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 Post subject: Chosen (My ending to it)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 8:50 am 
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Short Story by Rachel McCann and Leilani Cho
Email: /
Rating R for Content and Sexuality
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy, I just like to borrow them for a bit but I always put them back. I just write for fun so please don’t sue me (Some dialogue is from Chosen copyright of Joss Whedon)
Spoilers: its set after season 7, Willow remained single in season seven.
Cast: Tara/Willow,
Summary: How chosen really should have ended.

Chapter One:

Dawn opened the back bus door and hugged her sister tightly as Giles and some others climbed out.

“I don't understand what did this?" Giles asked puzzled.

“Spike did it”. Buffy answered him.

Giles touched her shoulder understanding the meaning of the sacrifice he had made for the world.

Buffy walked up near the edge of the huge crater, she watched as a sign marked. "Welcome to Sunnydale", which stood on the edge of the whole, it creaked and groaned for a moment and then fell backwards into the crater.

Andrew stood down from the bus and tried to pass by Xander, but the former construction worker reached out and stopped him. "So did you see?" He asked

Andrew tried to pass him, “I’m too scared” He said. Noticing the gentle look in Xander's eyes, he took a breath and answered.

“She was incredible, she died saving my life." He said, voice filled with pride and respect for the woman who gave her life for him.

"That's my girl, always doing the stupid thing" Xander smiled warmly at him, reached out and gently patted Andrew’s shoulder. He wiped a tear from his eye and walked over to Buffy, Giles, and the others gathered near the huge crater.

Faith sat with Robin, who was a little close to death, he looked pretty bruised and battered and he was very weak.

“I’ll go get some help ok?” Faith said as she stood up.

Robin reached out and stopped her. "Did we make it?"

"We made it. We won." Faith said.

Then he stopped his eyes unmoving. Faith bowed her head in sorrow. She gently reached out to close his eyelids. He coughed and smiled at her. "Surprise."

Faith Smiled at him, Vi moved up beside her and gently began to tend to his wounds, and Faith stood up and walked out of the bus to join the others.

"Looks like the hellmouth is officially closed for business" Dawn said,
She walked forward to the edge of the crater with Giles, Willow, Faith, Xander, and Buffy. Buffy looked on quietly.

"There's another one in Cleveland... not to spoil the moment." Giles said.

"We saved the world." Xander said smiling.

"We changed the world. I can feel them Buffy. All over. Slayers are awakening everywhere." Willow added, her voice still a little shaky from the spell she had performed that had forever altered the destiny of the slayers.

"We'll have to find them." Dawn said.

"We will"

"Yes, because the mall was actually in Sunnydale and there's no hope of going there tomorrow." Giles said, remembering the conversation in the now destroyed Sunnydale high school.

"You mean we destroyed the mall?" Dawn said shocked "I fought on the wrong side." She giggled.

"All those shops gone... the Gap, Starbucks, Toys-R-Us... who will remember all those landmarks unless we tell the world about them?" Xander said.

"We have a lot of work ahead of us" Giles said a serious tone to his voice.

"Can I push him in? I just wanna sleep for like a week!" Faith said frowning at Giles.

“You got my vote.” Willow giggled.

"I guess we all could, if we wanted to." Dawn added

"Yeah, the first is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do Buffy?" Willow asked her friend.

"Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. You get to live like a person. So whatcha gonna do now?" Faith said.

"Yeah, Buffy... what are we gonna do?" Dawn turns to her sister,

Buffy just stared ahead, her thoughts racing about the new possibilities and a smile began to form on her face. She said nothing and just smiled to herself, she had won, and the first was gone defeated.

She then heard a voice in her mind, it spoke softly to her

“Well done Buffy, you have done it, and we the powers that be thank you.” The voice of a female said to her. “You have earned our gratitude and respect. We can give to you a gift, a wish that you can use as a thank you for stopping the first.”

“A wish?” Buffy asked them. “What can I wish for?”

“Anything.” The voice replied.

Buffy thought about all the things in the world she would have loved to have, she thought about Spike, Her mom, anything. Spike died to save the world; he had given everything to save them all. He died a hero, a meaningful death one with honor. She missed him but it’s what he would have wanted.

She thought about her mom, but she had let go now and her mom was still within her heart always.

The slayer turned to face her friends, who by now had started to walk back towards the bus. Willow walked up to her putting her hand on her best friends shoulder.

“You ok Buffy.” She asked,

Buffy turned to face the Wiccan; she looked deep into Willow’s eyes, seeing the love and warmth. She also saw an empty hole in the beautiful redhead’s heart. One that she knew would never fully heal, even though she had come a long way Willow was still grieving for the loss of her soulmate.

“I’m fine.” Buffy said warmly. She smiled and in her heart she knew what to wish for. She made her wish.

Buffy heard the voice again. “Are you sure?”

“Yes” Buffy said. “I am sure.”

“Very well, it will be done, and Buffy, you chose well, thank you.”

Willow looked at her friend puzzled. “Is there someone else here?” She asked.

