when she tripped over her words. It was just so much easier to let them ignore her.

Not that they would, where she came from. Demon girl, devil-worshipping girl.

Evil girl.

But here, at college, where no one knew, she could be ignored, and she could be glad of that. She didn’t need to push and try to make friends. It wasn’t like she would be able to keep them anyway.

‘It would be nice, though. Just one friend…’

Looking back at her watch, she sighed in resignation. There would be no miracle friend, not tonight. Taking a breath, she pushed herself off the wall, out of her small protection, preparing to force herself through to the door. Before she could take a step, she raised her head cautiously, trying to find the easiest way through.

She stopped, watched as the door was opened, and two women walked through. One was short, blond, and thin, just another face to be lost in the sea of people. The other, though… She was caught, half off the wall, clutching to it sightlessly behind her as she watched the woman walk through the door.

Short, fiery red hair fell delicately just above her shoulders, pulled apart at the front to frame an almost child-like face, alive with mirth and an underlying intelligence. A sleeveless purple shirt, loose enough to leave more than something to the imagination, yet tight enough to show of the woman’s slim figure, was tucked into the waistband of a matching purple ankle-length skirt.

She couldn’t hear anything that either of them said, but just watching her smile, and laugh at something her friend had said, brought a small quirk to her own lips.

As the pair moved into the crowd, blocking her direct vision, she could still trail them easily with her eyes, following the shock of brilliant red as it dodged the more unwieldy and unmovable blockades in her path.

‘I could stay. Just a little longer…’

They stopped where she knew the bar was, waiting there for a minute. She watched the red bob up and down, unable to catch a glimpse of her face, before they moved off again. When she got another clear look, both of them held drinks in their hands, and were talking to another person. A man, ‘or more aptly,’ she thought to herself, ‘a boy.’ A tall, gangly, goofy character with a mess of brown hair.

She moved again, farther away from the wall, letting go of her one support in an attempt to get closer. Just as she took another tentative step, the boy grabbed the blonde woman by the hand and dragged her off to the dance floor, leaving the redhead behind.


Closing her eyes tight for a moment, she concentrated on keeping her heartbeat steady before picking her way forward slowly, towards the table where the woman sat.

When she was a few feet away, she stopped cold, unable to force her feet to move one in front of the other. Her heart refused to follow her directions; pounding so loud in her ears she was surprised the woman didn’t look up just to find out who had brought the drum.

‘What are you doing? You’re just going to make a fool of yourself, just like you always have. No one’s ever going to like you; you’re too much of a freak. Just go back home and leave that poor girl alone!’ Her brother’s harsh words rang in her head, filled with the same careless malice she could remember so vividly, a shiver running up her spine.

She couldn’t help but smile, though, when she realized the unpleasant memory had a pleasant effect. She had control of her feet again, if not her heart, and was determined to prove him wrong.

She took the last few steps, finally coming to stand before the woman, shuffling her feet nervously and biting her lower lip.

‘What do I say? Should I say hello? Or is that too formal? Or informal? Is it OK to just say hello to someone you’ve never met before? Who was that girl? Who was that boy? Should I ask about them, to start?’

“Hey there.”

Startled, she looked up from her feet to look into the piercing emerald eyes of her source of consternation, her mind freezing completely. Before she could think, she blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

“Are you going out with that boy?”

The abruptness and forward nature of her words surprised her so much, she clapped her hands to her mouth, her eyes going wide in shock. The woman just looked out at the dance floor, at her two friends dancing.

“Who? Xander?” The redhead looked back at her, smiling brightly and seemingly not noticing her embarrassment. “We used to go out, but we broke up.” She frowned slightly, looking just to the right of her face. “He stole my Barbie.”

She couldn’t help it, that line begged her to ask the question.

“Your, um, your Barbie?”

The woman giggled, bringing her eyes back to rest on her confused face.

“We were five.”

“Oh.” Well, what could she say? She’d started so badly, she just wanted to slink back to her corner or go back to her dorm.

“But, I mean, he’s single now, if you want me to introduce you.”

“Introduce who now?”

The boy and the other woman had returned, sneaking up behind her and now claiming their seats at the table, picking up their drinks and looking between her and the redheaded woman.

