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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 60
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 6:49 pm 
Note – Hi everyone. I’ve been reading comments but have been too bloody busy to find 10 minutes to even respond. I have the next part written and will post it as soon as I can find the time to proofread it and get it up. In the meantime…

Puff – Yes, you are completely right. I think that Willow is kind of back to her old tricks: wanting to make the best decisions for the two of them but she doesn’t understand the value of communication! Glad you liked the tenderness of the beginning though. Thanks for reading and responding so quickly.

Washi – Hmmm, I think that’s good. At least that you liked the love scene and also the note but not exactly what it means. Cool.

bluewillowwitch – Hi. Good point: we know that Willow would live through the battle and also know that by Pens rules they will be together right? Cool point. Update soon.

shuyaku – No cliffhanger here. The update will be coming very soon. Tonight if possible, otherwise tomorrow or so. Yes, lulls you into a false sense of happiness and contentment and then – pow suddenly Willow is gone.

Glad you’re excited about the sequel—me too. :bounce

sam7777 – Thanks for everything. Yes, I am following the season 3 storyline and many of the titles, etc. Glad you’re appreciating the continuity.

Suze – I’ve never been quite sure what thick as a brick means. Doesn’t sound great…

Yes, you’ve got Rebecca’s name right and your logic/thinking through is absolutely correct. She thinks that making her choices makes it more important than discussing said choices. Yes you are totally correct: Willow didn’t seem to learn anything from the “you don’t get to decide what’s best…” part…

Now I'm all anxious and acidy and het-up...God I love it!!! Oh what you do!

Rant driven by primal emotions. Apologies for same.
Well cool. People are always saying I’m not angsty so glad to toss some in right here now. Better late than never huh?

The Rose24 – Sorry about your heart.

justin – Yes, you agree with everyone about bad Willow. She’s making choices but are they good ones? And Tara should get to decide on her own.

Red Jassy – I think welcome. I don’t think I’ve seen comments from you before so glad to see. Ahhh, you got to see Matrix… I haven’t been yet but love Matrix so very eager to go. Now I feel so supported that you thank God about reading this fic. That’s great.

Grimaldi – Yes, you are exactly right. She’s well placed in Sunnydale but should have talked to Tara first.

littlecrazy80 – Point conceded---Willow made a bad choice.

Grimlock72 – So right. Willow probably didn’t want Tara to go and be in danger. If she even thought it out that far. It may be that she only thought it out far enough to believe that she should be there and never really consider asking Tara to come.

And yes your point is well taken about the danger of Sunnydale. And I agree completely about needing to talk more. For that matter, I think that most people could use that in their relationships. Thanks as always for your awesome feedback.

Natti – Yes, you are totally right—bad choice Willow leaving Tara.

Velaingie – Glad you are still reading and enjoying. Welcome back. Ha ha the dancing elephant. I’ll have to try that one. That’s definitely Willow’s intention.

mocha fiend22 – Cool. Glad you liked.


"Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want." - Alice Walker, Temple of My Familiar

 Post subject: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 7:30 pm 
Title – W/T Season 3 Y’all – part 61 – Graduation Day

Author– JustSkipit - Debra

Spoilers–Season 3 through the Graduation Day Part Two

Rating– Part 61 - NC-17

Disclaimer – Guess what, I don’t own W&T, Buffy or the rest of the BtVS crew.

Notes and Thanks Well it’s almost over so I’ll toss out a bunch of heartfelt thanks. First to Rachel—my one and only always love. To Joss Whedon who created these characters. To both Willow & Tara and Alyson Hannigan & Amber Benson. To the rest of the Buffy world, writers, and actors. To the moderators, especially Xita who keep this place running and give us all a wonderful place to write and read. To the wonderful Kittens who read, enjoy, and comment or don’t. Thank you.

Thoughts in italics!

Willow sat in the library researching and thinking about Tara. She didn’t know if she did the right thing by leaving and particularly the way she left. The more that she thought about it, the more she felt that she had made a huge mistake. What if Tara couldn’t forgive her? Really she had done the same thing with leaving that she did with the college applications. She had made a choice without consulting the blonde. Even with the weight of their impending battle bearing down on her, she was really regretting her hasty choice.

She wondered if Tara was mad at her, hated her, would ever forgive her for the way she had left. She just wanted to enjoy their love and then come do what she had to do. She loved Tara more than anything in the world, but here was her chance to help people, people she loved: to help save her hometown. She hoped and prayed that Tara could understand that. Would understand that.

Suddenly Buffy pulled the newspaper from beneath a stack of books. She looks at the headline about the murder of Lester Worth and the grisly picture below that. “Faith,” Buffy exclaimed.

“How do you know Buff?” Willow asked.

“I recognize the brushwork,” Buffy replied.

“But why?” Wesley asked. “Just blowing off steam? Going a bit mad?”

Willow interjected, “maybe he knows something and the Mayor wants him out of the way.” Turning to Buffy she continued, “where’s Giles anyway? We need a watcher around here.”

“Hey!” Wesley shouted.

“Oh right,” Willow conceded. “Anyway, where’s Giles?”

“He got a phone call a little while ago. Said he had to go to the airport and pick up a secret weapon or something. Didn’t make much sense to me,” Buffy explained. Still holding the paper she spoke: “Look I’m going to check this out in a little while. See what the professor knew.” Dropping the newspaper and picking up her books she started to leave the library, “I’m going to class for first.”

Willow nodded as she returned to reading the tomes in front of her. Wesley pulled up a chair and began doing the same. Close to an hour later the bell rang to indicate that class was over. Buffy, Xander, and Anya all came in the door quickly. “Where’s Giles?” Xander asked.

“What’s evil girl doing here?” Willow wondered out loud.

“You guys want to know about the ascension? Meet the only living person who’s ever been to one,” he explained pointing at Anya.

Willow looked around the room shocked before explaining, “Giles called about half an hour ago. He should be back any minute.”

“Ok, but I’m not waiting long,” Anya said. “I’m going to get to minimum safe distance as soon as possible.”

“Keep your panties on demon girl,” Buffy admonished her.

Everyone’s attention shifted as Giles came in the door followed quickly by Tara. She looked around the room shyly allowing her hair to hang in front of her eyes in a gesture Willow hadn’t seen in a long time. Willow’s heart nearly stopped when she saw her lover come in the door. Everyone watched as she slowly stood and walked toward the blonde. As she reached her she reached out her hand and took Tara’s in her own before pulling her into a hug.

