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 Post subject: The Willow In Me
PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 3:28 pm 
Setting - Outside U.C. Sunnydale Campus

"Okay, Here's that psychology book that you wanted to borrow." Willow offered, handing her friend the book. "Oh! Thanks!" her friend exclaimed, grabbing the book from Willow. "Just give it back to me when your test is over." "Okay!" her friend agreed.

Willow gasped, "Oh! And don't write in it, please! Oh, and don't crease any of the pages or leave it unattended anywhere that's not safe! Bye!" she begged before walking down the street and seeing how it is quicker, she decided to go down the alley. (bad idea!)

She walked through the pile of darkness and kept turning around every few seconds because she keeps hearing little noises. A growl suddenly came from behind and she whizzed her head to look in its direction while starting to walk faster. That is, until she bumps into something.


Willow turned her head to see a big mean ugly vampire staring right at her. "Look, I don't know who you are or . . . . what you are, but I don't want any trouble, okay? I was just on my way over to the Bronze. Maybe I could get you a-a drink or something. Yeah?" she wagered with the creature.

"but I already have a drink. Right here." the vampire stated before pulling Willow's head to the side and drinking her blood.

Setting- the Magic Box

Giles, Buffy, Xander, and Anya were hanging out. They were all in the training room except Anya, who was at the cash register counting money.

"So, Buffy, what are Dawn and your mother doing tonight?" Giles asked Buffy, who was hitting Xander, who was in the big poofy suit thing. (see "I Was Made To Love You") "Watching t.v. I think. That's about it." she answered, still hitting Xander. Giles then left the room to get more weapons.

"Yeah, Buff. We have to hurry this training session up. We have to meet Willow and Tara at the Bronze." he reminded her from within the puffy suit. "Cool. What time?" Buffy asked excitedly. "7:00, I think." he said, causing Buffy to look over to the clock. "Uh, Xand? It's 7:45. We gotta go!" she informed him. "Shoot!" Xander cursed, trying to take off his big suit. Just then, Giles came back into the room with some more weapons when he saw the two getting ready to leave. "Where are you two going? We still have to train." "Sorry, but we promised Will and Tara that we'd meet them at the Bronze tonight and we're late, so bye!" Buffy exclaimed before putting her jacket on. "But we still have to go over-" he started, but Buffy interrupted. "Giles, if the apocalypse comes, beep me." she said before leaving with Xander and Anya, with Giles staring at them from behind.

"The world is definitely doomed." he muttered to himself after they left.

Setting- the Bronze

Tara was sitting at a table all alone, looking at her watch. "Where are they? And Where's Willow? I'm outta here." She then walked out of the Bronze and decided, since it's quicker, to go through the alley. Her and Willow- so much alike. While walking down the alley, she sees a vampire trying to bite a girl.

"Hey, let go of her!" she yelled to the vampire, but the vampire doesn't care and keeps sucking her blood. "I said let her go or I'll dust you!" she yelled at him again, causing the vampire to turn around. Tara gasped and her eyes went wide while the vampire's victim ran away. "W-Will?"

"W-Will?" she questioned. "Ohmigod!" she said quietly, walking closer to her. "Who did this to you?" Willow growled and backed away before asking, "How do you know my name? . . . . Oh, well. Doesn't matter. I'm gonna kill you anyway." She then grabbed Tara and she started screaming.

Setting - Buffy, Xander, and Anya were walking towards the Bronze.

"Oh, man. We are so late." Xander stated quietly. "They probably won't care. I'm sure they went back home to have lots and lots of sex." Anya commented, sounding very Anya-like. Xander and Buffy looked to her in shock. "Anya!" they yelled in unision. "What?" she asked, feeling it was the truth.

As they were walking closer to the Bronze, they could hear Tara screaming and they ran into the alley.

Meanwhile . . . .

"Oh, man. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the library. Now I'm so late. The gang is going to be so angry with me for keeping them waiting." exclaimed Willow before hearing Tara scream. She started to run in her direction as the rest of the gang was running toward the screaming woman also.

