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 Post subject: Final Fantasy X-2 (Plus Sequel FFX-3)
PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:17 pm 
Final Fantasy X-2 Retold

Pairing: W/T X/A and B/F

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't own either series.

Oh yeah, the rating will go up and down depending on a a few things. I'll rate it 'R' for language and violance, and NC-17 for the lovin' :D

As promised here is the first chapter of the sequel to Final Fantasy X.

Chapter One: A New Adventure

Willow and Tara are swimming in the ocean just off Besaid Island Beach. Willow watched grinning as Tara dived under the water, before she followed her. Wrapping her arms around Tara's waist, she waited for the sign to let her go. Tara leaned her head back on to her shoulder as Willow kissed down her neck; she tapped Willow's hand and swam to the surface.

"Two minutes an forty-one seconds!" Tara said and grabbed Willow when she surfaced behind her. "That's my longest yet!"

"Yeah, and I'm proud of you." Willow said capturing Tara's lips and groaned when Xander hollered out to them.

"Yo! It's time it come in!"

Sighing Tara shook her head. "We're coming!"

"Not yet we're not." Willow whispered.

"Willow!" Tara glanced at her, "That'll be later." she said and swam ahead.

"You bet it will!" Willow shouted following.

"Damn, Will! You got her diving like a pro!" Xander grinned when the two girls approached him.

"Yes, but both of you will always be the pros."

"Willow might, but me? I dunno." Xander said and looked down at the sand "It's been a long time since I trained."

"You have gotten a little chubby." Tara poked at Xander's pudgy belly and giggled.

"And you're not even the one having the baby!" Willow laughed out.

"Yeah, yeah. Make fun of the chubby one." Xander said turning around and running off.

Tara giggled and watched him go.

"Whatcha thinking about, beautiful?" Willow asked wrapping her arms around Tara's waist.

"How lucky I am to have you."

"Actually I'm the lucky one, to have you as my wife." Willow kissed Tara's ear as she slid her hand under Tara's blue shirt.

"Will you two ever quit?" Xander asked making both girls jump.

"Xander! Don't do that! You scared the hell out of us!" Willow shouted as Tara blushed and lowered her head with a grin.

"Never!" Tara shouted and ran off laughing.

Willow chased after her leaving Xander to shake his head. He caught up with them near the gate leading into the village.

"Now, the reason I interrupted There is a man who wishes to talk to you Tara." Xander said causing Willow to growl and Tara to sigh. "I'm sorry, ya? But he's waiting in the Temple."

Willow held Tara's hand as they walked toward the Temple, and grumbled something under her breath.

"What was that?" Tara asked knowing why Willow was upset.

"It's just that every damn time we get time to ourselves someone always wants to speak with you."

"I'm sorry."

"No! No, it isn't your fault. It… It’s like no one can think for themselves."

"I know, sweetie." Tara said as they walked into the Temple and saw an old man looking at the Summoner's statues. He turned and smiled at both girls before walking over.

"Lady Tara, Guardian Willow, it is a pleasure to meet you both. My Lady I heard your speech two years ago in the stadium. But seeing you this close you look so much more... I'm sorry. What I mean is, you're truly beautiful."

"That's very kind of you to say, thank you... Sir."

"Oh, where are my manners? My name is Tasgio. The reason I've come here today is to talk to you about my grandson. He's joined the Youth League, you see. I've nothing against the League, mind you. It's just me and the missus belongs to New Yevon. My grandson used to attend the meeting with his parents, of course. And one day...he just quit. I'm sure being around people his own age can't be bad for the boy. But, still I worry about him. I feel shall I say our grandchildren are moving too quickly."

Willow thought and looked to Mythe's statue.

"I only want what's best for him...but it troubles me when we agree on so little." Tasgio continued.

Tara thought as she listened to the man. "I understand how you feel. But maybe you should try talking to your grandson first. He may walk a different path, but I'm sure he wants the same for Spira as we all do."

"Yes, you're right, My Lady. Thank you." Tasgio said bowing and left the Temple.

"Finally! Now I have you all to myself!" Willow said pulling Tara close and kissing her.

"Willow...maybe we know, go to our hut."

"You're right, let's go!" Willow said picking Tara up and carrying her out the door, only to stop when Xander stepped in front of her. "No, Xander I don't care who or what it is! I'm going to have some alone time with my wife!"

"Okay, ya. I, um...gotta go check on Anya, ya?" Xander said backing down the stairs and running toward his hut.

Tara giggled and gasped when Willow moved her hand enough to squeeze her butt. "What're you laughing at?"

"Nothing." Tara laughed as Willow took off in a sprint toward their hut.

Kicking the front door shut she didn't waste no time in getting to the bedroom. Setting Tara down on their bed Willow took Tara's blue shirt, and pulled it over her head. Leaning down Willow licked and kissed her way down Tara's neck, as she reached around and unsnapped her bra. Tara grabbed the straps of Willow's overalls and pulled her down as she unlatched them, and pulled Willow's red shirt up. Rising up Tara pulled it off, and tossed it to the floor. She slid the bra straps down, as she kissed across the top of Willow's chest, and up her neck. Gently sucking on her earlobe Tara unsnapped the bra and let it fall to the floor. The overalls and panties followed, as she took Willow's nipple into her mouth. Willow held on to Tara's shoulders, and moaned, "Come here." Tara said leaning back and pulling Willow into her lap, as she began kissing and nipping at Willow's neck and shoulder.

Willow moaned into her mouth when she thrust two fingers inside her. Breaking the kiss Willow leaned down breathing hard, and sucked on Tara's neck. Willow stiffened and screamed Tara's name, when Tara brushed her thumb over her clit.

"You okay?" Tara asked in a whisper before kissing Willow's shoulder.

"Oh...yeah...I'm fine." Willow said and leaned forward pushing Tara down on the bed. She kissed the red mark, and licked Tara's neck up to her ear. She gently sucked on the lobe as she raised Tara's skirt up, and slid her hand into her panties. Kissing and licking her way down, Willow sucked Tara's right nipple into her mouth, as she rolled the other between her thumb and forefinger. Tara arched her back as Willow thrust two fingers inside her. Moving her hips she met Willow's hand thrust for thrust, releasing her nipple Willow leaned over and licked the left nipple, and kissed her way up. Willow smiled when she reached Tara's ear "Come for me, baby." she said and licked Tara's lobe as she gently ran her thumb over Tara's clit. Tara arched up and screamed as the orgasm washed over her body.

Willow kissed Tara's neck, forehead, and lips as she came down from her orgasm. "I love you." Willow whispered.

"I love you, too." Tara whispered back and pulled Willow down on her.

A knock at the door caused Willow to groan in annoyance "What!?" she yelled.

"Hey, can you two love birds meet me at the Waterfalls?" Xander asked through the door.

"Yes, Xander. We'll meet you there in an hour." Tara shouted back as Willow gave her a confused look.

"Okay." Xander said and left.

"An hour?" Willow asked still confused.

"Mmm yeah... an hour."

"Why an hour? We could go now, couldn't we?"

"Well, we could." Tara said leaning up and kissing Willow's shoulder. "But, we couldn't go for round two, now could we?"

"I see your point." Willow said grinning and pushed Tara back down on the bed.

[With Xander and Anya]

"Are you going to talk to them?" Anya asked as Xander entered their hut.

"Yeah, in an hour."

"You know how they took it last time. Do you really think it's going to be different this time?"

"No, I don't. But the villagers are dead set on it!" Xander sighed. "I...I just don't know what to do."

"Well, all I can say is Willow isn't going to like it."

"Tara won't either... I'm going to go and wait at the waterfalls." Xander said and kissed Anya before he left.

[At the Waterfalls]

Xander could see Willow and Tara walking his way and sighed knowing what their reaction was going to be. "Hey there!" he called out and hoped for a lightning bolt to fry him.

"Let me guess, another moron wanting to talk with Tara?" Willow said in an almost growl.

"No, no, noting like that. I just wanted to talk, ya?" Xander braced himself "The, uh...old folks in the village, they'd like to see you have... y'know... Well they wanna see a mini-Tara, or mini-Will running around."

"We've told them, not now!" Willow growled out with a glare.

"Xander, they know we aren't ready to be parents. We've only been married for a year. I would like to wait a little longer."

"Yeah, that's what I told them...but you know how they can be."

"Well, I'll go tell them myself." Tara said and turned to leave.

"No, that's okay. You just leave them to me, ya? You really don't want to see them anyway. You both know how they get."

"Okay, but please tell them we're not ready."

"I will, Tara."

"Who's that?" Willow asked when a young man approached.

"Lady Tara!" The man said and saluted. "Lady Tara, I am Yaibal. I've come on Youth League business! I bring a message for you from our leader, Meyvn Nooj."

"She's not interested in joining, ya?" Xander said crossing his arms.


"Really is that why you came?" Willow asked stepping closer to Tara.

"Well, yes."

"I'm sorry, but I will not be joining any group."

"Will you be starting a group of your own?"

"Please, leave us."

"Yes, My Lady." Yaibal said before leaving and bumping into a blond girl. The girl watched the man leave and shrugged her shoulders, before walking around the bend.

"Hey guys!" She said breaking into a run.

"Buffy!" Willow shouted and received Buffy's famous bone-crushing hug.

"Can you guys come to my ship?" Buffy asked letting Willow go, and latching on to Tara.

"Yes." Tara squeaked out.

"So, how goes the salvaging?" Willow asked near the docks.

"Great! Although teaching people how to use it can be tough. Especially when they're all like Yevon used to be. Ya know, with the machina's bad, the Al Bhed are bad." Buffy said stopping on the boat dock, and elbowing Xander's belly a few times.

"Hey! Cut it out!"

Buffy laughed "Damn, love's sure got a handle on you! Where's Anya?"

"She's back in the village. Go say hi, ya?"

"You got it! Tara, Will, you're both the...same."

"Yeah whatever." Willow said punching Buffy on her shoulder.

"Is Faith still on Mt. Gagazet?" Tara asked pulling Willow to her side.

"Yeah! She's been up there helping teach the orphaned Dragons all kinds of stuff. Oh, that reminds me, I gotta show you something." Buffy reached into her pocket, and pulled out an old sphere. "Faith found it up on the mountain."

"A sphere?" Tara asked confused.

"Yeah, and take a good long look at it." Buffy said shivering as she pressed the button.

An image appeared of a dark place with a blond woman trapped in a cage, trying to get out.

"No! Look I'm sorry! I haven't done anything wrong! I know you're listening. If she was your girl, what would you do? How can you blame me for trying to use your weapon? It was the only way I could save the Summoner! What would you do if you were me? Let me out! I want to see her!" The woman said as the image disappeared.

Tara backed up and shivered as Willow wrapped her arms around her waist, with a confused look on her face. Xander was staring at the sphere unbelievingly.

"What the hell! What is this? Was that her... Was that Glory?" Xander asked stepping back. What... What's going on?"

"I don't know." Buffy said and placed the sphere back into her pocket. "But you wanna find out, don'tcha?"

"Well, yeah, but..."

"Yes!" Willow said releasing her hold on Tara. "If that was Glory we have to stop whatever it is she's doing."

"Okay, let's go!"

"Go where?"

"Yeah, that's the tricky part, Tara. Hey, I know! Faith found it, let's go talk to her!"

"Woah! You sure you're ready to just run off like that? Can't you wait until we have more information?" Xander asked worriedly.

"And just who's supposed to do the finding out?" Buffy asked turning to him, and glancing over his shoulder.

"Leave that to the Youth League! I'm sure Meyvn Nooj will agree to help. In fact, I will ask him myself!"

Yaibal said from behind Xander.

"Will you beat it!" Willow snapped.

"Understood! I shall return as soon as possible with a full report of investigation!" Yaibal said and ran off.

Buffy sighed, "Look, Tara, and Will, need to go."

"They can't!"

"And just why not?"

"Because Tara's booked solid for three months, and Will won't leave her!"

"Oh yeah? Well, what about what they want?"

"Well, yeah, but... Okay, maybe once things calm down, y'know?"

"And what if they don't, Xander? What then, huh? I don't believe it! After everything Tara did for us! Look at what happened to Will! Why can't they just do what they want? You know, every time I visited here, I wondered...why is it, that when everyone's out making their dreams happen and everyone's getting their chance... Why are their dreams are on hold?

"It's not like that, ya?"

"What do you know anyway, tubby? Tara? Will? What do you want?"

"I'll go if Tara does."

"I want..." Tara said thinking "I want to go." Tara said having made her mind up.

"Tara!" Xander shouted.

"I know it's selfish... but this is our story, Xander." Tara said taking Willow's hand.

"Cool! I knew you'd say that. So, I brought something for the occasion!" Buffy said happily.

"Oh man, gimme a break!" Xander groaned.

"First, you need a costume change. You are a celebrity, so incognito's the way to go!"

"Wait, guys! I'll go get Anya!" Xander said and ran off toward the village.

Tara thought and turned to Buffy. "Let leave! Let's leave right now!" she said as Willow kissed her hand and smiled.

They followed Buffy into the ships control room, and watched Besaid Island slowly disappear into the distance, as they left on a new journey.

Tell me what ya think, I'm hoping it was good enough... If so I'll post the second chapter tomorrow. Till then thanks for reading :)

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 Post subject: Re: Final Fantasy X-2
PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:29 pm 
Whadda you mean if it's good enough...more more!!! :p


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 Post subject: Re: Final Fantasy X-2
PostPosted: Sat Aug 14, 2004 4:31 pm 
Of course it was good. I can't wait to see what this is going to be about once they get started.:D :applause

Great job so far. More soon, please.


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 Post subject: Re: Final Fantasy X-2
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 8:49 am 
Yay!! Your back......that was quick!

Love the beginning with everyone happy and chillded............just before you drop some big adventure on their doorstep! But i'm not complaining, that's why i'm reading. You write so well how could i not check out the second installment.

I see Willow and Tara are still finding it difficult to get time alone together. Poor things. Ohhhh, and Anya and Xander are having a baby-very sweet. I wonder if Anya is going to go now that she's pregnant, and what will Xander do?? Can't wait for more.


 Post subject: Chapter 2
PostPosted: Sun Aug 15, 2004 1:55 pm 
robotguru - :D just wanted to make sure. And here's more.

amazonaa - Don't worry it'll get going in a few chapters... But it's going to bounce from one place to another.

veiled isis moon - Yup, I'm sort of a quick writer :D Now that Sin is gone everyone wants to speak with Tara, so it's a little hard for them to find time together.

[Note] About this wasn't in the game, but I thought I would go ahead and put it in. This way I can explain what the girls are wearing... and just have fun with them. One other thing...when I say 'short shorts' I mean it. I hope everyone has heard of them, I think they came out in the 60's...or was it the 70's? I know it was right after that song 'We love short shorts...everyone wears short shorts' or something like that... :D Also this story will be jumping around from one place to another. I'll shut up now...

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T X/A B/F

Rating: R violence and language

Disclaimer: I don't own either series

Chapter Two: Trouble On An Island

Buffy was running around her ship gathering cloths, and handing them to either Tara, or Willow. Tara giggled when Willow poked her head around the large stack of clothing and glared when Buffy added more to the pile. Tara's smile faded when Buffy threw three more sets of cloths on her pile, and said she'd be back with more. Walking back in Buffy had another four sets each and tossed them on the growing piles, Willow grumbled something Buffy didn't understand and leaned closer.

"By Ifrit's Hellfire! This is getting out of hand!" Buffy heard her grumble quietly.

"Okay, I'll go easy on ya. Follow me and I'll show you two to a room so you can change. Tara goes first, you have to wait."

"Why do I have to wait? And I'm not holding all these cloths!" The clothing muffled Willow’s shout.

"Here, both of you can put the cloths down in here, and wait while I change." Buffy said picking up her own clothing, and walking into the bathroom. Willow was taking a drink of water when Buffy walked out a few minutes later. She spit the water out coughing, and nearly dropped the glass. Tara looked Buffy over with wide eyes.