It was as if both girls were in their own world as they pulled back from the hug. Willow ran her hand gingerly along Tara’s jaw line before softly kissing her. As she leaned their foreheads together she whispered, “I’m sorry for the way I left.” Tears rolled from Tara’s blue eyes as she nodded. “You didn’t have to come,” the redhead continued.

Tara felt herself responding instantly to the love she felt for and from the redhead. A big part of her was still angry with Willow for the way she left. It was as if the redhead hadn’t learned anything from their fight over the college applications. She had to learn that the most important thing in their relationship would always be honesty and openness. Well, ok honesty, openness, and love. But the blonde knew that this wasn’t the time for all that. They had plenty of time for that: years.

Tara smiled as she responded, “well if we are g-g-going to go to college here we should probably try to s-s-save the town first.” Willow allowed her mouth to drop open in shock at her lover’s words. Unable to speak she simply kissed her passionately, wrapping her hands around her lover’s cheeks. Tara drew her head back to look pointedly in Willow’s eyes as she told the redhead, “but we need to t-talk about some things baby.”

“I love you and I know we need to talk,” Willow agreed.

“Hey, let’s talk to me and then you two can make out or whatever later,” Anya shouted from the tables. Willow and Tara smiled knowingly at each other about the demon’s lack of social graces and moved toward the table to take their seats. Oz came in moments later and moved toward the table too, wanting to help with the research. Tara felt nervous as he entered but it was obvious that he harbored no ill feelings toward either girl.

The entire group’s feelings fell lower and lower as the listened to the ex-demon’s tale of the demon Lohesh. Her story was alternately disheartening and vague. Clear though was that this demon had destroyed the village completely and that she didn’t think there was a way to stop the bloodshed. The entire gang grilled her about anything she might know to help stop the ritual and the destruction. As she was starting to wind down, the door to the library opened and the mayor walked in.

Willow recognized him from the picture on the city’s website but Tara had never seen the mayor. She could feel his evil emanating from him but didn’t know who this was. She only knew that everyone else obviously feared him and that Willow had grasped her hand and was subtly positioning herself between Tara and the man. Advancing until he reached the table he spoke: “So. This is the inner sanctum. Faith tells me this is where you folks like to hang out and concoct your little schemes. I'll tell you, it's just nice to see that some young people are still interested in reading in this modern era.”

No one knew what to do as he reached out and took a book from Willow asking what she was reading. After making a comment about death and destruction Buffy smarted off to him. He turned to Giles, obviously trying to get the watcher’s goat: “That’s one spunky girl you’ve raised. I’m going to eat her.”

Suddenly Giles became angry enough to grab a sword from the table and thrust it through the Mayor’s heart. Tara was shocked as the man calmly pulled the sword from his chest before wiping it off and admonishing Giles as if he had simply used poor judgment. Before leaving the library he made it clear that he planned to kill everyone present.

After the mayor left, everyone resumed researching looking for possibilities for ways to stop the ascension. After a while Oz, Buffy, Xander, and Anya left to return to their classes although they grumbled about the necessity of attending class for the privilege of being eaten by the commencement speaker. Tara and Willow continued researching holding hands under the table to lend each other strength and share their love and commitment. They were interrupted from their concentration by Giles who suggested that they take a few hours off to rest from their travel and return in the evening to help go through any materials that Buffy might get from Lester Worth’s apartment.

As he turned to reenter his office Tara began whispering in Willow’s ear, “see if we can b-b-borrow his car. I n-need to go recharge.”

Willow smiled knowingly as she took Tara’s hand leading her from the library. “We’re covered baby,” she reassured her lover. Suddenly she stopped in the hallway shouting, “Hey!”

“Yep,” Tara laughed, “we’re back in Sunnydale.”

“How did you get here baby?” Willow asked.

Tara smiled right back as she explained, “uh you bought me a plane ticket.”

“I did?” Willow asked suspiciously.

Continuing to walk toward the parking lot Tara explained, “you sure did. You called the airline and gave them your credit card number and here I am. Very generous of you love.”

Willow nodded her head, impressed with her lover’s decision, “yes very generous of me. I’m glad I was able to get the credit card number.” Both girls stopped short as the redhead pulled a set of keys from her pocket and pressed a button causing the lights on a brand new Nissan Pathfinder to go on and the horn to beep indicating that she had just disarmed the alarm.

“Happy graduation?” Tara surmised as Willow opened the passenger door and let her girlfriend into the front seat.

“Happy graduation,” Willow agreed as she began showing the other girl all the fancy gadgets and controls in the SUV. Without asking she began driving toward the beach to allow both girls to rejuvenate their magical energy. After a visit to the beach, they returned to Willow’s house and rested a while. Tara was initially nervous about seeing Willow’s parents again but the redhead reassured her that they were out of town as usual and led her up to her bedroom.

Hours later feeling much refreshed from visit to the beach and time together the two girls decided to return to the library. “I wonder how Buffy made out at that guy’s apartment,” Willow wondered.

“I h-h-hope it helped,” Tara agreed as they entered the library. “What the…?” she trailed off as she took in the scene in the library. Giles and Buffy were gathered around Angel who had an arrow sticking out of his chest. Before either witch could react Buffy pulled the arrow from Angel’s chest and placed gauze on the wound.

Wesley was reading the report the two lovers stole from Lester’s apartment and surmising that there might be important information regarding the volcano. Tara crossed the floor to offer to help when she saw that Angel was still hurting. “C-c-can I h-h-help?” she offered.

At his nod she leaned back to take Willow’s hand and forward to place her other hand on his wound. As she began her incantation her hand and the air around it began to glow blueish-green and the light flowed between her palm and his wound. For a few moments everyone watched in expectation that she would easily heal the ugly looking wound. Suddenly Willow dropped Tara’s hand and leaned heavily against the table grasping a chair for support. As Giles helped her into a chair Tara likewise repelled from the vampire. Her reaction was more violent as she moved as quickly as she could toward the trash can by the table and leaned over it vomiting into the container before falling to her knees.

By now Angel’s face was even more ashen than usual and he could not stand up. “That’s not a good sign,” he commented indicating Tara and Willow’s reactions to their attempt at healing him.

“Poison,” Tara groaned as she continued being sick in the trashcan.

“She’s right,” Angel agreed, “I can feel it. My arm is totally numb.”