"Tara!" Buffy yelled when she saw who was screaming. "Hey, get off her!" Xander yelled as they approached the scene of the attack. The vampire then looked up at them and they gasped in shock. "Whoa! Willow's a demon?!" Anya exclaimed loudly. "Willow?" Buffy asked unsure if what she was seeing was real.

"All right, how do all of you know me?" asked Vampire Willow getting fed up with how everyone knows her when she didn't know them. "Buff, she's back. What do we do?" asked Xander unsure of what to do in this situation. "Back?" Vamp Willow asked, confused. "Please, Willow. You don't want to bite me. You love me, remember?" Tara asked. "Shut up!" shouted the vampire as the real Willow came running.

The gang then turned toward the alley to see Willow appear. "Will, your doppleganger is back!" Xander informed his best friend. "Hey! Leave her alone! . . . . Willow." she said to her other self. "Will? But-?" asked Tara, but was interrupted by Willow. "This is between you and me, now let her go!" Willow screamed at the vampire. Vamp Willow then growled and started to lick and sniff Tara's neck.

"I said let her go!" Willow yelled again. "NOW!" she yelled as her other self got ready to bite Tara again. "That's it! You asked for it!" she yelled again. "Amphora hear my prayer! For three full moons, let my doppleganger be free, but for the rest of time, let her stay in me." she chanted aloud. Vampire Willow's teeth went right through Tara's neck as if she were a ghost. Willow then fell to the floor, now starting to look like Vampire Willow. Vampire Willow stood and looked confused "What the- What just happened?" she asked. Buffy walked toward her with an angry look on her face and knocked her out. "Buffy!" Tara shouted in anger. "Don't worry. It's not our Willow. We need to get her back to the house. Xander, help me?" she asked politely. "Sure." he said grabbing Vampire Willow and they started to drag her towards the Slayer's house.

Setting - Buffy's basement

The gang was staring at Vampire Willow, who was chained to the wall, but still lying in a nice cot. "It's extraordinary." Giles exclaimed as he took off his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose. "I wouldn't think she would make it back from her world." "She didn't seem to remember any of us, though." Anya informed as Buffy and Tara came from upstairs. " . . . And that's how we first met Vamp Willow." Buffy finished as Tara stared at her in shock. "Wow. Will never told me that." she explained as they reached the bottom of the stairs. "You should be happy, Tara. You have two Willows now. And you can have sex with both of them." she told the wicca jealously before looking to Xander. "Xander, why can't you split in two? Or have on of your dopplegangers come down here?" she asked him angrily as everyone stared at her strangely. "Anyway, Giles." Buffy said in a rising voice, "We have to figure this out." she reminded him. "Right, uh, let's go." he agreed.

They then started to walk up the stairs. "I brought some books with me so we can have some valuable sources." Giles informed the gang as Dawn walked in. "Hey, what's goin' on?" she asked curiously. Her older sister then looked over to her. "Nothing. Go back upstairs and keep mom company." she ordered, but Dawn did not obey and just glared. "Willow's doppleganger is back." Anya informed. "You mean Vampire Willow?" Dawn asked correctingly. Buffy just sighed and answered her question. "Yes, and she's in the basement, so don't go down there. Now go back upstairs." Buffy ordered again.

"I can stay down here if I want. It's a free country." the teen stated as she crossed her arms. "Fine. Brat." Buffy insulted. "Dumbass." Dawn insulted back. "Okay, will you two stop?!" Giles asked rather loudly. "We have to figure this thing out!" he finished. "It's not fair!" Anya suddenly yelled, causing everyone to look at her. "Willow and Tara get to have all the fun! Why can't anything good happen to ME?! Like Xander splitting in two." she finished quietly. "Oh, God! Will you give that a rest?!" he yelled. "I'm sorry I can't 'split in two'." ;he finished sarcastically. "You should be sorry. I used to date a demon that could do that! You hardly even sleep with me anymore." she finished angrily.