"Umm...aren't you going to get...cold in that?" Tara asked staring at Buffy's outfit. Buffy was wearing nothing but a yellow bikini top; a brown cloth was wrapped around her waist covering her yellow thong, and blue and white boots.

"Nah, I don't think I will." Buffy answered strapping a yellow belt with two pouches around her waist. "Now, it's your turn." Buffy pushed Tara into the bathroom with a set of cloths.

After five minutes Buffy began pounding on the locked door. "I'm not coming out!" Tara said from the other side.

"Aww, come on! It can't be that bad!" Buffy shouted back.

"Baby? You okay? Why don't you come out?" Willow asked trying the doorknob.

"No! You'll laugh!"

"I won't laugh, and neither will Buffy. Please come out and let us see what you got on."

"Okay, but if you laugh, I won't talk to you again." Tara said and unlocked the door.

Willow and Buffy stepped back when Tara poked her head around the door. Sighing she opened the door all the way and stepped out. Buffy nodded grinning, and Willow was drowning in her drool. Tara was wearing a tight white tie up shirt showing the sides of her breasts, and leaving her shoulders bare, black short shorts, and black knee-high boots. She also had a brown belt wrapped around her waist.

"Buffy," Willow said staring at Tara. "I think you need to leave."

Looking from Willow to Tara and back again, Buffy shook her head. "No! This is my room! And I don't want the two of you doing anything on my bed! Or even in my room!" She picked up a set of cloths and shoved Willow into the bathroom. "Go change!"

Willow walked out ten minutes later strapping her belt on; Tara's eyes went wide at seeing what she was wearing. Her shoulders were bare except for the red leather straps on each shoulder leading down under her leather shorts, and holding up leather leg armor. Her breasts were covered by a piece of black leather wrapped around her chest. Two black leather studded belts was wrapped around her stomach one just above her navel, and the other below. Her hands were covered with a pair of black leather gloves, and had a studded collar around her neck, and black boots.

"Damn, this is hot."

" is." Tara said in a trance. "You"

"I am hot. I think I'm going to try something else!"

"No! I mean you look HOT!" Tara said looking Willow up and down.

"I am hot!"

Buffy giggled "What Tara means is: You look sexy!"


"Yeah, you do...leave it alone." Tara said just before red lights started flashing, and an alarm going off. The three girls ran out of the room, and down the hall into the control room.

"Fryd'c fnuhk?" (What's wrong?) Buffy asked as she entered the room.

Dra cdaanek mulgat tufh!" (The steering locked down!) A young blond girl said trying to turn the wheel.

"Fa'na raytehk cdnyekrd wun dryd ecmyht!" (We're heading straight for that island!) An older girl shouted sitting in front of a map screen.

With no way to turn away from the island, the ship crashed through an old boat dock and stopped five foot on the beach. Buffy had been thrown forward and into a computer consol. Willow had grabbed Tara and took the hit when they were thrown across the room, and into the map screen. The girl sitting at the map screen had avoided Willow and Tara, but was thrown into the screen herself. The girl standing by the wheel was thrown into the front window, leaving a body-size crack. Buffy groaned as she stood, and wiped the blood from her forehead. Tara was the only other awake; Willow and the two other girls had been knocked unconscious. Helping Tara to stand, Buffy served the damage and smiled gratefully when Tara cast a healing spell on her. Turning she cast one on Willow and the two girls, and one on herself.

"This'll take two days maybe three to fix." Buffy said holding up a small blue board covered in wires, and sighed when it broke in half. Dropping it she turned and checked the wheel, and found it was still locked in place. She bent down and lifted the young girl up and moved her to the middle of the room, Tara carried Willow over and laid her down. Buffy carried the other girl over and laid her down beside Willow, and sat down beside Tara.

"Rei didn't say what island. So, I don't know where we are." Buffy said feeling a headache begin. "And the steering... I don't understand, me and Anza checked everything over before we left."

Groaning the young girl sat up rubbing her head, and looked around. " Tysh! Fryd rybbahat?" (Damn! What happened?)

"We crashed. Anza, you okay?"


"Good. I need to know why the steering went out. You understand?"

"Yes." she nodded standing.

Buffy watched the girl slowly walk to the computer and began working. "Rei, how're you feeling?" she asked when the other girl sat up.

"Like airship hit body." she said and stood up, sighing she walked over to the map screen and began taking the consol apart.

"Rei, I want you to find out what island we're on, okay?"


Tara sighed in relief when Willow groaned and opened her eyes, sitting up she looked around. "What the hell happened?"

"Crashed on an island. I have Rei and Anza working on it...but right now, we need to see if anyone lives on this island. Maybe they could help." Buffy said grabbing a set of daggers. "Tara, catch!" Buffy threw a short sword to her, and threw Willow's sword to her. "Come on, let's check it out before dark."

Stepping outside into the warm ocean breeze the girls watched for any sign of attack as the cargo door closed. No one ran to meet them, or find out what the loud crash was about. Walking toward the overgrown jungle area they stayed on their guard. Thirty minutes later Buffy tripped and fell face forward, growling she turned over and screamed. Willow looked down and backed up, grabbing Tara's hand and pulling her back she looked around. Buffy stood up and looked down at a half eaten human body, only the top half remained.

"I don't like this!" Buffy shouted edging around the body and stood beside Willow. "It looks like it was bitten in half." she said and jumped when the bushes shook.

Still holding Tara's hand Willow grabbed Buffy and pulled them both toward four fallen trees. Shoving Buffy in the middle she picked Tara up and climbed in beside Buffy. The ground shook as they poked their heads up, and saw a Dual Horn run out of the bushes and stopped. The ground shook again as a huge black and gray fiend jumped out of the trees, and picked the Dual Horn up in a large clawed hand. The fiend growled and bit at the bigger fiend, it lifted the Dual Horn up to it's open mouth, where three foot long pointed teeth could be seen. The girls covered their ears when the fiend shrieked as it was bitten in half. Tara turned her head, and Buffy closed her eyes as blood spurted out of the body as the fiend disappeared.

Willow watched as the huge fiend sniffed the air, and walked away from them. They waited five minutes before the ground stopped shaking. Standing up Willow glanced around the area and nodded as she climbed over the tree. Buffy jumped out and watched the path the fiend had taken, as Willow helped Tara climb over.

"Look I don't know what the hell that was, but it went that way." Buffy said pointing to the bent and broken trees in front of them. "So I say we haul ass this way!" she pointed to the right.

"I'll agree to that." Willow said nodding and taking the lead. Tara was in the middle, with Buffy following behind. Reaching an open area Willow shook her head, and turned around. "We'll be seen if we go out there."

"Yeah, no shit!" Buffy said and her eyes widened when the ground shook. "Well kiss my ass! That damn thing is back!"

"I'm not kissing your ass, but I am getting the hell out of here." Willow said grabbing Tara's hand and running left.

Buffy followed and screamed as a giant clawed foot came down where she had been standing. "Faster! Faster!" she screamed and speeded up grabbing Willow as she ran past. She didn't see the five foot round hole in the ground until she fell into it, bring Willow and Tara along for the ride as the slid to the bottom. They could hear the fiend sniffing around the hole, and held their breath, waiting. After a few minutes the fiend gave up and left, the girls began breathing again, and looked around. A stonewall stood in front of them, and to their left and right, turning around they saw a darkened corridor with torches lining the wall.

Taking on of the torches Buffy held it up, and Willow lit it with a fire spell, Buffy lit two more and handed Tara one, and gave the other to Willow. Slowly walking down the corridor they found the remains of several people, either laying on the floor, or chained to the walls.

"Ya know, I really don't like this place." Buffy said watching Tara examine the glyphs on the right wall. "Can you tell what they mean?"

"They're very old, but I can make out some of them. This one here says: 'Death to all who enter.' And this one says: 'Your blood will run freely.' The last one says: 'May your death blood be his life.'" Tara said moving to another set of glyphs.

"Well weren't they a happy bunch." Willow said sarcastically.

"Let's go!" Tara said backing up from the wall. "Now!"

"Tara, what's wrong?" Willow asked pulling her into a hug.

"The last three glyphs... I don't like what they say."

"What do they say?" Buffy asked staring at three red glowing glyphs.

"The first one says: 'With the blood of a guardian I will live.' The second one says: 'With the blood of a lover I will be set free from my chains.' And the last one: With the blood of a Summoner, I will rule the world.'"

"You're right I don't like the sound of that! It sounds too much like us!" Willow said and kissed Tara before moving down the corridor.

"What do you mean?" Buffy asked confused.

"Tara's the Summoner, I'm the lover, and you are the guardian."

"Okay, I'm ready to leave. Right now! Run!" Buffy screamed running past. "Don't look behind you! Just run!"

"Huh?" Willow looked and screamed when she saw the skeletons rising from the floor, breaking their chains, and crawling out of the walls. "We can't fight 'em here, it's too closed in." she said running with Tara beside her.

"Duck!" Buffy screamed throwing a Pineapple grenade. They hit the floor as the grenade exploded behind them, quickly standing up Willow turned around. The dust settled showing the skeletons scattered in pieces across the floor. Her eyes widened when she saw the pieces begin to shake, and reform. "Oh hell!" Buffy said helping Tara to stand and pulled her along beside her and Willow. Turning a corner they came to a dead end, hitting the wall Buffy began cursing everything from the skeletons to her ship.

"She's been around Faith too long." Tara said pressing a very small button on the wall.

"I know." Willow said and shoved Buffy through the now open door and following Tara, as it closed behind her.

"Hey, look!" Buffy shouted picking up a marble sized pink glowing sphere, and tossing it to Tara. When she caught it a pink light surrounded her. When the light disappeared they saw that she now had a pair of pistols in holsters on each side. Drawing the left pistol Tara looked at it, and ejected the clip and counted eighteen rounds. Checking the small clip holders beside each holster she found two more fresh clips, and holstered her new pistol. "This was with it." Buffy held up a thick card with half star shape on it, and six empty slots. Taking it Tara put the sphere into the top slot, and smiled when it stayed.

"Well, now we know what the card is for." Tara said putting the card in her pack.

"I wonder what it’s called?" Willow asked picking up another card with a diamond shape and four empty slots on it.

"Hey here's another one!" Buffy threw a purple sphere to Willow; when she caught it a purple light surrounded her. When the light died down she had another sword strapped to her side, unsheathing it she examined it. The four and a half foot long blade was razor sharp, and had a skull and cross bones at the bottom of the hilt. Sheathing the sword she sighed, "I can't fight with two of them."

"Well, if you need another one real quick, you've got it." Buffy picked up another card with a circle in the middle, and five empty slots. "Do you see another sphere?" she asked looking around.

"I do." Willow said staring at the wall.


"Over there."

Buffy looked where she was pointing and saw a skeleton with a yellow sphere in its hand. Sighing she walked over to it. "Well at least it isn't moving." she said and took the sphere. Yellow light surrounded her, and when it died down her daggers now hand round circles around the handle. Touching one she found the edges of the blade and circle razor sharp. Buffy jumped back from the wall when hand bony hand touched her shoulder. "Shit!"

Willow drew her new sword as Tara drew her pistols. Buffy back-flipped twice dodging a very sharp blade aimed at her stomach. Tara fired a shot shattering the skull, and bones fell to the floor and turned to dust. She fired another when another skeleton stepped out of the wall, turning it to dust. Willow took care of three of them as the door rose up; Buffy would back-flip and sidestep as she took their heads off with her new daggers. When the last one turned to dust, a door at the back of the room slid up reveling another corridor. Picking up the torches the girls entered and watched the door slid down, closing off the room.

Buffy took lead and checked every side corridor as they passed by. Willow would glance over her shoulder every thirty seconds. Tara had her hands on the pistols ready to draw at a moments notice. Turning another corner, Buffy sighed in relief "Hey there's a light up here." she said and stopped under the light. Looking up they could see the jungle through a small hole in the ceiling. "But how're we going to get up there? We need to get back to the ship...before that thing does!"

Willow leaned against the stonewall, and screamed when something cold touched her bare back. Jumping forward and turning she saw something shine, touching it she found a hidden ladder. "Stay here. I'll check and make sure its safe." she said and began climbing up. Reaching the top she pounded on the ceiling tearing it away, and making a hole big enough to climb out of. Glancing around and listening she turned back to the hole. "Its safe, come on up."

Tara began climbing up followed by Buffy a second later; looking up she saw that Willow wasn't near the hole anymore. Slowly raising her head up, Tara saw Willow pressed against a tree frozen. Tara saw her motion with her hand to stay down, and ducked her head just as a shadow passed over the area.

Willow had seen the giant fiend drinking from a pool of water, and ran over to a big tree hoping not to be seen. She watched as the fiend raised its head and sniffed the air, before going back to drinking the water. Sighing in relief was when she'd seen Tara, and watched as she ducked just in time not to be seen. The fiend passed on by not even glancing her way, Willow waited for the ground to stop shaking before rushing to the hole. She helped Tara out, and pulled Buffy up with Tara's help. Not taking no time at all they made their way in a different direction. Breaking through the weeds and bushes they found themselves back on the beach, with the ship fifty yards away. Making a run for it they didn't get far before the ground shook, speeding up they just barely missed getting swiped at by the fiend.

Turning Willow drew her sword and side-flipped to the right, over the fiends’ hand and slicing its arm open. Tara drew her pistols and fired eight rounds into its head, as Buffy threw a Tidal Wave mix at the fiend. A large wave of water appeared in front of the fiend hitting it, and knocking it back thirty foot. Willow cast a Firaga spell on the fiend setting it on fire; Tara fired another eight rounds before turning toward the ship and running. Buffy and Willow were right behind her, until the fiend swiped at them, catching Willow in its large hand it raised her to its mouth. With her arms trapped she couldn't do anything but scream out, Buffy had began attacking the fiend with her knives. She sliced at its thighs leaving deep wounds; Tara had turned and fired at its mid-section. The fiend threw Willow into the air, and swiped at Buffy. She ducked under the hand, and watched as Willow rose from the ground and threw her sword. The sword flew through the air, and hit the fiend in the side of the head.

The fiend fell to the ground as Willow ran over to it; she grabbed the sword hilt and twisted as she pulled it out. Shrieking the fiend exploded into red, green, and orange souls. Tara cast a healing spell on Willow when she saw her back had been cut open. "Okay let's go! Maybe we can fix the ship quicker with everyone on board." Buffy said and took off with Tara and Willow at her side. Running into the control room they didn't see the other girls.

"Rei? Anza? Are you in here?"

"Buffy?" Anza asked poking her head up from under a desk.

"Yeah, we here." Rei said crawling out from under a table.

"Huh? What's wrong?"

"Fiend! Big...huge!" Anza said motioning with her hands.

"Bigger than ship..." Rei said sitting down in a chair.

"Oh you mean that big black and gray fiend with the big teeth? Don't worry about it, we took care of it."

"No! This fiend, purple, and... red." Rei said as Anza nodded with wide eyes.

"Eat fiend you talk about." Anza said shivering.

"Wait! You tellin' me there are more of those black and gray fiends? And something out there bigger than them!?"

"Yes! We hurry fix!" Anza said pointing to the wheel as Rei pointed to the map screen. "Wheel move little."

"Okay, let's get on it." Buffy said and grabbed a screwdriver. Tara helped Anza with the wheel, and Willow ran over to help Rei with the map. Working into the night Willow and Rei got the screen fixed, and rushed over to help Buffy fix the main computer. Around midnight they heard a low mournful cry coming from the jungle, and worked faster. An hour later the cry came again this time closer, Willow shut off the lights as the group waited the ground shook. Quietly moving to the windows they looked out and saw the head of a fiend over the top of the trees. The trees were pushed over or broken as the fiend moved through the jungle, the group watched as the fiend moved away from the area. Tara had said to cover the windows so that no light could be seen, and attract the fiends. After the lights were back on the girls started working again, by morning light they had the ship fixed and ready to go.

