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 Post subject: Discover Me
PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 5:26 pm 
I have this posted on another website but thought I'd bring it over to the pens.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc.

Feedback: Yes, if you’d like.

Rating: R

Spoilers: Season 4

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Tara, unable to stop thinking about Willow after the night of “The Gentlemen,” calls in hopes of making a new friend and she finds more.

Thoughts in italics

Chapter 1

“M-mm-may I speak to Willow,” shakily the girls’ voice said on the phone.

“Sure,” Buffy said with an odd perkiness for so early in the morning, “hold on.”

Tara felt a flash of heat flow over her body. She could not believe she was actually calling Willow. She was about to speak with the redhead who has filled her daydreams for the past three days, and to be perfectly honest her night dreams as well. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she doesn’t want any new friends? What am I going to say? Everything she rehearsed escaped her when she heard Willows’ voice.

“Hello.” Willow greeted her caller.

Tara could almost see the smile on Willows’ face. She took a deep breathe and began, “Hey, um, W-w-willow, it’s Tara, from the other night, we, um, we did the spell in the laundry room. Do you remember me?” Tara trailed off at the end, hoping that Willow would remember one of the most significant nights in her life thus far.

“How could I forget?” Willow blurted, “It’s only the first time that my magic has ever really worked without leaving a big green sticky mess on my carpet that not even fresh carpet sprinkle can make smell good, let’s hope the resident assistant doesn’t see that.”

“Huh?” Tara questioned. “Oh.” She babbles too, how cute?!

“Never mind,” Willow sighed slightly embarrassed that the blonde had to listen to her ramble about her failures as a want-a-be Wicca.

Silence fell on the line.

Tara whizzed back to reality after a few seconds, and made the plunge, “Um, I was thinking m-maybe we could get together sometime, and look at a few spells, compare notes, I m-mean you seemed like the only one in the Wicca group that was interested.”

Willow grinned from ear to ear. She remembered the blondes’ stutter, but more so the deep blue eyes, supple lips, and soft hands. Tara had been the center of her imagination more than once the past few days also. She’s been trying to figure out why and she knew she absolutely wanted to compare notes. “I have a two hour break after my first class” Willow said cheerfully. “Do you want to grab a cup a’ Joe?”

Tara, without hesitation, replied “Yes, can you m-meet me in the Student Union lounge?” She could hear Buffy in the background hurrying Willow. “You’re gonna be late, little Miss Punctuality.”

“Sounds goody good to me. I gotta run, knowledge awaits me, and my brain is running a little late,” fell off Willows’ lips before she had a chance to process what her eager brain had fed her filter less mouth. I’ve really got to stop doing that, she thought to herself, suddenly realizing one of the reasons why she hasn’t been asked on a date in the past few months. “I’ll see you then, bye.”

Tara timidly said “bye Willow.” Just hearing her self say the name Willow outloud left a smile on her face. She gathered her books and headed for the door expelling, “This will be the longest class of my life.”

Willow scurried around, ignoring Buffys’ taunting, finishing her outfit with a pink shirt and then hitting the hallway with a little pep in her step; not before throwing a comment at Buffy over her shoulder mentioning something about staying at Riley’s all night and an early morning quickie.


Tara walked to the Student Union building and stood behind one of the columns out front with her head down using her hair as a shield. She would raise her eyes, step from behind the column, and scan the courtyard every so often searching for the redhead, but avoiding eye contact with passersby. Will she show or just forget? Maybe she was just being nice on the phone? She probably had other plans already. That’s okay. Her mind was insecure.

“Hey. Tara!” Willow called from behind. The blonde jumped. Willow giggled but then felt badly for scaring the sheepish girl, “Oh, sorry, I got out of class a little early. I’ve been vegging on the couch inside.”

“Oh, o-okay.” Tara mumbled looking at the witch through the blonde locks that fell in her face. She smiled with satisfaction.

She followed Willow inside and they sat down. They spent the next two hours talking about Wicca, spells, and the encounter with the big bad they had several nights before. The shy, sensual blonde intrigued Willow. Tara was interested in Willows’ craft. However, she was not interested in spells alone. She knew what she was feeling was a crush. She had felt them before for women, just not this powerful. She didn’t know if Willow felt the same way, but she was definitely willing to find out.

Not wanting their time to end, Tara plotted another meeting this time in private. “Would you like to come over and practice a few spells tomorrow night?” she asked.

“That would be great.” Willows eyebrows raised, she was visibly excited. Then her forehead quickly furrowed, “But I’ve got a thingy with the gang tomorrow night, if you give me your phone number we can get together another time.”

“Soon?” the blonde questioned, not expecting herself to be so forceful.

“Sooner than soon, as soon as soon can be, just not tomorrow soon,” Willow rattled off.

Tara giggled, amused by the kindness that emitted from the redhead. She would wait patiently by the phone.


The blonde sat with her legs crossed on the floor. She had a tattered leather bound spell book opened on her lap. Her room was dark colored but there was light from the twinkling strands draped along her ceiling and walls, and the candles scattered throughout. New age memorabilia adorned the shelves and Wicca books were poked everywhere. The decorator wanted her guests to feel comfort. Her task was certainly accomplished; the warmth of the room was immediate.

Tara rubbed her temples and sighed “if I could just get the ingredients right.”

Maybe she wasn’t as in tune with the elements as she’d like to be? Some spells had been easy for as long as she could remember. Her mother always assured her that her craft would evolve and the hard spells would become easy too. To her disdain her craft had not evolved fully and her mother was no longer there to drop those reassuring words of confidence. It was the only thing that she shared with her mother, the thing they loved to do together. It was the thing that kept her mother alive and with her.

She sipped the coffee that sat at her side, leaned her head back against the bed and closed her eyes. The face of the redhead filled her mind. Will she call? Was she really interested in the spells? Could she be interested in me? She doesn’t seem like the type, but who can tell by looks anymore? Hell, look at me, I’m not a raving butch. Questions riddled her head.

She sensed the curiosity in Willows’ emerald green eyes. It was just so hard to tell if it was about the spells or about her. She couldn’t stop thinking about her, she wanted to get her alone, to get to know her, learn everything she could about the redhead. “Just call me,” she said under her breath.

A knock at the door startled her. She jerked straight up almost spilling her coffee. She glanced at the clock and it read 9:56 PM. Mary from across the hall must smell the coffee. She opened the door expecting to see her neighbor but to her delight the adorable redhead stood there instead with her hands clasped in front of her.

“Hi!” Willow said as she rocked onto her tiptoes and shrugged her shoulders, clearly nervous, she spoke again, “I was just in the neighborhood and thought I would drop by, I looked up your room number in the directory. My thingy ended soon and I thought you might still be awake, I hope you don’t mind, do you mind? I can come back some other time if you don’t want company...” Willow was cut off.

“I want” the blonde declared, she smiled bashfully and dropped her head but not her eyes, “c-c-company, please come in.” Tara opened the door fully and waved her arm for Willow to enter. She was ecstatic inside.

Willow stepped forward, eyeing the room from corner to corner, “ooh, I have a candelabrum just like that one, or had, Spike broke it when he tried to bite me…”

“What?” Tara asked quizzically as she swung around.

“Uh, I said, Spike, he-he borrowed it for bike week.” Willow reeled off as a cover up. Tara nodded as if she bought it. Whew!

