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 Post subject: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 1:20 am 
Disclaimer:::Main characters belong to the owners of the TVshow-we only borrowed them to play with.No disrespect or infringement of copyright is intended.

Title:::J'aurais ete aimee. (aka I Should Have Been Loved.)

Author:::Emily First.

Feedback:::Yes please.Let us know your thoughts on this attempt at naughty...

Spoilers:::No.Takes place in our own little Buffyverse.

Pairing:::Willow/Tara (of course!)

Rating:::NC-17...Please respect the conventions behind such ratings...they are there for a reason!

Summary:::Almost totally PWP.Sorta...


Barely able to focus on the intricate pattern on the canopy over the bed as Tara gave one more soft lick from bottom to top,I shuddered deeply as the ripple of an aftershock spread out from the small nodule of erect flesh at the apex of my sex and into the very extemities of my thoroughly ravished body...All I could do was clutch the sheet convulsively in my rather small fists as an incoherent sound escaped from deep in the back of my throat...

My mouth was dry from the almost continuous panting,and it was hard to swallow;to try to generate some saliva to soothe the parched tissue.As I slowly came back to myself,Tara moved up to lie on my left side.I turned my head slowly to gaze into her eyes.The pupils dilated to maximum left only a small rim of the sky-blue that was uniquely Tara;the heavy lids generating a languid look that pulled me into a timeless moment.



"You've turned me into a big puddle of liquid-y gloop.I can't move."

I watched,entranced,as that unique smile formed,and she gently cupped me once more."I beg to differ,Willow.Your lips are moving." She raised an eyebrow."At both ends."

"Ooooh...You!" I turned,and,raising myself up,pushed Tara over to lie on her back;silencing her giggle as I kissed her softly;tasting my own essence as I used my tongue to lick the full bottom lip,sucking it gently into my mouth.Tara's fingers combed through my hair as she deepened the kiss,my own tongue being sucked on as I ran it alongside Tara's own.

Breaking the physical connection with a 'gasp' I rained a pattern of little kisses along the line of Tara's jaw as I hooked my leg over her thigh and began to move slowly.

Sooking on the earlobe,the fingers of my right hand trailed up Tara's ribcage;careful to avoid a particularly sensitive tickle point.I bit down gently,smiling around the flesh within my mouth as I provoked a wordless sound from my love.

Gently molding the flesh of one breast into a peak as I smooshed the other between my own,I rubbed the whole of my body along Tara's heated flesh...As she arched beneath me,I hooked one finger round a tumescent crest and tugged gently,squeezing between the fold of my finger.

With a deep groan,Tara turned her head,lengthening and exposing the column of her neck,giving me the access I needed as I began to nibble my way down the smooth column,lipping at the tender flesh,using my teeth to scrape at the pulse point jumping beneath my ministrations.Licking at the small bruise I was raising beneath the skin,I drew the taste that was uniquely Tara into my mouth,and I continued with butterfly kisses along the top of the shoulder,making my way back along the ridge of tissue raised by the clavicle beneath until I reached the small hollow at the base of her throat;absorbing the small beads of perspiration formed as her internal body temperature continued to rise.My blunt nails rubbing gently at Tara's tummy,rimming the small indentation of her bellybutton,I used the motion to hold her in place as I raised myself up once more to kiss her thoroughly,once again welcoming the feel of Tara's arms across the flesh of my back,slowly outlining the bumps of my spine as they moved up to comb through my hair once more and pull me into a deep endless kiss,tongues duelling fiercely as I used my position once more to rub my nipple over the fleshy protrubence at the peak of Tara's right breast.

As Tara raised her thigh I used the movement to shift her position slightly,continuing to undulate gently against my lover's flesh,searching for the protrubence of a hip as I smeared a delicate sheen of moisture over the flesh between my own thighs.

Incoherent words,guttural sounds beginning to fill the musk scented air of our bedroom,I left my exploration of Tara lips and made my way once more,slowly,down the flushed column of her neck,licking down the center of her chest to the valley between the mounds of flesh adorning her chest.Sucking gently I made my way up one tall peak;even as my fingers once more crawled slowly up to the summit opposite;licking round the pebbled flesh of a pink areola,waiting agonisingly long in her protesting opinion before taking the aching tumescence within the hot cavern of my mouth,sucking harshly as the chest beneath me arched imploringly,enticing me to accept more of the bountiful flesh even as the fingers of my other hand once more manipulated the proud point opposite.

Raising my head,letting the nipple slip gently from between my lips,I blew softly on the saliva bathed flesh to cool it,offering Tara a contrast of heat and cold which only provoked another wordless protest as I moved the attentions of my lips and tongue to her left breast,all the while sliding my own heated center slowly up and down the length of her thigh now trapped between my own;the skin slippery with the moisture being generated by my own continuing excitement,providing a frictionless surface which was doing nothing to ease the new ache which was building deep within my own body.

Slowing my own uncoordinated undulations by a sheer effort of will,I lowered slightly until my own thigh was pressed against Tara's heat,smiling as I felt her rise up to meet my muscled flesh as I moved to kiss her again,allowing my tongue to explore her as she welcomed me within her parted lips once more;relishing the gentle intimacy as I moved to run my tongue over the shell of her ear and whisper a soft,"I love you" with a heated breath...

