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 Post subject: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 7:51 pm 
Title -Time Goes On

Author - Rogue2727

Rating - NC-17 just to be safe

Disclaimer - I don't own Mutant Enemy or any of its characters. I'm just borrowing them for this story. Please don't sue me.

Feedback- This is my first story, so please let me know what you think.

Summary- Bad things still happen in Sunnydale. Everyone is older and there are a few new players. Enjoy.

Notes- Set about 20 years after Season Six. Everything happened the same except Tara lived (obviously) after being shot. Not that much Willow and Tara in the beginnning, but that will change as the story progresses.

“Mom! I’m going to train with Buffy.”

“Okay Sam. Wait, did you finish your homework ?”

“Yep. It’s on the table if you want to check it.”

“Alright. Have fun with Buffy. Try not to hurt her.”

“As if.”

The redheaded teenager grabbed her coat and headed out the door. She jumped into her car and

popped a CD into the player. She hit the power window button and all four windows simultaneously rolled down. Sam pressed the play button on the CD player and the silence of the neighborhood was broken by the sound of fast, hard rock. She threw her car into reverse and sped out of the driveway. A wicked grin crossed her face as she glanced into her rearview mirror and saw her mother running onto the porch, yelling something at her. Sam waved as she drove off.

“I don’t know where she gets her taste in music.” The redhead remarked.

“ I think we can safely blame Buffy for that.” The blonde replied. Both women turned and walked back into the house, closing the door behind them.


Sam arrived at the Magic Box a few minutes later. She parked her car and walked in. The bell above the door jingled, announcing her presence. A brunette behind the counter paused in counting money.

“Hey Sam.”

“Hey Anya. Is Buffy in the back?”

“Yeah. Hey, lock the door and flip the Open sign around.”

“Okay.” Sam did as she was told and then proceeded to the back of the shop.


Buffy was in the far corner of the workout room, working on a series of punches and kicks on the punching bag. She stopped when she saw Sam enter the room.

“Hey Sam. I didn’t think we were on for tonight.”

“We weren’t, but I just couldn’t handle sitting at home, staring at the computer screen for one more minute. I swear, I don’t see how mom does it.”

“That makes two of us.” Buffy replied as she wiped the sweat from her brow. “So, up for a workout?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t.” Sam said with a grin.

“Great. Go stretch and then we’ll get started.”


While Sam was stretching, Buffy walked over to the weapons closet. “What should we work with tonight?” She asked herself. Two gleaming blades caught her eye. “Perfect.” Buffy took two swords from the closet and made her way back over to Sam who had finished with her stretches.

Sam arched an eyebrow. “Weapons training tonight?” She asked.

“Yes ma’am. Thought you could use a change.”



Buffy tossed Sam a sword. Sam caught the hilt and swung the blade a few times to get a sense of the weight and feel of the weapon. After a few swings, she lowered the blade and assumed a fighting stance.

“Ready?” Buffy asked.

“Let’s dance.” Sam replied.


Buffy grinned, walked over to the door, and flipped a switch on a CD player. The same hard rock that was blasting in Sam’s car filled the workout room. Sam closed her eyes and let the music wash over her. The driving beat drowned out all of her thoughts and cleared her mind. The here and now was the only thing in her mind when she opened her eyes. Buffy stood in front of Sam, mirroring her pose. The blonde was the first to swing. Sam countered and pivoted. She immediately fell into a defensive stance. Buffy attacked again, harder and faster this time. Again Sam defended herself and fell into defensive posture. The two circle each other for a moment.

“Come on.” Buffy said. “Let’s get with the attacking.”

“Just waiting for the right moment.”

“Don’t wait too long or -”


Buffy didn’t get to finish her sentence. With unnatural quickness and fury, Sam attacked. It was all Buffy could do to guard herself against the onslaught of repeated strikes. She blocked repeatedly, while Sam parried and thrust, all the while continuing to advance. Finally, the two women were face to face, blades clashed together. Both were panting and pushing against the swords with all they had left.

“Is that all you got? I would have thought the new, younger Slayer would be able to take an old lady.” Buffy grinned as she spoke. She pushed harder on the swords. Sam fell back a step.

“See, it’s all about knowing when to make a move.” Sam said.

Buffy pushed harder against the swords. Sam fell back another step. Sweat ran down the younger slayer’s face, stinging her eyes. A grin appeared on Buffy’s face as Sam gave up yet another step. Suddenly, Sam grinned too. She quickly sidestepped and spun. Buffy fell forward, carried by all the force she had been exerting against Sam’s sword. Sam hit Buffy in the back with the hilt of the sword as she fell passed her, knocking Buffy completely flat on her stomach. Before the senior slayer could roll, her apprentice was kneeling on her back. Buffy couldn’t move.

“And this is what happens when you wait for the right moment.” Sam said with a huge grin.

“I’ll give you that one.” Buffy said, still laying flay on her stomach. “Now let me up before Anya comes in here. I’ll never hear the end of it then.”

Sam leaned forward and quietly asked, “What’s the magic word?”


Buffy could feel the shift in weight. She thought for a minute and then replied “Now!” As she said the word, she threw her head back and head butted Sam. The attack stunned Sam long enough for Buffy to roll out from under her and knock Sam to the floor with a leg sweep. Buffy quickly jumped on top of Sam and pressed her forearm into the junior Slayer’s throat. It was Sam’s turn to be trapped.

“And this is what happens when you get to damn cocky.” Buffy said with a wicked grin.

Sam sighed. “Okay, you win.”

Buffy raised an eyebrow. Sam rolled her eyes before saying, “You win again oh great and magnificent Buffy. Now please let me up. Since you kicked my ass. Again.”

“Language.” Buffy mockingly chastised. “Do you kiss your mothers with that mouth?”

“Oh, like I haven’t heard worse from you when you break a nail.” Sam smarted back.

“Yes, but if you say those kind of things around Willow and Tara after hanging out with me, they might think I taught you those words. And I really don’t want to piss off the Wiccans by corrupting their innocent little girl.” Buffy replied with obvious fake concern.

“Too late. They know that you corrupted me a long time ago. Now please let me up, or I’ll tell mom you were picking on me. And you know how that will turn out.” It was Sam’s turn to grin.

“ Ugh.” Buffy groaned. “You don’t play fair.” She rolled off of Sam and helped her up.

“Thanks.” Sam said sarcastically, rubbing her throat where Buffy‘s arm had held her down.

“Don’t mention it.”

“ Hey, can we do the sword thing again soon? I really like training with them.”

“ Sure we can, but I don’t know about next time. I think next time, we might need to work on your fighting moves. I mean, you just got your ass kicked by an old lady. I’d hate to see what the vamps might do to you. ”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Whatever. I got my ass kicked by a Slayer that doesn‘t look or move like she‘s a day over 21.” The young redhead made her way over to the towel rack on the far wall and wiped her face on a towel hanging there.

“Toss me one.” Buffy said, motioning to a towel. “Who knew one of the actual perks of being a Slayer was delayed aging. But hey, I‘m not complaining.”

“Something to look forward to, I guess.” Sam mumbled.

Sam threw her a towel. Both she and Buffy had worked up quite a sweat. Buffy smiled as she wiped her face. Sam was learning so quickly. It had only been six months since she had been called, but her fighting skills were almost up to par with Buffy’s. Almost. Add the intellect that she inherited from her mothers and Sam quite possibly could be the most competent Slayer ever. The odds of survival were in Sam’s favor, as much as they could be for a Slayer anyway, and that fact made Buffy happy. She knew how hard it was to carry the mantle of Slayer. Being a Slayer wasn’t something Buffy wished on anyone, but if she had to choose who the next Slayer would have been, Sam definitely would have been at the top of the list.

Buffy’s thoughts quickly turned to Faith. She and Faith definitely had their differences in the past, but Faith had changed and eventually convinced everyone the change was sincere. Buffy had enjoyed her friendship with the Dark Slayer. It was cut short all too soon.

“Hello. Earth to Buffy.” Sam stood in front of Buffy waving her hand.

“Oh, sorry. Zoned out for a minute.” Buffy said, coming back into the present.