Giles’ cursory inspection of the arrow confirmed Angel and Tara’s conclusion. “Let’s get him into his own bed before sunrise and then find the cure.” Everyone agreed as Giles and Buffy left to take Angel home and Willow called Xander so he could help with the research.

As she returned from Giles’ office Willow brushed her hand lovingly over Tara’s brow, brushing a wisp of hair from her forehead. “Are you feeling better love?” she gently asked. Tara nodded but excused herself to use the bathroom before continuing to research. When she returned Willow grabbed her hand and said, “come on.”

Reaching a science lab Tara teased sexily, “ahhh baby, I never knew…”

Willow looked vixeny for a moment before becoming serious, “I need to do an analysis on the toxin. Xander will be here in a minute and he can run to the magic shop for supplies.” Tara nodded and began helping her lover examine the arrow. As the redhead became more entranced and involved in her research, Tara leaned back against the counter. Willow had that look that Tara loved, that so involved in what I’m doing look. Goddess, she looks so beautiful. Just like an angel she’s concentrating so hard on helping. Trying to help her friends and other people. The blonde felt her heart almost hurt with the level of love she was feeling for her girlfriend as the woman worked so hard to help.

Once Willow had identified the toxin used she wrote it down and handed it to all the other scoobies to look for cures in the books. As they researched, Tara and Willow brushed their hands or thighs under the table. Much as they were involved in their mission, they also were elated to be working together, battling evil and loving their friends. As they researched Buffy came in asking what they were finding. Just then Tara found something in a book. “Hold it,” she said.

“You got something?” Xander asked.

“Oh …” Tara started to trail off.

“What?” the others yelled.

“It’s it’s it’s…” Tara stuttered. Seeing that everyone else was waiting she explained quietly, “the only cure is to drain the blood of a slayer.”

Showing her resolve Buffy stood up from the table: “Good. He needs to drain a slayer; I’ll bring him one.”

Willow dropped Tara’s hand as she crossed in front of her friend: “Buffy, you can’t do that. If he drains Faith’s blood, it’ll kill her.”

“Not if she’s already dead,” Buffy answered.

Tara looked from one Buffy to Willow to Xander. She knew that she was a virtual outsider here but she had to say something. She moved gently to touch Buffy’s wrist. “B-b-buffy?” she started. As Buffy nodded she explained, “maybe it’s not a g-g-good idea? You d-d-don’t w-w-want to be her…” she left it hanging, not knowing if she had made her point. The slayer looked at Tara softly before leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek and turning quickly to leave the room. As she reached the door she told Willow, “I need to know where she is.”

At Tara watched the blonde leave the room Willow took her hand. “I love you,” she whispered. Tara, Willow, and Xander went to the library so Willow could find Faith’s address. Within a few minutes she had the address. Buffy entered the library wearing a dark outfit.

Xander stepped in front of Buffy, “Buff? Are you sure you’re up for this?”

“It’s time,” Buffy answered.

Tara was relieved to see that someone other than her had reservations about Buffy’s plan. “I just don’t want to lose you,” Xander told his friend. Buffy brushed her hand over his face as she took the address from Willow and left the library. At the last moment she asked, “some of you guys go spell Giles ok?”

After dropping Xander off at his house to get some sleep, Tara and Willow went to Angel’s mansion to relieve Giles. “You’re here? How did the research go?” he asked.

“B-b-buffy went to g-g-get the cure,” Tara explained as Willow crossed to look at Angel.

“The cure?” Giles asked.

“Faith’s blood,” Willow explained as Tara crossed to hold her hand by Angel’s bed. The watcher nodded once before giving instructions about Angel’s condition and leaving the two girls to watch the vampire. Tara moved behind her lover wrapping her arms around the girl as she whispered again, “I love you Willow Rosenberg.”

Willow turned into the hug as she wrapped her arms around the blonde. Laying her head on the taller girl’s shoulder she began to cry. “I can’t believe you came,” she cried.

For a long time Tara just held her lover close. Finally she pulled back and brushed her hand along Willow’s jaw line and pressed their lips together. Slowly pulling their lips apart the girls leaned their foreheads together. “I always want to be with you my love,” Tara answered. “Always; you just need to talk to me,” she emphasized. Pulling a chair up toward the bed, the two girls sat silently holding hands.

Hours later Buffy entered to see the two girls sleeping sitting up in the chairs by the bed. A smile graced her face briefly before she tapped them on the shoulder. “Don’t warn the tadpoles!” Willow screamed as she bolted awake. Tara just smiled at her lover as she watched her wake. She had seen this so many times and it was always something interesting.

“Where’s Faith?” the blonde witch asked the slayer.

Buffy crossed to Angel and caressed his brow lovingly as she responded: “not here. I’ll watch him for a while. You guys want to join Xander and Giles at the library?” Both witches gave the slayer a hug before leaving. They were quiet on the way to the school, both absorbed in their thoughts.

Willow was very aware of the contradiction in her emotions. On one hand here she was probably near to death as was everyone she loved. Buffy was in pain and was going to lose Angel. But on the other hand, she was with Tara. They were together and as they held hands she could feel their connection passing through and into their skin and their flesh, making them as one. They were going to fight this evil together and share this joy for the rest of their lives. As they pulled into the parking lot Tara put her hand on the door handle. Willow stopped her pulling her into a passionate kiss. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of the blonde as she pressed her tongue needily into Tara’s mouth and her breathing became labored. Regretfully she broke away explaining, “we have to get inside but when all this is over, I want to show you how much I love you once again.”

“Only once?” Tara teased and was pleased to see the red blush that filled Willow’s features. The redhead was still blushing as they entered the library and began helping to research. For hours the quartet researched. Tara was surprised to see Xander attacking the books so avidly. From what she had heard, she thought that his main purpose was getting coffee and donuts. “Hey, y-y-you’re doing ok with this r-r-research stuff,” she pointed out to the boy.

Xander smiled lamely as her joked, “yeah well, being about to die inspires me to put my brain to work.” Just as she was smiling back the phone rang. Giles hung up and told them that Buffy was at the hospital and they all ran out to drive there quickly.

As they reached the hospital they found Angel standing in the hall. “What happened?” Giles asked.

“She’s fine. She’s sleeping,” the vampire explained.

No one spoke as they took in the scene. Finally Giles instructed Angel, “you better go Angel. It’s getting late.” The brooding man nodded and left.