“No, really, I, uh, I’m fine.”

“Hey, aren’t you going to introduce your new friend to me and the Buffster?”

“I, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…” She floundered, desperately trying to extract herself from the situation. ‘Stupid stupid stupid! I should never have tried this!’

She turned on her heel, ducking her head and walking as quickly away she could, feeling her face flush with embarrassment and shame. Pushing herself heedlessly through the crowd, she found herself at the door quickly, and shoved herself through the last group of people, out into the night air.

Out into the alley, she stopped, staring at the ground for a second, gathering her thoughts, before turning to walk down the dark street, back towards home. She didn’t pay attention when someone called out, not even when it was repeated several times.

‘It’s not like they’d be calling for me. I’m such an idiot. What was I thinking?’

She continued to mentally berate herself, slipping around the corner and out onto the sidewalks of Sunnydale. Even when she heard running feet behind her, she didn’t bother to turn. ‘Vampires wouldn’t even bother with such a lowly little pathetic creature like me.’

The hand that took hers was unexpected to say the least, but when she turned, the worried face that greeted her was even more of a shock.

“Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

‘She…she noticed me. She didn’t just forget me, as soon as I was gone.’

“I…you didn’t, really. I shouldn’t have, uh, just started talking to you.”

“Well, if you’re never going to make any new friends if you think it’s wrong to try and talk to someone!”

She bowed, trying to hide the returning blush at the other woman’s words.

“Oh, god, I’m just shooting every little thing out of my mouth, not even thinking about what I’m saying. I tend to do that a lot, especially when I’m nervous. I’ve been told I babble, actually. And I think I’m doing it now, aren’t I? Jeez, I’m so sorry. Hey, don’t be sad!” The redhead ducked her head, peering up at her through the wall of blonde hair that had fallen to cover her eyes. “Really, I don’t know what I’m saying half the time. Like this one time, I was talking to Xander about how he should do his math homework if wanted to start getting what the teacher was talking about, and then by the end of the babble I got on this whole thing about how Snoopy couldn’t really have been the Red Baron, what with him being a dog and all and not actually owning a plane. But he did have one of those cool aviator hats and a cute little friend who could fly, but I really don’t think a little bird like that could fly a dog around in an aviator hat.”

She giggled, her embarrassment replaced by simple amusement at the adorable stream of words flowing out of the woman’s mouth. The redhead smiled goofily as soon as she giggled, lifting her head along with her.

“My names Willow, by the way. And to hopefully circumvent another babble-fest, I was hoping you’d come back and join my friends back at the Bronze.”

She looked over her shoulder, back at the long, shadowed, anonymous street stretching away before turning sharply into a corner. Back to her dorm, and her book. Then she turned back, looking over Willow’s shoulder, down the brightly lit alley, and the door behind which, even at this distance, she could hear the distant pounding of music and faint hum of voices. Back to the crowd, the noise, the pressure all around her.

And a friend.

“My name’s Tara.”

Willow smiled, squeezing the hand in her’s, before turning around and guiding her new friend back the way they’d come. Tara just smiled her shy smile, letting herself be pulled.

‘I actually have a friend.’

It is my solace, my home, the place where my walls crumble and fall away, because no one can know who I truly am. Thank goodness for the Internet, preserver of sanity! -Unknown

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 6:38 pm 

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2003 6:42 pm 
Hey, just wanted to say that this was an awesome update

I think that you portrayed Tara's self worthlessness very well and how her fears in getting to know people truely stems from this. I also loved how it only takes one person that being Willow to notice Tara and sincerely want to be her friend to let some of those fears subside,coupled with Tara's strength to try and overcome some of those fears from her past once she sees someone that she connects with. And I think it is also cool that the flow of the quote also matches the flow of the story. I giggled a bit when the first thing that Tara could say to Willow was if she was going out with Xander. I thought it was very sweet. Anyways great update and I hope there is more to follow VERY soon. :D

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 10, 2003 2:20 pm 
Wow......and um, well just wow. The first fic was great, loved the quote. (great idea by the way, I too have collected a bunch of quotes over time, wonderful way to put them to use, cuz well, you can only have so many sigs:) ) But, it was "Interact" that really floored me. It was extremely touching to say the least. Shy Tara always gets to me :sob . Once upon a time I too was that kid that got made fun of, that felt so left out. And you so captured the thoughts, the feelings that I can only imagine our Tara would have felt in early S4. So I guess the appropriate response to this fic is....:bow Can't wait to see more, and I will be back w/a suggestion quote!:flirt

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Hehehe, you guys rock :lol


Personally though, tear, I would have to say Joy! But that's just because I'm a weirdo!