“It’s okay.” Sam said. “I do that all the time. Especially when mom starts talking to me about computer stuff. All I hear is ’Wa wa. wa wa wa wa wa.’ You know, like the teacher on the Charlie Brown specials.”

Buffy laughed. She knew that feeling all to well. She had experienced the same phenomenon when Giles would launch into one of his long-winded explanation of some Big Bad she was fighting. Suddenly a thought occurred to her.

“Do you do that when I’m talking to you about Slayer stuff?” Buffy asked.

“Only when you...Oh, I mean no, never.” Sam said mockingly.

Buffy playfully smacked Sam on the head. “Smartass.”

Sam grinned. “ Yep. I learned from the best.” She made a dramatic bow to Buffy.

Buffy laughed. “I’ve created a monster. Come on. Let’s get out of here. We can swing by somewhere and pick up dinner for everyone.”

“Sounds good to me. I’m starving.” Sam answered. With that, the two Slayers left the Magic Box and headed to the nearest Chinese restaurant to forage.

Tara walked into the kitchen. She made her way to the counter and moved some things around, apparently looking for something. Not finding what she was searching for, she turned to Willow, who was sitting at the kitchen table checking Sam’s calculus home work, and asked, “Sweetie, have you seen my glasses?”


Willow looked up from the work in front of her. A small laugh escaped her lips. “ Tara, they’re on your head.”


Tara reached up and touched her head. She felt her glasses sitting atop their perch and pulled them off. She glanced at Willow, who was still smiling at her.

“I guess I’m getting senile in my old age too.”

“Aw baby, it’s okay. They have medicine for that now.” Willow said playfully.

Tara swatted Willow on the head and then joined her at the table. “How’s Sam’s calculus?”

“Perfect as usual. I swear, Sam is a genius. And I’m not just saying that because she’s our daughter. I mean, I thought high school was easy, but I still studied. Sam doesn’t even have to crack a book. Must be that Maclay intellect.” Willow finished with a grin.

“Um, I think it’s all Willow brain she inherited.”

“Sure it is Dr. Maclay.” Willow quipped sarcastically. “I’m sure she didn’t get any of her smarts from her mother that just happens to be a professor. ‘Cause we all know that you don’t have to be intelligent to do that.”

“Okay, point taken.” Tara sighed. The blonde put her glasses on and started working on a stack of essays that were sitting in her brief case at the end of the table.


Willow sat back in her chair and took in the image of her wife. Tara’s hair was pulled up into a disheveled bun, with tendrils of golden hair falling around her face. Her clear blue eyes darted quickly back and forth across the papers as she read them. She chewed on the end of a red pen, pausing every few moments to mark a mistake. Even in this mundane setting, Tara radiated love and patience. Willow felt her heart skip a beat. Even after knowing Tara for 20 years, her love had never once wavered. She had never believed she could love someone so unconditionally and so wholly. But then, she had met Tara. And it felt like her soul had been made complete.


Willow got up from the table and walked around behind Tara. She placed her hands on the blonde’s shoulder and began to softly rub.

“Mmm. That feels good.” Tara said, relaxing into Willow’s touch. “and to what do I owe this pleasure, Ms. Rosenburg?” she questioned.


The redhead leaned down and softly whispered, “I just can’t keep my hands off of the gorgeous blonde sitting across from me.” To punctuate her statement, Willow leaned farther down and slowly kissed Tara’s neck.


Tara could feel her pulse quicken. The feel of Willow’s soft lips on her neck made her head spin. She completely forgot about the stack of papers in front of her. The blonde’s breathing increased and she tilted her head sideways, giving Willow full access to her long, thin neck. Willow took the hint, and kissed the entire length of Tara’s neck, ending by slowly and teasingly dragging her bottom lip across Tara’s pulse point. A slight moan escaped Tara’s lips.


Willow could feel the arousal pulsing through Tara. She reached down and tilted Tara’s chin up. Emerald eyes met pools of crystal blue. No words needed to be spoken. Each could read the others eyes. Willow spun Tara’s chair and knelt in front of her. Taking Tara’s face in her hands, Willow slowly and passionately kissed her. Lips met and parted, tongues danced a familiar step, each knowing their partner intimately. After a few minutes, the two wiccians broke their kiss. Again eyes met, but this time they conveyed an urgent want and need. Willow pulled Tara from her chair and pushed her against the table. Tara’s hands were making their way up and down Willow’s body, wanting to touch every curve. They finally came to rest on Willow’s tight ass. It was Willow’s turn to moan. Having Tara’s hands wander over her body was enough to make her go weak in the knees. She hungrily sought out Tara’s full lips again and claimed her mouth once again. The red head began to fumble with the buttons on the blonde’s blouse. Tara’s breath hitched as Willow’s hands grazed her breasts. She could feel the throb between her legs building. She knew what she wanted and she wanted it soon. Another moan escaped the blonde’s lips.

“Mom! Buffy and I brought - OH MY GOD!!!” Sam yelled as she interrupted the make out session. Catching her parents fooling around was definitely something she did not want to see...again.

Buffy stood in the kitchen doorway smirking.


Tara and Willow instantly separated. Both were crimson and both had what seemed to be an infectious stutter.

“W-w-we were just, uh, um...” Willow started.

“Y-yeah, we, uh, yeah...” Tara managed to stammer.

Sam looked from one parent to the other for a moment. She threw her hands up in the air, exasperated. “ I cannot believe you two. You have more raging hormones than I do. What are you, a couple of damn rabbits?” Sam looked at the table. “I eat on that, you know. “


Tara glanced around Sam as she continued her tirade and saw Buffy standing in the doorway. Buffy was trying her best to stifle a laugh. She saw Tara glance at her and motioned for the blonde to look down. Tara glanced down and realized her blouse was still unbuttoned. She managed to turn a deeper shade of red that she already was. Quickly, she buttoned her blouse.

“-and let me remind you that if you guys ever walked in on me and Erik, I would never hear the end of it.”

“Wait, exactly what have you and Erik been doing that we might walk in on?” Willow asked, turning the tables on Sam.

“Shit.” Sam thought, realizing that she had just ratted herself out. “ Well, I can safely say it’s not what you to were about to do.”

“Do we need to have a little talk about boys, missy?” Willow asked, straightening her clothes.

“No.” Sam replied quietly. Her shade of red now equaled her mothers.

“Busted.” Buffy thought, still standing in the doorway.

“Sweetie,” Tara began, “What your mom and I do is because we love each other. I’m not sure how you feel about Erik, but I do remember what it‘s like to be 17 and a walking set of hormones. You need to be careful and realize that there is more to a relationship than just the physical. That’s just a bonus.”

“Yeah. For when you’re much older and can handle the emotions involved in a sexual relationship.” Willow chimed in. Tara shot Willow a look that meant ‘not the time or place‘.


Buffy could see the rage flash across Sam’s face. She looked to Willow and shook her head at how the wiccian could so easily set off her daughter.

“Okay first, I’m not 5 mom. I know about sex, okay. I’ve walked in on you guys enough to be able to write a damn documentary. Second, I’m 17. Do you really think I haven’t fooled around? “

“Sam, have you been having sex with Erik?!” Willow asked accusingly.

“No, mother.” Sam snorted. “I have not had sex with Erik. But I do know what an orgasm is and -”

“Enough!” Tara yelled. Both redheads stopped arguing and turned towards Tara. Tara very seldom raised her voice, but when she did, everyone listened.

“This discussion is over. Sam, I will talk to you later about Erik, but right now you will count to ten and then apologize to your mother for being disrespectful.” Sam opened her mouth to protest, but decided against it when she saw the look Tara gave her. She started counting slowly under her breath.

Tara turned to Willow. “You and I will talk about this later.” The blonde pulled out a chair and sat back down at the table. She crossed her arms and looked at Sam. “Have you gotten to ten yet, young lady?”


Sam looked first at Tara and then at Willow. She took a deep breath to help calm her again before she began. “I’m sorry mom. It’s just walking in on you guys, again, well, eewww. How would you feel if you kept walking in on your parents?” Sam paused for a moment and looked at Tara. Tara raised her eyebrow giving a cue to continue. “And I’m sorry I got all defensive about Erik. We’re not having sex, but mom, I’m not a child. I’m almost 18. I wish you would treat me like it.” Sam took in another deep breath and let it out. She was still angry with her mother for treating her like a child. She wished that she and her mom didn’t butt heads so much. Tara had told her it was because they were so much alike. She had likened the redheads to stubborn jackasses at the time.

