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 Post subject: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 10:37 am 
Hey guys, I just found out that there is this place that gives you awards for your writing, and well If you like this fic, or any others I have on there can you nominate, I would really appriciate it, or Feed back I looooove feed back!

Chapter One: Learning the dance.

The bar was smokey, this was her first time out of Sunnydale. Her red hair hazed in the smoke, the lighting was causing clouds of multiple colors, "Buffy, This doesn't look very demon-y, besides is there even a Hellmouth here, its the south not very on the up and up for Hellmouth-y things."

Buffy smiled at her wiccan counterpart and the best friend she had ever had. "Oh come on Will'z let your hair down! I mean yah the music not so on the pop chart but it has a nice beat."

"If you like the twang-y side of things!" The redhead retorted.

"It's nicer than some of the things we have been hearing at the bronze."

"Big state. Big belt buckles. I guess big guitars and big twang-y!" Willow looked around the bar, something had caught her eye, she stared intently at this diamond in the rough. Such blonde hair and her eyes, although she could barely see them, she caught a glimpse. So blue. Buffy looked around she had been looking for someone to dance with, the music seemed to be infectious, 'besides line dancing kinda looked fun, especially if she could snag,' her eyes had barely caught Willow staring off at something breaking her thought.

"Did you find a cute cowboy?"

"huh, oh uh.." she returned her attention to Buffy. "No, no cowboy." she smiled.

"uh huh." Buffy ribbed her. "So then what's the what, you have been staring at something, and if it isn't a cute cowboy tushie, what is it?"

Willow blushed a deep rouge and smiled sinfully. "her!" she nodded out to the blond so Buffy could see her.

"oh, ooh, WILLOW!" she smiled. "I didn't know you liked the blonde's" she wiggled her eyebrows playfully at her best friend. "But I'm blonde and you never stare at me like that." she pouted playfully.

"I do so!" Willow played back.

"oh stop!" Buffy smiled. "Hey Will'z I'm gonna go get refills, be right back." she stood up and walked off to the bar.

The blue eyed blond was having an all right time, she never went out, well she wasn't allowed to but tonight she had snuck out, and it felt great, she was here away from her family, and know one knew! She was enjoying her soda since she wasn't much for alcohol, "Hey Jimmy, can I have a refill!"

Jimmy smiled at the sweet blond. "Yah Tare give me a sec!"

She smiled. "Thanks!"

Buffy had walked up right when she heard the bartender yell something back at the blond, she was here not really for refill's but to check out the blond for Willow and see if she was good enough for her best friend, 'Tare? wonder what that is short for?' she smiled at the girl. "Hey."

Tara blushed. "hi."

"So what is good here?" Buffy questioned assuming she was a regular.

"oh, uhh, uhhh I-I-I'm not s-s-sure." cursing her stutter mentally.

Sensing,hearing and seeing her nerves unravel she smiled sweetly. "oh." she thought for a moment. "I'm Buffy!"

"Tara." she smiled starting to relax.

"Nice to meet you Tara. Hey I have a friend over at that table and.."

"I understand." she ducked her face behind her hair.

"you do?"

"yeah I do."

"Ok great! So then you don't mind joining us!"

"J-J-Joining you?" she lifted her head a little.

"Yah, we grab these drinks and then well, we go back over there and then talk and well talk!" she smiled sweetly.

Tara nodded and helped her with the drinks. Following Buffy back over to her table she smiled when she saw the most amazing woman she had seen in her whole life, her fire-y red locks, her gorgeous jade eye's. She felt her nerves start to flare.

"Hey Will I found you a hot blond!" Buffy announced their presence to a day dreaming Willow.

Willow snapped out of her daze and blushed profusely. "Hey Buffy, and hot blond that you found?" she tried to play it off but it was to late.

"Yes Hot blond and I brought back drinks, ohh and I know hot blond's name!" Buffy wiggled her eyebrows playfully. "Its Tara!"

Tara was beyond embarrassed and she was probably just as red as the girls hair that Buffy called Will. "hi." she managed to get a greeting out in her embarrassment.

"Hey Tara!" Willow stood and helped with the drinks.

"Oh Will gotta jam hot tushie one o'clock" Buffy was off in a swoop to chat up the man that she had just seen.

Willow looked at the blond and smiled "Sorry, I don't know what has gotten into her." she tried to apologize for Buffy.