And I think it is also cool that the flow of the quote also matches the flow of the story. I giggled a bit when the first thing that Tara could say to Willow was if she was going out with Xander.

Willow Friendly, I'm sorry to say you're better at analyzing my own fic than I am! I actually hadn't noticed how well my quote flowed along with the story until you pointed that out, as sad as that is :sigh Yes, I'm sad, I know this.

And of course that was what Tara was really concerned about at first, even if I decided to not have her realize at first (cause I'm evil like that).

I hope there is more to follow VERY soon.

It's good to know your optimistic! Hehe, no, I'm kidding. I hope....

Once upon a time I too was that kid that got made fun of, that felt so left out. And you so captured the thoughts, the feelings that I can only imagine our Tara would have felt in early S4

Actually, Eyes, that was a big reason why I wrote for this particular quote. I was the corner-girl too (probably one of the many reasons I sympathize/love Tara so much), and it's nice to hear I can actually describe a feeling and make it coherent!

and I will be back w/a suggestion quote!

Please, do! I want to make this series pan out for as long as possible, and only so many of my quotes can be turned into decent fics!

Thanks for all your kind replies. Now gimme more! No, no, just kidding.... a little.... :whistle

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Oh I am totally getting the hang of these! I get it, oh I loved this one. I loved your Tara, seemed very in character and I loved the way she talked her way into talking to Willow. It's great to see her conquering her fears. Good stuff! Thanks!


 Post subject: Quotable 3
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xita - You're welcome, I'm sure.

I know I'm turning parrot here, but any quotes you'd like to donate are very much appreciated. Anyway, on with the show and all that.

Quotable #3

Title: Cloudless Day

Author: MellindraX

Rating: PG (Utter and complete fluff, no angst here)

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy unless I created them myself. No copyright infringement intended, just having fun with them.

Summary: The past two quotables either started with sadness or ended with sadness. This is pure silliness, and a slice of married life for our favorite couple.

Notes: A bit shorter than the previous ones...

You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.

-Germaine Greer

With the sun rising slowly over the horizon, the thin blinds pulled shut over the window once again proved themselves inadequate, allowing a now purple-tinted ray of sunlight to play across the floor, reaching closer to the bed with every passing second. Outside, shrill birdsong emanated from the trees surrounding the house, a muffled cacophony of springtime music heralding the break of dawn.

Opening her eyes blearily, Tara stretched languorously across the bed, wiggling her toes and fingers with a self-satisfied sigh. Pulling the blanket tighter across her shoulders as she curled back into herself, she spared an idle thought to the possible location of her lover, conspicuously gone from her side. Shrugging it off as nothing, the blonde Wiccan rolled over and shut her eyes, determined that her Saturday morning would not begin for at least another hour. Within minutes she had fallen into a dreamless sleep, lulled by the warm bed and natural background noise.

When her eyes opened again, Tara found the sun had moved up the bed and onto her pillow, giving good reason for her waking. After giving herself another minute to properly greet the day and blink all the fuzziness out of her vision, she rolled to the other side of the bed, hoping to find her partner sleeping, waiting for the wake-up snuggle Tara was more than willing to provide. Stopping just before she rolled off the bed, Tara’s face molded into a pout, disappointed at cold sheets being the only thing to greet her advances.

Lifting her head off the pillows, she cast a glance around the room, noticing the missing robe and half-open door out to the hallway. With a sigh, Tara swung her legs off the bed and got to her feet, a slightly worried glance thrown at the empty peg as an unpleasant thought latched onto her mind.

‘Please, don’t let her have attempted breakfast.’

Snagging her own bathrobe off the door, Tara swung it over her shoulders before pulling the door open all the way and stepping into the hallway. Walking calmly down the stairs, Tara turned cautiously into the kitchen, ready to duck back at any signs of cooking.