Anza started the engines and tried to back off the beach, she cursed when the ship didn't move. "We stuck!" she said giving the ship more power.

"Okay, just hold on I'll check it out." Buffy said and smiled when Willow and Tara joined her. Lowering the cargo door they stepped out. Willow was watching the front and right as Tara watched the left and would glance forward every now and then. With them watching for fiends, Buffy looked around the ship, and found the problem. They were setting on the broken dock and wedged between two large rocks. Growling she kicked the side of the ship, and began walking back to the cargo hold. Just as she stepped beside Tara two of the black and gray fiend rolled out of the jungle. They jumped inside and Willow hit the button, as the door rose they watched the fiends fighting each other. Hurrying back to the control room they found Anza ducking behind the wheel as she watched the fiends. Sending more power to the engines didn't help move the ship.

Anza screamed when one fiend knocked the other into the ship, rocking it. Buffy grinned and hopped for it to happen again. "When a fiend hits the ship, send more power to the engines. It may get us outta here." she said and braced herself as the fiend hit the ship again. Anza hit the button as the ship rocked, and moved back a few feet. She smiled and continued until the ship was free, and they were on their way, away from the island. Buffy flopped down on the floor and sighed, as Willow and Tara joined her.

"Remind never go back to that island!" Willow said pulling Tara into her lap and giving her a long kiss.

"Yeah, don't worry, because I'm not going back." Buffy said and grinned watching the lovebirds kiss.

Well there's ch2, and ch3 will be out tomorrow. Till then thanks for reading :)

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Wicked update! ............and how scary were those fiends

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Oh I love it! I just recently got into Final Fantasy X! I rented X-2 but found it kinda stupid...I like this much better! I like how everyone is a different character! :peace I'm gonna keep up with this one! :D

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Happy Happy Joy Joy Happy Happy JOY!!

Love ya Storm!!

Continue with the greatness...

And hot clothes....


:flower BWR


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veiled isis moon - Those fiends just popped into my head, I needed something a little different for an unexplored island. :)

foreverpiper - Glad you like this :D I'm going to change things around so I can only hope I do it good enough.

BurningWhiteRose - Whoa, glad to see ya happy :D here ya go...another chapter.

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T, X/A, B/F

Rating: R for violence and language

Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em... Don't own the song, and I sure don't own Jade.

[Note] The song used in this chapter is called Real Emotion, and it is the translation to the original Japanese song. I thought the original song translation would be better than the one Jade sings on the English version. Don't get me wrong, though, I like Jade's version, but I like the original song much more.

Chapter Three: Two Months Later

The Blitzball stadium in Luca was full of screaming and cheering fans as loud music beings to play. Buffy dragged a guard out of the hall, and hid his unconscious body in a locker room, as Willow ran down the hallway. Turing she waved to Buffy and ran up the stairs leading into the arena.

"Y, R, W, in position. It's showtime, girls." Buffy spoke into a microphone hooked on her bra strap.

The center platform rose into the air, as the band members circled around the center on smaller platforms. Tara appeared in the middle of the platform in her Summoner outfit, and bright light surrounded her. When the light died down, Tara was wearing a tight black sleeveless shirt, a gray skirt with a split up to the waistband on the left, and brown knee-high boots. She proudly walked forward and raised a microphone to her lips.

I pictured myself somewhere far in my heart that day

It becomes dark in the distance, but I can no longer return

The shape I saw in my dream

Is different from anything

I become dizzy from reality

She sang the first verse and spun around. Buffy was watching the performance through her binoculars moving to the beat. Feeling something tap her shoulder, she turned and saw a guard and grinned shrugging her shoulders.

The feeling of sawing in the real world

I don't want to lose

The only thing I can hear from my heart is to run

You are not alone

Buffy punched the guard in the stomach, kneed him, and knocked him out with an uppercut. She took at small machina air-scooter, and flew off to the other side of the stadium laughing.

I won't turn back, I won't rely on you

Because if something happens, you'll come to me quickly

The only thing I can do now

Is to believe...

The truth is in my heart

On the other side of the stadium Willow was watching the concert with a glare. A guard shouted at her pointing his club at her.

The feeling of swaying in the real world

Holds me up

You taught me everything, I know

That is me now

So, I am not alone

Willow jumped into the air performing a roundhouse kick, hitting the guard in the head knocking him out. She sit on the stair rail and slid down to the bottom meeting Buffy, and rode over to the center platform where Tara was singing.

The feeling of swaying in the real world

Even if you feel it

If you close your eyes, I will be there

There is a bond between us

So, you are not alone

The feeling of swaying in the real world

I don't want to lose

The only thing I can hear from my heart is to run

You are not alone

The crowd screamed and cheered as Tara finished the song and bowed. Willow and Buffy jumped down in front of her, as the music continued to play.

"Hey! Give it back already!" Buffy shouted at Tara.

"Boys!" Tara said and grinned as two men in tight fighting suites appeared. "Want in on this number? Then show me your moves!"

"Think you can keep up?" Willow said and brought her sword down cutting Tara's arm. Using her knives Buffy took out the two men, and attacked Tara cutting her shirt open at the bottom. Screaming Tara cast a Thunder spell on Buffy knocking her back a foot. Willow swept her feet out from under her, and pressed her sword blade on Tara's throat.

"Give it back!" Willow growled out glaring.

"I don't think so, love." Tara said and kicked Willow's knee causing her to fall. Tara stood up and ran.

Buffy and Willow followed Tara out of the stadium and chased her into the docks. “Hold still!” Buffy shouted before they lost site of her when a man and two women stepped in front of their path.

"Dammit!" Buffy screamed and kicked the man stomach, and hit the back of his head when he fell forward. Willow dodged a very sharp fan, and used the sword hilt and hit the woman knocking her out, as Buffy shoved the other out of their way. Running further into the docks they stopped.

"Great! We lost her!" Willow said angrily.

"Hey, you run too fast!" Buffy shouted and turned around when a man laughed.

"You're just too slow; little girl." The man holding two guns and wearing a trench coat said.

"The show's over! Bwahaha!" A bulky man said walking forward with a black and silver shield strapped on his back.

"Yeowch!" Buffy said when she saw the two men.

"This way!" Willow called out running down dock three. The two men ran after them and began jumping into the air as bullets hit the ground around their feet. Turning the four saw Tara standing behind them holding her two pistols. She ran forward jumped up and used the bulky man's shoulders to jump higher, flipping over she twisted her body, and fired her guns again. Landing on the dock Tara pointed her guns at the men, as Willow and Buffy ran to her side.

"So the little girls want to fight the great Logos and Ormi, huh?" The man holding the guns asked. "Then, have it your way." He said and fired.

Willow back-flipped dodging the gunfire, as Tara dodged to the right, and Buffy to the left. Willow dodged another round of fire, and jumped into the air, and brought her sword down across Logos face knocking him back. Tara was firing at Ormi, who was hiding behind his shield. Buffy attacked him slicing at the shield twice as Tara reloaded. When she jumped back Ormi threw the shield at her, seeing this Tara fired at it, as Willow hit it with her sword knocking it back at him. The shield hit Ormi in the chest and he fell back beside Logos.

"I can't believe it! Little girls...beat us!" Logos said holding his bleeding face.

"That's quite enough sniveling, boys." A voice said from their right, looking over they saw another Tara standing there. "Persistent, aren't you?" She asked looking at Tara.

"My grid." Tara said holding her hand out.

"Give us back Tara's Garment Grid right now!" Buffy said holding Willow back.

"Aww, come on. Didn't you girls ever learn to share?"

"Give. It. Back." Tara said getting mad.

"Whatever, it's yours." The other Tara said and raised a fan in front of her face, as a light surrounded her. The gray skirt, and black shirt turned to a pink dress with slits up both sides, and a 'V' down the front leaving nothing to the imagination. And Tara's image changed to that of a woman with short blond hair and green eyes.

"It won't be yours for long, loves!" The woman said and threw her fan at Willow. Holding her sword up the fan turned against it, as sparks flew in every direction. Buffy ran forward and kicked the woman in the head knocking her down, as Tara aimed her guns at her and the men. Willow pushed forward and ducked letting the fan fly over her head.

"You won't be so lucky next time!" The woman said as she, Logos, and Ormi ran off.

"Hey! Get back here!" Buffy shouted as Willow stared at Tara.

"Umm...Buffy... I think you need to see this." Willow said watching Tara.

"What?" Buffy asked turning, "Whoa!" she said with wide eyes.

Tara was now in the same outfit as the other woman was, and she was dancing. She giggled as she turned in circles. An airship flew up beside the dock and hovered over the water. The airship had motorcycle wheels on the front and back covered by metal shields, and it was painted red with black flames.

Willow picked Tara up and carried her on to the airship with Buffy following. Sitting her down, Willow took the Garment Grid away and Tara was back in her regular cloths.

"What happened?" Willow asked checking Tara for wounds.

"I don't know... My body just started dancing by itself. I was scared at first... But something happened and I began to enjoy it."

"Yeah, you looked like you were enjoying it." Buffy said sitting down beside her.

"It felt like another person's excitement just took over."

A young boy wearing a yellow body suite and a full-face gas mask walked over "That can happen when you use the Garment Grid. The emotions of the person recorded in the sphere pass to the user."

"Shinra, isn't that...I dunno, dangerous?" Buffy asked picking up the small sphere.

"I can't really say."

"But you’re the one who studied it!" A young girl said standing up from a computer consol.

"I'm just a kid." Shinra said and walked over to his own computers.

"Mizu, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, Buffy you can."

"Why the hell did you bring him!?"

"What? He's smart, so I thought we could use him."

"No! Will is smarter than him, and she's a blitz player!"

"Tara not stop dancing? I want to see!" Dawn said standing up from the pilots seat giggling.

"It'll cost you! It may have been fun, but I don't want to put on a show." Tara said smiling.

"One moment..." Dawn said and dug around in her pocket.

"Dawn, you know she's kidding, right?" Willow said looking at the sphere.

"What? No dance?" Dawn asked as an alert sounded. "Ehlusehk tydy! Gullwings, du ouin cdydeuhc!" (Incoming data! Gullwings to your stations!) She said and jumped into her seat.

"She's gotten a lot better, hasn't she?" Willow asked handing Tara the sphere.

"Yes, she has. With you, myself, and Buffy teaching her now, she can speak english better." Tara said sat down on the stairs. "How's it going, Mizu?"

"Still analyzing."

"Duu cmuf!" (Too slow!)

"Crid ib, Dawn!" (Shut up, Dawn!)

"I can't believe they're friends!" Willow said shaking her head. "Come on, let's go to the cabin and rest."

"Okay." Tara said taking Willow's hand and walking to the elevator. Hitting the cabin button the doors closed, and took them up. A blue Hypello was waiting for the elevator, when the doors opened he covered his eyes.

"Mish Tara, Mish Willow." He said causing Tara and Willow to spring apart from their kiss.

"Sorry barkeep, couldn't resist." Willow grinned and walked by holding Tara's hand.

"It's oookay. Shleep tight." He said watching them go into the cabin.



"It's been two months, and we're no closer to finding anything out. I know we hunt spheres now, but what about Glory?" Willow asked lying down on their bed.

"I don't know, Will." Tara sighed and lay beside her. "That one sphere is all Faith found. Hopefully we'll find more."

"Yeah." Willow said and fell asleep, with Tara's head on her shoulder.

An hour later Buffy shook both girls awake "The sphere wave analysis is complete." she said and left for the bridge. A few minutes later Tara walked through the bridge door, with a yawning Willow behind her.

"The waves are coming from the ruins on top of Mt. Gagazet." Mizu said when Willow sat down pulling Tara into her lap.

"I can't believe there were ruins on top of that mountain." Willow said and yawned again.

"No one knew, the clouds around the mountain hid them from view." Buffy shrugged her shoulders.

"Haqu cdub: Gagazet!" (Next stop: Gagazet!) Dawn said and accelerated the airship to full speed.

Well there ya go...ch3, and I'm finishing up ch4.

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Those two chapters were great.

I first I had no idea what was going on with Buffy and Willow fighting Tara and stuff. I thought I hadmissed something or gone crazy.:D

Great job. More soon.:flirt


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amazonaa - Nah you're not crazy ;) At first I really wasn't going to use that chapter...but I thought 'why not' and did. :D Glad you like 'em and here's another.

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T, X/A, B/F

Rating: R for violence and language

Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em

[Note: When the spheres are playing pay close attention to them...there's something going on with them too. :D ]

Chapter Four: Gagazet Ruins

Dawn slowed the airship down on approaching the ruins and circled around them. Willow was watching from beside her, and sighed when she saw no place to land. Buffy groaned, causing Tara to giggle.

"I didn't know the rocks floated at these ruins." Tara said watching as a boulder floated in front of the airship, and moved to the side like it somehow knew they were there.

"Oh man, do we gotta climb up that?" Buffy groaned again looking out the side window to the base of Gagazet Mountain.

"Tuh'd funno, E lyh tnub oui uvv yd dra tub." (Don't worry; I can drop you off at the top.) Dawn said circling around the ruins again, and bringing the ship lower to a small archway. Willow jumped out first, followed by Buffy. Tara landed behind Buffy and looked down, her vision blurred and she fell back.

"Tara!" Willow and Buffy shouted and grabbed her hands. With her hanging in mid-air they tried to pull her up.

"What's your status?" Dawn said through the receiver.

"Disasterrific!" Buffy said almost losing her grip on Tara's hand.

"'Disasterrific' is not a word! Say 'disastrous' like the rest of Spira!" Dawn shouted through the receiver.

"I'm not listening!"

"Buffy answer me!"

"Dawn!" Willow said strained "Please, now is not the time."

"Okay on three. One... Two... Three." Buffy said as she and Willow pulled Tara up on to the arch. Willow hugged Tara to her, and sighed in relief.

"Thanks. That was a little close." Tara said standing with Willow's help.

"A little!?" Buffy shouted.

"Tara you could have fell!" Willow said and took her hand. "You're going to stay right behind me."

"Come in!" Dawn shouted worriedly.

"We're here. Don't worry Dawn, everything's fine now." Tara said and grinned when Dawn answered back.

"Tara, please keep an eye on Buffy!"

"Dawn! I'm going to tell mother!" Buffy growled into the receiver and carefully walked down the arch and on to a small ledge. Jumping across an opening they came to a broken staircase. "Well, I can tell you this: We ain't getting across this way." Turning back Tara looked into the opening, and jumped down, with the others following.

"This is a dead end." Willow sighed and leaned against the wall.

"Great! Just great!"

"Hey, do you think this platform still works." Tara said and pushed a blue glowing button, making the platform shake and descended down. "I wonder how safe this is?" she asked just as the platform stopped and began to speed down. The three girls screamed, just knowing they were falling to their deaths. The platform crashed on the bottom causing the girls to fall to their knees.

"Well atleast it stopped." Willow said standing up, and helping Tara up.

"Owwie!" Buffy said rubbing her sore bottom.

"What happened? Tara? Willow? You okay?" Dawn asked.

"Things are...disasterrific." Tara rubbed her right wrist.

"Disasterrific? I am on my way!" Dawn said and cut the transmission.

"Hey! You little fiend! What about me?" Buffy asked looking into the sky at the airship, and shaking her fist.

"You know how she is Buffy. Dawn cares, but she doesn't like to show it." Willow said climbing up the right wall, with Tara behind her. Buffy followed them up to the top and on to a walkway, hearing a rock crunch behind them they turned around.

"Who's there?" Tara asked drawing her pistols.

"It's Leblanc. Remember that name well, loves!" The woman who stole Tara's grid said.

"Ah, the thief." Tara said causing Willow to laugh.

"What do you mean?" Leblanc asked sweetly, the sneered "That's what I hate about you amateurs."