Without speaking Tara took Willow’s hand and started toward Buffy’s room. Reaching it she noted that the slayer was resting peacefully but receiving a blood transfusion. Quickly she began an incantation and placed her hand over the slayer’s heart. The green glow, which emanated from her hand was more intense than it had been before and she wondered if the power she was feeling was caused by Buffy’s special characteristics or the strength of Willow’s love for her friend or some other cause. Whatever the reason, after less than a minute Buffy’s eyes snapped open. She locked eyes with Tara’s blue orbs instantly understanding what had happened. As she pulled the IV from her arm and reached for her jacket she held the witch’s eye contact. “Thank you Tara,” she sincerely said.

As Buffy was meeting up with Xander and Giles in the hallway Willow started from the room but was stopped as she realized that Tara still held her hand and the blonde witch wasn’t moving. “No,” she whispered.

“We need to go Tara,” Willow explained.

Pulling her lover toward the door to the next room Tara spoke again, “no Willow, not yet.”

Willow finally saw the Faith’s body lying in the bed next door. She looked at her lover and shook her head. Pulling the blonde to her she explained as calmly as she could, “we can’t love. She would help him today.”

“B-b-but she’ll d-d-die if we d-d-don’t…” Tara trailed off.

Willow knew how much pain it caused her lover to think of anyone sick or hurting. Touching their foreheads together in a motion they used for comforting each other she thought quickly: “we can come back after.” Tara caught her lover’s green eyes and the love in them. She nodded her agreement and the two witches joined the others in the hallway.


Hours later the entire Scooby gang was in the library listening intently to Buffy’s proposed plan and staring at her in disbelief. “ That's the basic plan. So. Am I crazy?” she finally asked.

Willow commented, “well, ‘crazy's’ a strong word…” and Giles interrupted, “Let's not rule it out though.”

Tara sat quietly being amused as the entire gang engaged in some witty banter about the craziest plan for defeating the mayor. Oz’s suggestion was the funniest and Tara began to see why her lover had dated him. He was just quirky and cute enough that she could understand the couple. Surprisingly Cordelia was also the person who pointed out that Buffy’s plan was the only one they had and that being the slayer she was the most likely to have a good plan.

Excited to finally have some consent Buffy flattered Xander with his importance to the plan. He responded as expected: “Key? Me? Okay, pride... humility... and here's the mind numbing fear. What do I have to do?”

In response Buffy disclosed the entire plan to the gang. Basically the students would be united to fight the mayor’s henchmen while she led the mayor into the library. With the help of Oz and some other students with a modicum of science ability the library would be rigged to blow up, hopefully destroying the demon. As they discussed the plan, Wesley entered the library to announce, “You haven't an enormous amount of time.”

Tara was surprised to see the interaction between Buffy and the watcher. It was obvious that something had happened to create a division between the slayer and the watcher’s council but she didn’t know what it was. Regardless, the watcher offered his help in any way possible. As Buffy accepted his assistance she laid out the remainder of the plan.

Once Wesley explained that there would be an eclipse during the ascension it became obvious that the mayor would use vampires and that Angel could fight on the Scooby side. Buffy pointed out that Xander and Angel would need to fight the vampire element together although Xander would be in charge. “W-w-what about us?” Tara stuttered.

Buffy turned to the blonde witch and brushed her hand over her shoulder before explaining that she wanted to the two witches to work to take out the vampires. “And if anyone lives through, we’ll need your healing. Can you do both?” Buffy confirmed.

“With Willow’s h-h-help I can,” Tara nodded.

As everyone agreed that the plan was a go, each member of the team left to begin their parts. Oz, Cordelia, and Xander went to recruit the senior class to help with the conspiracy. The two witches looked to each other unsure what to do before the ceremony. Finally Tara leaned across the table to whisper in her lover’s ear, “only once?”

Willow’s eyes popped open as she realized what her lover was implying. Without a word, she grabbed Tara’s hand and pulled her toward the hallway. As they moved quickly along the hallway she saw a janitor’s closet and pushed the door open. Before it closed she felt the blonde’s body pressed against hers holding her to the door. “Oh Goddess,” Willow moaned out as their tongues traded position inside their joined mouths.

Tara didn’t know if it was the danger of the overall situation or their location secluded in the janitor’s closet but the blonde couldn’t keep her hands off her lover. She allowed them to roam all over Willow’s body, clutching her ass to pull the smaller woman closer and closer. Pulling open the redhead’s shirt she desperately kneaded her small breasts in her hands. Willow’s tight nipples strained against the lace of her bra and Tara bent her head to suckle the tip right through the material. As she heard Willow’s loud moaning she was aware of her girlfriend’s hand clutching at the back of her head and her other hand moving to Tara’s breast.

Willow reveled in the feeling of Tara ravishing her body. She felt amazingly turned on by their position in the janitor’s closet. Tara’s breast in her hand felt full and the nipple was already hard under her attention. Removing her hand from the back of the Tara’s head as the blonde switched to suck and nip at her other nipple Willow raised it to Tara’s other breast and began rolling the tips of her breasts in her small hands.

Unable to resist any longer Willow dropped her hand to Tara’s jeans releasing the button and zipper. As she did so, she felt Tara’s hand mirroring the same action on her own pants. Both women slipped their fingers lightly into the other’s panties at the same moment and moaned out as they felt the hot wetness pooled there. “Now…” Willow growled.

Instantly both women thrust two fingers inside the other. Their need was so great, so passionate, so hungry. “Oh Goddess,” Tara moaned out as she felt herself take Willow’s hand and wrap herself around it. She felt transported by the simultaneous feeling of Willow sliding in and out of her wetness and her own hand moving more and more forcefully into her lover. Their mouths melded together hungrily as both women clutched to each other, their knees weakening as they neared their climax together.

“Harder. Faster,” Willow moaned into Tara’s mouth and was surprised as the blonde deciphered her message instantly speeding up her movement to thrust in and out of her lover. Willow mirrored the motion and instantly felt Tara’s body begin to tighten against her hand. As she thrust into her lover, Willow ground the heel of her hand against Tara’s clit and felt the blonde fall over the edge.

Tara screamed into Willow’s mouth as her climax broke over the smaller woman’s hand. The sensation of her muscles clenching around Willow’s fingers was enough to send the redhead over the edge. She returned her lover’s scream as each woman clenched and unclenched around her lover. Tara raised her arm to lean it against the door as she removed her fingers and cradled Willow in her arms. She placed small kisses on the redhead’s mouth and whispered, “I love you Willow Rosenberg.”

