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 Post subject: It's Thanksgiving weekend MKF, and let me give thanks!
PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:40 pm 
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I hope this whole thing does not sound grandiose or anything . It was going to be my thanksgiving post, but Gallstones and such delayed it until now.. Please bear with me for this sappiness and such.
It was a year ago this weekend I came back to the Kitten board. It was the oddest and saddest homecoming I could imagine. Like wandering lonely and silent halls filled with memories of people and times gone by. I saw the board was in disrepair and I saw my old friends were long gone. But I saw so many new people, and so much life. . More than I could have hoped for...much more.
I had shown up expecting my old friends to show up at any moment, but I was even more pleased when new ones did instead. People who worked hard to keep the fires burning and who were Toddlers when the show was on originally on. People who loved the board like I did and joined long after the show ended and I never had the pleasure of meeting.

I'm so very glad I came back that day!!!
I wanted to write a big long post to tell a few people who have been so good to me and who have worked so hard put up with so much of me and how much I appreciate them. Again, excuse the sentimentality..

I want to thank Laragh. She was the very first person I met when I came back, and she took the time to befriend this ancient old geek prattling on about the past. I can't say enough nice things about her.
I want to thank BeMyDeputy for getting me into writing fanction, some thing I was curious about before and I find I enjoy very much (I suspect I am the only one who enjoys the stories I write, but I love it the same).
I want to thank Ariel for her great Role-Playing and her encouragement.
I want to thank Areslie, for her great banter and for her remembering me and being e excited about my return.
I want to thank Azirheal for volunteering to help me out and for being my cohort in digging up the past. :grin
I want to thank Bob and DrG , for the hours of interviews they gave me.
RJA for her love of Uber and our shared love of RPGs.
Rally and Dark Wiccie for the many leads and threads.
Foxfire and Wiccie for letting me bring their old work back to the board so new people could appreciate it.
WebWarlock for his memory, contacts, and for eagerly joining me in resuming our old schemes :kdevil
Foomatic for the Facebook page.

I want to thank Kajun. I know I made her crazy so many times, but she was so sweet and encouraging to me about fixing up the board. I hope she knows how much I care about her.

I want to thank Xita for everything.
I just wanted you all to know how thankful I am for all of this.
I know I am missing a lot of people, and If i left you off the list it is just because there were so many people who were so helpful, So please forgive me.

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