"Do you think she'll go away if we ignore her?" Buffy asked turning away from her.

"You! I heard that! Just as I was saying: Amateurs! You have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter."

"Amateurs? Weren't you the one following us?" Willow asked slowly grabbing her sword.

"Me, the great Leblanc, follow you? Ha! A mere coincidence." She said as Ormi and Logos walked up behind her, breathing hard.

"You were right, Boss, as always." Ormi said grinning.

"Indeed, following them has paid off splendidly." Logos said un-holstering his guns, as Tara, Willow, and Buffy laughed.

"Laugh while you can!" Leblanc said throwing her fan at Willow. Tara shot it out of the air, as Buffy threw a Burning Soul at Logos. Willow ran at Ormi and flipped over him, bringing her sword down on his shield and leaving a jagged crack down the middle. Logos fired at Tara hitting her shoulder, Tara fired back hitting his leg. Buffy jumped into the air and performed a roundhouse kick hitting Leblanc on the head. Staggering back she glared at the three girls.

"This is the thanks I get for going easy on you?" She said and threw a smoke bomb in front of them, and ran off with Ormi and Logos right behind her.

"Hey!" Tara coughed covering her mouth.

"Who in the hell does she think she is?" Buffy waved her hand in front of her face.

"That's it! I swear the next time I see her, I'm gonna hurt her!" Willow was rubbing her watery eyes.

"Sweetie...maybe you shouldn't do that." Tara said and kissed her.

Tara cast a healing spell on her shoulder before continuing. They used a fallen pillar to walk over to the ruins and into a door. Walking down the maze like corridor Willow unsheathed her sword. Logos stepped in front of them and grinned.

"You look like you could use a break." He said as three twenty-foot long snakes rose up behind him. "Stop and catch your breath." Logos laughed and ran off.

Dodging to the right Buffy screamed about not liking snakes and sliced one of the snakes across its tail, leaving a trail of blood. Tara back-flipped aiming her guns and firing when she landed, Willow jumped back and hit the snakes head when it tried to bite her. Sidestepping the giant mouth Buffy swung her arm up imbedding her knife into its head. Tara fired another clip of rounds into the second snake killing it. Willow twisted her body to the right as the third snake tried to swallow her. Bringing her sword down, she severed its head and jumped back to avoid the spray of blood.

"Well, now that that's over let's go." Buffy said edging her way past the snakes and jumping over a dark pit. Running up a steep incline and jumping over three more pits they found a door leading outside, and a path leading around the ruins. Buffy sighed and shook her head half way around the path when Ormi blocked the path.

"Hey, guys. Show the ladies a nice, warm welcome!" He said to the two men in tight body suites at his side, as two snakes rose up behind him. "Have fun!" Ormi ran off laughing.

The girls got into a fighting stance and watched horrified as the snakes struck the two men, and swallowed them whole. After having lunch the snakes looked at the girls and slithered off. Buffy shivered and ran toward a broken stairway. Willow grabbed Tara's hand and followed Buffy's lead. Running up the stairs Buffy stopped at the top and laughed. Willow followed her gaze and shook her head smiling.

"What?" Tara asked confused.

Willow pointed across from them as her laughter joined Buffy's. Tara looked over and giggled. There hanging on to the ledge was Leblanc, hanging from her was Ormi, and hanging on to him was Logos. Spotting a chest Willow walked over and opened it ignoring Leblanc, and received a Muscle Belt.

"Will you help us!?" Leblanc shouted at Willow.

Looking down she grinned "And why should I?" she asked and walked off leaving Leblanc cursing her.

"Hey, there's some stairs here. Whatcha think?" Buffy asked pointing to the top.

"Let's go." Tara ran up the stairs and stopped at the top staring at the ceiling.

"What's wro... Oh hell!" Willow groaned.

"It figures we'd run into something like this." Buffy said looking a fifteen-foot tall black spider with gray and red markings.

"Here it comes!" Willow shouted when the spider fell from the ceiling.

Tara cast a Darkness spell blinding it, and fired her pistols. Buffy threw an Icefall mix making four giant blocks of ice to form, and fall on top of the spider. Willow dodged a long sharp leg and severed it, the spider shrieked and blindly spit a white web at Buffy. Falling to the floor Buffy rolled away from the giant fiend as it brought one of its legs down, just missing her head. Tara ran over to Buffy as Willow jumped on the spiders back and thrust her sword into its head. Using her weight Willow pushed her sword down to the hilt, the spider shrieked and shook its head throwing Willow off. She skidded ten-feet from the fiend, and watched as it exploded into souls leaving her sword lying on the floor.

Cutting the last of the web from Buffy, Tara giggled when Buffy stood and stomped her foot. "Dammit! I wanted to kill it!"

"Sorry, but that one goes on my record." Willow grinned picking up her sword, then laughed as she squeezed Tara's ass as she ran by.

"Hey!" Tara said and chased after her. Catching up with Willow she turned her around, pushing her up against the side of the door Tara leaned in capturing her lips. Willow moaned into her mouth, and slid her hands down Tara's back and cupped her ass.

Rolling her eyes Buffy sighed "By Shiva! Can't you two wait? Atleast until we get back on the airship." she said opening the door, and walking inside the room.

Tara broke the kiss, and followed Buffy inside, leaving a goofily smiling Willow behind. Waking from her trance Willow walked into the room and grinned as Tara held up a white movie sphere.

"Found it!" Tara shouted happily then frowned as Leblanc limped her way in.

"It's obvious the trained eye. That is a dud... Perfect for the Dullwings!" Leblanc said and limped out of the room.

Buffy giggled, "Youth wins again!"

"Well, I guess it's ours, since the thief didn't want it." Tara giggled as she walked back outside.

"Yo, Dawn! Mission complete!" Buffy said into the receiver.

"Dawn? You mean she isn't with you?" Mizu asked.

"What are you saying? You lost my sister!" Buffy screamed. "Come on, we gotta find her!" Running back the way they'd came. Buffy would take one corridor, Willow searched through the rooms, and Tara took another corridor. Meeting at the front of the ruins, and following their path back to where they'd started, they still didn't find Dawn. The cargo door opened allowing them to board, Buffy sprinted toward the bridge with Willow and Tara following.

"Don't worry, she's here." Shinra said pointing to Dawn who was lying on the floor moaning in pain, and holding her ribs.

"She said that you were in trouble and then she jumped ship. Then just a few minutes ago she came back in cussing up a storm, about fiends." Mizu said from her consol.

"Fiends? Fiends attacked you? What kind of fiends?" Buffy asked thinking back to the snakes.

"Chygac." (Snakes.) Dawn moaned out causing Willow and Tara to shiver and Buffy to scream.

"Dammit! Dawn you know not to take on fiends like that! You know what they can do? We watched them eat two men in front of us! I don't want to cut one open and pull you out!"

"Buffy! Calm down." Tara said and cast a healing spell on Dawn.

"Cunno. Pid E fehdat du ramb!" (Sorry. But I wanted to help!) Dawn shouted rising from the floor.

"You're too young!"

"No, I am not!"

"Yes, you are! Mother wouldn't want you to get hurt! And it's my ass on the line if you do!"

"Fine be that way!" Dawn shouted sitting down in her seat and turning the ship around.

"Can you analyze the sphere we found?" Willow asked handing the sphere to Shinra.

"Sure." He took the sphere back to his consol and began to examine it.

Buffy sat down on the stairs sighing. "Why can't she just listen too me? I don't want to see her hurt."

"She's a teenager, all teenagers are like that." Willow said sitting beside her.

"I know, but..."

Analysis complete. You wanna watch it?" Shinra asked pressing a button on the computer.

An image appeared showing Zanarkand one thousand years ago. And a man starts speaking happily.

"I can't believe I actually got a ticket! What a thrill, to be able to shake her hand like that!" He said as the image disappeared.

"You think it's worth anything?" Tara asked watching Shinra take the sphere from the consol.

"It's not very exciting." Buffy sighed.

"I've heard that voice before... I know I have." Willow said trying to place the voice she'd heard.

A red light began blinking as an alarm sounded. Turning the girls looked over to Mizu, and watched her type on her consol.

"Incoming data."

"What is it?" Buffy asked walking over.

"The treasure sphere data you've been dying for. There's at least one on Besaid Island... and the other is in... Oh hell, it's in the Zanarkand Ruins."

"What!? You've gotta be kidding me!" Willow groaned.

"Nope, looks like you girls get to go diving."

Willow glanced at Tara worriedly, "But Tara can’t hold her breath that long."

"Not a problem, Will. I've got a tank of compressed air, Tara can use." Buffy smiled.

"Where to?" Dawn asked.

Tara looked to the floor, then to Willow. Giving her an encouraging smile Willow nodded. "Let's go to Besaid."

"You got it!" Dawn said and turned the ship toward Besaid.

Well that's ch4, hope ya enjoyed it. Ch 5 will be out tomorrow.:)

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Oh ya. We got a nother update. WOOHOO!!!:applause :bounce :banana

Great job. More soon.


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Got another chapters got another chapters...


Love it!!

Keep on with the bum squeezing...

:drool ...


:flower BWR


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amazonaa - Thank you, and here's the next chapter. :)

BurningWhiteRose - This one has more than just bum squeezing. :D

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T X/A B/F

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Don't own either series

Chapter Five: Back Home to Besaid

Dawn landed the airship just outside the village near the gate. Tara stepped off first holding Willow's hand; Buffy watched the door close and touched the receiver. "Don't open the door and leave it, there are fiends runnin' around here."

"Yeah, yeah." Dawn replied in a board voice.

"This must be how a runaway feels after finally coming back home." Tara said looking ahead though the open gate. "I'm a little nervous."

"Yeah, I bet. You both took off without a word to anyone." Buffy said not seeing Xander step behind them until he spoke making them jump.

"Yeah, you said it. You know the both of cause quite a fuss!"

"I'm sorry." Tara lowered her head.

"I was with her, so she was safe." Willow said squeezing Tara's hand.

"Yeah, I know. As long as you all stayed safe, ya?" He glanced at Buffy "Hey there, how ya been?"

"Great, we've been looking for spheres."

"So you are a sphere hunter now... We'd heard the rumors. But to tell the truth, I wasn't too worried 'bout ya. Gotta say, though... You seem pretty different." Xander said looking at what they were wearing, and shaking his head.

Tara giggled as Buffy lightly elbowed Xander's stomach. "You haven't changed a bit, tubby!" she giggled.

"Cut it out, ya!" Xander laughed "I'm going to be a father soon. Gotta have a little more presence, you know?"

"Oh! How much longer?" Tara asked happily.

"Any day now." He said proudly.

"Xander, a daddy!" Buffy laughed.

"To tell the truth, I sure don't feel like one. I mean, how do I know how a father's supposed to act in front of his kid?"

Willow turned and stared into the trees as Tara hugged her from behind. "Why don't you just do what your parents did?" Buffy asked kicking a rock.

"Don't remember 'em. Sin saw to that when I was still little."

"You don't have any spheres of them?" Tara asked as Willow turned in her arms.

"Nope, not a single..."

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked watching Xander closely.

"It's nothing. Anyway, go say hi to Anya. She's been worried about you." Xander said and walked off toward the prayer site on the hill.

Entering the gate the girls found the village the same as always, and headed over to Xander and Anya's hut. Anya was sitting on the sofa reading when they stepped through the door, smiling she got up and hugged Tara. "Welcome back." she said and pulled Willow, then Buffy into a hug.

"Hi, Anya." Tara grinned.

"Tell us about the baby! It's gonna be born soon, right?" Buffy asked excitedly.

Laughing Anya shook her head. "Not yet. Xander's getting a little ahead of himself."

"Aw, rats!"

"So, do you girls care for a little walk?"

"Can you?" Tara asked with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry, I could use the exercise. Come on."

Willow and Buffy stayed on their guard watching for fiends as Tara and Anya talked. They stopped at the prayer site overlooking the village, and sat on the ground. Willow as always pulled Tara into her lap, and kissed the side of her neck.

"Tell me what was so important that you'd run off without telling us?"

"This." Tara said and showed her the sphere.

"Xander told me about... I have to say it does look like Glory... But something seems a little off."

"Faith found in on Mt. Gagazet."

"That was where we fought a battle with her. Maybe she dropped it there?" Buffy said unsure.

"Have you found anything else?"

"Nothing. But there's still a lot of places we have looked yet." Tara said and put the sphere back in her pouch.

"Promise me, that you'll be careful. I mean if that is Glory, and she's still in Spira she'll be dangerous."

"Don't worry, she won't get her hands on Tara." Willow said pulling Tara closer to her.

"Good." Anya said and looked at her round belly. "Oh!"

"What? Is something wrong?" Tara asked worriedly.

"It kicked." Anya smiled.


"I wanna feel!" Buffy said and let Anya place her hand on the side of her belly. "Cool!" she grinned feeling the baby kick. After Buffy lifted her hand Anya took Tara and Willow's hands and let them feel.

"Just you wait, you'll be feeling this when you're ready." Anya smiled at Tara as Willow and Buffy helped her to stand. They walked back down toward the village, and Buffy shouted as Water Flan slithered in front of them. Grinning Willow cast a Thundara spell, and jumped to the right as a Dingo attacked her. Buffy twisted her body, and brought her knives down stabbing the fiend in the head, and back. Tara drew her pistols and shot down two Condors flying overhead.

"You've come a long way, why don't you stay the night?" Anya asked when they reached the village, as the sun began to set.

"Sure, it would be nice to be home for a night." Tara smiled as Anya nodded and walked inside the hut. "Come on Buffy, you're staying with us."

"Thanks." Buffy said and followed Tara and Willow to their hut.

They took off their shoes and boots, before Tara showed Buffy where the second bedroom was, and joined Willow in their bedroom and smiled. After two months Willow still fought with her leather shorts. "Need some help?" she asked walking over and putting her hands on Willow's hips.

"Sure... That is, if you don't mind." Willow said kissing between Tara's breasts and working her way up to Tara's neck.

"Mmm, not at all." Tara said pushing the shorts down, and letting them fall to the floor as she ran her hands up Willow's bare stomach, and cupping her breasts.

Willow moaned licking Tara's earlobe and sucked it into her mouth, as she pushed Tara's shorts down, revealing a sheer red thong. Running her hands up Tara's bare arms Willow untied the shirt laces, and pulled it open. Tara stepped out of her shorts, and pushed Willow back on the bed straddling her waist, leaning down she kissed her lips, across her jawbone, and down her neck. Feeling Tara's wetness on her stomach, Willow closed her eyes and moaned as she gently squeezed Tara's breasts. Grinning Tara took Willow’s hands and held them above her head.

“No touching.” Tara said and silenced Willow’s objection with a kiss. Breaking the kiss Tara moved down kissing the valley between her breasts, and sucked a hard nipple into her mouth. Switching to the other breast after a few moments caused Willow to moan, and grab on to the headboard. Releasing the nipple, Tara paused kissing each rib, and stopped to lick Willow’s navel. She slid Willow’s black thong down and tossed it over her shoulder, before leaning down and inhaling her musky sent. Willow arched her back when Tara licked her sex, and gave a high-pitched scream when Tara latched on to her clit, and thrust two fingers in her warm wet opening. Keeping a slow pace she would bring Willow to the edge and stop, not letting her go over. Gripping the headboard Willow groaned in frustration.

“Ta-ra…please…ahhhh!” Willow screamed, and arched her back as Tara gently bit down on her clit, taking her over the edge. Tara licked the juices up, and straddled Willow’s waist again. Opening her eyes Willow watched as Tara sucked on her fingers, then slowly slid them out of her mouth and down her neck. With a sexy smirk she circled her left nipple, and then the right, leaving behind a trail of saliva.