“So, it looks like you’re concocting a spell, you wascally witch you” her Elmer Fudd connotation was greeted with a raised eyebrow. ‘Jeez I’m such a nerd’ Willow thought.

Tara stared at her with heavy lids, not in the “you’re so weird” way like Willow usual received, but in a way she had never felt from another woman. It dawned on her that these feelings for Tara may be more than about witchery?! She had struggled for the past few days with her thoughts of the blondes’ curvaceous body and soft skin. Is this sexual tension? This is very confusing but kinda exciting.

Tara spoke “yeah, um, I can’t get the ingredients right or m-maybe I’m not doing the chant correctly. Do you wanna take a look?” She was pleased the witch was here, now she had her all to herself.

The blonde witch sat on the floor crossing her legs in front of her and the redhead followed sitting opposite of her. Tara began to explain the spell and its components. Willow tried to listen but got lost in thought. Why is this attractive blonde lacking confidence? Why is she so self-conscious? She is clearly a beautiful person. What happened to her? Making it better was her first instinct. She imagined holding the girl against her, pulling her head onto her shoulder and stroking her hair.

“…add the Sage and then chant these lines twice.” Tara continued her study of the spell looking to Willow for help.

“Yeah right, Sage, go on.” Willow said absently. She was enjoying gazing at the witch, analyzing her, and soaking up every bit she could. She had never looked at a woman in this way before but this girl was magical, literally and figuratively. Her eyes followed the lips of the blonde, seeing her moist tongue forming words Willow felt a twinge in her lower abdomen. Whoa. This girl is absolutely turning me on! Holy cow! That’s only happed with Oz. She blinked and shook her head.

“W-what? Is that what I’ve been doing wrong all along?” Tara piped up. “Oh, I see I’m s-supposed to sprinkle and chant, not sprinkle then chant. Thank you so much Willow, I knew you’d be good at this.” Graciously she nodded, lifting her deep blue eyes to meet with the redheads.

Willow smiled a quirky smile “your welcome, I think... So what does this puppy do, exactly?” she added.

“Well” Tara paused then grinned “this p-puppy, will ward off certain demons, like the ones from the other night.”

“Ooookaaay” Willow dragged out the word. “When and where were you planning on trying it out” now a bit worried.

“Now, here, don’t want those suckers to come back, scary.” Tara shuddered.

Willow immediately wanted to shelter the blonde witch. “No chance of that, Buffy took care of them,” she said with affirmation.

“B-Buffy, took care of them, w-what do you mean?” Tara was puzzled.

“Long story” the redhead came back, wanting to end this conversation.

“I have all night.” The blonde witch was flirting.

Willow was caught off guard; she stumbled on her words “Uh, um, we can talk about that later, let’s try out this spell.”

Tara nodded with a simple “okay.” She was content; she knew she could use the subject to barter for another ‘date.’

The blonde prepared the ingredients while Willow perused the collection of Wicca books sewn throughout the room. Eyeing crystals and herbs it dawned on Willow just how much the blonde was ahead of her with her practice. She wanted to learn from Tara, she wanted to take in all the information the more experienced witch had to offer. And for some reason, she felt more than hunger for knowledge, as she watched the witch. Willow finally sat down again and they began the ritual.

Throughout the night the girls traded witchcraft stories (mostly Tara’s), studied spells, and burnt down candles. Willow liked her new friend, an arbitrary figure, and a fresh ear to fill with her adventures. What a treasure to keep from the Scoobies!

Tara was thankful to have a friend that shared her enthusiasm for witchcraft and maybe more?


Tara woke up lying on her back with a spell book across her chest. She looked over at the redhead lying on her shoulder and concluded that they had fallen asleep while reading the ancient text. She was elated. This is great! She does want to be my friend. A smile crept across her lips and her eyes lids followed suit. She could smell the redheads’ hair, um Freesia, so sweet. Her right side melded with Willow, it was a perfect fit. She felt the mystical forces flowing in this bed and hoped Willow would soon feel them too.

Now was her chance to observe the redheaded witch. She started at her lips, thin and red; she knew her own voluptuous ones would cover them completely. She moved to her eyes, lashes long and curvy, and softly her lids lie shut hiding the most stunning emerald green orbs. She traced her brow to her hairline and down to her earlobe, ah, perfect for nibbling. Her pale neck was sleek and swan like, she almost leaned into lay a kiss. She refrained. A yawn built, but Tara suppressed it for fear of disturbing the sleeping beauty. She was savoring every bit of the moment. She closed her eyes again breathing in rhythm with Willow.

A door slammed down the hall ending Tara’s bliss. Damn.

Willow stirred prying her eyes open she saw an unfamiliar ceiling above her, snatching her head to the side she saw Tara’s blue eyes smiling at her. “Oh, I’m sorry” Willow said uneasily.

“It’s o-okay, you must have been comfortable.” Tara assured her.

“What time is it?” The redheaded witch asked while sitting up, a hint of fear in her voice, “I have class at 8 o’clock.” She was never late. “There,” Tara pointed to the desk “it’s 6:12. Enough time for a cup of coffee?” She asked anxiously trying to keep Willow there just a while longer.

“Actually, I promised Buffy we’d have breakfast together this morning. If she shows…who knows? These days Riley seems to monopolize all her spare time” she remarked as she put on her shoes and gathered her things.

Tara sensed some resentment and maybe a little jealousy. Her right side began to grow cold because Willows’ nimble warm body had moved, a tinge of sadness ensued. “No p-problem. Would you like to come over tonight and do some more spells?” She couldn’t believe she was being so bold, but she wanted nothing more than to have this redhead to herself.

“Sure, um, probably, I need to check in with Giles about a few things, I’ll give you a call this afternoon, k?” Willow stated reluctantly yet giving Tara a confident smile. Tara dropped her head and sent Willow a heartwarming look. Willow melted, “I’ll be back, tonight, not in the ‘Terminator guns and metal’ kind of back, but in the ‘Wicca charms and crystals’ kind of back.” Relief grew in blue eyes of the blonde. Willow moved towards the door needing to be alone and think about what had transpired in the past eight hours.

“I-I had fun, last night, th-th-thanks for coming by,” Tara’s stutter was in full swing, she walked behind the redhead to close the door, “I’ll see you tonight.”

Willow spun around halfway in the hall and doorway to face the blonde. She looked into Tara’s eyes and felt the urge to, to, to, kiss her. This is way too much! The next few seconds felt like days, she could swear mold was beginning to grow on her shoes. She wasn’t sure what to do. Then she lifted her hand formed a fist and punched Tara in the upper arm, “see ya later alligator” she shrugged and said. Tara grabbed her ‘wound’ and with a slight grimace uttered “bye.” The redhead turned and walked away, rolling her eyes in disbelief at her poor social skills.


"We have art to save ourselves from the truth."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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 Post subject: Re: Discover Me
PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 7:18 pm 
:lmao at:

Then she lifted her hand formed a fist and punched Tara in the upper arm, “see ya later alligator” she shrugged and said.


Great start, I'll be waiting for more. :grin


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 Post subject: Re: Discover Me
PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 7:44 pm 
very good start i think you captured taras view point very well and how you've set the tone for their attraction already can't wait to see more :wave

 Post subject: Re: Discover Me
PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2004 10:28 pm 
I love these types of stories, and I am ready to ride this one out as well.