Xander looked to his girlfriend in shock. "Now you're comparing me to a demon?!" Giles sighed and shook his head, "Bloody hell." "I'm just trying to tell you that maybe we don't have anything in common anymore. Besides both of us liking your penis. And now I don't even have that!" she protested. "So, I get to say when it's done. And it's done!" she finished. "Okay, you know what? You don't deserve to be the one to walk away from this! I put up with a hell of a lot from you. Much of it in the last minute, so if anyone gets to be the one to leave, it's me!" he corrected.

"You're leaving me?! You don't have the guts to leave me!" Anya dared, still speaking loudly. "You wanna try me?!" Xander warned. That's when Tara stood. "Hey!!! We don't have time for this! Willow's in trouble and this spell may be killing her inside. Now we have to put our heads together a-and get her out of Vampire Willow's body! And if you aren't with me a hundred and ten percent, then get the hell out of my living room!" she finished, almost panting. Buffy leaned over closer to Giles and whispered, "I thought this was my house." Dawn then stood and starting backing up toward the stairs. "You know what? I think I'm gonna go. . . . Upstairs." she said before storming up the stairs, Xander and Anya still looking to Tara in shock. "We're sorry." Anya apologized. "We'll be good." Xander promised.

"I mean, I'm sorry to be so harsh, but I just want the real Willow back, okay?" Tara asked. "We'll hit the books!" Xander piped in. "She used a spell?" Giles asked, suddenly interested in the conversation again.

"Yeah," Buffy answered. "Something about making her doppleganger stay in her for a certain amount of time or something? I don't know." she confessed. Tara then spoke. "I remember it." Giles then looked over to her. "Good. Tell me about it."

Setting - Buffy's basement

Vampire Willow opened her eyes and looked around the room dazed and confused. Before long, she realized she was chained to the wall. "Oh, this is like a nightmare." she cursed quietly. She looked over to the door leading to the rest of Buffy's house. "Hey! Let me out of here!!!!" she screamed.

Setting - upstairs

"Guess somebody's awake." Buffy commented. She saw that Tara looked a little depressed. "You okay?" she asked, concerned. "Yeah." Tara answered quietly. "Oh. 'Cause your good mood is so contagious." she joked as Tara sighed. "It's just that- None of this would be happening if it wasn't for me. If I had just waited for you guys to come, we could all be having a good time instead of researching. And now Willow's in danger too." she said feeling she was to blame. "Hey. It's not your fault. Okay? If Willow had to do it all over again, she would. She would give her life for you." she comforted, giving Tara a soft smile. "Oh, my." Giles commented from the back of the room, where he was reading some musty old books. "She loves you." Buffy continued. "Oh, my!" Giles repeated with aggressiveness. "It was mostly our fault anyway, okay? Don't blame yourself." she finished. Tara gave her a slight smile. "I said 'Oh, my!'" Giles repeated again rather loudly, causing Buffy to turn to him. "You always say that." she reminded him. "Well, it's always important." Giles he reminded back.

Buffy gave him a 'come-on' look. "Giles, you say 'oh, my' when you're running down the street in your pajamas chasing after the garbage man when he forgets your trash." she commented. He then had a blank face.


Giles was running out of his house in his pajamas and slippers with a bag of garbage in each hand. The garbage man was pulling away in his truck. "No, wait!" he complained. "Here's your trash! I'm here! Stop!" He yelled at the ongoing truck. "Dammit! Stop you bloody bastard!" he cursed at the moving truck. Suddenly, the moving truck was no longer moving, and the truck's stop lights went on. The garbage man then came out of the truck with a baseball bat, swinging it in his hands. "Dear lord." Giles gulped.

*end flashback*

"Well, only if he could wait one more damn minute!" Giles insisted. The gang just stared at him blankly. "Anyway, I think I may have found that spell Willow used on herself." he said, changing the subject. "So, what did it do?" Xander wondered. "She turned it into something resembling Oz's problem, actually." he answered. "This reference here says that Willow's 'doppleganger' as you so call it, will remain inside her forever no matter what, but on the three full moons of each month, Willow will turn into her 'doppleganger' and Vampire Willow will be able to roam free." he finished. "So, we'll have to lock her up for three nights each month?" Tara asked. "Exactly." Giles answered.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!" was heard from inside the basement and everyone turned toward the door. "Do you think we should give her the dart gun?" Buffy asked, annoyed.