Tara slid down on to Willow’s lap as she sat up grabbing her hips. “You’re a tease!” Willow said leaning her head down to take a nipple in her mouth. Tara slightly leaned back allowing more room between them. Using one hand to hold Tara up, she ran the other down her stomach and under Tara’s thong. Switching to the other nipple, she slowly pressed two fingers inside Tara. Kissing, licking, and nibbling her way up to Tara’s lips, Willow slowly pulled her fingers out. She circled Tara’s nipples before raising them to her lips, and licked them clean.

Willow sucked on her lobe and grinned, “You taste good.” She whispered, running her hand down between Tara’s breasts and back under her thong. Willow thrust her fingers inside Tara as she latched on to her right nipple, causing Tara to give a low moan. Pushing her hips down, and meeting Willow thrust for thrust, Tara leaned back on the bed pulling Willow on top of her. Willow switched nipples, and grinned pulling her fingers out, and kissing her way down. She pulled Tara’s thong off and kissed around her sex holding in her giggles as Tara groaned in frustration.

When Willow leaned down Tara saw her chance and wrapped her legs around her head locking her in place. Willow wrapped one arm around Tara’s right leg, and thrust her fingers inside her as she sucked on Tara’s hard clit. Arching her back Tara screamed as she was brought over the edge, Willow rode Tara’s orgasm out and licked up her juices. Releasing her hold on Willow, Tara reached down and pulled her up to lie on top of her.

“Now, who’s the tease?” Tara asked catching her breath, making Willow giggle.

“Turn about’s fair play.” Willow said and kissed the side of Tara’s breast.

“Yes, and pay backs a bitch.” Tara giggled.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Willow asked yawing.

“You’ll see.” Tara said stroking Willow’s shoulder length red hair.

“I can’t wait.” Willow said before both girls fell into a very blissful sleep.

In the other bedroom Buffy was staring at the ceiling with wide eyes. “Holy Shiva! I thought those two wasn’t going to stop.” She said to the darkened room before falling asleep and dreaming about Faith.

Willow awoke the next morning to the sound of someone moving around in the kitchen. Seeing she was still holding Tara, it had to be Buffy. Kissing Tara on her forehead she grabbed her blue robe, and quietly slipped out of the room. Walking in the kitchen she giggled when she saw Buffy with her hair sticking up all over her head. Giving her a mock glare Buffy poured two cups of coffee, and handed one to Willow.


"Yeah, no problem. I thought you would need it." Buffy laughed. "After last night."

"Huh?" Willow looked up confused.

"Nothing, nevermind." Buffy said when Tara walked in and kissed Willow, before pouring herself some coffee.

After eating breakfast, finishing their coffee, and getting dressed they walked out of the hut and up the path to the village. Anya was standing near the gate as they approached. "Good morning."

"Morning, Anya." Willow said and shook her head when Buffy felt of Anya's stomach.

"Where's Xander?" Tara asked looking out the gate.

"He left at daybreak saying something about a cave." Anya said and giggled when Buffy moved her hand.

"A cave? Now what's he up to?" Buffy said and bounced happily when she felt the baby kick.

"You want us to find out what he's up to?" Tara asked seeing the worried look on Anya's face.

"Yeah, there could be fiends." Willow said gripping her sword.

"Thank you, but I doubt that he would have any problems with a few fiends." Anya said then looked to the ground. "But I'm still worried. It's not like Xander to hide things."

"Do you know where this cave is? Because I don't remember there being one."

"It's close to the beach. That's really all I know."

"Thanks, we'll find him." Tara said taking the lead and walking through the gate.

Willow pulled Buffy away from Anya, and followed Tara. They got through the ruins with no problems, but entering the waterfall area, several fiends attacked them. Willow had dodged a lightning bolt from a Thunder Flan, as cast a Watera spell on it.

Buffy back-flipped three times avoiding an Iron Man's fifteen-foot long sword, twisting in the air she threw a Thunderblast mix, causing it to fall down a thirty-foot drop. Tara rolled to the side, drew her pistols and fire ten rounds into a Malboro. Willow finished the Malboro off with a well-aimed thrust of her sword, hitting the fiend in the forehead.

They reached where the path split into a fork, the right leading to the beach, and the left leading to the pond. Tripping over a root sticking out of the ground Buffy cursed when she hit something hard behind the bushes. Pushing them aside they found a door, pushing on it the door slid to the side revealing a cave. Willow grabbed a torch and lit it with a fire spell, before walking further into the cave.

"Something wrong?" Xander asked when they turned a corner.

"Anya was worried." Tara said and leaned against the wall.

"Is there something in here?" Buffy asked looking around the dark cave.

"Supposed to be... But who knows, maybe it's not here, ya? But I thought, 'what if...' Maybe it's for real. Then again maybe it never was. Its been so long, I'm not sure anymore."

Willow looked at him confused "You're saying there's something that might be here, and you want to know for sure, right?"

"Right. But the thing is... I wanna know, and then I sorta don't wanna know."

"Aw, man, make up your mind! What is it, anyway?" Buffy stomped her foot.

Xander sat down on the ground and picked up a rock. "I heard there was this old sphere in here." he said and watched Willow start down the cave corridor. "Hey! Where ya going?"

Willow turned around and grinned. Remember we're sphere hunters now."

"Yeah, it's as good as ours!" Buffy said and ran over to Willow with Tara following.

"Let's go." Tara said and started down the corridor.

Turning another corner they found a dark pit with small pillars as steps. Jumping from one to another they made their way across, and into another room. A white glowing sphere was sitting at the back of the room; Tara leaned down and examined it. When she picked it up, a ten-foot long red dragon crawled out of its hole.

"Sighing Willow drew her sword "Find a sphere and the fiends appear." she said and rolled as the dragon breathed fire at them. Tara cast a Protect spell on them before drawing her pistols, and jumped to the side as a ball of fire raced toward her. Buffy jumped on its back and thrust her knives into its back, and was thrown off when it rolled.

Willow side-flipped over the dragon as it rolled by her, and struck the fiend on its soft stomach leaving a deep cut. Buffy hit the wall with a thud and was knocked out, as Tara aimed and fired. The fiend hit the ground when the sixth round buried itself in its brain. Tara cast a healing spell on Buffy as Willow carried her across the pit. Groaning she opened her eyes and smiled her thanks.

"Find anything?" Xander asked when he saw them approaching.

"Sure did." Tara showed him the sphere. "Let's take a look,” she said pressing the button.

An image of the Zanarkand stadium appeared with a huge crowed cheering and clapping. "She's beautiful! I can't wait to meet her!" A mans voice said as the image disappeared.

"This it?" Buffy asked as they stepped outside, and headed toward the waterfalls.

"Nah, 'fraid not."

"What sphere were you looking for?"

"Well... It's a sphere of our parents. Hikari said she found it." Xander said and lowered his head. "Sin got our parents not long after she was born. We were too young to remember their faces, you know? When we were kids, we got into a fight one time and Hikari said: 'I found a sphere with mom and dad in it, but I'm not telling you where it is.'"

"And you never asked her?" Tara asked sadly.

"I was to boneheaded to let her win. And I ended up forgetting about it, that is until yesterday. Since Hikari used to play in that cave, I thought that's where it was. But when I got there... I started thinking."

"'Bout what?" Willow asked and leaned against a bridge rail.

"Just about my parents. You see, I got this picture in my head. Strong, and kind... Whenever things got tough, those are the parents I imagined. But their real faces might be totally different, ya? That’s what I was thinking about when you showed up."

"Do you want us to look for the sphere?"

"Nah, that's all right. I'm through worrying about that stuff. It's in the past, ya? Can't let it get to me. I'm going to be a father soon. So, I gotta pull it together!"

"That's right, Dad." Buffy giggled.

"Hey you read me?" Mizu asked over the receiver. "You guys about finished down there? Dawn is starting to gripe!"

"Yeah, we'll be back soon." Tara said and giggled when she heard Dawn shout in happiness.

They walked Xander back to the village, and talked to Anya a few minutes before getting back on the airship.

Mizu turned in her seat "We have to stop in Luca, I need to pick up a few things. Okay?"

"Yeah, sure." Tara said and sat down, this time it was she that pulled Willow into her lap, as Dawn set course for Luca.

Well there's ch5 and ch6 will be out sometime tomorrow. :)

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great job.:bow I am so loving this story. It's one of my favorites and I only have about four favorites so you should feel very special.:D

Great job. More soon.


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amazonaa - I feel special and honored that this is one of your favorite stories. :)

Chapter Six: Luca

Dawn sat the airship down on the Mi'ihen highroad and shut the engine down. Following the others out Buffy closed and locked the cargo door, before catching up with Willow and Tara. Heading toward the stairs leading down into Luca, a man and little boy ran up and bowed to Tara.

"Lady Tara, your concert was incredible!" He said and smiled.

"Would you sign this, please?" The boy asked holding out a blitzball.

Tara signed the ball smiling and watched the man and boy leave. "Why didn't you tell them it wasn't you?" Willow asked grinning. "You like the attention?"

"No, I just couldn't bring myself to tell them it was an impostor."

"Ya know, I can't believe that mess started with the Garment Grid." Buffy said and giggled remembering what Tara was wearing.

“Yeah, well, if we hadn’t of let her steal the grid, it wouldn’t have happened.” Willow shook her head, and looked over to Tara.

"Yeah, and would you believe that shooting at those goons was the easy part."

"Just what did you do after we..." Willow broke down laughing, remembering Tara walking behind them in a white Moogle suite with a pink pompom on its head.

Tara sighed remembering and told them what had happened.


"Lady Tara is having a concert!" A man said running by.

"All right! Think there're any tickets left?" Another man said.

Buffy watched as the two men ran down the stairs "Looks like your imposter's pretty popular."

"Yeah, and I doubt anyone would believe ours is the real Tara." Willow said sighing, then giggled when the Moogle head fell back showing Tara's red sweaty face.

"Hey! I didn't ask to wear this!" Tara said and wiped the sweat away from her eyes. "Whew. Its hot in here."

“I bet it is.”

"I think we'd better finish this before Tara passes out." Buffy said and started down the stairs.

Willow stepped over to Tara, and raised the head. "We'll be back in two shakes." she kissed Tara and let the head fall back into place. "Be a good Moogle, okay?" Willow ran after Buffy laughing.

"I'll get you for this, sweetie!" Tara shouted and slowly walked down the stairs. "I think I'll get Buffy and Dawn...just for having this costume… Just why do they have this thing, anyway?" she wondered aloud as she reached the bottom of the steps.

"Finally! Hurry and get over here!" The man said running toward her, and grabbed her hand pulling her toward a balloon stand. "You're here to promote the concert, right?"

"Me? No, there must be some mistake." Tara shook her hands in front of her face.

"Thanks! And, don't screw anything up." The man said handing her ten balloons and leaving.

"Great." Tara said and began walking around, handing the balloons out. Upon handing out the tenth balloon, she heard the transmission from Buffy.

"Y, R, W, in position. It's showtime, girls."

"It's starting!" The suite muffled Tara’s voice as she took off toward the stadium. "Does she really look that much like me?" she said aloud reaching the stadium entrance.

"Hold it! The concert's sold out. You can't go in." A guard said stepping in front of her.

"I can't?"

"Definitely not. Now, go on, get out of here."

"Hey, we've got some gatecrashers." A second guard said running out of the stadium.

"Must be those sphere hunters!" The first guard said and reverted to a Leblanc goon. "Let's move!" he said as both goons ran off.

"Oh, no!" Tara ran toward dock one. "I've got to get out of this." she said and turned around hearing the commotion behind her.

"Hold still!" Buffy shouted.

"It's me!" Tara said watching her imposter run by.

Running toward the cargo on the dock Tara poked her head around, and watched Buffy and Willow run by. "Geez, looks like they're having fun." she said and saw Logos walk by holding his guns.

He looked her way as she ducked behind the cargo, and discarded the Moogle costume. "Finally! I can breath." she said holding her pistols up. Running the way everyone had disappeared Tara heard gunshots, and sped up.

"Here comes the real Tara!" she said and fired the pistols.


"We was just about to finish 'em off, but then you showed up and stole all the fun." Buffy shook her head.

"Speak for yourself! I was ready to run after Leblanc, and leave those two goons behind."

Tara laughed "All I can say is that I was so glad to get out of that thing... I guess I went a little nuts."

"That explains the dancing." Willow giggled.

"Tara dancing? Where? I don't wanna miss it!" Dawn said through the receiver.

"No, Dawn, I'm not dancing." Tara sighed.

"Aw damn!"

"Dawn!" Buffy shouted. “Wait a minute! How are you listening? You back on the ship?”

“Yes, I brought Dawn back with…” Mizu said and broke off “Hey I’m getting sphere waves from you position.”

“What? There’s only trees and grass here.” Willow said looking around.

“The waves are showing a sphere fifteen foot to your right.” Willow turned and walked over to a small group of trees, and looked down.

“I don’t see anything.”

“You’re right on top of it…maybe it’s in the ground. It can’t be far down, so dig around.”

Willow brushed her foot over the loose dirt, and then kneeled down on her knees. “Here.” Buffy handed her a small portable shovel.

Taking it she began to dig, a few inches down she hit something hard. Handing the shovel back to Buffy, she brushed the dirt off of a movie sphere and picked it up.

“Got it! Let’s get back to the ship.” Willow said taking off. Running back to the ship she handed the sphere to Shinra to examine.

“This is weird.” He said as he watched the image.


An image of the Bevelle courtroom appeared. A dark blond woman was standing on the lift facing two men and one woman. Looking down the first man stepped forward.

“Lady Summoner, you have been accused of rebelling against Yevon.”

“I was not rebelling! I only wanted to stop her!”

“Lady Summoner, how do you plead?” The second man asked.

“Why have you put me on trial? I have done nothing wrong!” The Summoner said.

“How do you plead?” The woman asked and gasped as Glory ran into the room.

The image ended with the lift going down, and Glory grabbing the Summoner.


“You said it was weird…that was freaking disturbing!” Buffy said stepping back.

“So, even almost a thousand years ago, Bevelle was the same.” Tara said as Willow’s arms wrapped around her waist.

“Seems so.” Willow kissed Tara’s cheek and gently squeezed her.

"Ehlusehk dnyhcsecceuh!" (Incoming transmission!) Dawn shouted as a video screen slid up showing Jenny.

"Hello, Dawn. Ah, Lady Tara, hello."

"Hi, Jenny. It's been too long." Tara smiled sitting down near the screen.

"Hey, Jenny, how're you?" Willow asked and sat down in Tara's lap.

"I'm doing good. It's good to see you, Willow."

"Whatcha selling this time?" Buffy asked leaning over Dawn.

"Entertainment. Lady Tara's Calm has given the people of Spira time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. So, I thought what better time for me to introduce Sphere Break. It won't be long now before Luca will host the inaugural tournament. And I would like to personally welcome you to compete."

"Should we?" Tara asked looking from Willow to Buffy.

"Yeah!" Buffy said excitedly.

"Count us in." Tara giggled.

"Great! Ask Shinra how to play. Ihdem haqd desa." (Until next time.) Jenny smiled and cut the link.

"So, squirt? How do ya play?" Buffy asked as Shinra approached.

"It's quite easy. You take a sphere like this." He said holding up a blue sphere with a number in the center. "This is called a Core Sphere. Now you take coins like these." he placed twelve blue and four brown coins on the table, around the sphere.

"As you can see each coin has a number on them. The four brown coins are called Entry Coins, and the blue ones are called Border Coins. You add the coin numbers together to make the number on the sphere, when you do; you've broken the sphere. The Core Number resets, and you start again." He said showing them how it was done.

"Each match can have anywhere from twenty to fifty rounds, with a quota of twenty to one hundred breaks. The matches are fifteen to twenty rounds; each round is one minute down to thirty seconds. Now to fill your match quota, you have to use Echoes. When in a round if you break the sphere number with two coins, and then the next round you use two more, that is an echo. You get more quota points, keep doing that until you fill your quota before the end of the match, and you win. But if you don't fill the quota before the match is over, you lose. Understand?"