Your Tara is a little bolder that the one in canon. I look forward to the other changes you make.

Tara: My heart doesn't stutter.

Tara: Willow, I got so lost.

Willow: I found you. I will always find you.

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 Post subject: Re: Discover Me
PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:59 am 
Aww so cute..I love this already :love . Love sam xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

 Post subject: Re: Discover Me
PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:21 am 
This is so great. :shock You've got me hooked. Please continue.



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 Post subject: RE: Discover Me
PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:08 pm 
OOH I love this story ! Reading about the beginnings of their relationship is heartwarming. You've hooked me... I'm here for the duration.

Come on... show me what you've got :eyebrow .



 Post subject: Discover Me - Chap 2
PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 5:01 pm 
Thanks so much for the feedback folks. It encourages me to write more.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc.

Feedback: Yes, if you’d like.

Rating: NC 17

Spoilers: Season 4

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Willow and Tara do a 'spell.'

Thoughts in italics

Chapter 2

Willow arrived at her dorm room and Buffy was just getting in herself. The best friends looked at one another and silently agreed they were growing apart. Their first year of college was pulling them in different directions. They weren’t going to talk about it though.

The two decided not to go out to breakfast in favor of a bowl of Choco Poofs at ‘Café Stevenson RM 214’.

Buffy told Willow that Giles wanted them to come by that afternoon, a Scooby meeting was planned, something about a new demon in town. What’s new?


Willow showered and dressed thinking every moment about Tara. She was beginning to come to terms with her attraction to the blonde witch. She wanted nothing more than to reach out, pull her close, and kiss her plump lips this morning. Just the thought of it made her get all butterflyeeey in her stomach. There was more than just physical attraction to this girl. Like the cliché, Willow looked into those deep blue eyes and felt like she had known her all her life. She wanted to explore these feelings. She almost wanted to ditch the Scooby meeting and go straight to Taras’ after classes. Her loyalty to fighting evil was more important right now than ‘getting her jollies’, as Giles would say.


Tara popped a Sarah CD in and pressed play. Her morning ritual began with meditation followed by lots of caffeine. The smile she wore could not be knocked off her face today. She was so excited. Willow liked her! It didn’t matter that she came to her room under the pretense of magic. The bashful blonde caught Willow more than once staring at her mouth when she talked last night. She could be wrong, but it looked as if Willow was feeling something too. Tonight would be an opportunity to find out.


Willow closed her laptop after successfully hacking into the Sunnydale Department of Motor Vehicles as Giles requested. She made the call to his apartment leaving the information on his machine. Glancing at her watch, it was time to go.

She walked from her dorm towards Taras’. She kept her eyes moving as always when she was out alone at night. Never knowing when a vamp may be lurking in the shadows looking for a meal. She crossed the campus she had grown to love. Higher education had beckoned her since grade school. The “brains” of the Scoobies knew she would love college. It was her escape from the nerd hell of high school; a clean slate for her to start over. She passed the science building and thought about the paper she had to write for Dr. Walsh. Moving quicker the hacker hurried across the street in front of Tara’s dorm taking notice of a u-haul-it that was being loaded. “Another one bites the dust” she murmured. Plugging along up the stairs carefully nursing her sore ankle, she could feel her heart rate increase. Her ears began to burn and her breath quickened and it wasn’t from the brisk walk. Down the hall she strode feeling like she was walking in slow motion. At last she was there; the blonde was waiting for her behind that door. Her fingertips tingled, she hadn’t felt so alive since before Oz left. She stood there wanting more from this night than learning a few new spells.

“Tap, Tap, Tap…” Tara was lighting her candles when the witch arrived. She closed the gap between her and the door with two skips, her dark skirt flowing behind. She swung the door open greeting the redhead with a bashful grin “come in” she told her.

Willows’ heart melted again when she saw the blonde’s demure face. “Hi,” she chirped. Her facial expression grew confused when she looked past Tara; another girl was sitting on the end of the bed holding a cup of coffee. Instantly jealousy overtook her body.

Tara saw the change in the redhead and quickly introduced Mary to Willow. ”Mary this is Willow, Willow this is Mary, my neighbor from across the hall” the blonde delivered never taking her eyes off Willow. She saw the ebb of jealousy subside in her eyes and it gave Tara more confidence that the redhead was crushing on her too. “She was just leaving,” she speedily added, pushing Mary, who had stood to shake Willows’ hand, towards the door.

“Bye, nice to meet you” Mary chimed, as Tara saw her out with a stiff hand in the back. The girl flailed a bit trying to keep her balance.

“Bye” Willow was short.

The blonde witch closed the door and then leaned her back against it watching Willow take a seat on the floor she explained with a laugh “She, um, smells the coffee and comes over. She’s such a m-mooch.”

Willow looked up relieved and giggled at the blonde. Their eyes caught and they found themselves talking to each other without a word being exchanged. Their grins retracted to a stare. Tara broke first when she moved to her desk and picked up the spell book she had obviously been studying. “I thought we might start with this levitation spell first” she informed Willow handing her the text.

“Well okay but I haven’t tried to levitate anything bigger than a pencil” the redhead stated. “Well, actually I have, but it got all wiggly and broke on Buffys’ nightstand. I still haven’t told her about the demise of her ring holder” she expelled a short laugh; her eyes were a flitter from the thought of trying a more difficult spell.

“I think you’re ready to move up, and to show you how confident I am in you, I’ll let you l-levitate me” Tara proposed saucily. Willow could feel the heat of the blue eyes burn through her.

Willow began to read the spell stopping abruptly when she came to the words, ‘place hands under object to be levitated and then on top, observing its organic composition and aura.’ Blood rushed through her veins. She would have to touch Tara.

“Ready?” The blonde asked, clearly delighted, while putting the final candles in place. She had planned this, no doubt. She would find out if the redheaded witch were really interested or not.

“Sure” Willow swallowed hard then searched for air.

“Oops, one m-more thing,” Tara declared as she walked to the window and pulled the crimson curtains closed tightly. She then moved to the center of the candles, her hands slid down the back of her legs holding her skirt in place, she lie on her back in front of the seated witch. Willow watched intently the movements of the blonde knowing Tara was ready to begin when she made eye contact accompanied by a sexy smile. Could she be any more beautiful and radiant? Willow pondered. Her pulse had increased with every motion the blonde made.

The redhead began the ritual, first the herbs, then the chant, and now to survey her subject. She reached out; her fingers shaking slightly, careful and gentle she pushed them under the girl lying before her. Her left hand rested in the small of Tara’s back, the right just below her buttocks. A short strip of skin was exposed between Tara’s shirt and skirt revealing a smooth stomach. Willow felt the soft skin and the butterflies were back.

Tara felt the nimble fingers glide under her and tingles raced over her skin. If Willow had looked closely she would have seen the goose bumps form. This is so intense; the blonde kept to herself, enjoying the ounce of intimacy. The trembling hands began to settle down as they moved again, this time positioning lightly on her stomach and quadracep. The blondes’ breath increased, she kept her eyes closed knowing that if she looked at Willow she would know instantly that the she was aroused.

Willow continued the chant and her hands rode the blonde witch ever so slowly to her perch about chin high to the redhead. “Its working” Willow whispered. She was convinced that the blonde made her a better witch. Tara’s presence brought out the best in her.