Buffy smiled as she felt a presence behind her. “Yes there is.” She paused for a moment. Buffy took a breath and reached out to Willow.
“Willow, I was given a wish, I could have anything I wanted.” She said.

“Anything?” Willow asked.


“Wow!” Willow said, “What did you wish for?”

“I wanted something to heal a broken heart.” Buffy said a huge grin on her face; she took a deep breath and looked at Willow. Buffy then stepped aside to reveal a figure.

Clothed in a blue sweater and jeans stood a blonde girl, her face radiant with deep blue eyes full of love. Willow stood for a moment as she saw the girl in front of her. Her jaw dropped, tears began to well in her eyes. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

The beautiful blonde girl spoke, “Willow.” She reached out and gently clasped the redhead on the shoulders; she gently pulled the Wiccan into her loving arms. The blonde girl softly nuzzled her face against Willow’s hair and whispered softly to her.

“Tara.” Willow gasped, “Tara.”

“Willow.” Tara said, tears running down her own face.

Willow, burst into tears as she felt the embrace, the warmth, the love and the words. Her heart sang with total joy, she was real and she was back. Breaking the embrace after a few moments she’s stared into the girls eyes.

“I’ve missed you so much baby, I love you.” Willow said, tears still streaming down her face. “I was so lost without you.”

“Willow, I missed you too.” Tara said, “I’m here now, and I won’t leave you.”

They kissed, and as they did a soft wind began to blow around them, gently wafting their hair. After a while they broke the kiss, Willow her face still wet from the tears and trembling reached up and stroked the blonde’s hair.

Tara kissed Willow’s forehead and then gazed into her eyes. “I love you.” She said.

“Oh Tara.” She said. “Please stay with me forever.”

“I promise”. Tara said, “Always and forever.”

Willow, broke the embrace and turned to face Buffy, who was also crying with happiness, she struggled to form words, but finally managed to pull her thoughts together.

“Oh god Buffy Thank you, thank you.” Willow said.

“Willow, I’m just pleased to see you so happy again.” Buffy said. “Say no more, this is more than I could have wished for. To see you smile again, to be with your soul mate.” She turned to Tara. “You’re her always.”

Tara smiled at Buffy, tears in her eyes. “Thank you.” Buffy embraced Tara and hugged her close. Willow, her hand firmly in her lovers, hugged her best friend. For a while they just stood there embracing and sharing the magic of the moment.

Xander sat on the bus, and glanced at his watch, and then got up and moved the front of the vehicle, he stood next to Giles.

“Where are Buffy and Willow, I think its time we got out of here.” He said to Giles.

“I’ll go see where they are.” Giles replied. He stood up and stepped down from the bus, Xander close behind him. Turning the corner of the bus they saw Willow and Buffy and a partly hidden blonde girl all embracing. Xander rushed ahead and stopped when he recognised the face of Willow’s deceased lover.

“Oh my god.” Xander yelled.

Giles froze on the spot in shocked, it couldn’t be. She was gone, dead murdered at the hands of Warren, who Willow had later flayed alive.
Buffy turned to see them staring, she broke away from the embrace and walked towards them.

“Guy’s I know what your thinking, it’s not the First ok!” Buffy quickly said. “Its Tara, she’s back and she’s alive.”

“Dear god how?” Giles said simply.

“The powers that be, they gave me a wish, anything I wanted.” She said. “I chose Tara, and before you say anymore, there is no price, no anything, its Tara.”

Xander’s face changed a little, for a brief moment he thought of Anya. But as he saw his best friend’s smile and the joy around her as she walked towards them, her girlfriends arm around her waist. He smiled and he was glad.

He walked to the blonde witch and embraced her holding her tight, Tara responded and gave him a hug.

“Welcome back Tara.” He said warmly. “We missed you.”

Giles still a little stunned stood by Buffy and looked her directly in the eye, he smiled. “You gave your wish for another, Buffy that’s a very special gift.” He said proudly, and turned to Tara. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you alive.” He said warmly.

“Thank you Mr Giles, it’s great to see you too.”

Buffy just smiled. “Willow gave so much and helped so many by unleashing the power of the scythe, to change the slayers destiny forever. Tara is her everything, her soul, her love and her rock. Willow is whole again and that’s all the reward I wanted.”

“I’d think we had better get going.” He said. “Sorry to break the moment.”

“I know, we have a bit of a drive ahead of us.” Buffy replied. “Willow, Tara, and Xander we had better get going.”

Xander, who was hugging Willow at the time, broke the embrace and gave both witches a kiss on the cheek. Then he turned towards the bus and got back on board. Giles followed him closely and took the drivers seat.

Buffy stood for a moment and said “Come on you two, let’s get out of here.” She turned away and got onto the bus, leaving the two wiccans alone briefly.

Willow her face glowing with happiness, turned to Tara and kissed her softly, she took her lovers hand. “Let’s go baby.”

Tara smiled and softly squeezed her girlfriend’s hand. “Willow, I’m still yours you know, I’ll always be yours.”

Willow just smiled at her. “And I’m yours.”