"Yeah... I think so." Buffy said crossing her eyes looking confused.

"Sounds fun!" Willow said bouncing in Tara's lap.

"Here you can use these to practice on." Shinra handed the girls the coins and sphere. "Have fun." he said and walked back to his computer consol.

“Cool, thanks!” Buffy said pulling Willow away from Tara, and began practicing.

“Where now? You wanna hit the Zanarkand Ruins? Or check out the Youth League headquarters?” Mizu asked watching Buffy lose the practice match.

“Actually let’s check out the Youth League. Maybe we can speak with this Nooj character.” Willow said and laughed breaking the sphere number again.

“Got it!” Dawn said and pointed the airship toward Mushroom Rock Road.

There's ch6, I'm working on ch7 and it'll be out tomorrow. :)

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Your fic rocks!!

I love your stories, it's fun to see Tara being action gal you know, all with the fighting and kicking ass. And with the guns, i can't help but keep imagining her as tomb raider (just for the look, and she's hot of course).

So, i don't really know how Final Fantasy goes :p but i think your fic is amazing.

More soon please. :pray

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I'm glad you feel special and honored. You should.

Great job with this chapter and it was funny trying to picture Tara in that costume thing.:lmao

great job. More soon.


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Egnalos - Thank you. I'm glad you like Tara being more into the action, it's fun to write her like this. No one really needs to know about the games, I try to explain them the best I can...anyway it's the story that matters :D

amazonaa - Glad you liked Tara in the Moogle costume, it was funny in the game...and I was laughing when I wrote that part. :)

[Note: I apologize. This was suppose to be out last night...but my friend called me around 10 last night, screaming that her girlfriend had went into labor. And I've been at the hospital until now.]

Chapter Seven: Youth League Headquarters

Dawn sat the airship down at the entrance to Mushroom Rock road, and waited for the girls to leave before lifting the ship back into the air. Just inside the entrance they saw Ormi and Logos run off toward the headquarters.

"What're those creeps doing here?" Buffy asked confused.

"Maybe there's a sphere here."

"Now, it's our turn to follow them." Tara said taking the lead and running into a group of Youth League members.

"It's good to see you again, Lady Tara! You haven't forgotten me, have you?"

"Yaibal, isn't it? You're in the Youth League."

"You really do remember me! I am truly honored, Lady Tara! Since that day we first spoke, the Youth League has been searching for sphere, also. We, the Youth League... William, take it from here."

William sighed and saluted "We, the Youth League, to better our understanding of Spira's past, vow to remain vigilant in our search... ...for ruins and spheres." he said unhappily.

"That's enough! Those two are getting away!" Buffy shouted angrily.

"Yaibal, did Leblanc's men pass through here?" Willow asked stepping up to the young man.

"Yes. They said they came here to take care of our fiend problem. You see, the League is in preparation for an important operation, leaving the patrols shorthanded. And now the road to Headquarters is overrun with fiends. Are you willing to run the gauntlet?"

"Sure, we're game." Tara said fingering her pistols.

"Great! You will encounter fiends until you reach the vicinity of the lift. Please be careful." Yaibal said saluting. "William! Show them the way!"

"Yes sir. This way, please."

"Yeah! Let's hunt down some fiends!" Buffy said following William.

"You seem down." Tara said as she approached William.

A lot has happened since you brought us the Calm. I ended up following Captain Drusilla. When she joined the Youth League, so did I. But I'm still stuck playing tour guide."

"Everything will work out." Tara patted him on the shoulder before catching up with Willow and Buffy.

Taking the lift up they enter the road, and see several fiends in their path, and Ormi and Logos jumping down into another section of the road. Willow cast a Watera spell on a Thunder Flan, as Buffy dodged canine fiend. Tara fired at a lizard fiend as it jumped at her; Buffy turned and sliced the canines’ throat as jumped at her. Willow took down a Fire Element with a Blizzara spell, and ran forward severing the head off of another canine fiend.

"What the hell is that!?" Willow asked confused when she saw a two foot tall green fiend with yellow eyes, wearing a brown robe, and carrying a lantern in one hand, and a knife in the other.

"Careful! That's a Tonberry!" Buffy took a step back "It's dangerous!"

"What? That little thing? Yeah right!" Willow said and swung her sword at it. The Tonberry moved toward her, and stabbed her leg. Willow fell to the ground half dead. Tara pumped two full clips into its body, as Buffy threw a Pineapple grenade, and a Waterfall mix at it. The Tonberry fell to the ground bursting into souls, as Tara ran over to Willow. Taking out a Phoenix Down and pouring in Willow's mouth, coughing she sat up and looked around.

"Okay, I believe you now." she said getting up.

"Good! Now let's get going." Buffy jumped down into the lower section of the road, with Tara and Willow following. Heading straight and turning right they came to a cave opening. Quietly walking in they saw Ormi and Logos near a door with nine sphere slots.

"This one ain't no good." Ormi said tossing a sphere into a growing pile at his feet.

Sighing Logos shook his head and tossed another one down. "Nor this one."

"What're you doing?" Tara asked making the men jump and turn. Ormi fell to the floor collecting the spheres.

"Let's get out of here!"

"We have to tell the boss!" Logos said firing a smoke bomb from his pistol, and ran with Ormi right behind him.

When the smoke cleared they saw a red sphere on the ground. "Hey, they left one."

"It's ours now." Tara said picking the sphere up, and turned to leave as a man walked through the entrance.

"Hey! Remember me?" He asked smiling.

"Of course I do! How have you been Andrew?"

"I joined up with the Youth League, and that's been keeping me busy."

"I'm a sphere hunter now."

"That sounds great, trying out a new way of life. Actually, Warren's a sphere hunter now, too. He's the leader of the Kinderguardians. Say hi when you see him."

"How's Jonathon?"

"He's good, he's working with New Yevon, now." Andrew said and examined the door. "The Youth League discovered this place, you know. It's called the Den of Woe. Although, the door was sealed around the time of Operation Mi'ihen. But the seal can be broken with the right combination of spheres."

"Really?" Willow asked glancing at Tara and Buffy.

"Yeah. But I'm afraid this place is least until we can conduct a more thorough investigation. So, I'll have to ask you to leave. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, it's your job." Tara said and left with the others behind her. Climbing back up to the main road Willow kept an eye out for Tonberries, as they headed toward the lift. The only thing that blocked their path was two canine fiends and a Red Element. Easily dispatching them, the girls continued and took the lift up.

"Hey! Lady Tara! It's been so long, how are you?"

"Darla? I'm good. How are you?"

Never better! I've always got something to do now that I'm in the Youth League!" She said and turned toward two men. "Step aside for the Lady!"

"Yes ma'am, Captain!"

"Thank you, Darla. It was good seeing you!"

"You too, My Lady." Darla watched the lift rise into the air, and come back down.

Stepping off the lift the girls looked ahead of them, and their eyes went wide. Standing proudly in front of them was a four story tall building, and was as wide as four airships set touching end to end.

Eight and nine year old boys and girls were running around with wooden swords playing. The adults were working on machina cannons, and practicing their sword skills. Walking along the red carpet they approached Commander Drusilla.

"It's been too long, Lady Tara." Drusilla said saluting.

"It's good to see you!" Tara said and hugged the Commander.

Willow shook her hand, and Buffy gave her a bone-crushing hug, causing the Commander to squeak.

"I am happy to see you all well. Meyvn Nooj, our leader has been hoping for an audience with you, My Lady, for some time now. But unfortunately he is planning a mission of great import, and will be occupied well into the night. I'm sorry, but I must ask that you return another day."

"Oh, it's no trouble."

"Tell me," Buffy said stepping forward. "You guys are looking for spheres too, right?"

"Yes, the mission we are planning also revolves around a sphere, but... I am sorry. I better not say no more. It is not a matter to be discussed openly."

"No, I suppose not." Willow shook her head.

"My apologies." Drusilla saluted as the girls turned.

"Hey! Wait." Willow said and motioned at an old man. "Isn't that Maechen?"

"Yes, it is. Let's go say hi." Tara said and walked over to the man.

"My Lady, it is good to see you." Maechen said sitting on the ground. "It's been...what? Two years, now?"

"Tell me, where have you been?" Tara said and sat down. Buffy sat down to her left and Willow sat to her right, taking her hand.

"These past two years have been truly tumultuous. I have been traveling across all Spira searching for knowledge. Only to have it slip my mind a moment later. Just between us, I don't even remember my own age. Anyway, after you brought the Calm, the seekers of spheres appeared, now calling themselves Sphere Hunters. They scoured Spira in search of spheres to learn more of Spira's history. A man named Trema began the group he was a priest of Yevon, and helped in the search. But now he has disappeared and taken the spheres with him."

"He disappeared?" Willow asked confused.

"Yes. You see, he found hundreds of spheres and horded them all to himself, not letting anyone else see them. That was how the Youth League formed, a man named Nooj a former Crusader wanted to learn of our past. And when Trema refused to let him and others see the spheres, he gathered like-minded people together, and gathered outside Bevelle's temple door. When they finally made it inside, Trema had taken the spheres and left. No one has seen him since."

"Weird." Buffy said and rose.

"Before you go, might I ask a favor, Lady Tara?"

"What is it?"

"I'd like to shake your hand... if it's not too much trouble. To touch just once the hand that defeated Sin and saved all Spira."

"Of course." Tara stuck her hand out.

"Thank you," Maechen said covering Tara's hand with both of his. "Now this old scholar can go in peace."

"Don't say that."

"Your hand..." Maechen said stepping back.

"Is something wrong?" Tara asked watching him step back further.

"No, no, it is nothing. Lady Tara you have my thanks." he said and walked off deep in thought.

Buffy watched him go before turning back with a confused look. "I think that man is loosing it."

"Buffy!" Tara shouted as Willow laughed. "Willow!"

"Um...uh, yeah. Buffy! You shouldn't have said that!" Willow said backing away from Tara.

"What!? You were laughing!" Buffy chased after the now running Willow, with Tara following.

They chased Willow down Mushroom Rock Road yelling and screaming. Willow was cutting a path with her sword severing the heads off the fiends, and the ones she missed Tara shot them. Willow ran back to the entrance laughing as she ran into and knocked William down.

“Please let me go on your airship!” William said as Willow helped him up.


“I know there’s a place for even someone as sad and pathetic like me. Somewhere I won’t screw everything up! So, please allow me to ride on your airship!”

Tara and Buffy caught up breathing hard and heard what he’d said. Willow turned around and shrugged her shoulders. “Well?”

“Sure, William you can get on the airship.” Tara said and watched as a smile crossed William’s face.

“Thank you, Lady Tara!” He said and followed them to the airship.

Well there's ch7 and I'm still working on ch8, it'll be out tomorrow. :)

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This story is fantastic I wonder who this Trema guy is and where he's at.:hmm

Well i'm sure you'll tell us soon.

Great job. Was the baby a girl or a boy and what was it's name?:D


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Another great update.

But this part got my attention:

"Your hand..." Maechen said stepping back.

"Is something wrong?" Tara asked watching him step back further.

"No, no, it is nothing. Lady Tara you have my thanks." he said and walked off deep in thought.

And well i can't help but ask too; Is something wrong?

Hope not, but then again if it is you'll make it better right?

More soon, please.

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amazonaa - Yup, I'll explain Trema and where's he's at a little later. :) And it was a baby girl 8 pounds 3 ounces, and her name is Jessica Lee... yay! They gave her my middle name, I was happy! :D

Egnalos - Don't worry, it ties into the story later on down the road. :)

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T X/A B/F

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em

Chapter Eight: Djose Temple

As they flew near Djose Temple the airship began to lose power, and the engine started smoking. Dawn sighed and sat it down just outside of the temple. Grabbing Mizu she ran off toward the engine room to fix the problem, leaving the others to do what they wanted.

After an hour of waiting Buffy stood up grabbed Willow and then Tara, and took off toward the temple. Walking into the temple grounds people turned and looked their way.

“Everyone’s staring.” Tara said uncomfortably

“You’re famous, Tara. You’d better get used to it.” Buffy said patting Tara on her shoulder.

“All I want is some peace and quiet!”

“Poor thing.” Buffy whispered to Willow. “She’s led such a sheltered life.”

“Maybe she’s getting old.” Willow whispered back making Buffy laugh.

“Who’s getting old?” Tara asked in a dangerously low voice as she turned around, causing Willow’s eye’s to widen as she pointed to Buffy.

Buffy choked in-between laughs as she screeched, “You said it! Not me!”

Tara shook her head and watched a blond man with an eye patch over his right eye passed by. “Who’s that?”

“That’s Gippal, leader of the Machina Faction. He can be kind of annoying, but he’s all right.” Buffy said trying to get at Willow, but gave up when she ran behind Tara.

"Okay," They heard him say and turned toward the temple. "Let's do some interviews. Bring it!" he walked inside with two men following.

Heading inside the temple after the crowd of people left they saw Gippal shaking his head, as he walked down the steps to the trial door.

"E ryja ymnayto ehdanjeafat baubma. Uha uv oui kioc dyga ujan." (I have already interviewed people. One of you guys take over.) He said and turned toward the girls. "Huh?"

"Hello" Tara said as he walked over.

"You here for an interview?"

"Why not?"

"The great High Summoner wants an interview?"

"Former summoner."

"Yeah, all right, follow me." He said and led the group outside to a bridge. "Never been this close to a celebrity before." Gippal leaned in a few inches from Tara's face, “Never been this close to a celebrity before. I could get used to this.” He said and was pushed back by Willow.

"How ‘bout you don’t! That's a little too close, if you ask me." Willow said gripping her sword.

"Okay, okay. Don't get your shorts in a bunch... there would be nothing to cover you if you did." He said causing Willow to growl, and then looked at Buffy. "Well, if it isn't Joyce's girl. How you been?"

"Hey, I have a name!"

"Heh. Dawn doin' okay?'

"Yeah, same as ever. Mizu's around, too."

"Same as ever would have to be right... just don't let her see me, okay? She's still pissed off about me putting a lizard in her bed."

Buffy glared at him. "You know that was a fiend, right?"

"Yeah, I thought she could use the training. Before I left I got to hear her screaming. I laughed my ass off all the way here." He said and fell to the ground as his face met Buffy's fist.

"That fiend almost killed her! It bit her, and it was poisonous! If you ever come near her again, I will kill you. Got it!"

"Geez it was a joke! But yeah, whatever." Gippal rose from the ground rubbing his brushing jawbone. Turning to Tara he looked at her, and grinned. "You sure you wanna dig? 'Cause we're talking about the desert, ladies. And it's no picnic."

"We're sure."

"Okay, you're hired. Welcome."

"Huh?" Tara asked confused thinking there had to be more to it.

"You. Are. Hired. Still don't know why you want to play in the sand. Either way just show this letter to a woman named Nhadala. You'll find her in the Bikanel Desert." He said handing her a letter before walking off.

"Bastard." Buffy grumbled as they headed back to the ship.

After telling Dawn that Gippal was at the temple she tried to leave holding one of Willow's swords, and yelling about owing him. Willow took the sword, as Tara grabbed her from behind and Buffy held her shoulders. Willow explained what had happened and laughed as Buffy was on the receiving end of a bone-crushing hug. In a better mood Dawn started the ship and head to the Bikanel Desert.

[Bikanel Desert]

"Leave the trailblazing to me!" Buffy shouted and took the lead. She led them over three sand dunes and stopped to look around. "I don't think that sand dune used to be there..." She shrugged her shoulders and moved on. After fifteen minutes and swearing that her leather clothes were shrinking Willow slowed down.

"Buffy, you do know the way, right?" Willow asked wiping the sweat from her face.

Tara stopped to catch her breath "Uh... Are we lost?"

"I know where I'm going... I think." Buffy whispered the last part before she took off again. Running to the top of a sand dune Buffy was blown back as something rose up in front of her.