"Apparently cute cowboy tushie!" Tara chuckled and without a stutter which to her relief was nice.

Willow chuckled herself "seems that way." she took a drink of whatever Buffy had brought her.

"so umm, uh where are you from?" Tara tried to keep the conversation going.

"Oh Buffy and I are from California." she smiled.

"I've always wanted to go there." She admitted.

"It has its up's and downs." she confessed honestly.

"I was going to go to school there, but uhh, some plans had changed." she dropped her head and hid behind her hair.

"oh? where were you going to go?" Willow smiled she was getting very interested in her, there was something about her, that drew Willow in.

Tara looked back up with her eyes, and slightly smiled. "Oh this University in Sunnydale, The name of the town sounded so pretty and well it was possible that it was better than here."

"Sunnydale?" Willow gulped. "I went there!, in fact that is where I live." she smiled.

"oh! Is it as p-pretty as it sounds?" her nerves for some reason started to come up.

"Well in its own ways it is pretty, lots of nice spots for picnics!" Daytime events were really the only safe thing she could think of, not like she is going to tell her yes the graveyards have the best action at night.

A song began to play in the background, Tara smiled. "Will you dance with me?"

"But, uh, I uh cant dance to this." Willow confessed.

"It's ok, I can show you!" Tara was becoming more self assured with this vivacious redhead.

"Oh well umm." Willow stammered.

Tara stood up and pulled Willow to her feet. "Oh come on!" Tugging her out on the dance floor the two women started laughing. Tara started to line dance to the song, Willow tried to follow step. "I cant do this, I look like a goof." Willow started to walk off as the song started to end. Before she could get two steps away, Tara grabbed her arm and another song started to play. She began to sing and dance with Willow.

"I've been a rock and I got my fences I never let them down, When it comes to love, I keep my senses I don't get kicked around, I shivered once, you broke into my soul, the damage is done now, I'm out control. How did you get to me? No one else on earth could ever hurt me, break my heart the way you do. No one else on earth was ever worth it." Tara and Willow laughed while the blond sang and taught Willow to dance, their body's were close, Tara's breath on Willow's neck.

Aloud whooping sound came from the crowd and a very upbeat and happy Buffy came out from the crowed "WHOOOOO GO WILL!" She continued to dance with her 'hot' cowboy who she was defiantly into, 'this is so much fun to see Will and the 'hot' blond having a good time.' she thought to herself. Willow blushed with embarrassment. Willow surprised Tara by turning around and dancing with her. She began to sing the last few lines with her. "The Damage is done now, I'm out control. How did you get to me? No one else on earth could ever hurt me, break my heart the way you do. No one else on earth was ever worth it, no one could love me like, No one could love me like, No one else on earth could ever hurt me, break my heart the way you do, No one else on earth was ever worth it, No one could love me like, No one could love me like you." The girls both finished up the dance and smiled when the song's last beat finished. Buffy walked over and began clapping, "Wow Will'z and you didn't even want to come, why didn't you tell me you were the Rodeo queen?" Buffy teased her with out shame.

"I just had a good teacher!" Willow smiled and looked at Tara. "And how about you, Rodeo princess, you looked pretty advanced out there yourself!"

Tara blushed and looked at the young man that was eyeing them eagerly trying to figure out what was going on. "Hi." Tara blushed, and was trying to take the heat off of herself and Willow. Also noticing an unsaid heat between the other blond and the redhead.

The young man smiled broadly. "Hi I'm Chad." he lifted his hand to shake the nervous blond's.

"Tara." she shook his hand loosely.

"oh oops, I'm sorry." Buffy interjected. "Chad this is Willow and Tara, well I guess you know Tara now." she smiled sheepishly.

Chad smiled. "Nice to meet you ladies, Tara it was a pleasure again." he chuckled and his thick accent reflected.

"Buffy will you dance with me again?" he smiled down at her, the comparison of the two were an extreme Chad being about 6 foot 5 inches and Buffy a whooping 5 foot 2 inches.

Buffy took the tall man's hand and smiled "sure." she looked at Tara and Willow. "you two don't be to good." she grinned devilishly and was pulled off to the dance floor's center.

Tara and Willow were left standing at the edge of the dance floor. "Well what now?" Willow asked.


"yes liquid sounds good." she smiled.

"Kay, wanna go back to the table?"


The two girls walked back over at the table and sat down. They had started to get into a deep conversation when Jimmy rushed over to the table. "Tara!" She looked up and around, looking for the face that went with the voice that was calling her name. She smiled and waved at him.