Tara’s eyes opened narrowly. She looked down her nose at the redhead. She was floating. She cracked a grin, “I knew you could do it Willow.” They both closed their eyes again. The caster completed the chant keeping her hands firmly planted until the subject was back in her place on the floor. Willow started pulling away dragging her fingertips off the blondes’ body. Opening their eyes in unison and finding each other’s gaze, Tara said surprisingly to Willow “You don’t have to move them.” Willow stopped abruptly. Courageously the blonde sat up; their faces were so close they could feel the others breathe. The redhead didn’t budge; more importantly to Tara she didn’t pull away. The blonde was steadfast, her eyes searching Willows for the go ahead. Willow wanted this, her body yearned to touch the blondes, she leaned in and Tara met her halfway.

Their lips joined, finally, their tongues delved into each other’s mouths. The attraction was certainly mutual. Willow massaged the witch’s tongue with her own, sucking the tip momentarily, then began playfully teasing. Tara smiled and played back. The redheads’ hand progressed from the blondes’ leg to the opposite hip then brushed her arm on its way to her neck. The other moved from her stomach around to her back digging her nails in as the kiss deepened. She could feel the twinge between her legs. She wanted this girl more than anything at this moment. She may not know exactly what to do but she was willing try.

Tara eased her hand up Willows’ back and buried it deep into her red hair then grasped a handful. She sucked the bottom lip of the redheaded witch then dropped her lips to the sleek neck she was tempted by earlier that morning. Up to the ear now she nibbled just as she imagined. Willow ducked her head a bit and shuddered. Tara continued her torment of the redhead; she put her hand on the neck still damp with kisses and gently caressed the nape. Her lips found Willow’s again, this time the kiss was hungrier.

Willow pulled Tara closer; her arms encircled the smooth exposed waistline, the warmth of the blondes’ body sent shock waves through her lower abdomen. She couldn’t believe her heightened senses as opposed to being with Oz. He could turn her on, but it was nothing compared to the way this woman was making her feel. She was almost jumping out of her skin.

The blonde cooled her jets, laying a hand aside Willows cheek she pulled gently from the kiss. Looking deep into those emerald greens she felt at home, she conceded to herself that she had found her soul mate. She didn’t want Willow to feel pressured though. “That was n-nice,” she said barely audible while batting her eyelids.

“Nice? Nice? That was better than nice. Wow, that was nice nasty, uh, that’s not what I meant. I meant that, that was niiiccceeee. I’m thoroughly pleased. Yep, pleased” Willow sputtered out using her hands to do most of the talking.

She wanted to kiss the blonde again and started leaning forward when Tara put her hands on her shoulders and asked, “Are you o-okay with this?”

“Of course I am Tara, I wouldn’t still be sitting here if I weren’t down with the okayness” the redhead looked worried.

“I’m just m-making sure” the blonde professed as she pecked Willow on the forehead. “I didn’t know if you had done this before.”

“I haven’t,” the redheaded witch said “as a matter of fact. But, if I had known it felt this good, I’d started a long time ago. Have you?” curious now.

The blonde witch nodded confirming her sexuality.

“Oh, okay.” Willow was charged; she loved the fact that the blonde was shy yet she had experience as a witch and now, come to find out, with women as well.

The phone rang. “Perfect” the two women sighed in unison then laughed. Tara got up and answered, “Hello, yes, yes she is, hang on” with a disconcerted look on her face she said; “it’s someone named Anya.”

Willow hopped to her feet perplexed, “How’d they know I was here?” she questioned. “Hello, yeah, okay, I’ll be there in a few.” She hung up. She turned to Tara and announced, “I’ve got to go, I’ll explain later.”

Tara was bewildered, who was this Anya person and why did Willow need to leave so hastily? “But we just got started…on the spells” she pleaded.

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ll come back if it isn’t too late. Will that be okay?” She queried with a heavyhearted look.

“Sure” the blonde was brief. She looked down at her feet in disappointment.

Willow grabbed her belongings, then turned to Tara pulled her chin up and planted a quick awkward kiss on her sensuous round lips. “I’ll call if it’s too late to come back.”

Tara grinned shyly and told Willow to be careful.


This time Willow closed the door and leaned her back against it, blowing out a long breath she shivered rolling her eyes back. Woo hoo! Demons beware! She jumped to action heading for Giles’ apartment with a million thoughts racing through her brain. One being to scorn Anya for breaking into her dorm room and hitting redial.

On the other side Tara plopped onto her bed face first, if it were a pool she would have done a belly buster, “ARRRRGH," was muffled by her pillow.


"We have art to save ourselves from the truth."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

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 Post subject: Re: Discover Me - Chap 2
PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2004 7:26 pm 
terra21 :wave

This just keeps getting better ! I love the way Tara planned this out to get confirmation of what she'd seen in Willows eyes :eyebrow . Darn Anya and smoochie interuptus :D .

Great update !



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Bold Tara me likes

“You don’t have to move them.”
I wonder if there will be more of an appearance of her :confused well I loved it totally believable story on how they got together can't wait to see more soon hopefully :bow :bigwave

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Awww..that was so great :love beautiful. Damn anya :p . Love sam xx

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Hi :) Just wanted to say that I really like this story so far! Can't wait to read more...


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Lovely update..

The levitation spell was really nice, and sexy ;)

Loved the first kiss too!

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i am really liking this story....hopefully we dont have to wait too long for the next update......:)


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I'd just like to say that the feedback is very encouraging. I'd like to leave a few words from me to my supporters. (Includes replies from chap 1 and 2.)

Chapter 1

Washi Thanks for being my first:shock ...feedbacker that is.

silentinformer I love delving into the character that is Tara. Some may not agree with me but, it's my story, so there.:p

The Rose24 Thank you. From my observations of Tara in personal situations she was a little bolder, however it was rarely played out behind closed doors. I'm writing what I think happens when no one elese is around.

sam darls Thanks sam, I hope I will continue to please you.

MissKittys Ball O Yarn Great? :blush You're so sweet. Thank you.

behindhereyes I too was captured by the attraction in the 4th season so much that it prompted me to write this story, which is my first fic.

Chapter 2

behindhereyes Thank you. It's obvious now, watching The Gentlemen, of the attraction between Willow and Tara. We all felt it in the beginning, Tara was astute as well.

silentinformer Me likes me some bold Tara too. She will appear again. Hold onto your stockings!

sam darls We can always count on Anya to ruin the moment. Thank you.

Dazed and Confused83 Thanks Tiffany, I hope enjoy the rest.:eyebrow

Willster Writing the levitation spell was intense also. I almost did a spell myself.:flirt

LizPuRR Your sig cracks me up.:lmao You don't have to wait long at all, it's coming up next. Thank you.

Thanks again all, terra.

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc.

Feedback: Yes, if you’d like.

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 4

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Love is in the air...

Thoughts in italics

Chapter 3

Tara lasted until 2 am when her eyelids gave up. She had replayed the kiss over and over in her head all night. Even though Willow didn’t return or call she fell asleep content. She awoke around 6 am to a tapping at her door. Saturday mornings were meant for sleeping in on campus, didn’t everyone know that? She pulled her robe over her tank and shorts and pushed her fingers through her blonde hair hoping it would put some order to the disarrayed mop. She dragged her tired body towards the door and with the most perturbed face she could muster she opened it.