“I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions.” Willow said slowly. “But I really do worry about you. You’re basically all grown up and I miss my little Sammy.” She walked over to Sam, tussled her hair, and kissed her on the head.

“Aw mom, I’ll always be your little Sammy. You know that.” Sam said letting go of her anger and pulling Willow into a hug.


Tara smiled as she looked at her family. She knew the fight was over, but more importantly, she knew that Sam and Willow and had reached an understanding.

“Um, Chinese anyone?” Buffy asked still standing in the kitchen doorway holding up bags of food.

“God yes.” Tara replied.

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 10:12 pm 
Oooh! Do I get to be the first to reply?? Cool! Anyways, I love this story...Sam seems to have a lot of the slayer it just because she trains with Buffy or is there more to it? Humm.... Anyways, This is an excellent start to your story, you definitely got my interest! :) I can't wait to read more...I hope we get to find out some of the back story of how Willow and Tara got from college sweethearts to how they are here.


 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 11:14 pm 
:applause yay! I like this story. I haven't seen to many fan fics that approach Willow and Tara after say, 5 or 10 years. So this is fun! I can hardly wait to see where you go with this.

And, um, yea, kitty here :wave

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 5:39 am 
I almost hurt myself whe sam uttered the line
I eat on that, you know
and I would have had tara uttered the phrase i thought was coming next "So do we" but alas you handled it in the mature manner Can't wait to see more

Edited by: silentinformer  at: 12/13/04 5:47 pm

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 6:39 am 
It's always encouraging when a new story by a talented new author makes its appearance. This is very well-written and interesting -- makes us eager for more.

Twenty years in the future is a nice distance. It puts the Scoobies in their early forties, which is still quite young by my standards, and at the same time lets the younger generation be old enough to be in the game.

This chapter sets up the story to come, establishing characters and setting, etc. Like Tiffany, I'm curious about the events of the intervening years. I'm sure the relevant parts will be revealed as the story moves along.

You've taken an interesting approach to the problem of the aging slayer -- she just doesn't age. Nothing in canon ever said she would, so the door is open, and I haven't seen the idea used elsewhere.

As a parent, I can only sympathize with Willow and Tara. Twentyish years of no privacy, and someone going "eeeww" if you so much as smooch under the mistletoe. This is why we cheer when they move out! I'm not sure why it is that Willow is so often portrayed as the overbearing, overcontrolling parent, but she sure does it in spades here. Poor Tara sometimes has to be the only adult, and the referee, in the family.

A very nice start; I'm looking forward to the next part.


When we love and give it everything we've got, no matter what the consequences, we are doing what we were put here to do -- Geneen Roth

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 4:22 pm 
I really enjoyed the beginning, can't wait to read more.. there's more coming up right?! ;)

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 9:23 pm 
Hey guys! Thanks for all the encouragement. I really appreciate it. I'm going to try and get the next part up and then it'll probably be a week before I can post anymore. I have to go out of town. Sorry, but I'll get more up first thing when I get back.

Tiffany: Yes, Sam definitely has the Slayer attitude. She picked most of it up from Buffy, but of course some of the Slayer Sassitude comes with the job. To answer your other question, I'm going to work in some of the back story of the Scoobies as it becomes pertinent. Thanks again for the feedback.

%%WORD77%!: Yeah, I haven't seen too many stories that deal with Willow and Tara in later life, so I thought I'd give it a go. I hope you like the rest.

russ: Okay, your compliments are giving me a big head. I'm having a hard time getting through doors. Like I told Tiffany, I'm going to try and work in the back story where it's relevant. I'll be pulling in a few more characters (old and new) and hopefully give the story a little more depth. I like the idea of everyone being older. Like you said, I can involve the next generation. I ran the idea of an age delayed slayer past my roommate and she loved it. Buffy does age, just really, really slowly. My parents were fairly affectionate when I was growing up, so the kissing and stuff doesn't bother me, but my friends were usually grossed out when they walked in on their parents kissing, so that's where I'm pulling that from. Okay, that was a really long sentence. Sorry. Anyway. I'm glad you like the story and I hope you'll enjoy what's to come.

Silentinformer: Thanks for the props. If I had thought of that line, it sooo would have been in there!

Willster: More to come for sure! glad you like it.

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 9:26 pm 
SammEMT21: Don't know what happened on the reply, but refer to the weird one after tiffany.

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 12:55 am 
Title -Time Goes On

Author - Rogue2727

Rating - NC-17 just to be safe

Disclaimer - I don't own Mutant Enemy or any of its characters. I'm just borrowing them for this story. Please don't sue me.

Feedback- This is my first story, so please let me know what you think.

Summary- Bad things still happen in Sunnydale. Everyone is older and there are a few new players. Enjoy.

Notes- Set about 20 years after Season Six. Everything happened the same except Tara lived (obviously) after being shot. Not that much Willow and Tara in the beginnning, but that will change as the story progresses.

Oh, this kinda ends on a cliffhanger, so be forewarned.

Part two

An hour later, the four women were still sitting at the table, finishing the last of their meal.

“Hey Sam, you wanna split the last egg roll?” Buffy asked.

“Sure.” Sam grabbed the egg roll and pulled it in half. It didn’t tear equally and Sam looked at the two pieces before handing Buffy the smaller of the two.

“Hey. Who said you could have the bigger piece?” Buffy asked with a pout.

“A girl’s gotta eat to grow.” Sam replied with a grin. She popped the piece of egg roll in her mouth and quickly swallowed.

“Yeah, like you need to grow any more. You’re already a giant. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re the mailman’s daughter.”

Three sets of “Hey!” rang out across the table.

“What? I’m just saying she’s taller than both of you. How’d that happen anyway?”

“Probably a recessive trait.” Willow replied, getting up from the table. “Are you two patrolling tonight?”

“Yep.” Buffy mumbled, mouth full of egg roll.

“Try not to keep Sam out too late tonight Buffy. She has a calculus test tomorrow.” Willow said.

“Um, not really up to me Will. But, if you want you can send a note asking for her to be excused from slaying tonight. I’m sure the nice vampires will understand.” Buffy answered sarcastically.

“Okay smarty. I just remember a certain Slayer that I had to tutor all through school because of her late night antics.”

Buffy chuckled at the remark. “You’re right Will, but we’re talking about Sam here. She could teach the calculus class if she wanted. I think she‘ll be okay.”

“ I know. It’s just, you know, school. You know how I am about school. All neurotic and stuff. And-”


Buffy put a finger to Willow’s lips to silence her mini tirade before it became full-blown babble.

“I get it Will. I know how important school is. I’ll get her back as soon as I can tonight.”


Buffy looked at Sam. “Ready to go?” She asked.

“You bet. Let‘s kick some vampire ass- I mean butt, definitely butt.” Sam quickly corrected as Tara raised an eyebrow at her. “I learned it from Buffy.” The young Slayer quickly replied and then sprinted out the door. Tara looked at Buffy. Buffy smiled, shrugged, and then she too bolted for the door.

“You are so dead!” Tara heard Buffy yell at Sam. She smiled and closed the door behind them.

“Well that was an interesting evening, to say the least.” Willow said as Tara sat down next to her on the couch.

“Yeah, that’s putting it mildly.” Tara replied sighing. She looked over at Willow. She wanted to talk to Willow about what had transpired with Sam before dinner, but decided against it for the time being. Instead, Tara snuggled up against Willow and got comfortable. The two watched some TV and ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms on the couch.

“Buffy, did you fight with your mom a lot?” Sam asked as they made their way through the graveyard. Buffy stopped and turned toward Sam. She looked the young Slayer up and down. It amazed her how strong the girl was physically, yet so vulnerable emotionally, especially when it involved her family.

“Yeah, we fought a lot. I even ran away once because of it. But, the thing you gotta remember is that your parents love you. I know you and Will butt heads, but it’ll get better as you get older. Right now, you’re going through the rite of passage known as the teenage years. It’s full of strife, angst, and much confusion.” Buffy saw Sam look at the ground and kick the grass. “Hey kiddo, don’t worry. It gets better. I promise.”