The flushed man walked up to the table, "Lou-Ann is on her way, she is going to do a little concert tonight!"

"Well that's nice, she has some good songs, just a little spooky sometimes, I hope she does renditions tonight." Tara was trying to hurry the conversation with Jimmy so she could return her attention to Willow. Willow watched with curiosity, she wanted to know what was so spooky about this Lou-Ann girls songs. She decided to wait and ask Tara once the young guy had left. If he was going to.

"Yah" Jimmy smiled. "Well I have to set up for her and get back to the bar." He waved. "Have fun." he yelled as he was walking away.

"I plan to!" Tara retorted.

Willow looked at that with a raised brow, 'she planned to' willow repeated in her mind, 'what kind of fun?' she was still in thought when she saw a small hand run up and down in front of her face.

"Earth to Willow." The blond smiled at her.

"oh sorry." she returned the smile.

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 Post subject: (yelling really loud)yeeeeeeeehaw we got us a winner
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:35 am 
:wave hey aly...good to read texas love here at pens.oh baby willow is learning the dance alright. and ladies and gentlemen a big yeehaw for buffy going to get tara for willow when she noties her watching her.line dance any one.yall really gonna like this here fic once yall read it.and guess who`s the first to reply? me! go me,go me.

 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:42 am 
ooo good start...and as the first person to comment on ur fun little fic youve got going on here welcome to the board! lol...sorry but ive just always wanted to do that.

anyways...yea this fic is definately off to a good start it seems...and oooo line dancing is so fun!! haha...i did it once like a while back but ooo it was great! and i was laughing at the buffy/chad i not-short person i never have that problem...but its funny to see anyways.

keep up the great work and update soon!


ah dammit...willohand mustve posted hers right as i was posting mine...o well...i get to be second!! go me!! lol

'The Cat in the Hat' is fine, just not during sex.--Alyson Hannigan

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 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:47 am 
I was having fun with the Sunnydale speak, I like playing with it, and yes I see you are my first reply, and hehe I dig it, when do I get to be your first reply? (@ Wilowhand) I really like chad I think I am going to make him all goofy and well im not sure... But oh lookie I have chapter 2!!!! goes to post it :D

 Post subject: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:52 am 
Chapter Two: Making Amends With Shocked Faces! p.1

Almost an hour had passed since Jimmy had come over to the girls. Willow was happy that she was now finally getting to know this girl that was able to get her up and learn how to line dance, and even more she had gotten her to sing to a country song. What was up with her? She was never that bold. Willow smiled listening to Tara's description of what she originally thought line dancing was.

"You actually thought that?" Willow's grin was large. She had to admit she thought it was that way too! "Y'know, I did too at first. I thought it was people dancing in a line. But I didn't know there were special steps and stuff. Till Buffy showed me on some western channel."

Tara laughed. "So what else are some of your interests?"

"Umm, well I like no wait I love computers, umm." She was having a hard time describing her interests outside of the scoobies, that was what took up most of her time. "Very fascinated with the higher learning." she smiled hoping Tara knew what she meant.

Tara's nod confirmed that she understood. The chattering lead on for quiet awhile, they were getting very involved in each other, learning what each others likes and dislikes were. But unfortunately they were once again interrupted. This time by Buffy and Chad.

"Hey Will!" Buffy announced herself again, just incase they were in the middle of something that only Willow and Tara should know.

Willow turned her attention to Buffy and smiled. "Hey."

"So what is everyone all excited about? I heard some people on the dance floor gushing over some singer."

Tara looked over to Buffy and answered her question. "Oh they are excited because Lou-Anne Bankshaft is playing tonight!"

"Bankshaft?" Buffy almost wet herself from laughing.

"Buffy!" Willow scolded. Then lightly chuckled to herself.

"We all had that reaction when we first met her, its ok." Tara smiled at Willow.

Buffy and Chad finally took seats at the table with Willow and Tara. Some major sparks were starting to fly between them and Willow was picking up on them, Tara was also! Willow took a brief glance at the new blond friend that she had made, she was watching them also. She was very focused on how they moved and shifted, as if she were reading them. Willow looked back over to the new found love birds in progress and smiled. It was nice to see Buffy falling for someone again. A voice rumbled across the speakers, very noticeable that it was Jimmy.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. Oh wait there are no boys and girls this is a bar!" He lightly chuckled and went on. "We are proud to announce and present, our local hottie, and new resident songstress....Lou-Anne Bankshaft...."