Willow reveled in the feeling of being wrapped in her lover’s arms. “Not as much as I love you Tara,” Willow responded. She instantly saw Tara’s look and amended her statement: “I love you the exact same my love. Always.” For a few minutes they held each other.

“It seems quiet,” Tara commented as both women began to wonder how long they had been in the janitor’s closet.

“Oh Goddess,” Willow gasped as she realized how long they had been in there. As both women quickly buttoned their pants they pulled open the door and ran down the hall toward the graduation ceremony. “I’m glad we came out of the closet,” Willow joked as they reached the gathering.

They took their seats near the back of the spectators and held hands. They could hear the mayor already in the middle of his speech. What a bore! I can’t believe he’s really making this stupid speech. Willow thought. Leaning over to Tara she whispered, “just ascend already.”

Tara giggled at her lover’s silly comment just as she noticed the darkening sky indicating that the eclipse was starting. Turning around in their chairs, they saw the crowd of vampires gathering at the foot of the stairs just as they heard the screams indicating that something was happening on the stage. Neither witch could see the stage for the crowd of students that stood to face the stage and tore off their caps and gowns. Both watched as the enormous snake began to take fire from the class.

Xander approached calling out to the rear guard. As he did Willow and Tara took their places, linking their hands so that their rings met. Tara had moved her ring to her other hand so that they could share their magical energy more fully without being behind each other. As they waited for Xander to start the attack on the vampires, the two witches allowed their magical energy to build. Sparks ran along their hands and arms as the power built. Tara could feel Willow’s greater power but used her tight control to allow the two forces to work together.

As the witches watched, ten students lit the end of flaming arrows. They waited for Xander’s command to “fire.” As he yelled the instruction the students let go of the flaming missiles, a couple hitting vampires who burned up instantly. After another volley, the vampires turned to retreat but were confronted with a crowd including Angel, Wesley, and others. Nodding to each other the witches began their incantation. They found that they needed no verbal communication to choose the target of their spell. Both women knew that their power would be best utilized by aiming for those vampires in close proximity to a victim or winning the fight. They wisely kept their attention far from Angel who was both susceptible to their powers and capable of taking care of himself.

Continuously murmuring their incantation, with each accented shout of “incendio” the two witches immolated a vampire. As they realized what was happening the students fighting the creatures learned to back off as soon as one began to burn. Quickly the witches had destroyed six vampires and others had taken care of the remaining creatures. As they began to move toward the crowd to determine injuries, Willow noted Angel slipping silently away.

The two girls had taken a few steps as they heard and felt the explosion simultaneously. Realizing what was happening, Willow turned to wrap her arms around her lover as if to shield her from the danger. Both girls were blown from their feet and into the grass adjacent to the walk. Willow attempted to keep her hold on the blonde as they hit the ground and rolled to a stop next to a stone bench. Her head snapped back as she felt it connect with something hard. Even as the pain raged through her head, she attempted to use her body and arms to shield her lover from the debris raining down on them.

As the rain of debris relented Willow pulled back to look at Tara. She could feel a warm stream of blood dripping from her hairline and saw a few drops fall onto Tara’s forehead. The blonde opened her eyes to look into her lover’s green ones. Initially she smiled to see Willow’s gaze locked on hers but her countenance fell as she realized that Willow was injured. She began to raise her hand to touch the injury. Before she could do so, she felt Willow’s lips pressed against her. Her kiss communicated everything she could not say with words: joy at their surviving, gratitude that Tara came, and love for this women.

As she pulled back, Willow felt Tara’s hand on her brow and felt the familiar healing sensation of the cut knitting back together. As the blonde opened her eyes Willow brushed her own fingers along Tara’s jaw. “Sorry,” the redhead whispered as she realized what her head had hit so hard.

“It’s ok,” Tara confirmed. Starting to rise she pulled Willow with her. “Let’s check on everyone,” she said. The two girls began moving through the students allowing Tara to heal those she could help. Although she felt drained, the addition of Willow’s power did much to allow her to extend her energy. Each time they encountered their friends they felt tremendous happiness that each had survived the battle. Seeing Buffy, Willow dropped Tara’s hand and ran to the slayer, wrapping her in a tight hug. Tara followed quickly, hugging the slayer before she gently placed her hand on her forehead to heal an ugly cut across it.

After the sirens had faded, the entire gang—Buffy, Cordelia, Oz, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Tara—sat on a stone bench or stood behind it looking at the destroyed façade. They bantered and joked about how badly they kicked the demons’ asses as Tara observed with joy the fun they all had together.

Before walking away Oz commented with unusual verbosity: “Guys. Take a moment to deal with this. We survived.”

Buffy agreed: “It was a hell of a battle.”

Smiling Oz commented, “Not that battle. High school.” Tara joined the others in smiling in appreciation.

After taking a moment Willow turned to the others asking, “So y’all ready to go?”

Everyone nodded rising from the bench and walking away from the school. Tara smiled widely as if hearing the punch line to an inside joke as she lifted the redhead’s hand to her lips, pressing a soft kiss into Willow’s flesh.

The End

I have just posted the sequel: Paths Diverged/Divulged.


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 Post subject: Great story
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 8:05 pm 
I'm not sure if this post will work, I've been a lurker here for a few months but this is my first post...I just want to say how much I've loved this story and hope for the sequel. :pray You're such an excellent writer and I love how you captured the Willow and Tara we all love as well as adding your own flavor. Thanks for a great story!


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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 8:14 pm 
I am so glad Tara decides to go to Sunnydale to help Willow, but I am not so glad they are going to UC Sunnydale. I would feel a lot better if W/T were safer inTexas. I do realize Willow wants to be there for her friends.

Great story JSI! This is definitely one of the best ones on pens. :clap :clap :clap

Tara: My heart doesn't stutter.

Tara: Willow, I got so lost.

Willow: I found you. I will always find you.

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 9:58 pm 
I am so glad Tara decides to go to Sunnydale to help Willow, but I am not so glad they are going to UC Sunnydale.
oh, come on, you didn't really expect anything else, did ya?