Sam looked up and saw the sincerity in Buffy’s eyes. “Thanks.” She said.



The two Slayers walked in silence through the graveyard for a few more minutes. Suddenly, Buffy heard chanting. She motioned to the right and Sam nodded in understanding. The two Slayers crept around a large headstone. They crouched down behind the headstone and took in the scene before them. About ten yards in front of them were five figures. They were dressed in ceremonial robes and chanting. The figures had their arms raised and each had the other’s wrist pressed against their own, forming a circle. From what Buffy could see, it looked like each of the participants had slit their wrists and were performing some sort of blood ritual. Inside the circle that the robed figures formed was a large pentagram. Sitting in the center of the pentagram was another robed figure. As the chanting continued, the pentagram began to glow. The chanting became louder and the center figure began to scream. Sam covered her ears and glanced at Buffy. The elder Slayer also had her ears covered. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light, followed by a deafening boom. Both Slayers turned away from the bright light that cut the darkness. A few moments later, they turned back to find a naked woman had replaced the robed figure in the center of the pentagram.


Again, Sam looked at Buffy. This time, her gaze fell on something she never expected. Buffy’s eyes were full of fear as she stared at the naked woman. Sam reached over and touched Buffy on the arm. Buffy jumped at the contact and she looked wildly at Sam.


“We have to get out of here. NOW.” Buffy whispered. Sam nodded. She followed Buffy and crept away from the ritual area. As soon as Buffy thought they were out of sight range, she broke into a sprint. Sam followed her lead and broke into a dead run. Fifteen minutes later, the two Slayers were on the front porch of Sam’s house. Sam stopped on the second step and leaned against the handrail to catch her breath.

“What was that?” Sam managed between breaths.

Buffy glanced at Sam and threw the open the front door.

“Willow! Tara!” She yelled as she ran into the living room.


Willow and Tara both jumped at the sound of Buffy’s voice. Instantly they were both on their feet and staring at Buffy. Both witches could see the fear that filled the Slayer’s eyes. Willow reached for Tara’s hand, searching for reassurance.

“Where is Sam, Buffy? Is she okay?” Tara asked in a whisper.

“I’m fine mama.” Sam answered as she made her way across the living room. Willow and Tara both released a breath they hadn’t realized they were holding. Seeing that Sam was all right, the witches turned their gaze toward Buffy. Buffy was sitting on the edge of a recliner, her head in her hands. The Slayer was shaking her head from side to side, as she chanted ‘this can’t happen’ over and over again, hoping the mantra would make the danger go away. Tara looked at Willow and then to Sam. Sam shrugged her shoulders, baffled.

“What happened?” Willow asked.

“I don’t know. We were patrolling and we came across some weirdoes doing some sort of blood ritual. There was a flash of light and a loud boom and then a naked woman was in the middle of the ritual circle. That’s when Buffy freaked out and we got the hell out of Dodge.” Sam looked worriedly at her mentor after she finished her explanation.


Tara knelt in front of Buffy and put her hands on the Slayer’s knees. Buffy continued to chant to herself.

“Buffy, what happened?” Tara asked gently.


Buffy stopped chanting and looked at Tara. Tara watched as pain, fear, and sadness played across her friend’s face. Willow reached out and placed a hand on Buffy’s shoulder in reassurance.

“Buff, what’s got you so spooked?” The redhead witch questioned.


Buffy looked from Tara to Willow and then to Sam. Sam was shifting her weight nervously from one leg to the other. She had never seen her mentor shaken and it was very disconcerting for the young Slayer. Buffy’s gaze fell to the floor. What she whispered was barely audible. Willow’s hand fell from her friend’s shoulder as a gasp escaped her lips. She glanced down at Tara. Tara had fallen completely back on her haunches and was white as a sheet. Her blue eyes were clouded with a look of absolute terror.

Sam looked at the scene before her. Here were the three most powerful women she knew and right now all three were scared senseless. Sam knew that the situation was serious- actually beyond serious, from the looks of things. Still, she didn’t know exactly what was going on. Sam looked at the three women and asked, “Who is Glory?”

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GLORY OMG this doesn't bode well no it doesn't not at all :paranoid more soon cause you weren't lying when you said cliffhanger were you :shock :devil

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Hi..ooh, I'm loving this so far..:) . Love sam xx

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Great start to a story. With the appearance of Glory you major trouble will follow. I am interested to see where you take this

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 8:36 pm 
Just found this little gem, sounds very, very interesting. Can't wait for more.



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"Kind of" a cliffhanger? Go you with the understatement!

I really like the family interaction in this story. Sam is so fortunate having Buffy as a role model/"aunt"/friend. If Buffy had had someone like that, her teen years would have been much less traumatic.

As to the raising of Glory: Buffy should be running for the troll hammer and an orb. Hit her hard before she gets established. We don't yet know where Dawn is, but chances are the key won't be an issue. Revenge will, though. It's a little strange to see all three women paralyzed with fear. Doesn't bode well for their ability to deal with the menace.

Sam doesn't know about Glory? Wouldn't this part of the family history be kind of important for a new slayer to learn? Looks like after all these years our Scoobies are still all with the keeping secrets.


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Great start! I love these far-in-the-future fics. And Glory! She was one of my favorite big bads--can't wait to see what you do with her. I'm with Russ--it's a good thing Sam has Buffy for a mentor. Looking forward to more!


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Great beginnings!

I too love the future and Two Mommies type of fics. Tara is perfect in the role of Referee between Willow and Sam.

Glory...ohhhh, dear. This could get sticky.

Waiting for more...


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This chapter kind of ending on a cliffhanger is certainly an understatement right up there with Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are the same person in "Fight Club."

Nice job so far, however, as the interplay between Willow/Tara and their daughter is adorable and realistic.

Walking in on one's own parent's having sex will stay with you.:blush

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wow...really loving this so far, write more!

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HEy guys. I'm just getting back from being out of town. I'm going to try and post tonight and tomorrow, but no promises. I'll answer feedback now though.

Silentinformer: Yep, Glory. That can't be good...

sam darls: Glad you like it!

Traveler4069: I'm interested to see where this goes too...:wink

WillowPowered: Hope I can keep it interesting!

Russ: Yeah, I tend to go for understatement... it's a thing.

Buffy is definitely good for Sam. She knows what it's like to be a Slayer, so she's a kindred spirit. As far as Glory goes, definitely trouble there. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the family is keeping secrets though...

seamstressofdarkness: Glory is by far my favorite villain. I hope I do her justice in this story. As far as the Buffy/Sam relationship, Buffy treats Sam like she wished she'd been treated. Simple as that. Glad you like.

CaptMurdock: This is definitely going to get sticky!

taralicious: Walking in on one's parents will definitely stay with you... trust me on that one. Anyway, like I told russ, understatement, it's a thing... Thanks for liking though!

CrazyTaraWitch: Thanks for the encouragement!

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This is a wicked story dude.. Crazy Sam... totally reminds me of Willow haha. I'm sure the two will be all good now that they all have to kinda ban together and face on the skanky hell bitch huh? I like that twist to the fic though. Buffy and the gang beat her then, they can beat her again.. no doubt with a younger and stronger slayer eh?!

I have faith in em.

Can't wait to


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wow this is a great story!!

and now glory is back?? thats going to be more interesting :eatme

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Title -Time Goes On

Author - Rogue2727

Rating - NC-17 just to be safe

Disclaimer - I don't own Mutant Enemy or any of its characters. I'm just borrowing them for this story. Please don't sue me.

Feedback- This is my first story, so please let me know what you think.

Summary- Bad things still happen in Sunnydale. Everyone is older and there are a few new players. Enjoy.

Notes- Set about 20 years after Season Six. Everything happened the same except Tara lived (obviously) after being shot. Not that much Willow and Tara in the beginnning, but that will change as the story progresses.

Okay guys, here's the next update. Hopefully I'll be able to post a little more soon.

Three sets of eyes looked at the young Slayer, each conveying hatred and fear. Sam sank into the couch, awaiting an answer she didn’t want to hear.