"No! No darts. I'll cool her down." Tara offered. "Yeah, but Tara- she tried to kill you no more than an hour ago." Xander chipped in. "I can do it. It's still Willow deep inside." she reminded him. "Here." Buffy offered, handing her the dart gun. "Just in case" she explained. Tara shared a slight smile. "Thanks." she said, taking the gun carefully.

It was just then that Joyce came downstairs. She saw Tara with the dart gun. "What's happening? Are the flashcard monsters attacking?" she asked worriedly. Buffy looked over to the retired librarian. "Flashcard monsters, Giles?" she questioned. "Well, she asked me what kind of monsters we fight daily, so I showed her." he answered defensively. The slayer then looked to her mother. "Come on, mom. I'll you the story in the kitchen." she offered, leading her to the kitchen.

Setting - the basement

The basement door opened, allowing Tara access to where Willow was. She walked down the stairs and closer to Vampire Willow before asking "I see you've quieted down?" The vamp looked over to her. "Now you don't have to shoot me." she commented looking pointedly at the dart gun. "Wasn't going to. Just . . . protection. You know, in case you-" "Bite you again?" she asked, finishing Tara's sentence. "Yeah. Sort of. So, . . . you thirsty or anything?" she offered. The redhead's eyes widened. "You offer people here? Wow, this is like a vampire motel." she commented. "No!" corrected Tara. "No people. But we do have blood in the fridge upstairs because we have a friend that's a vampire-" "Didn't ask." she reminded Tara, once again interrupting her. Tara then looked at the floor, seeming disappointed. "So what's with the blond girl upstairs?" Vamp Willow wondered. "What?" Tara asked, looking up from the floor.

"That girl who hit me. Now let me tell you, usually when mortals hit me, I hardly feel anything, but that girl. Jeez."

she opinionated. "Oh, that's Buffy." Tara informed. "She's the slayer." Again, the redhead's eyes widened. "She's the Slayer?!" she asked loudly. Tara raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. Why?" Willow bobbed her head a little. "Well, no offense- well, actually, yeah, an offense, you know, 'cause I'm evil, but- she's too scrawny to be a slayer." she insulted.

Tara just stared at her for a moment. "Will, what happened to you?" she wondered. "How did you become a vampire?" Vamp Willow looked over to her. "I was uh- walking home one night and some vampire bit me." she answered. "I'm sorry." Tara apologized. "So, tell me. Where's the other me at?" she wondered, making Tara wonder how she was going to explain this. "She did a spell that made her stay in you. She's out here in her own body forever, but on the three full moons of every month, you come out." she answered honestly.

"What the hell?!" she yelled loudly. "Damn! I hate those monks for sending me here!" the vampire complained.

"Monks?" Tara wondered. "Yeah. They saw me and sent me to this world to help the slayer fight a big evil that's gonna happen later on." she answered. "Me. Help the slayer? Yeah right." she scoffed. "S-s-so that's h-how you g-got here?" Tara asked nervously. "Y-y-y-yes" Vamp Willow answered mimickingly. "Why don't you go back upstairs now? You're starting to bug me." she insulted. "S-sorry." she apologized, even though it was un-necessary, before going upstairs to the kitchen.

Just then, from inside Vamp Willow's head, the real Willow yelled at her. "Hey! You better be nice to her!" "Or what? What can you do to me?" she challenged. "I can shock you by twisting your occipital lobe! Watch!" she exclaimed. She did so and pulled the occipital lobe, causing Vamp Willow to scream. "Ow!"

Tara, who was now upstairs, looked back to the door in confusion, then over to Buffy. "Hey, Buffy, is it okay if I stay here tonight? I kind of want to stay here with Willow to make sure sh'e alright." she explained. "Sure." Buffy answered, smiling. "Thanks." Tara said politely. "Come on. Let's go set up the couch." Buffy insisted, leading Tara into the living room. While they were setting up the couch, they didn't notice the demon looking into the window. "Soon witch." the demon warned. "You will die soon."