The crowd applauded and everyone turned their attention to the stage. A single white light shown on the curtain, it slowly opened and a young brunette sat on a stool, guitar in hand. She smiled out into the crowd. "Good evening everyone." she was having a hard time seeing the people the light was very bright and blinding her. "I hope all of my friends are here tonight." she smiled. The atmosphere around her seemed different, she seemed more normal, not so insane, as some remembered her to be. She peaked an eyebrow. "Maybe some older than others." she called out to the crowd.

Willow nudged Buffy who happened to be seated next to her. "Oh my god." she spoke in a hushed tone. Her eyes were locked on the stage.

Buffy stood to go and attack but Willow pulled her back to her seat. "Buffy no, not here."

The slayer looked at her friend with a curious look of why not. "But." she started to protest.

"Not here, they won't understand, Its also Texas, big state, big guns." she tried to let her understand. Tara was watching the two from the corner of her eye, she was unsure of what was happening between them, lovers quarrel? no, no, Buffy wouldn't have danced with that guy. 'She was ok up until the curtain op...' her mind realized what had upset her. It was Lou-Anne, she tried to keep quiet and not let her mind wander.

Willow looked at Buffy with her resolve face, which meant don't try and tell me otherwise. Buffy reluctantly sat back in her chair and slightly slumped, her slayer sense was all tingly, and she wanted to kick some ass.

"Well I guess not." she responded, but she could have sworn she had sensed it, she shrugged and let her first strum go across the cords. Perfect she was in tune. "I think tonight will just be renditions, I know your sad, but my newest one hasn't come to me yet." she declared and started with an all to familiar tune for most country listeners. "Everybody's calling it a real big change, she keeps letting him treat her that way, hes older and he's wild, she such a pretty child, he must be thinking about one thing. But there's stars in her eyes, coz she thinkin he might, give her that class ring." The house band joined in for the chorus. " She's got his picture in a frame, a heart untamed, callin his house three times a day, she thinks its all she'll ever dream of, and she's callin it love. She's calling it love."

Willow's foot started to tap, the song was starting to jazz through her. She had never known Faith to sing like such a songbird, wow she was impressed with the psycho on the run slayer, wow she was just wow.

"Daddy knows his baby's headed for a heart ache, and that part of growing up is learning from mistakes, but he cant let her go, coz he knows that boy's nothing but bad news, daddy cant control her she's gettin older, there's nothing anyone can do."

As the chorus repeats, Buffy was starting to sit up some, she was looking at Faith in a whole new light, this state was doing something for her, she could see it in the way the brunette was singing, and wow the light on her features, well they were complementary. She looked over at Willow and saw how interested she was in the music. Her eyes glided down and saw Tara's hand in Willow's her eyes slightly widened and she was shocked. Willow was never this forward, but well Texas was doing that to both of them. The next verse caught Buffy's attention and she returned it to Faith's singing.

"She might get hurt along the way, but she's gonna find true love someday." The band stopped playing and now it was just Faith and her guitar again. "she's got his picture in a frame, a heart untamed, callin his house three times a day." The band starts again at the crescendo the end of the song.

The audience clapped as normal, it was one of their favorite songs that the regulars liked to hear. Large Reba fans! Faith's smile was an un-normal site but it was beautiful none the less. Buffy was finding it hard to concentrate. Faith's voice came over the microphone and she dedicated the next song to all the special couples out in the audience.

"And to the one I love." Her words were unusual and soft.

'god she has changed or is a great actress.' Buffy's thoughts escaped and permeated her mind. But thoughts were cut off by the sound of the band.

Tara looked over to Willow and smiled. "Dance with me please." Her eyes were so soft almost a plea.

Willow's eyes lit up..."Oh no, no more line dancing for me."

Tara chuckled. "You can't line dance to a slow song."

"Whew. I knew that this would have been a hard one, like slow motion." She smiled.

Tara grabbed her hand and tugged her up one more time, this time to her surprise Willow was very compliant. The blond led Willow out onto the floor once more, this time they were close, not so close that they were becoming one, but close enough to feel the heat from one another's breath.