“It’s such a simple question,“ Willow thought. “Who is Glory? Three little words. There are so many ways to answer that question. Where do I begin?” Willow‘s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Tara‘s voice.

“Glory is a bitch,” Tara answered coldly.

“Tara!” Willow exclaimed. Tara very seldom used profanity and she never used that word.


Both Buffy and Sam stared at the blonde. Sam opened her mouth to say something, but found she was at a loss for words.

“Excuse me Will. She’s a fucking bitch. Is that better?” Tara stood and started to pace. Her hands balled into fists as she walked. Sam could her counting quietly under her breath.

“Tara, are you okay?” Willow asked tentatively.


Tara stopped pacing and turned to face Willow. “No. I’m not okay. How can I be? After all Glory did to us. She took my sanity, nearly killed Dawn, Buffy died because of her, and Will...” Tara’s voice trailed off as tears began to stream down her cheeks. Willow was on her feet in an instant, comforting her wife. “Will, she drove you to it,” Tara said in a hushed voice.

“Shh, baby. It’s okay,” Willow said soothingly.

“NO! It is not okay! It is sooo far from being okay!” Tara shouted. She jerked away from Willow. “Damn it Willow, it’s because of her that you used Dark Magick.”


Willow stood stunned. She hadn’t expected Tara to react like this. She had always been the level headed one of the two. Now it was Willow’s turn to be the voice of reason.

“No, Tara,” Willow said, looking her lover in the eyes. “I was stupid and reckless and that’s why I went to the Dark Magicks. I wanted quick power. I didn’t understand how things worked.”


Tara closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose with her thumb and middle finger. She suddenly felt very old. She exhaled and fell into a nearby chair. Taking a few deep breaths, the blonde witch tried to center herself.

“Willow,” Tara began quietly. “When was the first time you used Dark Magick - with the knowledge of what it was?” she tacked on quickly, remembering the curse WIillow had used on Angelus.

“Against Glory,” Willow whispered. She cringed as she thought about cutting open the lock that protected the book of Darkest Magicks.

“Will, I didn’t know,” Buffy said from across the room. It had never occurred to the Slayer that Willow’s power that day had come from Dark Magick. She genuinely thought Willow’s power had come from being truly pissed off. In Buffy’s line of work, anger equaled power. She equated that line of thinking with everyone.

Willow sighed and turned to Buffy, “Yeah, Buff. That’s where it came from.”

“You never said anything,” the Slayer said, concern evident in her voice.

“You never asked,” Willow pointed out.

Silence settled over the room as each person was lost in their thoughts of Glory. Finally, Sam broke the quiet.

“You really didn’t know that mom’s power came from Dark Magick that day? ” Sam asked the elder Slayer.

“What? Huh? I mean, what now? I thought you didn’t know who Glory was?” Buffy asked, confused.

“I didn’t know what her name was. You guys never really talk about what happened with her, but when you do, she’s always referred to as ’that damn hell god’, or ‘evil insaneo lady‘, or my personal favorite ‘skank ass ho‘.” Tara and Willow both turned and glared at Buffy with the mention of the last name.

“What?” The Slayer questioned defensively. “I didn’t teach her that.” Willow and Tara looked at each other and then back at Buffy with the expression ‘yeah, right’ etched across their faces. “No! Really I didn’t!” Buffy insisted.


Sam decided she better rescue Buffy from her parents. “Actually, I learned that one from Anya when I was ten... It was the same day she told me where babies came from,” Sam added as an afterthought.

Sam was oblivious to the stares her parents and Buffy were giving her at the latest admission. She was looking at the ceiling, trying to remember what else Anya had said to her that day. “Oh!” Sam exclaimed, wildly shaking her hands, “Then she told me she wasn’t sure where I came from, but it probably had something to do with a naked lesbo witchy ritual and she hoped it was as much fun as she and Xander had making Jack.” Sam finished her revelation with a smile that quickly turned into a look of disgust when it registered what Anya had meant.


A combination of horror and shock ran across both Willow and Tara’s faces.

“But, but, you asked me where babies came from when you were twelve,” Willow stammered. “And how did Glory make it into that story? And yes, it was fun, but that’s beside the point,” the redhead finished.

“Okay first, eewww. Second, it was hilarious to watch you squirm, mom. You turned all red and pulled up all these charts and diagrams on your laptop. I remember thinking, ‘Geeze mom, if this is how you approach sex, it’s no wonder I‘m an only child. Anya’s way sounded much more fun.’ Oh! And then you made me watch that video that went from conception to birth.” Sam eyes danced as she watched Willow become more and more embarrassed and thus redder and redder. Sam loved to torment her mother.

“Willow, what’s wrong with you?” Buffy asked in between laughs. “You could have scarred Sam for life.”

“Well excuse me Miss Let’s Sleep With Every Guy On The Block. I thought it was educational.” Willow finished with a huff.

“Hey! The was no block. There was only, well, hey! Why are we talking about my sex life? Buffy asked indignantly.

“Well, you have to admit it Buffy,” Tara began, “It has been pretty colorful. I mean vampires... come on.”


Buffy spun to face the blonde witch. “This from the woman whose wife got tail from a werewolf.” Buffy paused for a minute as she realized what she had said. “He he, tail from a werewolf, get it?” Buffy laughed at her joke and then pointed to Willow. “She’s lucky she didn’t end up with puppies.”

“What! Puppies! This from the vampire lover. At least puppies can go out in the sun. Your vampire babies would just go poof!” Willow retorted.

“Yeah, well, at least I wouldn’t have to worry about my vampire babies being used for puppy poker.” Buffy said, sticking out her tongue.

“Oh and worrying about them sucking all the kids dry at playgroup is sooo much better.” Willow replied, copying Buffy’s gesture.

“Yeah, well at least I wouldn’t have to worry about rabies.”


Sam leaned over to Tara and whispered, “This from two grown women who are supposedly my role models. I‘m so in trouble,” she finished, shaking her head.

“You have no idea,” Tara whispered back as Buffy and Willow continued to argue.

“... Well at least I didn’t seduce little miss innocent over there. That’s like seducing a nun.”

“What! I did not seduce her. Well, maybe a little, but hey, she did plenty of seducing too! And trust me, she’s no nun.”

“Hey!” Tara interrupted. “Leave me out of this. Besides, I got kicked out of the convent when they caught me in something other than the missionary position,” the blonde finished with a smirk.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Buffy sputtered. She looked from Tara to Willow, who was now wearing a matching smirk. Sam buried her face in her hands and shook her head.

“Now that you two have finished such a grown up argument, I want to get back to Willow’s original question.” Tara turned to Sam, “ Why was Anya telling you where babies come from and how did Glory end up in the story?”

“Okay, first, you both have to promise not to get mad,” Sam said looking at her parents. The two witches exchanged looks and then nodded for Sam to continue.

“Well, um, see, um, okay you promised not to get mad, remember?” Sam reminded her parents as she turned her line of vision to her feet. “Anya kinda caught Jack and I playing doctor.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Willow interjected. Buffy and Tara looked at her like she had just grown a third head. “What?” the redhead asked. “Xander and I used to play that all the time. I’d listen to his heart and take his temperature and write him prescriptions and stuff... what?” Willow asked again as Buffy and Tara continued to stare. Finally Tara leaned over and whispered in her ear. Willow’s jaw hit the floor. She snapped her head around and glared at Sam. Amazingly though, Willow held her tongue.

“So Anya decided that it was time for Jack and I to know the facts of life. She sat Jack and I down and went over everything in detail. She explained the how’s and why’s and when’s. And don’t worry, she gave us the whole ‘you should be in love and in your 20’s’ routine.” Sam looked at both her parents to make sure they hadn’t died of shock and then continued. “After Anya explained everything to us, she looked at me and said the whole naked lesbo witchy ritual thing. Then she started talking about how Jack and I were going to be hormone driven teenagers in a few years and how we would be willing to ‘boink’ anything on two legs. She stressed how we should avoid these feelings if at all possible. According to Anya, Xander chose not to follow this advice and that lead to the ‘Fluke’,” Sam pointedly looked at Willow, who coughed and looked away, “sleeping with Faith, and wanting to sleep with a skank ass ho, even though she was evil. Jack asked what a skank ass ho was and Anya proceeded to explain that entire story. She never used the name Glory though, just lots of other colorful names. I just figured out that’s who Glory was, is, whatever... Um, the end,” Sam finished. She sat back and waited for a reply as the information sank into her parent’s head.