It was now morning. Buffy came down the stairs to see Tara in the kitchen making pancakes. As usual. "Morning." Tara greeted. "Pancakes?" she offered. "Morning." Buffy greeted back. "Sure." she answered, sitting at the counter. "How's our patient this morning?" Buffy wondered. Tara flipped one of the pancakes and looked over to Buffy. "I don't know. I was going to go see her right now, bring her some breakfast. So, I'll be right back." she informed. She grabbed a plate of already ready pancakes and headed toward the basement door. "Have fun. Delivering the pancakes, I mean." Buffy smiled. Tara gave her a look. "It's only pancakes."

Tara went down into the basement to see the real Willow lying on the cot. She walked over to her and kneeled down next to her. "Willow?" she asked, shaking her a little. Willow stirred and opened here eyes to see a pool of blue eyes staring at her. "Hey." she greeted sleepily. "Hey. How do you feel?" Tara asked, smiling. "Like a doppleganger took my body." Willow replied jokingly. "So you remember?" her girlfriend stated, unsure. "Oh, yeah." she answered. She then saw the bandage on Tara's neck. "Did she bite you?" she asked worriedly. "Just a little. Nothing to make a fuss over." she told Willow.

"This is all my fault." Willow blamed herself. "If I didn't stay at the library so late, this wouldn't have happened. Are you mad?" Willow asked in a childish voice. "No, Will. We all contributed. I couldn't be angry with you. Especially since you saved my life by using that spell." Tara answered informly. Willow felt guilty now. "So, you know about it, huh?" Willow asked. Tara nodded in response. "Giles figured it out." Willow smiled. "That guy sure loves his books." she joked again. "Here." Tara offered. "I brought you some breakfast." Willow raised an eyebrow. "Oh, is that what you call it?" Willow teased. "Why does everyone keep saying that?" Tara asked defensively. Willow giggled. "Come here." she said, pulling Tara down for a kiss.

Setting - later that evening

It was the last day of the full moon and it was only 5:00. But the sun sets in about 30 minutes. The gang was in the living room, dancing, laughing, and having a good time. Except Dawn. "This is dumb." she insulted. "Why don't we just go to that place you mentioned? What was it, the Bronx?" she asked. "That's Bronze." Buffy corrected, "And we can't because Will is going to change soon, so we have to have as much fun as we possibly can."

Willow, Tara, Xander, and Anya were dancing. "I'm sorry we couldn't go to the Bronze, you guys. This is all my fault." Willow apologized to everyone. "What, are you kidding?" Xander chipped in. "This is great!" He complimented. "Yes." Anya agreed. "I am having a gay old time. Notice how I used that word." She said happily. Anya then leaned closer to Xander. "Is that being supportive?" she wondered. "Yeah, Anya." he answered, rolling his eyes and smiling. "Yeah, nothing can ruin this." Willow said surely.

A demon then burst through the window and growled. "Spoke too soon." Willow thought aloud. "Hey!" complained the slayer. "You're gonna pay for that window!" she argued before trying to kick him. He stopped her leg in mid-air. "I'm not here to fight you, Slayer." he informed her then looked over to Tara. "Just a simple kill." He started to walk toward Tara. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Get away from her!" Willow yelled, walking in front of Tara and blocking her from the demon. She squinted her eyes at the demon and he went flying into the wall.

"Witch! Why are you protecting her?! You conjured me to kill your beloved!" he argued and all eyes in the room went in Willow's direction.

"What?!?" Willow asked, skocked. Tara looked to her in disbelief. "Willow?" "I didn't conjure anything!" Willow yelled defensively before turning to Tara. "Look, I would never do anything to hurt you. You know that." she said lovingly. "Too late for that, witch!" the demon roared. Giles then burst through the door. "Buffy, a demon is coming here!" he yelled. He looked into the living room and saw the demon was already there. "Oh, bloody hell." he cursed before the demon hit him and he flew across the room. The demon turned back to Tara, but Willow blocked him. "You're not going to touch her!" she warned.