"I'm so scared that the way that I feel is written all over my face, when you walk into the room, I wanna find a hiding place,we used to laugh, we used to hug, the way that old friends do. But now a smile and a touch of your hand makes me come unglued, such a contradiction, do I lie or tell the truth? Is it fact or fiction? Or the way I feel for you?" It's so complicated, I'm so frustrated, I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away. I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay, should I say it? Should I tell you how I feel? Oh I want you to know, but then again no I don't. It's so complicated."

Willow pulled Tara closer, Now this she could dance to, slow, easy and no way would she have to learn where her feet should go. She let her head slip to Tara's shoulder, she felt so comfortable and safe in her arms, her mind was still wired on why Faith was now singing country in a bar off the interstate, but she would just have to find that out after they left.

" Just when I think I'm under control, I think I finally got a grip, another friend tells me that my name is always on your lips, they say I'm more than just a friend, they say I must be blind, well i admit, that I've seen you watch me from the corner of your eye, oh its so confusing, yeah I wish you'd just confess, but think of what I'd be loosing if your answer wasn't yes."

Buffy was amazed at how much Faith was involved in music, 'Wow she really is into this.' the slayer was thrown for a loop, she wished she knew who Faith was talking about when she dedicated the song. She was definitely curious.

Tara had lifted Willow's head and was smiling at her, just gazing into her eyes. The warm smile was being returned in great amounts, sparkles in Willow's eye's were nothing compared to what her heart was saying. She saw something in this beautiful woman that was giving her a great dance. Tara's heart pumped and raced at what she was about to say, she was dying to get it out from the second they had started talking, finding things in common. She gulped and then pulled all the courage from every part of her body, she was afraid her heart was about to stop. "W-Willow." She stopped and tried to compose herself more. "Willow, I like you." Her head darted down and she was about to break off the dance, fearing she would be shot down, and just wanting to get out of there when she heard a soft sentence, and the most wonderful sentence she had ever heard in her life.

"I like you too." The redhead spoke.

The song went on, and so did the moment between Willow and Tara, they were in the middle of speaking through their eye's and no one in the world existed but them, they were the only ones here, and the song was just background music. As they finished their dance Willow leaned in and laid a very light but sweet kiss on Tara's lips.

* To the reader, what do you think should happen to Will and Tara, give me a good sugstion and you will see it in my next chapter, we like wild and crazy, among the hotness of them, so please let me know I will start working on the new part soon, so let me know by September 30th! ~Aly~*

 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 6:12 pm 
being that ur fic rate is G... i'm still gonna chant... SMUT SMUT SMUT.... okay censored smut...


my banana dances for smut:banana

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 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:18 pm 
Oh its only rated G for now! PLease everyone, I'd like to hear about your idea's for the third chapter!!


 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 11:58 pm 
I Agree! I Say Smut, Smut, Smut!! :D

Who Doesnt Like that? :flirt

I Havn't Said Anything About This Fic Before So I'll Do That Now Okay?

I Absolutely Love It, I Think Its Really Super Good :dance And Adding Faith To It Was A Nice Touch, Was She By Any Chance Singing About Her Lost Love Buffy???? :hmm I Think That Would Be A Cute Touch. Anywho, Continue With This Story, And Keep In Mind About The Whole Idea About The Smut Okay? :cool



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 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 11:12 am 
oooo id go for the smut too..but being this is a g-rated fic how about they do something horse riding...or maybe getting over willows horsie fear..i stuck on horses lately...something with horses!!

great update too by the way....i shoulda guessed that lou-ann was faith...cuz only faith could come up with a fake last name like 'bankshaft'....more soon please...with horsies!! hehe


'The Cat in the Hat' is fine, just not during sex.--Alyson Hannigan

 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 1:12 pm 
OooO Horises!!!! yeah i argee with some horises.. sorry about my smut chant can't help it sometimes...


my banana dances for... Ummm...Horises??:banana

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 Post subject: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 1:33 pm 
Very fun start, I love Faith's psuedonym, and can somehow actually picture her as a twangy c&w songstress--you know, with chaps and big belt buckle :smug As for future stuff, is there a mechanical bull at this place? Of course, that would probably require practice--RIDING practice--hmmm....wonder who would make a better bull...

Please forgive the above--I'm just trying to see if I can make Reds' smutty little head explode through implied naughtiness! Like the story, though! Keep it going!

:p -Cameron

 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 2:31 pm 
Did i hear something about a mechanical bull??? That would be cool too..