“Well,” Tara managed, not really knowing what to say.

“You mean I went through that stuff and you already knew where babies came from?” Willow asked dejectedly.

“Yeah. Sorry mom. I couldn’t resist. It was so funny because Ayna had said that if I asked you, there would probably be charts and graphs involved. It was all I could do not to laugh when you actually did pull out charts and graphs. It was just like Anya described it ”

“Oh.” Willow replied quietly. “I see.” She got up and walked into the kitchen


Instantly, Sam felt like dirt. She had never meant to hurt her mother, she just hadn’t thought things through... again. Sam loved to make people laugh and sometimes her good natured ribbing went a little too far. This time, it was at Willow’s expense. She immediately knew she had gone to far when she caught the look on her mom’s face. “Damn it. Why do I have to be such an ass sometimes?” Sam mumbled to herself. “Excuse me,” she said as she got up and made her way to the kitchen.

“Do you need to go too?” Buffy asked Tara.

“No,” the blonde replied. “this is between them.”


Sam found Willow sitting at the table nursing a beer and absent-mindedly tearing the label off. Sam sat down beside her mom and took her hand.

“Mom. I’m sorry.” the young redhead apologized.

“No, it’s okay Sam,” Willow said waving her off. “I’m just too sensitive about some things.”

“No, mom. I was an ass and I’m sorry,” Sam took a deep breath and continued. “I know I say that a lot, but I screw up a lot, especially when it comes to you.” Willow looked at her daughter questionably. Sam pushed on. “I mean, sometimes I don’t know how to talk to you. So, me being, me, I make jokes. Anyway, sometimes I go too far, you know. And instead of it being fun, I end up making fun and I hurt the people I love, even though I don‘t mean to.” Sam squeezed Willow’s hand as she talked. “ Mom, I love you, you know that right?”

“Of course, Sam. I just worry...”

“Worry about what, mom?”


Willow sighed and took a sip of her beer. “I worry that I’m turning into my mother. She always used to say ‘I hope you have a child just like you so you’ll know what I’ve had to go through’ and I worry that I’m a bad parent like her ’cuz you’re just like me,” Willow finished in a whisper.


A laugh escaped Sam before she could stop it. Willow looked at her daughter. For her, the laugh confirmed what she had feared. Sam of course had other ideas. “Well, according to mama, I’m just like you. We’re both stubborn jackasses. So, grandma was right with that one.” Sam took Willow’s other hand and made sure she had her mother’s full attention. “But, I also know grandma and I know you’re nothing like her. Every time I see her, it’s like I’m not really there. She talks at me, not to me. She doesn’t know how to relate. Plus, she insists on calling me Sally. Where did she get that?” Sam could see the hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her mother’s mouth. “And, I think she’s going senile.” Sam tacked on.

“Yeah, she is,” Willow agreed with a full-blown smile. “But don’t say that to your mama. She says it’s disrespectful.” She finished with a wink.

“It’ll be our secret,” Sam said grinning. She reached over and hugged her mom. “I love you mom.”

“I love you too Sally.”

“Mom!” Sam chastised, rolling her eyes at her mother. “Do you want to go back into the living room with Buffy and mama and talk about what were going to do about this whole Glory situation?”

“Not really, but I guess we should,” Willow said getting up from the table. “Damn hell god. How many times do we have to kill her?” Willow mumbled under her breath as she and Sam exited the kitchen.

“What the frickin’ hell am I doing here?” Glory questioned as she paced around her new apartment.

“We summoned you, oh Astonishing, Brilliant One. We thought you would be pleased,” groveled a minion that Glory had in a headlock, dragging him around with her as she ranted. The rest of the group was pressed against a far wall, trying to keep out of Glory’s way.

“Pleased! Pleased! Oh you stupid, stupid little minions. I was in hell! Not home hell, but hell none the less. There was torture, and pain, and I was actually starting to have fun, when suddenly I wake up naked in the middle of a grave yard! Tell me what I’m supposed to be pleased about!!!” the hell god screamed.

“We have information on how to return you to your former splendor, oh Magnificent Glorificus. We thought you would be happy,” the minion said as Glory jerked his head around.

“Tell me what you know Dirk, and I may only remove one of your ears. Then again, I really should pull them both off for bringing me such a hideous outfit. Polyester? Only fashionably challenged mortals wear polyester. Seriously, could you have picked out something a little more revolting?” Glory spun the minion she had in the headlock and slammed his body against the wall. “Tell me what you know,” she said in a bored tone.

“Yes, Gracious One. We have located the Key,” Dirk said, trying to pick himself up from the floor.

“What! You brought me here for that! The Key is useless you idiot!” The hell god kicked her minion in the stomach, sending him flying across the room. “You brought me back for nothing!! Do you know how much I hate being here?”

“Yes, your Wonderfulness,” Dirk replied as he continued to lay in the floor. He managed to pull himself up into a sitting position. “We know how much you despise being here, but we have found a way to return you home using the Key.”


Glory was on Dirk in a flash. She bent down and grabbed his face in her hand. She pulled the scabby minion to within an inch of her face. “Tell me what you know right now and don’t play games with me.” she growled.

“Great Glorificus, we have discovered there is a ritual that involves the Key, the Slayer, and the witch that will send you home.”

“Sure. Why not. I mean, those are all my favorite people and I’m sure they’d jump at the chance to help me. Are you frickin’ totally insane?!?! Do you remember what happened last time?” Glory slammed Dirk’s head against the wall, knocking him unconscious. “Let me refresh your memory if you forgot,” she said, turning to the rest of the minions. “The Slayer kicked my ass! Do you have any idea how humiliating that is? And that stupid witch hurt my head.” Glory threw herself into a nearby chair and pouted. “Well!” she yelled after a couple of minutes, “ Where’s my drink?” Immediately the minions scattered, trying to get their master something to drink.

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Loved it laughed histerically at Sam's diatribe about learning the facts about sex and its really heartbreaking to see the strain in Willows and Sams realtionship :cry hopefully it improves as the story goes along ;) and this ritual (you ever notice that word always leads to something ominous) doesn't sound good :paranoid

More soon if you wish it


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The argument between Buffy and Willow about their love/sex life was hilarious!!

Poor WIllow, not easy being a mother.. It's always like that, when you're too much like one of your parent, you fight all the time..!

such a great story.. but Glory.. arggh I hate her!

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 9:29 am 
Title -Time Goes On

Author - Rogue2727

Rating - NC-17 just to be safe

Disclaimer - I don't own Mutant Enemy or any of its characters. I'm just borrowing them for this story. Please don't sue me.

Feedback- This is my first story, so please let me know what you think.

Summary- Bad things still happen in Sunnydale. Everyone is older and there are a few new players. Enjoy.

Notes- Set about 20 years after Season Six. Everything happened the same except Tara lived (obviously) after being shot. Not that much Willow and Tara in the beginnning, but that will change as the story progresses.

Okay guys, this is the last post for a little while. I have to go out of town...again. Let me know what you think!

“And you’re sure it was Glory?” Anya asked, clearly displeased with the new information. Buffy had called early that morning asking to meet at the Magic Shop. She said she had some news that needed to be discussed with the rest of the group.

“No doubt about it,” Buffy answered. She pushed her chair back and got up from the table. Walking over behind the counter, she picked up the troll hammer that hung on the back wall. “I guess this will be coming out of retirement.”

“Well, maybe she doesn’t want anything. I mean, you did give her a major ass kicking last time.” Xander said, trying to sound upbeat. “Maybe she’ll just find a nice job somewhere and become a productive member of society.”

“Is this that skank ass ho you keep talking about, mom?” Jack asked from the corner of the room. He and Sam had confiscated two boxes of donuts and were successfully working on polishing them off before anyone noticed.


Willow choked on the coffee she was sipping. “You!” she yelled, pointing at Jack. “I know what you did!”