“Willow” she exclaimed, surprised again by the redhead just showing up on her doorstep and, of course, because she was happy to see her. Suddenly she became very aware of the fact that she had bed head and bad breath. She totally forgot about it when she saw Willow was hurt. “Y-your arm, what happened?! Come in.”

“The big bad” Willow grumbled, poking her bottom lip out.

Tara went into ‘mother- mode’ when she saw the blood stains on the torn sleeve of the sweater. “Sit, let me see” she had already begun to roll up the sleeve, exposing a laceration on the redheads’ forearm. She went to her desk and opened the bottom drawer pulling out several bottles of herbs and liquids. She found gauze and tape in a basket near her bed then she pulled a spell book from its spot on the bookcase. She started mixing a magical concoction, undoubtedly, and stuck a mint leaf into her mouth to cure her morning breath. “Remove your sweater” she commanded.

Willow looked up wide-eyed, almost scared, and then realized she was the patient and her nurse was just performing her duties. Although, that didn’t change the fact that she was about to remove an important piece of clothing for the first time in front of the girl for whom she obviously had feelings, “okay” was her only word. She pulled the sweater over her head paying special attention to her injury. She sat quietly on the bed and watched the witch; goddess, she’s lovely in the mornings too. She trusted Tara even though she had only known her for a very short time.

Tara finished mixing her magical ointment and turned to Willow. Her face blushed as soon as her eyes fell upon the pink lace bra the redhead was wearing. She barreled through the uncomfortable situation by dropping her head and not saying a word as she dutifully cleaned and applied salve to the cut. Her eyes drifted from the cut to Willows’ breasts and then back, her face reddened more each time she caught her eyes shifting. She wiped her fingers, taped the gauze, and then noticed a sly smile on the patient…she was being observed.

Willow stole the hand that was attending her injury and fixed it to her cheek. Standing over the redhead, Tara stared down into those wonderful green eyes, wanting. Willow grabbed the witch’s free hand and tugged her on top of her as she lay back on the bed. “It’s all better now” she released and bit her lower lip; her eyes could have beamed through Tara they were so lit with anticipation. Tara paused for several seconds before dipping her head and taking the thin red lips in the grasp of her own. She entwined her tongue with the redheads’ and a deep moan sounded from the depth of Willows’ lungs. She took a handful of blonde hair into her fist and pushed her lace pink covered breasts into Tara’s chest. Tara responded by kissing her harder. She wanted nothing more than to make love to Willow, sweetly, passionately and womanly.

Tara shifted positioning her thigh between the redheads’ legs. She ran her hands and arms under Willows back and shoulders simultaneously pushing into the redheads’ center. Willow bucked her hips instinctively off the bed to meet the pressure. Their mouths never left the others. Tara propped on one elbow and found the hem of the witch’s skirt with the other hand. She raked her fingernails up Willows’ lean leg bringing the skirt with her. She stopped, broke the kiss, drew back, then looked into Willows eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

Not blinking an eye, breathlessly Willow whispered, “oh yeah, I’m sure.” She needed to feel the intimacy between her and this woman, this witch. Her core ached she wanted her so badly. Her lips found the blondes again and her tongue sought to fulfill her need. She inhaled long through her nose. Sensing Tara hesitate again she withdrew her tongue, “please,” she sounded with desperation.

Tara nudged her nose under Willows chin and planted soft kisses on her pale throat, lower, ever so slowly, lower. She breathed deeply savoring the sweet smell of the redhead. She began a rocking rhythm with her body as she pressed hard with her leg and then dragged it back and forth across the redheads’ middle. Willow moaned and her hips kept rhythm with the blonde. Her own hands combed Tara’s curves, her palms fused with the milky skin as she thrust her hands under the witch’s shirt. Her nails dug into Tara’s back when the blonde finally found her mouths’ destination - Willows’ nipple. The redhead could instantly feel the wetness between her thighs when Tara began to suckle from her breast through the pink lace. “Ummm…that feels…so…good” she groaned in unison with each lap Tara’s tongue made over the hard peak. Tara had one hand in her red hair and the other under her ass kneading. Willow determined then that this witch not only had done a few spells but a few women also. Unbeknownst to her, Tara was feeling something way more powerful than she had ever felt for another woman.

The redhead, showing her strength, forced the blonde over and straddled her with one motion. She sat on Tara’s mid-section and began grinding her hips. She reached around to her back and unhooked the pink bra. Tara thrust her hips upward letting Willow ride, and when the red tipped breasts were exposed she sat up and began to suck again. First one and then the other, neither nipple felt lonely because if her mouth weren’t on it her fingers were there pinching and twisting. Willow, with her head thrown back and lips slightly parted held Tara to her bosom, entangling her slender fingers into the blonde hair. She continued to grind against the blonde, more and more eagerly, trying to catch her breath as her chest heaved. She clutched Tara’s head with both hands and tore her mouth away from her nipples upward to her own. She kissed her more passionately conveying the need to satisfy her insatiable hunger.

Willow pushed the robe from the blonde witch’s shoulders then began kissing her along her neck. Tara felt her shirt being ripped over her head next. Her own breasts were exposed now and she pressed the hard peaks into the freckled skinned girl she held. She moaned loudly she was so aroused, her center was wet as well, but she had no intention of gratifying her own needs. She was going to show the redhead why being made love to by another woman felt so right.

Willows’ skirt was pooled around the blonde. Tara had slipped the witch out of her underwear previously without her realizing. Her hands explored the slender figure poised on top of her. The soft fingers worked their way down to the skirt memorizing every curve they met. She moved one hand underneath the mesh and the other encircled the tiny waist. She grazed the inside of Willows thigh as she found the soft wet haven. Her mouth was on the red nipples again. Willows’ head was spinning; she felt high, her breathing mounted. Oxygen, oxygen, oxygen, she thought. She gasped when Tara entered her, her fingers pumped inside her and she flicked her thumb on Willows’ clit at the same time. “Oooohhhh, oh goddess” the redheaded witch expelled, she had never experienced such ecstasy.

Tara could feel the orgasm gaining inside Willow. Her mouth left the nipple momentarily to whisper encouragingly, “come on, come on” in her partners’ ear, while she continued to stroke inside of her. Willow held tightly to the blonde and drove her hips faster and faster against her hand and fingers. Tara hugged the thin body almost afraid she may be squeezing the life from her. Willows’ rhythm hitched, her breath caught and her body trembled. Tara felt the wet channel tense up then release and start pulsating. “Taraaaaa, ahhhh,” Willow released from her throat. She took Tara’s head in her arms and held her tightly to her chest, then went limp and laid her head on the blondes.

Tara tried to regulate her breathing while clenched to the bosom of her lover. Oh my goddess this redhead is amazing. She stirred emotions in Tara that she had never felt before. She sighed, loosened her grip on Willows’ waist and fell back on the bed; the redhead went with her.

Willow’s eyelids would barely open when she raised her head, her green eyes met Tara’s deep blues, and she smiled drunkenly. “Ummm, that was, that was unbelievable” she proclaimed. It took all the remaining energy she had to scoot up and to the side of the blonde. Her head now rested on Tara’s shoulder and her arm on her chest, her fingers absently traced her jaw. Tara rubbed her witch’s arm and muttered “yes, yes you were.”