Yeah thanks for the thoughts there camerom


my banana dances for... err nevermind

WOO HOO:banana

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 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:10 am 
-whispers- Smut will be seen soon!! and maybe a little riding!

 Post subject: Re: (Fan Fiction) Texas Love
PostPosted: Fri Sep 24, 2004 9:53 am 

haha...aly im thinking ur G rating is flying out the window as i type this...YAY!!


'The Cat in the Hat' is fine, just not during sex.--Alyson Hannigan

 Post subject: Fic
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 4:29 pm 
Yep G is now moving into something more PG gotta do this right and build to all the NC17

 Post subject: Re: Fic
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 4:40 pm 
YAY!!! slowly moveing to smut.... i can wait...


my banana dances for smut :banana

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 Post subject: Re: Fic
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 5:44 pm 

p.s I heart Faith :)

 Post subject: re: comment
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 6:05 pm 
Im so glad that I have heard the liking of bringing Faith in... I thought that hey, if Buffy and Will are in Texas, then hey where could a rouge slayer go and hide out... woo hoo go tiny towns in Texas!!!


 Post subject: Re: re: comment
PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 10:05 pm 
i love texas... especially a little town called hondo!

 Post subject: Fan Fic
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 7:45 pm 
Is it off the interstate?


 Post subject: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 9:39 pm 
Ok guys, here is an update.... please tell me what you think, and what you would like to see happen next... Thank you to everyone that added idea's and opinions....


Chapter Three: Making Amends with shocked faces P.2

The stage light went black, the night of festivity's was over. Faith, or Lou-Anne as all the people in the bar knew her, made her way across the floor to the bar. Crowds were swarming to talk to her, men and women all wanting to know where she had found the strength for that song. No one really knew the real her, just what she showed them, Betting on how they looked at her they would have never guessed she had murdered someone before. Crowd control was becoming an issue and as the dark haired woman gently nudged through the crowd she found herself losing her balance and falling on the unsuspecting red head.

"ouch." The witch mumbled under the body that was sprawled out on top of her. Pushing her off she rubbed her head. "Hey that was.." Her eye's widened. "Fa.." A thin hand slipped over her mouth.

"Shhh Red." Her eye's had a scared look when she heard her cover almost blown. "Sorry bout that, didn't see ya." Quickly getting to her feet she helped the crushed Willow to her feet also. "How bout I buy you and your friend a drink, call it an apology."

Willow looked over at Tara and realized that the situation looked a little awkward. "You ok?" she questioned. The blond's hair flew into a nod and she had a goofy grin on her face, realizing that she had just kissed one of the most amazing kisser's she had ever had in her life, not saying there were many, just a few here and there. Smiling and looking at the rouge slayer, Willow agreed to the drink, but with hesitation. If there was one thing Buffy had taught her since they had met, keep your friends close and your enimies closer.

Following the brunette, Willow clutched for Tara's hand and squeezed it once it was found. The touch surprised the unknown wiccan and she wondered what it was for. 'ok just met her, and she is squeezing my hand?' Tuning her senses she tried to read the aura of the two women, seeing a path that intertwined scared her. She wasn't sure how they were connected but something was defiantly up with them.

Knowing Willow and Faith's past Buffy watched cautiously from the distance, not wanting any troubles for herself and Willow in a new town, this was all about being under cover girl again, no one knowing who she was or how strange her life seemed to the outside world. Her hazel eye's stayed glued to the forms making a bee line for the bar. 'ok Will'z what are you doing, last time you were near her she tried to slit your throat, danger girl much?' She sighed and continued to watch. Another pair of eye's were near by watching, but not on the redhead,brunette and blond. No they were looking at another blond, the one that seemed to be in a far off place. "Buffy?" the accent cutting the silence like a searing beam. "Buffy, you ok?"

"huh, oh yeah, fine, good with the good!." She smiled and looked over to Chad, not wanting to but willing herself to tare her mind away.

"You look like you were somewhere else."

"Oh I was just watching Willow and Tara. Best friend thing."

"oh." Looking down at his watch he cleared his throat. "Well hey, it was a pleasure meeting you, but I have to get going, have things I need to get to." He politely excused himself and left the bar.

"oh uh, ok, nice meeting you too." Her mind had already settled back on Willow and what she was observing. Not even realizing her cowboy tushie had gotten up and left.

Faith took a long sip of her Jack and coke before she made any try's at a conversation. "So uh Red you got a name?" She tried her best at pretending that this was the first time ever for them to meet.