“What are you talking about, Will?” Xander asked, concerned as to why his best friend was yelling at his son.

“I know all about how he was playing doctor with Sam.” Willow replied accusingly. “And not in the fun, wholesome way either.”

“What? Jack!” Xander yelled, turning to his son. Jack’s eyes were full of confusion as he backed into a corner, trying to disappear.

“I haven’t played doctor with Sam since we were ten!” the young Harris said, trying to defend himself.

“Oh, that.” Anya interjected calmly. “I took care of that.”

She turned to Willow. “why are you all upset about that?”

“I kinda told her last night.” Sam mumbled.

Jack looked at his friend in disbelief. “Why would you tell her that?”

“We were talking about Glory and it came up.” Sam said miserably.

“I can’t possibly imagine how Sam and Jack playing doctor would come up in a discussion about Glory.” Xander replied.

“It’s a long story,” Anya stated. She turned to Sam. “You finally told them, huh. Good for you. I’m a firm believer that sex should be discussed in an open forum. Have you guys discussed multiple orgasms yet?”

“Anya!” Willow, Tara, and Xander yelled.

“What? I’m just saying...” the former demon mumbled, as she turned back to her coffee.

“Can we please get back to Glory?” Emma asked. She had been thumbing through a book when her older brother’s phony medical practice came to light.

“Please?” Michelle chimed in looking up from her book. She and Emma exchanged glances and then went back to reading.

“I think their doing that weird, twin ESP thing again,” Jack whispered to Sam, eyeing his sisters.

“I think it’s cool,” Sam whispered back.

“What’s cool?” Megan asked, as she sat down by Sam.

“That twin ESP thing you guys can all do.” Sam answered, as she moved to make room for the fair haired Harris.

“Yeah, Kate and I think it comes in handy when we’re plotting against Jack.” Megan confirmed, looking at her brother.

“What are we plotting against Jack?” Kate asked, as she walked in from the training room.

“That thing, remember?” Megan said, raising her eyebrow.

“Oh, that thing. I wasn’t sure if it was that or the other thing we were discussing.” Kate shot back.

“Okay, okay, I get it. Let’s make fun of Jack. Yippie. Can we move on please?” Jack whined.

“Sure we can,” all four girls answered at once, a little too sweetly.

“Mom! They’re doing it again. Make them stop,” Jack begged, as he ran to hide behind Anya.

“Girls, don’t pick on your magically challenged brother. He can’t help it he got the worthless Harris gene.” Anya said sweetly, as she patted Jack on the shoulder.

“Gee, thanks mom.” Jack replied dejectedly and made his way back to the table.

“No problem sweetie. Happy to help.” Anya acknowledged, completely missing the sarcasm in her son’s voice.


Buffy smiled as she watched the interaction between the members of the Harris clan. She loved the way the large family’s dynamics played out. Jack, being the oldest and only male, was constantly being picked on by his sisters. Emma and Michelle, a year younger than Jack, were the oldest set of twins. While all of the Harris were known for their sense of humor, Emma and Michelle definitely were the family comedians. If anything odd or mischievous happened, it was a good bet the twins were behind it. Megan and Kate were the youngest. They were a year younger than Emma and Michelle, and were the intellectuals in the group. Both loved to read and did very well in school. Most of the time, the pair used their knowledge for good, but it wasn’t surprising to find out that they were the masterminds behind several of Emma and Michelle’s pranks.


The Slayer was happy to see how things turned out for Xander and Anya. It was a rocky start, with Xander leaving Anya at the alter, but they had managed to reconcile and never looked back. Not only were the two blessed with a house full of children, they were also blessed financially. Anya had managed to turn the Magic Box into a west coast chain and Xander was one of the most sought after construction foreman in California. Things were definitely going well for the Harris’s.

“So,” Buffy began, coming back to the present, “getting back to Glory. What do you guys thinks she wants?”

“Other than the most fashionable wardrobe possible, who knows?” Xander remarked. “Hey, maybe we could introduce her to Cordelia and they could be best pals.”

“Did you guys go back to the g-graveyard to see if you could find anything?” Tara asked. The blonde had been quiet most of the morning. She had been scouring every piece of information she could find for something that would explain the ritual that returned Glory. So far, she had found nothing.

“Nope. Didn’t find a thing.” Sam answered.       

“Aaarrrgggg. This doesn’t make sense.” Buffy growled, throwing a book back on the table. “ I mean, I thought she was gone - for good. Doesn’t dead ever mean dead around here?”

“You’re asking that question?” Willow asked, in disbelief.

“Shut up, Willow.” Buffy snapped.

Anya made her way to the table and motioned for Jack to move over. “Not to sound stupid or anything, but has anyone called Dawn? She might like to know the crazy hell god is back. You know, just a heads up.”

“Oh crap. I completely forgot about Dawn,” the Slayer sighed.

“Want me to make the c-call?” Tara asked.

“No. I need to do it. Dawn going to be so thrilled. It‘s no wonder she moved to the other side of the country. She and James just want a normal life. As if.” Buffy groaned and put her head down on the table. She was not looking forward to calling her sister.

“Do you think she’ll come out here?” Willow asked. She sat down beside Buffy and took her hand in a gesture of support.

“I guess. It would probably be the safest place for her until we figure out what’s going on.”

“Probably,” Willow agreed. “But hey, on the plus side, we would get to see Dawn. Never can go wrong there.”

“It’d be great to see the Dawnster again.” Xander said. “It’s been a while since she’s been home.”

“Yeah, I just wish it was under better circumstances,” Buffy muttered. She got up and made her way to the door. “Well, I’m off to make the call. You guys keep going with the research. I’ll be back in a few.”


Buffy left the Magic Box and everyone returned to what they were doing. About fifteen minutes later, Tara put her book down and sighed. She took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes.

“You okay baby?” Willow asked.

“I need a break. My head is pounding. Want to go for a walk?” the blonde asked.

“Sure. Guys, we’re going to take a break.” Willow announced. “We’ll be back later.”

“We’ll be here,” Sam answered, not bothering to looking up.

“Unless we’re not,” Jack quipped.


Tara and Willow left the shop and headed down the street. It was a nice day out and being out in the sun helped Tara instantly.

“So, are we walking anywhere particular or just ambling about?” Willow asked her wife.

“Mainly ambling, with a possible meander thrown in for good measure,” Tara answered. “I mainly just wanted to get out of the shop. You know I hate being cooped up like that.”

“Yeah. It’s nice to be out in the sun. Hey, you wanna go back to the house and sit on the porch swing for a while?”

“That sounds wonderful.”


The two witches walked toward their house, hand in hand. They arrived at their destination fifteen minutes later. Tara made her way over to the swing and sat down. Willow went inside to get a couple of drinks. She returned a few moments later, drinks in hand. She gave Tara one and then took her place on the swing beside her wife. Tara snuggled into Willow after she sat down and the two sat quietly for a while, enjoying each others company.

“Will, I’m scared,” Tara admitted quietly.

“Me too,” Willow answered.

“We barely beat Glory last time. And we p-paid the price in so many ways. I don’t want to think about what it’s going to cost us this time.”

“We’ll get through it baby. We always do,” Willow assured her love.

“I hope so,” the blonde whispered.


Willow hugged Tara closer. She knew Tara was terrified of Glory. It had taken her years to tell Willow what it was like during those weeks of insanity. Willow couldn’t imagine the pain that her love had suffered. She knew without a doubt that Tara was the strongest person that she had ever met. Her heart swelled as she thought of her lover.

“Sweetie, Glory will never hurt you again. I promise,” Willow stated. Tara looked into her wife’s eyes and could see the love and determination that filled them. She leaned into Willow and found her lips. The kiss was gentle and loving. Willow reached up and stroked Tara’s cheek. She broke the kiss and looked into Tara’s eyes.

“Baby, do you want to go inside?”

“Very much, ” Tara answered.


The pair went inside. Willow guided Tara up the stairs and into their bedroom. She turned to close and lock the door behind them. As she turned back , she was met by Tara’s lips. Their kiss was slow and passionate. It ignited a fire that had been smoldering the past few days.

“Will, I need this.” Tara said, stepping back.

“I know baby. Me too.” Willow answered.