They lay like this for sometime basking in the glow of lovemaking without a word.

“You’re quite a tiger, grrrr,” Willow broke the silence leaning on her elbow and looking Tara in the face.

Tara grinned shyly, quite embarrassed, “Willoooow…” she dragged out, “thank you.” She rolled over found her shirt and slipped back into it. She progressed to the coffeepot and made the morning brew.

Willow watched her every move; she wanted to please Tara as she had just pleased her. She snuggled into Tara’s pillow, closed her eyes smelling the coffee aroma and began to imagine what she would do to the blonde.

She was awakened a few hours later by tender kisses on her forehead. Tara whispered “wake up sleepy head,” she was newly bathed and starved, “let’s get some lunch.” The redhead smiled widely, placed her arm over the witch’s side and pulled her close “mmmm, food, good, sniff, shower first.”


“…And so we’ve got this group that fights evil and all - the Scoobies.” Willow concluded.

“Wow! I had no idea. I m-mean I knew there were evil forces and mystical energies but, wow, nothing to that extent. That’s cool, well, not cool, but interesting.” Tara stated as if she weren’t really fazed, more so impressed.

Willow was relieved, first because she had a confidant outside the Scooby Gang and second, because Tara wasn’t a virgin to the whole demon world.

Tara took a bite of her sandwich and looked at Willow. She knew she was already falling for her.

Willow smiled back trying to read the blondes mind, “I think my bandage needs to be changed,” nodding towards her arm. “Do you want to be my nurse again?” She asked flirtatiously wagging her eyebrows.


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Ooh great update..sooo frigging cute and so lovely. Love sam xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

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Wow. They are moving really fast. At first It seems like a dream, but apparently it isn't.

Tara: My heart doesn't stutter.

Tara: Willow, I got so lost.

Willow: I found you. I will always find you.

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If Tara doesn't want the job I'll be the nurse :blush so i loved this but then again i am coming to realize i may love all of your writings ;) so can't wait for the next part it will be soonish if your track record says anything :bow

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:sheep that was hot !

I loved that Tara wasn't concerned with her own needs, and only wanted to show Willow how special being loved by a woman is !!




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I read all four chapters of this over on Extra Flamey and was enraptured by the sweetness and the sparkage recognition factor which they shared.

You have a innate way of capturing the insecurities and hesitance of what makes Willow/Tara Willow/Tara.

Each one putting the needs of the other before even thinking about their own desires and needs.

Tara is touched that Willow would come to her to be nursed back to health and Tara draws pearly-white fluids out of Willow instead of blood.

The visual images are such that they will sustain me through this cold Iowa winter ahead.:drool :drool :drool :drool :drool :bow

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that was a great update!!!


and i'm glad you like my sig :) ....cause here it is again :)


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Again thanks for all the feedback.

sam darls Thank you, I hope you enjoy the next update as well.

The Rose24 I'm not much one for the angst, sorry. :p

silentinformer Thank you so much, you are sweet. :blush

behindhereyes I agree Tara is such a giving soul. Thanks.

taralicious They are a sweet couple aren't they? I love writing about them. Maybe the next chapter will keep you warm until July?:wink

LizPuRR Thanks, demand much?:p

Chap 4 coming next!

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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc.

Feedback: Yes, if you’d like.

Rating: NC-17

Spoilers: Season 4

Genre: Romance

Summary: Lovemaking.


Before Tara could turn around Willow pushed her onto the bed. “Umph, Willow! Patient much?”

“Nope, well, yes, that depends on what you’re talking about. If it’s the cut on my arm then no, but if it’s the fact that I’m being a little brazen with you then yes, I’ve been patient long enough.” the redhead talked more into the air above than to Tara.

“Three hours can hardly be classified as patience my dear” the blonde said matter-of-factly while pushing a swatch of red hair behind her lovers cute little ear. “Patience is a vir…” Willows mouth replaced the last syllable on Tara’s’ lips with an anxious kiss. The slender redhead fumbled at first but gained confidence. Her hands scoured the blondes’ body and Tara squirmed under her touch. She took mental notes of all the tender areas where Tara had moaned the loudest.

“I want to see all of you” Willow confessed to the blonde. “Undress for me” she breathed on Tara’s lips. Tara withdrew turning her head to the side self-consciously. “Please,” her lover pleaded, putting a finger under her chin and steering it back to face her. She could never tell Willow no.

Willow rolled on her side and propped onto her elbow, Tara still lie on her back. The blonde reached for her buttons, never taking her eyes from Willows’ face as she began to unbutton her blouse. When the last button was undone she pulled the black shirt gently open exposing her round breasts. The contrast was starkly significant between the black material and her pale skin. She watched intently to see the redheads’ reaction. Willow was happy that Tara chose not to wear a bra and licked her lips when the pink nipples became visible. She placed a hand on the blonde witch’s stomach and rubbed. She blinked and whispered “you are so beautiful.” Tara smiled shyly, and then she stood putting her back to Willow, letting the top fall off her shoulders to the floor. She unzipped the back of her skirt and her black panties crept into view. She turned to face the bed with her head hung low; her blonde hair almost touched the now hard pink tips. Her thumbs hooked into the skirt waist and pressed downwards, and with that one small gesture it fell to lie around her ankles. Willow advanced to sit in front of her. She grabbed the pale waist and pulled it to her. She carefully placed kisses above the black bikinis, and her hands full of Tara’s ass and underwear proceeded to slide down her thighs. Tara backed away and took command, she needed to feel free with Willow, and she eased them down her legs to join the skirt on the floor.

Tara knew it, Willow knew it, the look on the redheaded witch was unmistakable; she was mesmerized. She was enthralled by the womanliness of the body that stood before her. Tara gulped down the lump in her throat and fought back the wetness that shot to her eyes. Willow was truly engulfed by her. Tara could not believe anyone would ever react to her this way. The other girls she dated were never meaningful enough to see her completely naked, and now she had little refrain in giving herself to Willow.

From top to toe the witch viewed Tara’s body with longing in her eyes. She took her delicate hands into hers and stood to embrace the comely girl that she was about to make love too. Willow let her hands flow across the curvy hips to the small of her back resting there. Tara’s soft warm skin was flawless like porcelain.

“Now you” the blonde implored, running her fingers up to the lapel of the shirt she had lent the redhead. She leaned in, placing cheek to cheek, looked down and started unbuttoning. Willow caught Tara’s fragrance in her nostrils and breathed deeply, her fingers drew circles above the girls’ ass. The redheaded witch’s shirt was brushed off with only fingertips. Tara lifted her head paying close attention to her new lover. They did not kiss, just reveled in one another, their skin touched here and there. She progressed to the low-waist jeans and tugged them down along with the slender girls’ underwear to clump on the floor with the rest of the shed clothing.

Both fully unclothed now they touched their bare bodies together and joined in a kiss. Tara’s hands held the redheads’ face gently while Willow wrapped her arms around the blondes’ waist. With a spin induce by the redhead they both fell on the bed again. They indulged in a heated kiss and Willow became more ambitious bumping the blondes’ knees apart to lie between her silky legs. Tara obliged gracefully spreading her legs to take her witch closer. Willow began to roll her hips between Tara’s thighs and the blonde tilted her head back accompanied by a throaty moan. Willow seized the moment to nibble her neck and after loitering on her collarbone she found the pink tips with her tongue. “Mmmmm” Tara’s breathing became more ragged as she arched her back, “Mmmmm.”