But the kitchen was as immaculate as she’d left it the night before, not a single pot, pan, or utensil out, and all the eggs apparently still in the fridge.

Smiling with relief, Tara flicked the handy CD player on with a thoughtless hand and focused on making breakfast for her and her still absent wife. As giant veggie omelet began to take shape before her and a great stack of pancakes began to build on the allotted plate, Tara found herself watching the clock, wondering with growing dread where her partner had disappeared to.

Just as Tara was about to put down her spatula and begin to hunt around the house, the missing redhead breezed into the kitchen with a smile. Catching Tara from behind with a hug, Willow’s hands clasped around her waist and squeezed, the redhead giving her now-beaming lover a good-morning peck.

“I smelled something delicious and figured you woke up. And hey! You even made breakfast.”

Tara smiled pityingly at the redhead’s attempt at spicy-talk, choosing to cut the finished omelet in half in place of an answer. Placing the two pieces on separate plates she finally turned to face Willow, the easier angle allowing for a much more adventurous greeting kiss. Breaking apart, Tara offered one of the plates and her patented half-smile to Willow.

Grabbing a seat at the small eat-in island in the middle of the kitchen, Tara picked up the syrup, pouring a generous amount over her serving of triangles. Turning to face the redhead still rooting around in the refrigerator for strawberries, Tara grinned at the excellent view of Willowbutt.

“I woke up twice without you, in a single day. Is this how you always treat your wife?”

Swinging to face the still-smirking blonde, a bottle of pureed strawberries in hand, Willow adopted a mock-serious face.

“No, it’s how I treat the women I’m cheating on my wife with.”

“Oh, really?”

“Most certainly.”

“Well then, I hope your wife isn’t a very jealous woman.”

Taking her seat beside Tara, Willow’s face remained serious as she nodded gravely.

“Oh, very jealous. Very, very jealous. It’s hard to say what she would do to the poor girl I’ve been sleeping with on the side if she ever found out.”

Tara tried to push the corners of her lips down into a serious frown, but they betrayed her time and time again.

“For her sake, I hope your wife never finds out.”

For another second, both women managed to maintain perfectly somber expressions, only the slightest twinkle in their eyes betraying their true feelings. The next moment, both had broken into helpless giggles, laughing partly at the joke played out between them and partly at the expression on the other woman’s face.

When they had both calmed down they traded quiet smiles and bites of food, the fact that they both had the same thing irrelevant to the lovesick witches. Halfway through the meal, Tara was stirring her coffee with a small spoon, watching Willow quietly before breaking the silence.

“So, where were you this morning? I really did miss my morning smoochies.”

Abandoning her attempts to make the combination of syrup and liquid strawberry spell ‘WILLOW LOVES TARA’ momentarily, the redhead offered an apologetic smile.

“I woke up kinda early, and you still looked totally zonked. I went to work on the project for a little bit and I guess I lost track of time.” A mischievous glimmer finding its way into her eye, Willow leant closer to the other woman. “Forgive me?”


As the last of the pancakes and omelet were finished, Willow took both their plates to the sink. Tara gave the table a quick clean with a paper towel as a steady stream of water from the spout washed away all the remnants of the simple breakfast.

Tossing the towel away as she walked out into the hall, Tara padded slowly up the stairs and back into their bedroom. Opening one of the windows she stopped to watch the curtains twist with the little currents of fresh air bringing a slight chill to the room before turning her back and walking to the one bureau across the room.

Pulling open a drawer, she looked in for a second and frowned. Tara reached for the one right below and pulled that one open too. Stepping away, she opened the closet door and peered inside before shutting it slowly. Turning on the spot, she got down on her hands and knees to peer under the bed, her frown deepening imperceptibly.

Standing again, Tara walked to the door and looked out into the hallway.

“Willow?” The call was even and calm, betraying no emotion.

“Yeah sweetie?” The reply was just as incongruous.

There was a brief pause as Tara turned to look over her shoulder and back into the room, the curtains still blowing slightly and the bureau’s drawers still hanging open.

“Where are all our clothes?”

“That,” this time the reply was definitely trying to hide something. “Is a very good question, actually.”