Kita - I'm not sure if this post will work, I've been a lurker here for a few months but this is my first post.

hi! welcome! I've been a long-time lurker, but it gets easier to post once you make that step. :)

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 10:57 pm 
Just joining everyone in saying that this is a great story. I can't wait to read the sequel.:clap

 Post subject: Re: Great story
PostPosted: Mon May 26, 2003 11:27 pm 
:bigwave JustSkipIt,

I LOVE THIS FIC! :clap :bow :clap :bow Oh please tell me this isn't the end. :pray There will be a sequel right? :pray I can't see what you come up with next.

bluewillowwitch :glasses :flower :fallen


"Fate keeps on happening."--Anita Loos

 Post subject: Re: Great story
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 12:16 am 
I forgot to post the "enjoyed your fic so much" part....:rolleyes

so here I go.

It was great, fun and angst and smut and everything a perfect fic needs.

I can't believe it's over, but then again, I guess it was obvious enough, what with season 3 ending end all. :)

I'm not one to ask for sequels,

but if I were.... ;)

 Post subject: Re: Great story
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 12:27 am 
I apologise for the double post, but I'm in a icafe and this PC is really jinxed. hopefully a mod will delete the post. sorry again.

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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 12:46 am 
Quite a ride. Things I liked, Tara finally showed Willow that she would be willing to do anything to just be with her because her home is where she is. Hopefully, Willow won't question that now. Even though I don't like it, I knew Sunnydale was a compromise for both since really both their talents called for different universities. I also liked the life affirming sex, I liked the way that happened much better :) And really the path of the hero is too use what talents they have to save people. THey are 2 very decent people who could not live with themselves if they knew they could be helping, unfortunately that's the way it is. I do however trust you with their safety in this sunnydale :)

I am glad we are going to have a sequel because I missed the talk that they were supposed to have. I am not sure Willow gets it, still. I am hoping for more from sheila in your sequel :p

Thank you so much for this great fic, it's been a great ride, it's an amazing addition to the completed fics here. You know I've appreciated how you've worked for this to be a great kitten fic. Thank you.

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 2:49 am 
Well that was a great end to a great story :bow And yay, sequel :eatme

I'm glad that Willow was able to work out that she'd made a mistake by going off on her own without anyone having to tell her. Now she just has to learn to have these thoughts before she acts all impulsive.

I understand, you should be with the person you l-love

I am

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 3:28 am 
Debra, what can I say that hasn't been said already. Well, let me try:

The whole fic rocks. If I get into detail, I'm gonna write an essay. :lol From the begginning to the end, you took us on this great great ride, and you can't beleve how happy I am to have read this. I'm kinda sad to see it end, but you said there is a sequel, so me happy!

Thanks Debra, for sharing this wonderful fic with us! :grin


"See? I've mastered this tact crap." Anya in Tears Of The Goddess by Lisa

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 7:13 am 
great ending :grin i really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to the sequel

I'm not stealing, I'm just taking things without paying for them. In what twisted dictionary is that stealing?
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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 10:44 am 
Hi Debra:bigwave

Well what can I say. This story is gorgeous i loved everything about it. And the end WOW. :thud

Okay there will be a sequel dont there? :pray :pray :pray

The college is still left and we have to know what happens:glasses :bow :grin



There are two kinds of tears, tears for those who leave you, and tears for those you never let go - Gabrielle/The Quest

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 11:08 am 
great ending
Thank you so much for your wonderful fic..
Okay there will be a sequel dont there?

I agree w/ Sol/Natti.. There's still college.. you really have a great story...

Thanks again for sharing your fic
Red Jassy

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my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold, / until you find it there and lead it back home. » Evanescence

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 11:27 am 
Dissappoiting to see that Willow appearantly didn't even think of talking to Tara before leaving for Sunnydale. Now if she had been concerned for Tara's safety that at least would have been some reason, but she had none ? How odd.

And they still have NOT talked about where they're going to study. It went the way I feared/expected it to go, Tara adjusting to Willow without further talk or weighing other options. Of all the places to go Sunnydale has to be the worst, yes I do realise there is a lot evil there but can't some else fight it ?

Or at least don't go a actually live on top of a hellmouth, rent a home a safe distance away and only come over when you're REALLY needed. Like with the ascension for example. Otherwise it's like spending the night at your workplace just in case you're needed, not very good for you :-)

I liked the closet-sex, lack of space though... does force you to be inventive, heh. Little Willow in a patchfinder SUV, that must be a fun thing to see :) .

The ending was a bit abrupt but I've heard rumours about a sequal going around. Lots of oppurtinities to expand on, even Uni Sunnydale wasn't used all that well in season 4 anyway. Then there's is the magic questions/training/experience with the MaClays. Speaking of which I wonder if Tara and/or Willow will go to the local wicca group... :D

Did they heal Faith later that day ? I have to wonder if Willow would actually want that, although she has less (bad) experience with Faith compared to regular season 3.

This has been a nice loooong story, I like thos. Thanks for writing!! :wave



She(Tara) knew that she was Willow too. If she knew that then why hadn't Willow herself? That wasn't fair. She was Willow. she should have known that first. -- Willow in _Sidestep Chronicle_ (part 80)

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 11:52 am 
The End? What? No! How can it be the end? :sob

Lol excellent update ;)


"Rock my world!" - Gia

"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you'll be a mile from them, and you'll have their shoes" - Somebody

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 11:54 am 
This update was fantatstic.

I´m glad that Tara decided to follow Willow. :heart

I hope we will see a sequel with them at UC Sunnydale. :pray


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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 6:06 pm 
Of course, S3 had to end with "Graduation." More so than the rest of the story, this chapter closely followed the original version. This gave it quite a different feel from the preceeding chapters, in which events in Sunnydale were only a distant background. You did a good job of integrating your story into the original in a seamless, natural fashion.

I was particularly pleased with the role of Oz in this. He is ok with being Willow's ex-boyfriend, now friend to both girls. Tara seems to be getting to like him, which can only help to make things more relaxed all around.

This got me thinking about S4. Oz may not feel he needs to leave after his liason with Veruca, as he won't have hurt Willow by his actions. There are a number of other ways S4 will be effected by Willow & Tara being an established couple from the beginning. I am eager to see how it develops.

I will miss some of the secondary characters from the school in Texas; their stories were beginning to get interesting.

Several readers were unhappy with the decision to attend UCS, but Willow's reason in the series still holds here. She wants to be a part of the fight against evil, to help Buffy hold down the hellmouth. Tara, being the person she is, will want to use her powers to aid the cause. Also, she is determined to neither hold Willow back from doing what she thinks is right, nor to be apart from her.