“Sandworm!” she shouted and rolled back as the worm came down hitting the sand where she was. The light brown worm looked to be forty foot long, with a ten foot round mouth. Buffy jumped back as the worm shook making slime fly out of its mouth.

Willow back-flipped as a glob of slime landed near her feet, and began melting the sand turning it to glass. Remembering what Anya had taught her, she cast a Bio spell to poison the worm, then cast a Blizzaga spell freezing it. Buffy threw a Winter Storm mix, causing a shell to appear around the fiend and strong winds to howl. A blizzard circled around the fiend freezing it solid, the shell disappeared and Tara fired a Flare infused bullet into the fiend, the spell exploded shattering the fiend.

Thirty minutes passed by, as they ran forward never turning in another direction. Willow fell to her knees beside Tara, as Buffy fell face down in the sand.

A small gray foot long machina flew overhead. "Greenhorns eh nakeuhc B-5!" (Greenhorns in region B-5) The machina reported as it flew toward the girls. A few minutes later two Al Bhed men arrived on a hover and approached.

"Muugc mega drao yna lusehk du." (Looks like they are coming to.) The first one said picking Willow up

"Paddan ku damm dra vuanfusya." (Better go tell the forewoman.) The second said lying Tara down on the craft, as the other laid Buffy down. The Al Bhed made their way back to the camp, and talked to the forewoman.

Tara woke up under a tent and stood to look around, she saw Willow and Buffy talking to another woman and walked over. As she approached Buffy looked upset.

"What's wrong?"

"They're saying there's a big sandstorm coming in. I'm thinking it's too big for the airship to handle."

"I guess we won't leaving the way we came." Willow sighed and sat down, as an Al Bhed pilot walked over to them.

"You the wannabe diggers?"

"Yes." Tara nodded.

"You're gonna need Nhadala's permission first." He said as a hover passed by. "And that would be her."

"E ryda cdunsc!" (I have storms!) Nhadala said as the girls approached her.

"Nhadala?" Tara asked.

"Make it fast, I'm busy. I've got lots to excavate and no one to do it."

"Tara, show her Gippal's letter." Buffy said motioning toward Tara's belt pack.

"Ah, so you're the new diggers!"

"Yep, that's us." Willow grinned.

"Nice to meet you." Tara handed her the letter.

"It must be bad when the High Summoner's hard up, too. Don't be expecting any special treatment, okay?"


"Okay, you girls will be digging in the Western Expanse."

"Aw, but that's on the other side of the desert." Buffy groaned.

"Don't worry, you'll be going out on a hover. I need you to find this part, if you can." She said showing the girls a 'Y' shaped machina. "Just talk to the pilot when you're ready."

"Thanks!" Buffy grabbed Tara and Willow dragging them toward the pilot.

"Well, now that you’re good to go, I'll be taking you to the Western Expanse. But before we head out... Let me introduce you to your partner. Got a bit of a mouth on him, so please be patient." Picket!" The pilot said as a gray foot long machina flew over to them.

"Hey, sweetcakes, nice to meet you!" Picket said making Tara giggle and Willow and Buffy to roll their eyes.

The pilot took them out, and as they searched and dug around Picket reported that the sandstorm had blown over. Willow grinned when she dug up three hundred gil, Buffy shouted happily when she found a Defender Coin, and Tara found the part the needed, and ran back to the hover.

"You ready, sugar?" Picked asked making Willow growl at him.

"Yeah, let's go!" Buffy laughed stepping on the hover beside Tara.

"Willow, sweetie, he's a machina... You don't have to get jealous." Tara leaned over and kissed her as the hover moved over the sand. Reaching the camp Nhadala met them, and smiled when she saw the part she needed.

"Thank you, girls. This is exactly what I was wanting. Here's your pay." She said handing the girls a hundred gil.

"Well, since the storm died down Dawn should be waiting on us."

"Thanks, Buffy. Come back anytime, okay?"

"Sure." Willow nodded and watched the airship sit down just outside the camp.

When the girls boarded the airship Mizu met them at the door. “Hey, we’re getting sphere waves from the Moonflow.” She said as they walked up to the bridge.

“Really? Then let’s go.” Willow said sitting down and leaning against the wall.

“Dawn! Fire this baby up, and let’s get going!” Buffy shouted making the young girl jump.

“Yeah, yeah! I heard Willow first!” Dawn said and accelerated the airship making Buffy slide back, and land beside Tara and Willow.

“I swear I’ll have mother to ground you!” Buffy said glaring at Dawn who was laughing.

There's 8 and 9 will be out tomorrow. Thanks for reading. :)

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:wave I really happy that you decided to do another sequel.

Thanks.:) I just finished catching up with this story!:read As much as i love w/t moment, I loved the Buffy-Dawn banter..:laugh :lol I like what you have done with the characters like that. Keep up the this good work and happy writing! :kgeek

 Post subject: Chapter 9
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PaleBlueDot - I'm glad you like the sequel. I love writing the banter between Buffy and Dawn... it's fun :) and I'm happy that you like it.

[Note: When you read Tobli's words imagine you're listening to a tape being sped up. He talks just like that... he's funny to listen to. ^_^]

Chapter Nine: Moonflow

Dawn sat the airship down a few feet from a Shopuff, and waited for the girls to exit before taking off. Mizu had told them the sphere was close to the river, and said to start on the south side. Entering the path they saw a small caravan setting up, with a three-foot tall man with a beak running around.

"It's nice out here."

"What?" Buffy asked turning toward Tara

"The people are enjoying's very peaceful."

"Sure is. A lot of people are traveling these days, trying to learn more about Spira."

"And it’s all thanks to you, Tara." Willow smiled and kissed her.

"I had nothing to do with it."

"Go on, give yourself a pat on the back!" Buffy giggled and pat Tara on her back along with Willow.

"Everyone helped! It wasn't just me."

"But it was you that fought beside us, summoned, and sent the Aeons, fiends, and Sin... So, you did most of the work, all we did was guard you along the way." Willow grinned as the short man sped walked toward them.

"On this spot, I'll be sponsoring an extraordinary show! Do, do come! Oh, and I'm Tobli. Yup-yup! It will be splendid indeed! Mark my words! People here and there, and merriment everywhere!"

Willow thought staring at the little man

"Hey, that sounds like fun! We'll be seein' you then!" Buffy said and tried to leave.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I have a favor to ask of you!"

"Sorry, but we're sphere hunters." Willow said and tried to walk away.

"Oh, come on. Let's hear him out." Tara said as Tobli smiled.

"Here's the thing, you see. My able assistant hasn't come back. From Luca, of course. Where else? He went to get our supplies, which are vitally, crucially important! For the show, you see."

"And you want us to go check on him, right?" Buffy sighed.

"Yes, yes, quite right, quite right!"

"And why are you asking us?" Willow asked cocking her head to the right.

"Because," Tobli smiled "You are sphere hunters and sphere hunters hunt spheres!" he said and took out a white sphere.

"Well that settles that!" Buffy said eyeing the sphere.

"Right, right! It's yours if you return my assistant safely back to safety. I'm thinking he must be over in the general vicinity of Djose Temple. Oh, and he's a Hypello."

Half way to Djose Temple Willow was knocked to the ground as a canine fiend jumped out of the bushes, and hit her back. Rolling over she saw in dissolve into souls as a bullet hit it between the eyes. Buffy jumped over a Thunder Flan just missing the lightning bolt behind her. Willow rose and cast a Watera spell on the fiend, as Tara dodged a lizard fiend. The lizard fiend stopped for a moment and ran as a Chimera came running from the bushes.

The fiend hit Tara causing her to fly back into a tree, as it cast a Thunder spell on Buffy. Willow back-flipped missing its fire breath, and ran forward slicing off its snake tail. Roaring in pain the fiend swung at her, she ducked and rolled under it's giant paw. Buffy threw a Sunburst mix the explosion lit up the area, and blinded the fiend. Tara rose from the ground and fired a Demi infused bullet into its' chest. The spell expanded around the fiend, and then shrunk squashing the fiend within a shell of dark energy.

With no one seriously hurt from the fight, they continued down the path and saw the Hypello Tobli was talking about. He was standing in front of a chocobo drawn cart, and backed into a tight spot with three men surrounding him.

"Oh, I am trubbable!" The Hypello said as the men advanced.

Tara fired four rounds at the men’s feet, stopping them from advancing further. "Now, do you really want to screw with us?" Buffy asked when they'd turned around. "I mean really! A woman with guns, another with a badass sword, and me with very, very sharp knives." After hearing that the men turned tail and ran off.

"You Tobli's assistant?" Willow asked approaching the Hypello

"Yesh. Are yoo friends of the chief?"

"We sure are. You just sit back and let the Gullwings escort you back to Tobli." Buffy said and turned to lead the way.

"Thank yoo!"

"Not a problem." Tara smiled at the Hypello and followed Buffy, with Willow walking behind the cart.

Any thieves coming from the front took one look at Buffy twirling her knives, and Tara holding her pistols, ran like the wind. The ones trying to get at the cart from the back only had to see Willow drawing her sword with a glare, before thinking twice and running the other way.

"Oh ho ho, you returned!" Tobli said happily when he saw the girls escorting the Hypello and cart.

"Thanks to these ladies."

"Yup-yup! Of course, you've been most helpful! With this, the show is just a step away from smashing success! Here, as promised." He handed the sphere over to Tara, and smiled. Oh! Please take this with you, too!" he handed Willow a Circlet, and Buffy a Grid. "It's such a good fuzzy feeling, meeting reliable people persons such as yourselves! Yessiree!"

"You're very welcome!" Tara giggled.

"Just remember, it was the Gullwings that helped you out!" Buffy said and shook Tobli's hand, before they headed toward the shoopuf. "Hey let's check out Guadosalam!" Buffy ran off and boarded the shoopuf, all the while smiling like a maniac.

Crossing the river brought back the memories of the fight, and Willow laughed shaking her head. "You know Buffy, you gave Xander quite a scare that day."

"Huh? About what?"

"Stealing Tara, and holding her in that giant machina."

"Oh, well, I would think he got revenge! You both beat the hell outta me."

"Xander wasn't the only one scared, I know you were, too." Tara grinned.

"Well, yeah! Why wouldn't I be? I had already fallen in love with you." Willow said as they got off the shoopuf.

Walking down the path to Guadosalam the girls dispatched three Chimera fiends, four canine fiends, and three Wasp fiends. Buffy stopped dead still causing Willow to run into her back, Willow started to ask what was wrong, when a hand covered her mouth. Glancing at Tara she saw a frightened look on her face, following her line of site Willow’s eyes went wide.

Slowly moving toward the trees she saw a fifteen-foot tall, gray and white shell covered fiend, with spikes covering the shell and head. Quietly casting a Scan spell, Willow shook her head, the fiend was immune to all status effects, and magic hardly damaged it. And she knew even with sharp weapons and Tara’s guns, it wouldn’t hurt it. They watched as it disappeared into the trees, and made a run for the Guadosalam entrance.

They sighed in relief as they made it into Guadosalam without having to fight the fiend, and looked around. The Guado city hadn’t changed at all, and still had Guado walking around. But after what Glory had done they mostly stayed to themselves. Willow gripped her sword when she saw Amy running over, and gaped when she pulled Tara into a hug.

“Lady Tara! It’s good to see you again!” Amy said and grabbed Willow, then Buffy. “What brings you here?”

“Well, we just wanted to see the city again. How are thing’s here?”

“Everything’s great! Although most of the Dragon clan hate us… but you really can’t blame them, not after what Lady Glory did.” Amy lowered her head.

“That wasn’t your fault.” Willow said seriously “That was all her doing.”

“Thank you. The only problem now, is the Farplane.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Tara asked confused.

“We don’t know…it’s like the Farplane is falling apart from the inside out. If it isn’t stopped I’m afraid it’ll take Guadosalam with it.”

“That’s strange. I wonder what’s happening.” Buffy said and glanced to the entrance to the Farplane.

“No one is allowed in, until we find out… So, what is the High Summoner doing now?”

“I’m a sphere hunter, along with Willow and Buffy.”

“That’s great. Oh! Congratulations on your wedding!”

“Thank you.” Tara said as Willow smiled.

“I would like you to have this.” Amy pulled a sphere out of her pocket and handed it to Willow. “It’s no use to us.”

“Score!” Buffy shouted happily “Two spheres at once!” she then glanced over at Glory’s home when she heard shouting.

“I wish that Leblanc had never moved in!” Amy said glaring at the fighting men. “If you’ll excuse me, Lady Tara, I must go put a stop to the fighting.”

“So, this is where Leblanc lives.” Willow said thinking.

“No! We are not going to crash in there, no telling what she’s done to the place!” Tara said knowing exactly what Willow was thinking.

“Aw, come on, Tara!” Buffy said grinning like a shark.

“No, now let’s get going before they see us.” Tara started toward the Thunder Plains entrance with Willow behind her; Buffy took one last look at Leblanc’s place before following.

“I can’t believe I camped out in this damn place for a week!” Buffy said when they reached the Plains.

“Well, you’re not scared of lightning anymore, are you?” Willow asked before laughing.

“No, but it wasn’t fun. And Dawn teased the hell outta me when I got back.”

“Wasn’t Faith with you?” Tara smirked


“Then I’m saying you really wasn’t paying attention to the thunder and lightning.”


Willow laughed harder as the airship passed overhead, and landed in front of them.

“Guys! Shinra has some news, you need to get back now!” Mizu said over the receiver.

There's ch9 and 10'll be out tomorrow. Hope ya enjoyed. :D

To be forgotten is worse than death.

 Post subject: Re: Chapter 9
PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 11:41 pm 

Hello Stormforce :bigwave

Missed the last two updates hehe :p sorry. But they were great as usual.

Your story gets better and better, it's one of my favorites; thank you for writing it.

I like how you write the characters, it's great to see their interaction, the playful banter between the girls and of course the adventure, can't forget about that, everything it's just amazing.

Well I have to go now, have a big test tomorrow and it's late, :sleep bye.

Hope to read more soon.

 Post subject: Re: Chapter 9
PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 1:41 am 
Hey! :bigwave I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you how much I liked the end of your story... and you've already began a sequel! (not that I'm complaining) 9 Chapters... wow! Better gonna read now or I'll never catch up to leave proper feedback.


Beauty in things lies in the mind which contemplates them - David Hume

 Post subject: Chapter 10
PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 10:21 pm 
Egnalos - Thank you, And thank you for reading it. :) I love writing in the playful banter, and the adventure will start picking up a little more, soon. I know I'm a little late...but good luck on your test. :D

bluehippocampus - I'm glad you enjoyed my other story, can't wait to hear what you've got to say about this one. :D

[Note: The first of this chapter tells about the island from chapter 2... I'm still debating on if I want the girls to go there... or just stay away from it.]

Chapter Ten: Bad News and Macalania

Running through the door to the bridge Shinra led them over to a map screen, and showed them the islands surrounding Besaid.

“Remember the island you crashed on?” Shinra pointed to an island “It’s called Omega Island, and that is where the one they called Omega is sealed.”

“Okay, that’s nice to know… but tell me just who was this guy?” Willow asked putting her arm around Tara

“Omega was also known as the Master. He was a priest of Yevon, but was cast out and sealed because of what he did.”

“And just what did he do?” Buffy asked getting a bad feeling.

Sighing Shinra sat down “He began to rebel against Yevon, and gathered other men and women like him. He would issue orders telling his followers to capture any Yevonites. Following the orders his followers brought to him all the men, women, and children of Yevon. He would then… kill them and drink their blood, and feast on their bodies.”

“Ewww! Now that’s what I call disturbing!” Buffy said shivering.

“Yes, but the Yevonites caught and imprisoned him and his followers on that island you crashed on. The fiends you saw there were his most trusted followers, and the skeletons that attacked you in the under ground were his servants. You were lucky, if you’d ventured further down you would have never made it back out.”