Willow turned in her swivel chair as Tara descended the stairs and walked into her study, only the slightest smile gracing her features. Tara raised a single eyebrow at the obvious pleasure her wife was having in her confusion, and decided to take a little guess.

“You were up this morning working on your project?”


The eyebrow rose perilously high.

“Well, I didn’t say which project.”

Tara nodded as if to herself as she moved across the room to stand across from Willow, who only just then realized the tactical disadvantage her low chair put her at.

“We’re meeting Becca at 2 to help her pick out flowers for the reception.”

“Her own mother can’t help her plan the wedding?” Willow’s voice held a tinge of reprove. Tara sighed and shook her head.

“Dawn’s driving down to Sunnydale to pick up Buffy. She should be back tonight.” She reminded. “Besides, I’ve been wanting to spend some time with our god-granddaughter. We haven’t seen her in far too long. And,” Tara added, “I would rather be wearing more than my bathrobe.”

Willow’s smile broadened, clearly having expected this. “You have the raincoat you got on your last birthday.”

“I also have that light grey blouse and long brown skirt I’ve had for years. Or I would, if they were where I left them last night.

“Yeah, sure, but I mean, if you can’t find them…”

Tara leaned off of the wall and stepped closer to her now openly smirking partner.

“We have to get ready soon. Please tell me where the clothes are?”

The redhead’s smile seemed to crack off her face.


“Tara, Willow, oh my god it’s so good to see you.”

“Hi honey.”

“Hey Becca.”

“I’ve already got a table set in the restaurant. I figured we’d eat and then shop.”

“Hello ma’am, welcome to our humble establishment.”

“Ooh, fancy.”

“Shh, Will.”

“May I take your coat?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“It’s no trou-”

“I’m fine.”

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 7:41 pm 
It's hilarious! I love it! :grin


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 8:33 pm 
I've read through all three installments and they are each fabulous. I don't know how I've missed this thread before. Thank you for such great work.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 30, 2003 9:34 pm 
This is hilarious! I can't believe I missed this before now!

I also think that this quote would be great for a family-type thing...

It wasn't easy telling my parents that I'm gay. I told them at Thanksgiving. I said, 'Mom, would you please pass the gravy to the homosexual?' She passed it to my father. A terrible scene followed.

- Bob Smith

Thank you,!

Willow: Hey Buff. One more thing. Buffy: Yeah? Willow: I’m gay. Buffy: Okay, Will. Xander owes me ten bucks.

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Hey, there!:bigwave

This last one was hilarious!!! :lol

I just read all three of them, I love every single one! Loved the angst of the first two and laughed my butt off reading the last one. Excellent work!:clap :heart

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 9:35 am 
Hi..I've just read all three of them too..and they are so amazing, and really lovely. Love sammi xx

 Post subject: Re: Quotable 3
PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 1:07 pm 

I love this!

Youre so incredable, this is really amazing.:clap

You're an awesome writer.

The last one made me giggle.. :p

Keep them coming!

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2003 8:33 pm 
Awe, you guys are beyond sweet. Your lying needs some work though :p

Washi - Oh, well, I was going for more deeply sardonic, but I guess hilarious is OK.

Marilda - No, no, thank you.

Tempest Deur - Ooh, teehee. That quote is excellent! That is definitely going on the list of 'to be used' (I just have to decide which parents I'm using)

allykat - Well hello to you, too :wave

sam darls - Thanks :D

Yellow Crayon - Keep them coming? Hah! I laugh at your pointless optimism! Oh, no, wait... I'm supposed to harbor these mindless hopes myself... Oops.

I’ve never purposely gone out to take somebody out. Well, maybe, in elementary school I once did try to trip somebody. –Amber Benson

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No, no, really. Thank you.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 02, 2003 4:43 am 
Just because this could turn ugly, lets agree we're both very thankful.

I’ve never purposely gone out to take somebody out. Well, maybe, in elementary school I once did try to trip somebody. –Amber Benson

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Alright. Just so long as we remember who said it first. :p

Yes, I'm two.:eatme :baby

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Hey MellindraX :bigwave

Finally caught all three stories, wow! And along with that I add another 'WOW', a big one that is. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them and the latest one... :rofl It's simply hilarious! Loved it! Keep up the great writing :D


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Quote 1-Donnie is still a big meanie! Tara was sooo brave.

