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 Post subject: Ode to Joyce
PostPosted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 5:57 am 
3. Flaming O
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[center]While in Kitten Chat, (after the Pirate Song) the call went out to start a new one. willowtaralover suggested on a song for and about Joyce... and so Ode to Joyce is born![/center]

It's a bummer willowtaralover left before I did the closing line.
So without further ado, this is dedicated to willowtaralover!

[13:20:50] Tinkerballa: since its your title, first verse is yours

[13:21:41] willowtaralover: Oh Joyce you are such a great mom, i wish i could be your son
[13:22:40] willowtaralover: Id make you pancakes everyday, and babysit Buffy and Dawn when you're away

[13:23:17] willowtaralover: whos next with a line

[13:23:40] Tinkerballa: i'll take a go, just give me a minute

[13:25:20] Tinkerballa: While other moms will sit in read, and have never been to battle.
[13:25:40] Tinkerballa: An axe you have wielded, of course under a spell
[13:26:36] Tinkerballa: but none the less we salute you as a mom of action

[13:27:00] willowtaralover: nice, me like a lot.

[13:27:13] Tinkerballa: >>Thanks Im done, neeeeext

[13:29:07] willowtaralover: you'd learn of lezzie loving from Tara and Willow
[13:29:30] willowtaralover: and join in if they let you have a go

[13:29:47] Tinkerballa: *snickers*

[13:30:44] Tinkerballa: You've learned of life outside the norm, with a Slayer for a daughter
[13:31:21] Tinkerballa: While another was an ancient key, you have never forgotten her
[13:33:28] Tinkerballa: you're love life has been somewhat a miss, through no fault of your own.
[13:33:51] Tinkerballa: it was the hell that lived under, the city you called home

[13:34:23] willowtaralover: You took on vamps and headteachers, all who crossed your path

[13:34:40] Tinkerballa: >>ooo I like that one!

[13:37:39] Tinkerballa: And never once forgotten any Math, a gallery you have full of art from different corners. A Mask that brings back death and others, not so nice.

[13:40:01] Tinkerballa: Closing line: and even through the hardships brought upon your life, you never stopped amzing us with your love of life


In the Immortal Words of Tara Maclay:
"Japanese commercials are weird."
I think we all can agree on that subject.

 Post subject: Re: Ode to Joyce
PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:01 am 
23. Volumey Text

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Great writing.

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