Now to "the biggie": Willow's dumb move in leaving without discussing things with Tara. To me, it is a very good sign that this part begins with Willow realizing what a bad decision she made. It was like the college application issue, except that in the previous case she had to be hit over the head with a 2x4 to see that she was in the wrong. This time, she figures it out for herself (albeit a little late). This is progress!

Both women realize they have outstanding issues to resolve, but their commitment to each other is so strong that we know they will resolve them successfully.

You've taken us on a great ride, Debra, and I thank you for it. Looking forward to your future endeavours.


 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Tue May 27, 2003 9:06 pm 

Gawd you've written Wllow and Tara so consistently and well through this entire fic. No wonder I shout and laugh and cry as much at my monitor as I ever did at the TV.:grin (Fortunate I am to have very understanding friends!)

I loved Tara as "secret weapon." Obviously not the least of her powers lies in her overriding and abiding love for a redheaded witch with a heart and insecurity issues of virtually equally large dimensions.;)

A sequel would be divine. I'm still not sure what it will take for Willow to get the "we're in this together - we decide together" thingy. I'm not entirely convinced she's quite there yet. Until new tale...maybe I'll go back and start from the beginning.:love

I hope (after everything I've written over the past while) you know my esteem for you and your work.


"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." ~ Robert Heinlein ('Stranger in a Strange Land')

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 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 9:02 am 
Comments following. Apparently I felt spoilery so I have some sequel spoilers and teasers in here. :evil

Kita830 – It worked great and welcome. :wave . I always feel so honored to be someone’s first post so welcome to the commenting game. It gets easier from here; believe me. You are very welcome for the story. Thank you for saying such nice things. Yes, there will definitely be a sequel.

The Rose24 – Actually if you read carefully it says
Tara smiled as she responded, “well if we are g-g-going to go to college here we should probably try to s-s-save the town first.”
so nothing is written stone. On the other hand, what is written in the sequel? Oh, I’m mean. Yes, they are going to UC Sunnydale but I can tell you that I don’t think the sequel will be what people expect, given that revelation. Thanks always for your wonderful feedback. I’m glad you think it’s one of the best.

some dark thing :rollin Ahhh, come on they could have made other choices in some other reality… And your later comment. Awesome. Yes to the sequel.

soevilandskanky – Hey another new poster (although 5 already, hmmm). Very glad to see you delurking to comment. I’m glad you liked the story and the sequel is on the way. Maybe next week.

bluewillowwitch – That’s right folks. A sequel is coming. Thanks for all your warm feedback.

Xita – Oh exalted one! Yes to Tara making the decision. At first what I wanted to write was basically that Willow’s question, her message was actually for Tara but I didn’t really do that overtly and I liked the way it flowed this way too much to go put the hammers in there. Yes, I think it’s a good compromise. Hmmm, I’m not entirely sure I should be trusted that much…

You are so welcome. Ok, so it’s hints about the sequel. I think I can probably say that there will be absolutely no Sheila in the sequel. But good wishing. Also, I’d say that conversation everyone wants… not happening.

justin – Great point about Willow needing to realize things before she does them rather than regretting them. I think there's a proverb: measure twice… no that’s not it. Act in haste repent in leisure? Maybe. Better to ask forgiveness than permission? Definitely not. Anyway, thanks for your praise.

Washi – You are so welcome and please write essays, paragraphs, and babbles any time you want. I love them. Yes, it was quite a ride and it’s hard to think that I wrote this for 5-6 months? Seems impossible that time flies that quickly. Thanks for your always kind and wonderful comments and yes the sequel will start in about a week.

Grimaldi – Great. Thanks for reading.

Natti – Woo hoo! Glad you liked. Yes there will definitely be a sequel.

Red Jassy – Another reader calling for a sequel. And there will definitely be one. I’m glad you enjoyed the story so much.

Grimlock72 – Hmm, a good point. I guess I didn’t write her concern overtly but definitely that’s why she didn’t ask Tara to come. She was very relieved and happy to have her there though. But she’s still Willow and not only that, but 18 year old Willow. How many stupid and insensitive mistakes did we make at 18? It’s not really the clearest thinking age is it?

Of all the places to go Sunnydale has to be the worst, yes I do realise there is a lot evil there but can't some else fight it ?

Or at least don't go a actually live on top of a hellmouth, rent a home a safe distance away and only come over when you're REALLY needed. Like with the ascension for example. Otherwise it's like spending the night at your workplace just in case you're needed, not very good for you :-)
:rollin You have me cracking up about this. Sure they could live in the next city over and just come by for emergencies right? That would be cool. But you are so right; I’m not sure that UC Sunnydale is the best choice but … Would it comfort you at all if I tell you that the sequel will not contain one second at UC Sunnydale? Tee hee.

You are very welcome for my story and thank you always for your thorough feedback. To answer your list of questions: Yes to a sequel. Local wicca group – not important to me. Healing Faith – yes but she still didn’t wake from her coma although she did live (so I guess no departure from cannon).

Domaris – Yep, the end. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

littlecrazy80 - :clap :clap :clap To you for all you do.

Little Crazy's FF Site including JustSkipIt's work I’m glad you liked the ending. Since I’m tossing spoilers in, yes a sequel, no not at UC Sunnydale…

russ – Yep, graduation is the whole point of the season. That’s the theme. You are completely right about the feel and the way that I structured and wrote this part was very different. I basically worked our girls into the outline/script for the show so it wasn’t really OUR W/T story but them in the other one. Good eye.

I will miss some of the secondary characters from the school in Texas; their stories were beginning to get interesting.
Boy am I glad about that. :evil

Yes the women need to learn to discuss and communicate better and more. They can work on that.

Suze – Ha ha to the vision of you laughing and crying at your computer. People tend to look strange if you do that too much. Sure read the whole thing again. Sounds good to me. Your esteem is duly noted. Thanks for all your comments and praise always.


"Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want." - Alice Walker, Temple of My Familiar

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 9:06 am 
Washi – You are so welcome and please write essays, paragraphs, and babbles any time you want. I love them. Yes, it was quite a ride and it’s hard to think that I wrote this for 5-6 months? Seems impossible that time flies that quickly. Thanks for your always kind and wonderful comments and yes the sequel will start in about a week.

:banana A week! Can't wait! :grin


"See? I've mastered this tact crap." Anya in Tears Of The Goddess by Lisa

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 12:16 pm 
This fic ROCKED from beginning to end. Thank you. And a sequel - what's not to love about that :applause


 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 1:54 pm 
Hello :pinky

I absolutely loved the end of the story. The janitor closet was really :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud and :thud and again:thud .