Willow dwelled on the taunt nipples until Tara was begging, “I want to feel your fingers inside of me Willow please.” The redhead hovered to look the blonde directly in her eyes, her hand glided between her legs and her fingers began to stroke her smooth velvet center. “Ooooh, you are so wet,” Willow purred as she plunged inside the blonde with two fingers. Tara met her, “oooohhhh, Willow” rumbled from her chest, she was looking directly into her eyes, the redheaded witch could almost feel the pleasure jump from her stare.

The slender redhead traipsed kisses down Tara’s chest to her stomach, her fingers still searched inside and she could feel the walls getting tighter. When her mouth reached Tara’s essence she understood the irresistible scent of a woman. It was absolutely euphoric.

The blonde felt lightheaded, she would have never guessed this was Willows first experience with a woman. “Umm, you taste so good” Willow murmured and the vibrations stimulated Tara’s clit even more. The blonde held the redhead to her tightly as she continued the voyage with her tongue. “Faster…faster…harder,” Tara demanded with her head dug back into her pillow, “Oh yes, oh yes.” Willow kept time with her thrusts and felt the blonde cum. Her fingers went motionless, she raised her head and watched the stunning blonde gasp for breath and clinch the sheets. After Tara wreathed in pleasure she settled down and whimpered, “Come up here.” The witch obeyed and crawled to her lovers’ shoulder.

The only audible sounds were those of the two witches breathing hard. They were both covered with sweat and red flushed. Willow grinned quite content that she had satisfied her lover and Tara opened her eyes. It was then that she felt moisture sting them again. While watching the redhead nuzzle closer to her she let a tear fall this time and Willow saw it.

“What’s the matter, did I hurt you?” Willow was on the edge of being frantic.

“N-no, no, it was wonderful, beautiful, it w-was quite…touching” the blonde choked up.

“Aw, Tara baby, don’t cry” Willow urged remorsefully wiping the dampness from the witch’s cheeks.

“You, you make me feel cared for Willow. You made love to me like you meant it.” Tara sniffed.

“I did, I did meant it, I did.” The witch sounded like a broken record.

Tara smiled bashfully at the sincere redhead; she wanted to show her how good she just made her feel and she needed a reason to stop this conversation.

She pushed Willow onto her back and lay on top of her. Kissing the redhead fiercely she straddled her and placed her wetness on the girls’ stomach. Willow squirmed when Tara started kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. The blondes’ lips weren’t far behind her fingertips; she leaned down taking one of the rock hard crests in her mouth. Shifting to lay full length on the redheaded witch she began to grind. “Ohhh baby,” Willow was incensed. It felt like the pleasure was being pulled through every nerve in her breast spiraling to the tip and out into Taras’ mouth.

Tara traveled down the freckled skinned witch to the peak of her sex. She had imagined what the redhead tasted like. She had wanted this since they met and she was about to quench her yearning. Her feelings guided the way; her tongue dove into to the pink folds searching for the mount. Willow sucked in fast and her breathing became labored, she rolled her head side to side, “oh goddess.” The blonde covered her mound with her mouth and nestled in, rocking her head side to side. The redhead began to tremble and came so quickly she was in utter amazement. She had never gotten off so fast.

Tara posted at Willows’ side and gathered her into her arms hugging her tightly. Willow flubbed out “I’m glad you found me, I meant that night, the one with the gentlemen, you know.” She ultimately avowed, “I’m glad I found you.” She could feel Tara smile because the blondes’ cheek was pressed to her forehead. Tara caressed her hair, and said “Me too, I’m glad I discovered you.”


Yep, TBC.

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mmmmmm, nice update!!!


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 15, 2004 10:46 am 

That was hot ! I love the gentleness and caring between them. When they made love... it was deeper... like souls touching.

To you :bow



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Ooh lovely update :love Love sam xx

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WOW very very good it was sweet and touching with how willow soothed taras fears and :drool to the "sweetness" and smoochies they shared Can't wait for more

Just for that your going to to the top of the wacking list my friend - Baby from shorties

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Thanks again for the nice comments.

Now, lets shake things up a bit...:devilish

Chapter 5 is coming up next!

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Oringinally written as a sequel, the following chapters just made more sense to be included as a continuation of this fiction.

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, etc. Except those I made up myself.

Feedback: Yes, if you’d like.

Rating: R

Spoilers: Season 4

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Trouble in paradise?

Thoughts in italics


When she wasn’t in class Willow was in Tara’s dorm room practicing spells, discovering herself, and above all getting to know the blonde witch. Unlike her relationship with Oz, she knew little about this girl. Although, each time they visited she found some idiosyncrasy that made her adore Tara more.

Tara made her feel comfortable and vice versa. Even in long moments of silence they didn’t feel the need to speak. If being ‘made’ for someone were possible, Willow and Tara would be prime candidates. Their hands fit together perfectly, their minds like peas and carrots, and their bodies, oh their bodies, no matter the position it was snug. They couldn’t get enough of one another.

They lie on Tara’s bed, Willow resting her head on the blondes’ shoulder. Snuggling was one of Willows favorite past times while here. She knew she was safe here with Tara in their sanctuary, her refuge. Tara stroked her short flamey red hair as they talked.

“Willow you are not easy,” Tara smiled and rolled her eyes.

“But I’ve barely known you four weeks and we’re doing, well, you know” Willow said with a raised brow and a nod, “although, I feel like I’ve known you forever,” she added softly.

“That’s sweet, you are so cute.” She pecked her forehead. “And relax; I don’t think any less of you … easy weesy.” The blonde teased.

“Of course not, you’re getting the fruits of my looseness.” Willow professed.

“I’ll say fruit, kinda like strawberries” Tara continued to badger her.

“Tara, I’m serious, I mean, it took Oz and I forever before we first kissed.” She admitted rising up to look her lover in the face, “I’ve never jumped in so quickly.”

A lump formed instantly in Taras’ throat and she looked away. I knew this was too good to be true. How could anyone want to be with me? “Well, I’ll understand if you don’t w-want to come over anymore. This isn’t gonna be your run-of-the-mill high school sweetheart romance.” She stood up and Willow reached out for her but Tara kept going. “Not that that’s what you and this Oz guy had” her hands were making her case in the air, “besides if you’re feeling like it shouldn’t have ha-happened with me then…” Tara hushed she was flustered yet she didn’t want to hurt Willows feelings.

“Nooooooooo, I’m glad it happened, I’m just kinda freaked. Please don’t think that I’m upset with you, because I’m not.” Willow sputtered out as she sat up completely, hoping that Tara wasn’t mad at her.

“Ok, uh, I’ve got to go,” Tara stated, “I just remembered I have a quiz in my next class and we usually meet before to study.” She gathered her books and stood with her head down near the door. Get out of here, it’s not too late. Keep your distance; don’t let her in to hurt you more.

Willow took the hint and unwillingly made her way to the doorway. “Whatcha doing tonight?” She said cheerfully trying to smooth things over.

“I don’t know yet” Tara was brief; she never made eye contact with the witch.

“Can I come over? We can try that spell again we’ve been working on.” She sounded desperate and reached to push the blondes’ hair away from her face.