Tara led Willow to the bed and guided her down. She followed the redhead down, her body positioned above her wife’s petite frame. Tara again initiated a kiss. Her soft lips met Willow’s and for a moment, neither deepened the kiss. Tara began to tenderly trace Willow’s lips with her tongue. The redhead parted her lips, granting Tara access. Tara accepted the invitation and found her wife’s tongue with her own. Instantly, the dance began. Neither was conscious of who was leading or following, but they reveled in the sensation as their tongues twirled.


Willow’s ran her hands up and down Tara’s body. As the minutes passed, things became more heated.

“Mmm. Need skin,” Willow growled. She sat up, grabbed the hem of Tara’s shirt and pulled the garment over her head. Instantly, Willow’s hands were on her wife’s bra clad breasts. Tara groaned at the contact. Willow squeezed the blonde’s breasts and began to trace the nipples with her thumbs. Immediately, they responded and became hard peaks. Unable to resist any longer, Willow unclasped Tara’s bra and tossed it aside.

“Better,” the redhead mumbled as she took Tara’s breast into her mouth. Tara bucked as Willow’s tongue caressed her nipple. She leaned back and pulled Willow closer to her. Willow responded by sucking harder and tweaked the other nipple with her finger and thumb.

“OOOhhhh,” Tara moaned. Willow grinned to herself. She switched breasts, giving the other the same attention as its twin. Suddenly, her playthings were gone.

“Your turn,” Tara growled, pushing Willow back down onto the bed. She ripped off the redhead’s shirt and bra and began to kiss slowly down the redhead’s throat. Pausing at the pulse point, Tara sucked briefly. Willow squirmed under the contact. Tara continued her way down, dragging her slightly moistened lips between the valley of willow’s breasts. She began to circle Willow’s breast with long, languid strokes of her tongue. The circles became smaller and smaller until Tara’s tongue was at the very edge of Willow’s erect nipple. She paused briefly and Willow whimpered disapprovingly. Tara looked up and smiled wickedly. She gave Willow’s nipple a teasing lick and then quickly switched to the other breast. Tara played the same torturous game with Willow’s other breast. When she came to Willow’s nipple, this time instead of pausing, she took it into her mouth and sucked hard. The effect was exactly what she had hoped for. Willow arched her back and groaned. She pulled Tara’s head into her breast with one hand and grabbed the bed sheet with the other. Tara reached down and unbuttoned Willow’s pants as she continued to suck. Willow released Tara’s head and quickly shucked her jeans and underwear, leaving her completely naked. She tugged at Tara’s pants and the blonde swiftly removed them. Returning to her original position, Tara reached between Willows legs to find her center incredibly wet. The blonde ran a finger up through the moisture and was rewarded as Willow moaned and lifted her hips off the bed.

“Someone is very wet.” Tara whispered against Willow’s breast.

“Ungh,” was all Willow could manage. Tara’s hand settled between Willow’s legs. She parted the outer lips and ran her middle finger through the wet channel ending at Willow’s clit. The nub was swollen and begging to be touched. Tara brushed it briefly.

“P-please,” Willow begged.


Tara immediately granted Willow’s request. She began to stroke Willow’s clit and increased the pressure on the jewel slightly. Willow moaned with pleasure. Tara sped up the pace as Willow’s breathing became shallower. Willow leaned up and took Tara’s breast in her mouth. It took all the blonde’s concentration to keep her focus on Willow. She ran her thumb up through Willow’s wetness and replaced the finger that was massaging Willows nub with it. As she continued to massage with her thumb, Tara placed her middle and ring finger at Willows opening. Willow lifted her hips and Tara’s fingers were plunged into Willow’s core.

“God yes!!” Willow cried.


Tara began to pump in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster. On every third stroke, she plunged as deeply as she could. Willow rocked with the rhythm that Tara had set. She could feel an orgasm beginning deep within her.

“Faster,” Willow growled. Tara acknowledged Willows request and thrust faster.

“Yes!! Don’t stop!! I’m almost there!!” Willow cried. “AAAHHHH!!!!” Willow screamed as an intense orgasm ripped through her. Tara pulled out of Willow, but continued to stroke her clit. Willow panted and tried to catch her breath. She could feel a second orgasm building. Tara sensed that Willow was at the edge again and took the redhead’s breast in her mouth. That was all it took.

“UUggnnhhh!!!! Taraaaa!!!” Willow screamed a second orgasm washed over her body. She pulled the blonde closer as her body writhed in ecstasy. Tara continued to caress Willow’s swollen nub as the redhead thrashed about. She entered Willow again and immediately the redhead climaxed for a third time.

“Oh, shit, shit, shit!!!” Willow chanted, as the third orgasm took her. Suddenly, her body went limp under Tara’s. Tara pulled out and gently kissed her lover.

“Baby? You okay?” Tara asked, pulling Willow close.

Willow opened her eyes and looked at her lover. “You have to ask? I think I passed out there for a minute.”

“So it seems,” Tara replied with a grin. “Guess I did something right.”

“You always do,” the redhead said, very pleased. “Now, let’s see if I can help you out.” With that, Willow rolled Tara over onto her back.

“You don’t need to rest for a minute?” Tara managed to ask.

“Want you now.” Willow growled. “I think you’ve had enough foreplay,” she said as she plunged two finger into Tara. Tara moaned as Willow entered her. She bit down on Willow’s shoulder as the redhead took her.

“Oh god, oh god, ooohhhh!!!!” Tara screamed as an orgasm raced through her body in record time. Willow could feel the orgasm as Tara’s muscles clinched around her fingers. She continued to thrust as Tara rode out the orgasm. Not satisfied with one orgasm, Willow began to rub Tara’s clit. Tara whimpered as her body responded to the added stimulation.

“Willoowwww!!!” she exclaimed as the next orgasm crashed though her body. Tara drug her fingernails down Willows back, leaving red marks down her lover’s pale skin. “UUggghhh!!!”


Willow leaned up and kissed the thrashing blonde. The sensation of Tara’s nails scratching her back would normally hurt, but Willow was so caught up in the moment, she didn’t notice. Tara kissed her wife back wildly. Willow continued to thrust inside her.

“H-harder,” Tara moaned. Willow used her leg to push against her hand on the upstroke. “Yyyeeessssss!!!!” cried the blonde. Willow felt Tara tense as the orgasm ripped though her. Finally, Tara’s body began to relax. Willow pulled her finger’s out of Tara’s body and brought them to her mouth. She made sure the blonde was watching and then proceeded to lick them clean.

“Needed dessert, “ the redhead replied with a vixeny smile. Tara rolled her eyes and broke into a yawn.

“You wore me out baby. How about a nap?”

“ I don’t think I could get up if I had to.” Willow answered. She curled up in front of Tara and the two quickly fell asleep.

Buffy stood frozen at the front door. She had come over to tell Willow and Tara that she had talked to Dawn, but stopped at the door when she heard Tara screaming Willow’s name. “Okay then. I guess Willow isn’t all charts and graphs when it comes to the bedroom. I’ll just tell them a little later,” she mumbled, as she fled down the steps and quickly away from the house.

 Post subject: Re: wow
PostPosted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 10:34 pm 
Good update. It will be interesting to see how the two generations of scoobies handle Glory. Have a good Holiday and I will be waiting for the next update.


 Post subject: Re: wow
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:25 am 
really nice updatey goodness!

i hope Dawn comes to town, i love dawnie!

i like the twins, they sound funny...the story's great so far, keep up the good work!


 Post subject: Re: wow
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:10 am 
It should have been obvious to everyone that there's more to Willow's bedroom antics than charts and graphs. After all, she and Tara did live with Buffy for God knows how long...

I got bitten by a drunk lesbian! Does that mean I'll turn into one?

~my friend Mary

 Post subject: Re: wow
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 3:14 pm 
oh my god. this was incredible!! :drool

go on with that!!

 Post subject: Re: Time Goes On
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 4:55 pm 
Let me just say...:sheep , and also :sheep X 100

The way things have turned out over the years seems fitting.

The easy going nature of the relationship between Sam and Buffy is adorable :) . Even after twenty years, Willow and Tara together... their passion and love for one another is still white hott :D .




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