The demon chuckled. "What are you gonna do? Pull a rabbit out of my hat?" Anya gasped "She wouldn't do that. Why would she do that?!" she shreiked. "If you want her, you're gonna have to go through me." Willow told the demon and he smiled. "Happy to oblige." He smacked her and she flew to the floor. He walked up to Tara and her eyes went wide. But before he could touch her, WIllow got up and blocked him again. "You didn't get enough last time?" he asked. The demon hit her repeatedly.

Willow looked to the clock. Ooh! 5:30! "You ready for some more?" he threatened. Willow only smiled. "Time's up. Rules change." she announced and changed into Vampire Willow. "Oh, cool party. Too bad I can't stay. Gotta split." she yelled as she ran for the door. Willow yelled at her from in her head. "What are you doing? Help her!" The vampire scoffed. "No way. This is my chance to split. I'm outta here." she said reaching for the doorknob. Before she could open the door, she yelled out in pain. "Alright, alright! Stop with the occipital lobe already, would ya?" she roared and went back into the living room.

The demon smiled at Tara. "Looks like I'll be taking you to hell now." "Don't think so!" Vamp Willow yelled as she hit him in the head. She puched him in the face and kicked him in the stomache. Then she grabbed his head and steered him into the wall. He fell to the floor. She bent down to pick up his head and twisted it off. Vampire Willow was panting (theoretically, i guess) and looked to Tara. "You alright, blondie?" she asked, not really caring. Tara didn't answer, only hugged Vampire Willow. The vampire gave a disgusted look, but hugged Tara back, quickly, before pushing her off. "Yeah, well . . . Not like I had a choice." she reminded.

It's morning now.

"So, yeah. She's in my head right now and she can hear everything we say and vice versa. Only I have more power over her because I can twist her occipital lobe." she announced proudly. "Oh, you mean the lobe in the back of your brain?" Tara joked. Willow giggled. "Yeah, that one."

Meanwhile, across the room, Buffy handed Giles an ice pack. "How are you feeling?" she asked. "Like a demon knocked me out." he chuckled, causing Buffy to smile. "How did you know that demon was going to come here?" she wondered. "Oh, um, I did some more research. Turns out the spell Willow did conjured a demon. I assume she didn't know that it was a demon that comes to kill the conjurer's lover, or else she wouldn't have done it." he guessed. They both looked over to the happy couple. "They're happy and they look cute together." she said, smiling. "They're so happy."

"I know something that will make Giles happy." Anya announced, coming in from the kitchen with Xander. She turned on the t.v. and the news came on. "People claimed they saw a demon-looking man lurking Sunnydale late last night. The large disfigured man broke into a house and killed the local resident. It appeared to be R.J., the garbage man." the news reporter finished.

Giles smiled at this. "Yes! See what happens when you mess with me?! You want to swing your bat at me now, you bloody bastard?! Ha!" he cheered, but everyone looked to him strangely. "Oh, um, I mean . . . God, that's such a tragedy." he lied and went into the next room.

THE END (or is it???) No, it isn't :)

I know, I know. A lot of stuff was left hanging. Don't blame me, blame my cousin. I only type the stories, she writes them. You want a sequel, send her hate mail at If you want to complain about how the story was typed, spelling, punctuation, or anything like that, complain to me at Please reply to let us know that you are actually reading and enjoying our story(ies). Please reply to our next story, which will be based on the movie Ghost. (the sequel to this will be written . . . sometime this year. Please be patient. The sequel will take place during the Body. ;)

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 Post subject: re:interesting
PostPosted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 10:56 pm 
Um...It stat pretty nice. A little confusing through. I look forward to read more about this fic.

By the way, WELCOME to de kitten board :wave

 Post subject: ........................
PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 2:01 pm 

................ummmmm.......kinda speechless....that doesn't happen very often. This beginning of a very exciting story. Please update soon!



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