Quote 2-I remember what this was like. Tara was sooo brave.(So was Willow for going after her).

Quote 3-Nope! No immaturity here! I wonder if Tara or Willow will be so brave as to...

Hehe,loved them all so far - hope you get more quotes soon...


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 Post subject: #4
PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2003 10:23 pm 
Marilda - And just as cute :p

intricate mirage - Yay for blind fluff :D

Emily First - It's not an issue of having enough quotes (if you saw my quote collection...), more just getting one to inspire me to write! Grr argh indeed...

Quotable #4

Title: But One Rule

Author: MellindraX

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: These characters are owned by Joss and Mutant Enemy unless I created them myself. No copyright infringement intended, just having fun with them, and I promise to put them back with all their limbs.

Summary: A little AU of highschool, and you can figure out the rest.

Notes: After reading this, you may scratch your head and say "Well hey! Haven't I read this before?" And you may be right! I posted this a little while ago in a different thread, but looking back I realized it belonged here (and was more than happy for the other one to disappear of the face of the earth), so xita was an absolute doll and got rid of it, so I took the opportunity to edit/revise before I transferred. Enjoy!

I may appear to be a potbellied, balding, middle-aged, dimwitted has-been. But on issues related to my daughter, I am the all-knowing, merciless god of your universe. If I ask you where you are going and with whom, you have one chance to tell me the truth and nothing but the truth. I have a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres behind the house. Do not trifle with me.

–Rules For Dating my Daughter (#9)

She kissed him happily on his cheek and scampered upstairs immediately, leaving him smiling in the young girls wake. Chuckling, he shook his head as he walked over to sit on the couch, listening to the occasional pounding of feet and doors slamming upstairs. Leaning his head back onto the rest he waited for the doorbell to ring, thinking quietly.

His daughter had no less than 3 minutes ago come downstairs practically flying apart from nervous energy, begging him to listen for “someone” at the door and tell her the second “someone” arrived. The brief conversation that followed what was had left him smiling at the young woman that had grown out of the quiet bookworm he had known.

* * *


She shifted under her fathers gaze, smiling up at him in a clear ‘please-just-let-it-go-so-I-can-go-back-to-getting-ready’ face. He merely raised his eyebrows, and she sighed in resignation.


“And who might this ‘someone’ be?”

Her eyes flitted back up the stairs, then down to her watch at her wrist, and then finally back to her fathers composed features.

“A ‘someone’ who will be here a few minutes, so that’s why I need you to listen for the door. Please, dad?”

“Should I, as your father, be worried about my little girl’s innocence in the presence of said ‘someone’?”

Her eyebrows shot to the top of her head, as she stared at her father in alarm.


“What?” He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m allowed to worry. Parenting privilege.”

She glowered at him, but couldn’t help but smile. “No, no worries about innocence, thank you. Could you just tell me when they’re here?”

“Are you at least going to tell me her name?”

He watched in satisfaction as his daughter stiffened. ‘Bingo.’ She dropped her eyes, shuffling her feet in the classic hand-in-the-cookie-jar stance.

“I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.”

“Of course, of course.” He paused, letting her stew for just that extra moment. “Sooo… what did you say her name was?”

She muttered under her breath, nowhere near audible enough to be heard. He smiled, the woman having become a child with only a few sentences.

“Eh? I’m sorry, but I’m going deaf in my old age.”

Her voice rose only just loud enough for him to hear, but it was enough.


The love, near reverence, in the small voice practically melted the man’s heart, but he still sighed, slightly disappointed.

“And the fact you chose tonight as the first night she’s picking you up here…?”

He let the age-old word game between them play out, smiling again at the familiarity.

“…Isn’t a coincidence.” She finished for him, still bowing her head, though now with some measure of shame. “It’s just…she, she reacted to it so badly.” He felt his heart bleeding as the girl’s words trailed away. Placing his hand gently on her shoulder, he squeezed and smiled gently. She looked up at him, her quivering lip giving her the petulant look he’d seen all her life.

“Willow, I know she’ll be OK with it eventually. Your mother just…” He sighed, so sorry he had to excuse his wife’s actions like this. “She was raised in a pretty traditional family. And, while we both know she tries to act very liberal and pro rights, there are some things that were just too well engrained.” His face took on a more somber note, looking her in the eye. “Once she gets back from her trip I’ll have to tell your mom about this, right?”