Raising a brow to the question Willow looked at her curiously. "Yeah, I'm Willow, this is Tara." She leaned back so Faith could see her. Tara offered a sincere smile and took a drink of the hurricane that Willow had picked out for her.

"Well ladies, it was nice to meet you, I gotta get out of here, early flight in the morning." She lied, not wanting to take the chance on Willow alerting Buffy and the council where she was, she was never going back there again, that was the last thing on her to do list for this lifetime. Not giving the two girls the chance to stop her for more conversation, Faith made her way to the back exit for a quick get away.

Standing from her seat Buffy felt that this was the time to get the info she needs. Walking down the steps from where the table was located she weaved in and out of the crowds, side stepping the wobble-y ones. The blond was now on a mission, and this mission was going to be a big one.

Stopping to grab her jacket and guitar Faith quickly put the wooden instrument into the gig bag. Rushing she pulled the strap over her shoulder she pushed open the back door and walked out. Pulling the helmet over her head, she tightened the straps and closed the visor. Wavy brown locks seeping out from under the helmet, her leg lifted to straddle the motorcycle.

"Hey!" A strong thin voice called out.

Faith looked back to see the blond slayer standing at the door she unsnapped the clip and pulled off the helmet knowing this wasn't going to be one of those, hey how are ya's and then ok see ya moments. "B, I shoulda known you were here, Red isn't the type to go on out of state road trips alone, kinda the homebody if ya ask me."

Buffy listened for a moment and then decided to respond.

"Never thought you to be the big C and W type."

"Hey gets food in me, and a roof over my head."

"Yeah, I don't think there is a big demand for murders now a days." Buffy let her words out with sarcasm.

"Oh great, Miss high and mighty, just out here to give me shit for the crap I've done. Never bother to mention your's I haven't forgotten B, don't think Red has either." Her words cutting Buffy like a knife.

Buffy decided that this wasn't the time or the place to get into it with her dark counter part. Turning around to head back inside she felt a hand grip her shoulder, without thinking she went into slayer mood and flipped Faith down to the cold wet pavement. The brunettes's body hit hard with the force of a slayer's strength. She quickly pushed herself up, landing on her feet going into defense mode her self. "Ya know B, I don't think there will be a day that we don't meet and fight." Her fist took off towards the blond's face. Buffy quickly side stepped the attack and blocked the contact with her forearm, pushing Faith's extended fist to the side. Trying again, the misunderstood slayer attacked from the left making contact this time, her right jabbed up under Buffy's chin knocking her back some.

Shaking off the dazing effect Buffy flipped in the air and summer salted to the ground behind Faith her leg sweeping under the other slayer's legs causing her to fall flat on her back. Yet again Faith jumped back up to her feet, a little in pain now from both falls, she started with leg attacks. Sending a forward kick to Buffy's stomach which was caught and discarded flipping Faith backwards, this time she landed on her feet. Buffy ran towards her and caught her cheek in a drop kick, setting up double sets of punches she pounded them into Faith's body, one right after the other. Her last one not quiet effective, Faith blocked her punch and began her own round of assaulted jabs, punches and upper cuts to the smaller slayer. Going left then right, switching it up so Buffy couldn't focus her attack. Some of the attacks were coming to Faith's advantage but to her surprise the goodie goodie caught her and pinned her against the brick wall of the bar. The heat between the two women were coming off in heaps. Each girls breathing was coming out in labored gasps. Brown locked on hazel, each trying to plan their next move against one another. Faith was first to attempt her escape, in an amazing two step move she had Buffy in the reverse situation. The brunette was still breathing heavy and looking into her foe's eye's.

Before Buffy could react, Faith leaned in and planted a hard hot kiss on her lips. Forcefully sliding her tongue in between Buffy's lips, searching the inner sanction of the warm mouth.

For a brief moment Buffy enjoyed Faith's mouth on her's, finally she knew what it was like to kiss the girl she had been longing for, she had been craving. Teasing herself with Riley, and tormenting her body with Spike. Now what she wanted was here, but why was her body pushing her away. "Faith we can't. Because it's wrong." 'what the hell are you doing? she is hot, don't tell her no.' Faith looked into Buffy's eye's and searched, she never said a thing, she just leaned back in and kissed her harder, pressing her body against the smaller one.