Ruthlessly removing my thigh from contact with Tara's aching need,I ignored the groan of frustration and the unconscious kneading of Tara's fingers as they moved over the flesh of my hip trying to hold me in place.Blatantly took no notice of the growled "Willow...Please." Only smiled and leant down to flutter my lips over the soft flesh of Tara's belly in a loud raspberry,dipping my tongue in the small depression of her bellybutton as my fingers combed through the crinkled hair of her golden pubes;not going any lower as the hips bucked beneath me in anticipation unfulfilled...

Tara's hand on my head tried to push me lower even as her thighs parted in wanton invitation."Baby...Please!"

Drawing my fingers up along the length of the inner thigh,I paused at that point where,no matter what,the flesh was always soft to the touch and began to torment my lover once more;just moving the pads of my fingers over the skin which was starting to quiver beneath my ministrations;refusing to even touch the crease which was now invisible as Tara spread herself wide,her hips moving off the surface of the bed in a primal rythym."Goddess! Willow,please,I'm nearly there...I want..."

"Tell me! Tell me what you need."

Her voice hoarse with passion,Tara was pleading now."Touch me! Touch me now!"



"Mmm.Perhaps not just at the moment.How about here?"

The flesh was slick with passion as I drew my finger over the swollen tissue,coating the digit liberally as I lowered my touch until poised at Tara's entrance.Oh so slowly,I pushed through the soft velvety curtains,hooking my finger slightly as I began a motion with my hand;trying to match the increasingly erratic movements of Tara's thrusts as they continued to move her off the sheets of the bed...

Very deliberately,I turned my hand slightly,the motion now tormenting the roof of Tara's passage;stretching my hand wide to bring my thumb to bear,at last, on the erect bundle of nerve endings throbbing enticingly before my eyes...

Tara's body bowed as a keening wail left her lips and my hand was suddenly flooded with a new rush of moisture,even as I felt the powerful contractions try to pull me deeper...

As Tara relaxed and her body lowered to lie on the bed once more,I just let the natural movement ease my finger from within my lover's body,eliciting a long drawn out moan from deep in the back of her throat;setting off another brief shudder before she was still once more.

I rose over her once more,and,placing my arms on either side of Tara's chest,lowered my head to brush my lips over the lush and swollen flesh of Tara's mouth,before collapsing to lay beside her once more.




Turning,and placing my hand over her chest where the pounding muscle was trying to force its way out from within the ribcage,I said softly,"From me to you,I love you,Tara...Mmmph!" Tara's kiss stopped me before I could say any more,and I smiled into the lips which had captured my own;my contented sigh drawn deep into Tara's body to curl up warm and snug,and I silently gave thanks to the Goddess that we were home safely once more...



Read Emily and Lucy's FanFic at Wearing the Black.


 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 8:23 am 
Ooh very nice :thud . I loved it. Love sam xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 9:45 am 
Oy sheesh...That was hot!:thud

"Heaven's not a place that you go when you's that moment in life when you actually feel alive"

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:02 am 
That was really good. I loved the way you wrote it.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. :thud :thud :thud

StarCat73 :kitty

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 10:54 pm 

My mind has turned to mush and my body is like a mixture between being on fire and completely melted. So I'm kind of like a squishy hot puddle.

I'm thinking that was your intention with this extremely well written, delicious piece of W/T fic. :thud :thud

Great job. Do you have more? Please have more.

Squishy Wimpy

"There was plenty of magic." ~ Tara

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:48 pm 
That was um :thud and then when I wiped the :drool off my face and read it again I:happycry and :pray that :willow and :tara would :wtkiss and would :wave to me and invite me to join them.

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 5:57 am 

Oh...that was goood...

I will Love You, Forever and a Day
If its only tears and pain, isnt it still worth the cost - Alison Krauss, That Kind of Love

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 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 7:07 pm 
Fantastic start!!! It may be PWP but it is certainly not without beautiful language. Wonderful and very :thud -worthy


I still see dead lesbian cliches

 Post subject: fic
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 9:51 pm 

that was so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!11



dripped through the hallway casue we started in the shower, we didnt finish til we hit the kitchen counter...

 Post subject: Re: fic
PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 10:17 pm 
Wow... not only was that hot, it was incredibly eloquent. Your prose is lovely.

I got bitten by a drunk lesbian! Does that mean I'll turn into one?

~my friend Mary

 Post subject: Re: fic
PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, 2005 5:16 pm 
VERY COLD :shower

Awesome job!!! Hope to see more soon. =)



"Don't buy into all the media crap. Love yourself for who you are, not what others THINK you should look like. It's DEFINITELY more important in this life to love each other despite our imperfections." - Amber Benson

 Post subject: Re: Our New Fic:I Should Have Been Loved
PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2005 2:17 am 

Bless my Tigger pj's

Truly don't know what to say...Kittens are,as always,the best!!

Thank you so much for the feedback...We weren't sure about this at first...Was it too much detail or not enough?? Glad to think that you thought it was okay as is...

Erm...Sorry this was a one shot deal at the moment...It is actually an extract from an epic Fic that we are in the middle of writing/blocking out and editing.

Thanks once again for all the feedback.It is,as always,truly appreciated.


Emily and Lucy.


Read Emily and Lucy's FanFic at Wearing the Black.


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