“I-I’ll call you after c-classes” the blonde fumbled and pulled away to open the door. They stepped into the hallway.

Willow didn’t think she could leave that room feeling bad, but right now she felt down right awful. She didn’t mean to hurt Taras’ feelings. I’m such a screw up. How am I going to fix this?

Tara moved to the opposite stairwell and all the redhead could do was watch her go.


I will never be good enough. I shouldn’t fool myself like that. Love just doesn’t happen for people like me. Tears rolled down the blondes’ cheeks as she made her way across the commons.

She dragged through her classes for the day and went back to her room relieved to be home, the home that she had made for herself. Jeez, what is this, a pity party? I cannot regress to thinking about my family. That will only make things worse.

Her alternate subject was Willow and that didn’t sound any more appeasing. She had thought about her all day. Willow was having second thoughts and there wasn’t much she could do about it.

She breathed a heavy sigh and plopped down on her bed. Willow had left her sweater lying on her pillow; their pillow as she had come to regard it. She picked it up and breathed in deeply the sweet smell of the redheaded witch that she was hopelessly in love with already. What will I do tonight without her?


Willow finished her last class and hurried to her own room. She went in and found Buffy and Riley all smoochie face on the bed.

“Oops, sorry, you guys should hang a sock or something,” not fully having said that she was already inquiring nonchalantly “has any one called?”

“Nope” Buffy said as she pushed Riley off her a little too hard bumping his head on the nightstand.

“Any messages?” She questioned. Taras’ classes ended two hours ago, she should have called by now.

“Nope.” Buffy repeated.

“Are there any numbers on the caller id?” It was her last hope.

“Expecting a call, are we? Dish.” Her best friends’ curiosity was peaked and she smiled largely accenting her smeared red lipstick.

“No, yea, no big deal, I thought you two had Combat Training this afternoon?” She changed the subject.

“It starts in a half hour, we were just, uh, taking care of a few things.” Riley tried to be covert. He determined he still wasn’t good at it by the look on Buffys’ face.

“Oh lookey there, we can still go pick up that thing in your room if we hurry.” Buffy was no better with the covertness than Riley.

“Yeah, I forgot about that, thing.” Riley just went along. He put his shoes on and patted Willow on the back as he breezed into the hallway.

Buffy dropped the bug in her friends’ ear as she passed “something’s up and you will spill it, but later.”

“Something’s definitely up.” Willow smirked with raised eyebrows.

Buffy turned, squinted, and pursed her lips.

“By the way, are you going undercover as a clown tonight?” Willow queried as she did a circular motion around her lips with her hand.

“Huh?” The slayer rushed to her mirror and grabbed a tissue to remove evidence of her smooch fest. She then moved to follow her boyfriend out the door.

“See ya, lush” the redhead loved to tease her friend.

Buffy pulled the door closed “see ya, shady.” The slayer popped her head back in quickly “The Bronze tonight 10 o’clock, new band playing, we’ll talk then?”

“Maybe?” She wasn’t ready to tell her story yet.

Buffy shrugged and went on her way.

Willow looked around and loneliness befell her, again. The emptiness that plagued her after Oz left was back. Oh no ya don’t, can’t stay here, I’d rather be studying.

She scooped her books back up in her arms and headed to the library.


The redhead sat at a table alone in the library. Chemistry had long been given up for her favorite subject witchcraft. The university libraries’ stock of the supernatural was discovered her second day on campus. It was her save-in-grace when she was lonely. Many nights she had closed the library studying her craft. Her eyes were crossing as she read but she refused to go back to her room and be alone.

“Tell me about Oz” the blonde said lowly as to not disturb the other students.

Willow looked up, Tara stood on the other side of the table in front of her. Relief would be an understatement of her feelings. “Tara.”

“I want to know where you are coming from and where you’ve been.” The blonde was being sincere. She held Willows’ gaze as she pulled the wooden chair out and sat pulling her blue sweater around her securely. She looked tired too.

The witch closed her book, pushed it aside and began “he was my first, well, my first pretty much everything. I loved him deeply but,” she fell silent momentarily trying to collect her thoughts, “but he had to leave.” Why am I still making excuses for him?

“Had to leave?” Tara questioned. She eased her knee out under the table and let it rest on the inside thigh of her witch conveying her sincerity with touch.

The redhead felt the reassuring touch and settled to tell her story. Somehow she struggled through her unlikely romance with the werewolf/guitarist. Feeling odd at first talking about Oz with her new lover but conversation came so easy with Tara that she soon let herself go and held back nothing. Everything would be on the table with Tara that is the way she wanted it.

“It must have been very hard” the blonde empathized with her head bent forward and hair falling into her face. Nonetheless her eyes were at full attention on her lover.

“It was, but things get, got, easier everyday.” Willow misspoke as she confessed. Missing him was a way of life for her at one time, but she wasn’t quite so sure anymore. Tara was occupying that mind space now and until tonight she didn’t realize how much.

Tara knew that Willows’ relationship with Oz was not to be taken lightly. She could tell the redhead was still bearing the burden. She would help. She would be more understanding, something she was very good at.

While Willow was finishing her story she looked into those deep blues eyes and saw the compassion pouring out. This girl is golden to the core. I wish she could be more open with me about her past. I want her to feel safe with me. Willow had sensed that some things were painful for Tara to talk about. She would wait.

“Can I walk you home?” The redhead asked.

A sexy lopsided grin and nod was her answer.

They went to the checkout counter and the clerk scanned two books on Western European Sorcery out to Willow. The short rotund girl shifted her eyes back and forth at them and smiled, “How have you been Tara?” she questioned.

“G-good, and you?” The blonde seemed nervous and ready to go.

“Pretty good, I haven’t seen you around Elizabeth’s lately.” Her brow arched.

“Oh, uh, no we don’t have any classes together this semester.” Tara said dryly as she tugged Willows’ shirtsleeve. “See ya.”

“Bye, have a good night.” She waived coyly.

“What was that all about?” the redhead said as they moved towards the exit.

“Not sure.” Tara replied. “Hey, there’s a new band at The Bronze tonight we can still make the late show if we hurry.”

“Nah, not really in the crowd kind of mood tonight, just kinda want to be alone, except for you, that is,” Willow wasn’t sure what she wanted more: to avoid the uncomfortable situation with Buffy and the others or to be alone with Tara. Introducing her new witchcraft buddy wasn’t in her plans at the moment nor was explaining that they don’t just cast spells. Not that she was embarrassed of the budding relationship; she didn’t know how to explain something she couldn’t quite understand herself yet. Plus, her quality time with the witch was cut awfully short today and she needed a recharge. It suddenly dawned on her… ”Who’s Elizabeth?” Did I just say that out loud? Her eyes were wide as she looked around at the blonde.

They were following the sidewalks back to the dorm when Willows’ question blurted out. Tara was playing with Willows’ fingers and when they stopped she grabbed and held both hands. Opening up was not something she did easily. She looked into those emerald green eyes and decided it was very important to be completely honest though. It didn’t mean she had to tell her entire past. “She, uh, we, uh, dated for a few months last semester.”

The proverbial ton of bricks fell on Willow’s heart. She just could not imagine her Tara being with another woman. Jealousy raged through her like never before, her eyes went black and the air around her fingertips crackled like pine bark in a fireplace.


"You two are the two who are the two. Im the other one." - Willow

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