“How far are we talking?”

“He is imprisoned deep within the earth… possibly ten, maybe twenty stories down.”

“Do you know what he looked like?” Tara asked trying to get the pictures of the fiends out of her head.

“No, and unless we find a sphere with him on it, we’ll never know.”

“Well, it looks like more sphere hunting, huh?” Buffy said looking at the map. “Maybe it’ll be on that sphere in Zanarkand.”

“So, what did those glyphs mean? Why were they there?” Willow asked confused. “I mean if he wants out so bad, why put the glyphs there to scare people off?”

“Good question. I think the Yevon priests were the ones who placed the glyphs… but why? If they were the ones who did in fact place them, why not just put up warning glyphs?

“I almost forgot! We have two more spheres, can you analyze them?” Tara handed him the spheres trying not to think about what she’d just heard.

“Yeah, give me a moment.” Shinra took the spheres to the consol placing them in the slots he ran them through the computer. “Okay, you can watch them now.”

[Sphere One]

An image of the Bevelle courtroom appeared showing a Glory grabbing the Summoner, and jumping down into the underground.

“Get her!” The priest shouted as guards chased after the two women.

“She must not escape! Or she will tell our secrets!” The woman shouted pacing back and forth.

“Do not worry, she will not escape. And who would believe her? We are of Yevon, and she is an outcast.” The second priest said with an evil grin.

“Yes, but I still say we leave her in the underground, and let the fiends take care of her… besides I would think they are very hungry about now.” The first priest said, and nodded to one of the guards as the image disappeared.

[End of Sphere One]

“I really don’t like this!” Willow said watching the image disappear. “What is Glory doing there, and taking another Summoner, no less?”

“I’m with Will on this… I mean damn, just what was Glory up to before we came along?”

“Buffy, this sphere is a thousand years old!”

“So? What are you saying?”

Shinra sighed shaking his head and played the other sphere.

[Sphere Two]

Zanarkand of a thousand years ago appeared showing a concert. A dark blond was singing, as the crowd cheered, and a man’s voice could be heard.

“She has the voice of an angel! Only if I were younger… but she has a girlfriend.” The man sighed, “Oh, well they are made for each other.” He said as the image disappeared.

[End of Sphere Two]

Willow was listening closely to the voice “I know I’ve heard that voice! But I can’t remember where!”

“Well, that sphere is a thousand years old… maybe you met the man in your time?”

“I don’t think so…but maybe.”

“Hate to interrupt but something’s going on in Macalania. You wanna check it out?” Mizu said as she turned in her seat.

“We still have to dive at the Zanarkand Ruins…but yeah it’s on our way.” Tara said as the ship took off.

Dawn landed the airship down in the area where Giles had showed Willow Ira’s sphere, and waited for them to return. Mizu was watching her consol for more sphere waves, as Shinra studied the spheres more closely.

Tara looked around at the once beautiful blue woods and sighed. Since Shiva had been sent to the Farplane the woods began to die. They ran into a bird like man playing a harp.

“The woods will soon be no more.” He said as he turned and left playing on his harp.

After watching him go they followed his path and ran into another spirit of the woods. The spirit was playing a drum strapped on his stomach. “The end had come faster than I thought. What can we do? I’ll be there in two shakes!” he said and disappeared.

A female woods spirit was standing several yards away playing a flute. “Oh me, oh my, what did you say? Don’t move an inch! I’m on my way!” She said and was gone leaving three very confused girls behind. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head Willow began walking toward the small Al Bhed shop near Macalania Lake.

When they emerged from the woods they saw three Al Bhed standing five foot from the door, and holding guns. One of the Al Bhed men walked forward lowering his gun, and began to shout.

“ O’aka, kad ouin ycc uid rana!” (O’aka, get your ass out here!)

“Frana ec ra?” The second man said as a woman stepped toward the shop door. (Where is he?)

“Lusa uid! Nacicdyhla ec videma!” (Come out! Resistance is futile!) The woman shouted and didn’t see O’aka run out of the woods. Tara ran over to him looking worried.

“What’s going on?”

“Shhh! Do O’aka a favor and pretend ye never saw him!” O’aka said and ran back into the woods with the girls following.

“Oh, come on, O’aka! We ain’t gonna say anything!” Buffy shouted not seeing the merchant.

“I would have to say: he sure can run fast!” Willow said and saw a path over the trees “Hey, if we follow the path we’ll catch up with him!”

Following Willow they ran along a clear blue path leading over the treetops. Willow flipped over a golden smooth bird like fiend, as she cast a Firaga spell on it. Tara shot it twice and Buffy finished it off with a well-placed stab to the heart, and continued running.

Reaching a split in the path they saw O’aka running toward the campsite, and followed him. Catching their breath they stepped into the campsite and found a Guado man standing to the side, and saw him smile.

“My, I’m getting a lot of visitors today.”

“Huh?” Willow asked and looked around not seeing anyone else besides them.

“Oh! I wasn’t supposed to say that!” He said and watched as Buffy stepped forward. “I was supposed to say: Don’t step over there.”

“O’aka! I know you’re in here! Come out, we just wanna talk!” she said as a piece of bark hit her head. Looking up she saw O’aka standing on a tree branch trying to hide. He sighed and jumped down from the branch.

“Ye don’t give up, do ye?”

“No I don’t! Now what’s going on?”

“I bought the shop from Miss Jenny, but after the temple sunk to the bottom of the lake the business sunk with it. And now I’m in debt to her for a lot of money, and she’s in no mood for excuses.”

“Why didn’t you just move?” Tara asked leaning against a tree.

“The shop is all I ever wanted, and I wasn’t about to give it up. But now I have to hide until I get the money to pay off my debt…do ye think I could stay on ye ship?”

“I don’t know…” Willow trailed off glancing at Buffy then to Tara.

“I’ll sell to ye at a discount!”

“Okay, you can come aboard the ship.” Tara said making him jump happily.

“Thank ye!”

“Dawn, set the ship down in the Calm Lands and wait, we’ll meet you there.” Buffy said as she and the others left the campsite, and said goodbye to the Guado.

There's ch10 and 11'll be out tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoyed. :)

To be forgotten is worse than death.

 Post subject: Re: Chapter 10
PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 11:32 am 

:bigwave Stormforce!

Great chapter!

So you're thinking about taking the girls back to Omega island with the big, scary fiends uh? well I think that will be really interesting, I mean now that you have explained a little bit about the history of the island I think that a trip back there for whatever reason will be full of surprises and adventure. (Sorry I'm a bit addicted to the whole adventure thing, or maybe is just to you writing it :p )

So anyway, what's the deal with Glory? she seems to be behind every bad thing that happens or has happened. I guess I just have to wait and find out uh? well I can be patient (yeah right :sigh ).

Oh! by the way my test went well, thank you for wishing me luck it always helps hehe.

So you're going to update soon right? I'm going to wait patiently. :bounce :bounce :bounce

 Post subject: Chapter 11
PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2004 10:26 pm 
Egnalos - Glad your test went well. Yeah, I'm still thinking on it... if I can come up with an idea to send them back to Omega Island I will. Hopefully I can, so there will be some more adventure ;) I can't really tell what's going on with Glory, that would just ruin the story. Sorry. Here's the update, hope you enjoy.

Final Fantasy X-2

Pairing: W/T

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em

Chapter Eleven: Bevelle

Before the girls could get to the entrance of the Calm Lands three New Yevon members stopped them, and asked if they would escort them back to Bevelle.

“We’re sphere hunters, not escorts.” Buffy said shaking her head.

“We will make it worth your time.” An older man said pulling out a thousand Gil.

Willow eyed the man with distrust, as Buffy nodded. “Okay, but we want the money now.”

“You will get half now, and the rest when we are safely in Bevelle.” The man said and handed Tara five hundred Gil.

“O’aka go ahead and get on the ship, we’ll meet you there.” Willow said as they began to walk toward Bevelle.

“Dawn, we have another rider, his name is O’aka, so let him on the ship.” Buffy said through the receiver.

“Okay.” Dawn said before Mizu interrupted her. “Hey, William jumped ship, and ran off screaming something about this being the place.”

Sighing Buffy shook her head. “Okay, just let him do what he wants.”

“Sure, he’s been catching the wild chocobos, and I’m not gonna help him!”

Escorting the men had been no problem, as it was a quiet walk and no fiends attacked. As the man handed Tara the other five hundred Gil, a priest noticed her and hurried over.

“Lady Tara? Please, this way!” The priest said as she glanced from Buffy to Willow, sighing she followed the priest.

“I may have been born here, but I have no fond memories of this place.” Tara whispered so only Willow and Buffy could hear.

The priest led them to the temple entrance and hurried inside as another man bowed. “High Summoner Tara! I see you’ve finally decided to join New Yevon! You do us much honor, my lady. Lady Mythe-may she rest in peace-would be proud. I will summoner the praetor immediately.” He said and hurried inside.

“Damn he was pushy!” Buffy said and watched Tara glancing around uncomfortably as Willow glared at the door gripping her sword.

“We should leave! Now!” Tara said when she heard Willow growl

“Why? What’s the matter?”

Tara watched Willow’s face turn redder and her knuckles turn white from her grip on her sword. “Well… I don’t think Will should be around this guy.”

“Me! It’s YOU that shouldn’t be around him!”

“Whoa! What’s that mean?”

“About eight months ago the praetor made a pass at me… and Will…she, umm…threatened him with her sword.”

“Yikes! Yeah maybe we should leave!” Buffy said just as the temple door opened and a young white haired man, with a green robe walked out, and bowed.

“Lady Tara it is a pleasure. I am Baralai, Praetor of New Yevon.”

“So, you’re the one that made a pass at Tara.” Buffy said stepping beside Tara.

“Ah, no, that wasn’t me. The previous praetor was the one who did that, and I must apologize. He also tried that with a few young women, so we asked him to leave.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Tara said hiding her smile

“I knew he was a creep!” Willow shouted.

“My Lady, we would appreciate your support, but I understand if you have mixed feelings toward Yevon. If at all possible try and put those feeling aside and join our cause. New Yevon wishes to help everyone, and not to hide anything again. Please excuse me, there are some matters that I must take care of.” He turned toward the door, and stopped when it opened. “If you happen to come across any spheres of Spira’s past, please let us know.” He said and stepped through the door.

“He seems… okay, I guess.” Buffy said as the door closed.

Willow took Tara’s hand and shook her head. “I don’t know, something is…off, about him. Anyway come on we need to get going.”

Now that Sin was finally gone the Calm Lands had turned into a gambling place. You could place bets on dog races, bird flights, fiend fighting, and test your aim at shooting moving balloons.

The girls dodged the game booths, not wanting to get pulled into any fights that might erupt, and headed toward the airship near the Gagazet entrance. William caught up to them smiling happily as he held a rope with two wild chocobos.

“Thank you, Lady Tara, I have found my calling. I’m going to raise, train and sell the chocobos. Come by anytime if you need one, and you can take one free of charge.” He said before running off.

Before reaching the airship a Malboro attacked at hit Buffy with one of its tentacles, as Willow cast a Flare spell. The tentacle fell off releasing Buffy as the fiend turned toward Willow. Grabbing her sword Buffy flipped over the fiend, slicing off three of its eyes.

Tara drew her pistols and fired a Holy infused bullet into its head. The spell exploded leaving behind small pieces of its body, and a slime drenched Buffy. Wiping her face off she spit out the slime in her mouth, and glared at Willow, who was laughing.

“I hope she does that again! Just so you know what it feels…and tastes like!” Buffy said rising, and racing toward the ship screaming about a shower.

Willow was still giggling when she walked into the ship, the giggles stopped when the saw the look on Mizu’s face, and Buffy standing beside her. Walking over with Tara at her side she saw Dawn come running toward them

“What’s up?”

“We got a report from the Bikanel Desert just a few minutes ago. Something is attacking the diggers, and killing them. One of the diggers said it was ten-foot tall, and nine-foot wide, with a body in the middle, and a body on each side…he died right after telling what’d happened. Whatever it is, it can poison, blind confuse, and berserk anyone it comes into contact with.” Mizu said looking at the report paper.

“Nhadala said she’s working on it. She has Benzo checking with the Cactuar Nation for any clues.” Shinra said walking out of the control room. “And if I was you, I’d atleast get Faith if you think about fighting this thing!”

“Fighting it! What’re you nuts?” Buffy slung slime everywhere as she threw her hands into the air.

“Think about it! If it’s attacking the diggers, what’s going to stop it from destroying Home?”

“Shinra! We have the machina to do most of our fighting, and that’s what protects Home!”

“And what if the machina fails? What then? All our work would be for nothing! Two years ago we lost our home because of the Guado, and I don’t want to lose it again because of some fiend!”

“That won’t happen!”

“I hope you’re right, I really do.”

“Stop fighting, both of you!” Tara said getting their attention. “Both of you are right. Shinra is right about the fiend attacking Home. Buffy you’re right about the machina. If the machina fails then we’ll try to deal with it, so until then just wait and see, okay?”

“I think it’s time for us to go to Zanarkand.” Willow said before leading Tara up to their bedroom. “Come on, let’s get some rest.”

Dawn went back to the bridge and headed toward Zanarkand. Mizu was reading over the fiend reports from the Bikanel Desert. Shinra began a search on fiends using his computer consol. Buffy had run up to her room to take a shower. Willow and Tara had lay down to rest and began to dream.


Willow opened her eyes and looked around, she found herself back on the Farplane standing beside Tara. They watched as three forms took shape and appeared, Ira laughed at the look on Willow’s face. Giles hit him on the back of his head, as Mythe stepped forward.

“Hello Tara.” She said as she wrapped her arms around Tara. “I have missed you my baby girl.”

“I’ve missed you, too, mother.” Tara said with her voice cracking.

“Hey dad, ‘G’.” Willow said getting a glare from Giles, and a smile from Ira.

“Hey girl, how ya been?”

“Please, don’t call me that, I get enough of that from him.”

“We must talk, it is very important.” Mythe said as she sat down in the grass with Tara at her side. “Something is happening to the Farplane, and we cannot tell what it is.”

“Yes, it is starting to become unstable. If the problem is not found, and fixed, the Farplane with explode and take half of Spira with it.” Giles said worriedly.

“Unstable? How?” Tara asked wide-eyed.

“The souls of the newly deceased cannot cross into the Farplane, and are becoming fiends.”

“Ira is correct, it is almost like someone, or something is blocking the flow in.”

“But who or what has that sort of power?” Tara asked looking to her mother.

“I don’t know, sweetie. But the Fayth are beginning to worry.” Mythe said lowering her head

“That’s bad. If the Fayth are worried it has to be… but can’t they…I don’t know, fix it?” Willow asked as another form appeared. “Bahamut?”

“We are working on it. But we can’t find who or what is causing this problem. If it is not fixed and soon, Spira will die.” Bahamut said as he and the others vanished.


Willow bolted up with sweat running down her face, as she looked over at Tara, as she sat up. Tara knew that the worried look on Willow’s face was mirrored on her own, as she began thinking about what they’d just learned.

“What the hell is going on?” Willow asked as she slid out of bed and began to pace the room.

“I don’t know, but whatever or whoever is blocking the Farplane needs to be stopped.”

“Now we know why there’s been more fiends showing up.”

“We need to tell the others.” Tara said and headed for the door, with Willow right behind her.

Well there's 11 and 12'll be out tomorrow. Thanks for reading. :)

To be forgotten is worse than death.

 Post subject: Re: Chapter 11
PostPosted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 3:09 pm 


The plot thickens.

So... now someone is blocking the flow in to the farplane uh? :hmm wonder who.

And I'll have to wait to know what's the deal with Glory, well I knew you'd say that but I had to try anyway :p :blush

Willow thinks that there's something wrong with this Baralai guy, I guess we'll see.

Great update as usual. Waiting for the next. :bounce :bounce :bounce

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