Willow nodded understandingly, before looking back at her watch. Glancing back at her father, she smiled as cheerily as she could, trying her hardest to lighten the conversation.

“She’ll be here soon. Get the door for me, please?”

“Of course.”

He nodded, and she had kissed him on the cheek and ran upstairs.

* * *

Shaken quickly from his reverie, the doorbell’s annoyingly high tone shrilling through his ears, Ira stood off the couch immediately. Opening the door, he stepped back to let the young woman in. He looked her up and down, taking in every small detail of this threat that came to take his daughter away.

Tall, but not scarily so, the girl’s stature was made more diminutive by the nervous ducking of her head. Dirty blonde hair fell in a cascade over her shoulders, held back from her face by her ears. A pale brown peasant-top ended in frills at her wrists and waist, covering the hem of a darker green skirt that trailed at her heels, half covering simple thong-sandals. When she glanced up, he noted she hadn’t bothered with makeup.

For a few seconds, both stood in a sort of stalemate, one looking at the other appraisingly, while the other shifted from looking at her feet to nervously at the top of the stairs. Ira called up the stairs, not even turning away from the girl.

“Sweetie, she’s here.”

There were a few decisively loud crashes from upstairs which almost had both of them running for the stairs before a voice called back down.

“I’m okay, I’m okay!” A moment of silence with sounds of shifting furniture and more than one exclamation of annoyance. “Be down in a sec!”

Once again they were left in semi-silence as the noises of non-too-graceful preparation sounded from upstairs. Ira cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders, trying to alleviate the tension in the hall.

“So, how long have you known my daughter?”

Tara’s head shot up, startled by the unexpected question.

“A… a few months, I uh, guess, sir.”

He hmmed his approval, nodding his head slowly.

“I just wanted to make one thing clear, before you go, of course.”

Tara focused on the man, obvious trepidation in every nuance of her movement.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” He paused, his voice taking on a disturbingly calm and happy tone, “there is but one rule, and it shall be followed like the word of God. Do not hurt my baby. I may appear to be a balding, middle-aged, businessman, but on issues related to my daughter, I am the all-knowing, merciless god of your universe. If you hurt her, even in the tiniest tinniest way, whether physically, emotionally, or mentally, I will make it my personal business to make sure you do not get off unscathed. I have a shotgun, a shovel, and five acres behind this house. Do not trifle with me.”

Ira almost laughed at the girl’s reaction to his merrily delivered speech. Her eyes grew to the size of large plates, and her entire body quivered, ‘Still got it!’ before her expression grew deadly serious, and he couldn’t help but notice a new quiet confidence in her.

“I would never hurt her.”

Both were left quiet, Ira tapping his foot quietly on the floor and Tara looking at the ground. He looked up when he heard her gasp, then followed Tara’s eyes to the top of the stairs, and smiled.

His daughter stood looking happily down at both of them, dressed and finally ready. A white sleeveless shirt patterned with black stitches of flowers rested lightly on her shoulders, accompanied by the strap of a navy-blue purse whose pouch rested on her thigh. Deep purple, slightly baggy pants ended just above her black shoes. Her red hair was the same it had been the last time Ira had seen her a few minutes ago, angle-cut, accentuating her face wonderfully.

Practically skipping down the stairs, Willow stopped just short of the last step, staring unashamedly at the blonde in front of her.

“You look…”

Tara smiled, catching Willow’s hand with her own.

“You too.”

Ira watched the small interaction, and didn’t for a second miss the love practically radiating off the two young girls looking in each other’s eyes. ‘She just better take care of my daughter.’

“You look great, honey. Now go, have fun, leave me to my old-age grumping.”

Making shooing motions with his hand, Ira gestured the two girls to the door, opening it for them as they stepped outside. Waving at their retreating backs, he couldn’t help but add one last comment.

“Have acres and acres of fun, girls!”

I’ve never purposely gone out to take somebody out. Well, maybe, in elementary school I once did try to trip somebody. –Amber Benson

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 24, 2003 9:06 am 
Aww..i loved good. Love sammi xx

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