Your story was really one of my favorite story that I have ever read, :clap . Thank you so much :bow

And yipeedoda for the sequel, :applause , me very happy. :banana

Ciao :peace

Velaingie :bigwave

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 5:16 pm 
that was such a great fic :clap ... i really liked it and the closet wow :thud :banana :dance :banana :applause

I love you now and forever and a week

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 5:22 pm 
Awww geez...the end. I hate to see it, but heck with a sequel right down the road, who can complain? Thanks so much for this great story. It was a joy to read from start to finish. Out of curiosity, was this (the boarding school setting) based on real life experience, or just imagination? I thought it was a great backdrop for your wonderful tale. Take care and I can't wait to read the new stuff....


 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 7:22 pm 
And behold, a deep voice rolled across the land, and the people heard it, and they did tremble at its command..."Bring on the sequel!"

Great work, Debra! Since I've been away (smoking mushrooms and snorting pot), I got to read the last two installments at once.

First of all, major kudos for pulling off an effective and subtle twist: Tara awakening to a Willow-less bed. You had given us several scenes of Willow in obvious distress about her distance from her friends as the Hour of Mayoral Power approached, and yet you made her departure a surprise; most importantly, though, a surprise that completely fit. I have to say, I had a bad feeling when Tara observed "a few sheets of paper." Unless Willow were planning a picnic in Haiti, there's no way that an inocuous note would be that long. The letter itself was very well-written, too. I especially loved Willow's self-deprecating comment at the beginning ("How cliche is that?") and her image of a child or a kitten alternately wanting attention and solitude.

Of course, I was quite psyched that Tara followed Willow to SD. You also give the right amount of attention, I think, to the discussion that they'll need to have about Willow's tendency to decide what's best for both of them. Yes, it's certainly an important dynamic, but compared to the impending arrival of a giant snake that would devour them all, it really can be placed on the back burner w/o too much debate, I think...

I loved the Mayor's little visit. I always loved him as a Big Bad, largely b/c he was so charming and polite: "And boys--let's watch the swearing." You gave him a couple of great lines. In fact, the only thing I would change is actually an addition: I would have loved a little more dialogue, b/c it seems like you have an ear for his style and delivery.

Also enjoyed Willow's joy at having "come out of the [janitor's] closet." Very cute and very Willowy. And of course, the final moment of the in-joke, when Willow uses the infamous "y'all," on her very own, was just wonderful.

So, Debra, it is with beaucoup de sadness that I see this story come to an end, but with equal anticipation that I await your next creative endeavor.

Thanks so much for crafting this and sharing it with us. I've also loved the exchanges about the story. I know that RL has been intrusive at times (the nerve!) but you took the time to consider and respond to all of the replies, the sheer volume of which speaks to the popularity of this story.

Rock on, Debra!


 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 8:45 pm 
some dark thing – Ahhh, come on they could have made other choices in some other reality… And your later comment. Awesome. Yes to the sequel.
yeah, they could have, but it wouldn't have been so much fun. ok, I admit I live for angst and gore. :)

Yes to the sequel? Oh waw. That's awesome news. When will you start posting it?

 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 9:26 pm 
Booooo, its over:( . Yay, there’s gonna be a sequel:bounce .

Debra, It’s been a pleasure reading this story. You managed to give season three your own little twist and I absolutely loved it. I look forward to the sequel to say the least. Thank you so much for this:flower .


 Post subject: Re: W/T Season 3 Part 61
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 5:13 pm 
Washi – Tee hee. Me too! I’m so excited. :bounce :bounce :bounce . I actually wrote more this week than I expected.

shuyaku – Rocked!? Cool. Never thought about rocking but I’m glad that you thought so. Yep, sequel soon.

Velaingie, mocha fiend 22 – Tee hee. Yeah, I thought I’d throw in the janitor’s closet to replace the two W/O scenes from GDI & GDII. Liked mine much better :grin He he. Everyone’s excited about the sequel.

Nation – Thanks a ton for your wonderful praise. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and are awaiting the sequel.
Out of curiosity, was this (the boarding school setting) based on real life experience, or just imagination?
Nope, I definitely made that stuff all up. Probably got it all wrong but had fun doing it.

Mary – Welcome back from your vacation. Even if the weather wasn’t great, it sounds like you didn’t jinx yourself earlier (:evil ).

Great work, Debra! Since I've been away (smoking mushrooms and snorting pot), I got to read the last two installments at once.
First off, don’t you hate those idiotic like drug education things that are all worried about people freebasing pot or something. It’s like, geez, if you are so square that you don’t even know how to use drugs, don’t tell me not to do it. … Boy do I digress...

I think that the getting to read the installments at once is fun for the reader but kind of a bummer for the writer (tell me if you disagree). I mean I plan my cliff hangers or few day divisions pretty carefully. But for the reader who misses a few updates, it all comes at once. I have my stuff posted on a few other sites (thanks specifically to Romy & Susan for that) and I always think that the readers at those locations completely miss out on the timing of the separate parts of a fic.

I’m so glad that you liked the shock of Willow’s leaving. Most readers were pretty shocked by it and I meant it that way. Shocking and somewhat brutal, particularly juxtaposed with the morning love making.

You also give the right amount of attention, I think, to the discussion that they'll need to have about Willow's tendency to decide what's best for both of them.
You’ll have to thank the kittens for that. I really didn’t give it much air time until EVERYONE who commented was so upset about it so I put in a little more about it. One of the ways that feedback really influences the fic (as DMW asked recently in the writing discussion).

:rollin that you liked my take on the mayor. That part is cut directly from the shooting scripts so if it sounds spot on, that’s why. He is a hysterical big bad, my partner’s favorite. I’d have to say Angel/us is my personal fave but I can understand the interest in Mr. I just want to be a big snake.

Thank you for your wonderful praise for this story and your excitement about the sequel. I can hardly wait as I think it will be VERY different from anything anyone is expecting. And thanks for your thoughts about RL. RL is always going to happen and my question is what can I do to make it the best?

some dark thing – You love angst: you’re gonna love the start of the sequel then. :evil . I’ll start posting next week.

Patty – Thanks for your always comments and praise. I’m glad you enjoyed the long ride.


"Keep in mind always the present you are constructing. It should be the future you want." - Alice Walker, Temple of My Familiar

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