Mean while, back inside the bar, Willow and Tara had been enjoying their drinks, Tara a little more than Willow, she was now on her fifth hurricane, taking them in two gulps, sometimes just one. Looking over to the slim red head she smiled softly and giggled. "your cute." She took a breath and then continued. "Did you know you are cute?" pausing for a response from Willow she laid her head on her hand which was propped up on the bar by her elbow.

Willow looked over at the completely buzzed hottie that was sitting next to her. "I do now." she smiled with her response. "So where do you live Tara? I think maybe I should get you home, you look a little toasty."

"Home, no, I cant, home bad idea." Tara was trying to put a sentence together but she wasn't doing a good job on that section of speech.

"Why is it a bad idea?" Willow asked curiously.

"Home is bad, mean mean people there." Tara's eyes lulled closed in her intoxication.

Concern flooding over the young wiccan. "Bad? What kind of bad Tara?"

"Oh look a bull." Tara perked up and smiled at Willow. "I want to have a ride, I've always wanted to." She seemed to be sobering up from the thought of riding the mechanical bull. Tara stood from her stool and shakily walked off towards the mechanical ho down.

"Tara wait." Willow stood and walked off after her.

Stumbling up to the stirrup Tara pulled up with her leg and swung the other over and sat down. "BOB TURN IT ON." She stated to no one in particular in the club. Then again she stated to no one, there was no Bob there that night, or any other night.

A large burley gentle man walked up to the side and popped in a couple of quarters and the machine turned on, slowly at first. "THIS IS EASY." The oceanic eyed blond stated, she kicked her feet out and started to move her hips with the motion of the bull to stay in tune. "WHOOOO!!"

Pushing through the crowd Willow saw Tara already up and on the bustin bronco, having a dandy time. She decided to just stand back and be there in case she needed her for anything.

"WILLOW!!!" Tara called out seeing her hot mamma yamma standing in the crowd. "COME ON IT'S FUN!" As she finished her last sentence, the bull began to increase in speed, it was nearing the end of her ride and most of the clubers could tell by how it was starting to buck more so. "WOOO!!!!" Calling out again, Tara was getting the ride of her life, nothing had ever come close to this night. Out with a hottie, she was drinking, her stutter was a thing of the past, she was on a mechanical bull and oh no now she was drunk. Her cheeks puffed up and her eye's crossed.

On the third to the last buck she fell off to the soft blue mat.

Willow saw it all and ran to her side. "Tara are you ok?"

Tara rolled onto her back and started giggling uncontrollably, only stopping long enough to answer the question. "Of course silly." Not a moment later she rolled onto her side and groaned. "Will I don't feel so good."

Helping the sloshed Tara to her feet and braced her against her self. "Kay Tara, I think its time you laid down." Stating with authority Willow lead her towards the front exit.

"NO, I cant go home, they will kill me." And she didn't mean figuratively either.

"Shhh, I'm not taking you to your home Tara, I'm gonna get you to my hotel." Willow tried to sooth the agitated mind.

Calming from the answer, Tara willed her legs to work just for how ever long it took them to get to their destination.

"I really don't feel good."

"I know baby, that is why I am getting you to a place where you can be more comfortable." She spoke softly and lovingly to the young woman she had just met as they exited the bar.


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 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 9:51 pm 
Holy smoly..... Sloshed Tara riding a bull :drool :thud .... OMG that was funny as hell... and hey slayer smooiches... update soon..


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*Jumps for joy and screams* YIPPIE!!!!!!!!! seriously glad that you liked it Wicked.... I was trying my best!


 Post subject: ~_~
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2004 10:21 pm 
Aww that was sooo cute :shock

 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 3:16 pm 


Great start, loved both chapters, you wrote the Buffy-Faith scene beautifully! That kiss was a good climax to the 'fight'.

Tara was hilarious with the bull...'getting the ride of her life' lol, that was funny!

More please?

And no going back to the Maclay's!


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 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:14 pm 
hondo is like 60 m,iles south of san antiono :)



 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:32 pm 
Cool thank you. ooo oooo getting an idea!


 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:49 pm 
ooooooooooh i likie more more more sorry inner child monent great work keep it up verry promsing:sheep

 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:51 pm 
Aww thanks Giles "gyiles" that was a nice comment, will update soon!


 Post subject: Re: Rated PG for violence and sexual content.
PostPosted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 6:33 pm 
This is great. I love it. Tara riding the bull while she was drunk was hilarious.

More soon, please.


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