They walked together and got onboard the bus, most of them sat and stared at the appearance of blonde girl who had seemed to appear from nowhere. Except for one girl, whose eyes widened and she got up and rushed forward straight into the arms of Tara.

Andrew sat in stunned silence, his mouth open with shock. Xander turned to him and just said. “Its ok, its Tara alive and well.”

Andrew still stunned, nodded maybe this was a sign he was finally forgiven.

“Tara, is it really you?” She said. “Oh my god, Tara.”

Tara embraced her and kissed her cheek. “Hey Dawnie.”

“You’re alive!!!” Dawn said her voice overwhelmed by the fact that she was back. Last time Dawn saw Tara was in a pool of blood in Willow’s room. Here she was though alive, well and breathing.

“I fine.” Tara said softly. “I’m ok.”

“Oh god this is amazing.” Dawn said. She faced Willow and beamed.

Giles turned back from the driver’s seat and said. “Ok everyone we need to go, sit down everyone.”

Dawn broke from Tara and with her hand still firmly in the blonde girls she walked back towards the rear of the bus. Willow still refusing to let her girlfriends hand go followed them. They say down on the rear bench seat together. Buffy go up and joined them and sat next to her sister.

“God how did this happened, its so amazing.” Dawn said.

Buffy stroked Dawn’s hair and explained everything to her, she waiting for a hurtful remark that maybe Buffy should have brought back their mom, but instead Dawn understood and smiling she turned to Tara.

“I’m glad your back.” She said total sincerity in her voice. “I missed you, and I missed seeing you both together. You’re just such a cute couple.” See beamed.

“I missed you too.” Tara replied. She looked at Buffy and just mouthed “Thank you Buffy.”

The slayer smiled and then got up and moved forward a few seats, and motioned for Dawn to join her. Dawn nodded and stood up and sat down next to her sister.

Willow turned to Tara, a look of guilt on her face. “Tara I have to tell you something about what I did when you died.”

Tara placed her finger on Willows lips and smiled. “I know what happened.”

Willow looked sad “Oh!” She felt the sadness of what happened come back.

Tara’s smiled faded a little, “It’s in the past Willow, I know you suffered grief, and I felt for you. What you did was terrible and it hurt a lot of people but it’s in the past ok.” A tear ran down Willow’s face.

Tara reached forward and gently wiped the tear away. “Willow I know how much you’ve changed since then, I see your heart now and it’s so pure so kind and loving.” She paused a moment. “You have changed and now you have control over your power, the power you unleashed from the scythe cleansed your soul.”

Willow began to cry, was Tara truly forgiving her for the terrible things she in a rage and grief.

“Willow, it’s in your past.” The blonde Wiccan said softly, “Right now I see the girl I love. Thanks to Buffy we have a chance to be together again, that’s all I want. To be with you, to hold you and love you.”

Tara kissed her softly on the lips, a kiss full of warmth, love and compassion, she felt Willow relax and reply with a kiss of equal love and warmth. Willow felt the guilt and pain just wash away. Tara had forgiven her, and now she was here, alive with her in her arms. For a moment her hair glowed briefly white as it had done when she unleashed the power of the scythe. Tara had brought her peace. They kissed for a while longer unaware that everyone on the bus was staring at them.

Tara broke the kiss and looked straight into Willow’s eyes. “You’re a goddess Willow, my goddess.”

“And you’re my goddess Tara.” She replied, she could feel her heart becoming whole again for the first time since just before Warren’s bullet killed Tara and shattered Willow’s heart.

Willow then rested her head on her lovers shoulders, the inner peace she felt was pure magic.

Tara sat in her own thoughts, as she tried to take on board that she was alive, and back in the arms of the only person she loved, and would ever love. She gazed at Buffy who was sitting talking to her sister, their backs facing her. Buffy had used her wish for Willow, her very best friend.

Tara was grateful to be back, even though she had been at peace, she still longed to be with Willow. Even though she once saw darkness in her lover, she now saw the purity and the love. The goodness with her had saved her and had now led her to changing the slayers destiny forever.

Willow had opened her soul to the pure good within magic, when she did that spell, and for a brief moment the light of the powers that be shone through her burning away the last of the darkness with her soul.

Tara just smiled as she rested her head against her lovers, she moved her fingers under Willows hand and then entwined. She whispered softly. “I love you.”

Willow just snuggled her head against Tara’s and whispered back. “I love you too.”


Sorry guys I cant resist posting another Tara is back story, I heard this might have been the ending at one point but who knows, its how i would have liked to see it end.

Rachel (I know obcessed with resurrecting Tara)

I Will Always Find You
Willow to Tara

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 Post subject: Re: Chosen (My ending to it)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:57 am 
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any story that brings tara back is ok in my book! and this was really sweet, i loved it


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 Post subject: Re: Chosen (My ending to it)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:42 am 
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That was a good story.

(I know obcessed with resurrecting Tara)

Well on this board, that puts you in good company


 Post subject: Re: Chosen (My ending to it)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 6:42 pm 
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:pinky well i guess you know i am obcessed with your story ALL OF THEM !!!!! cant wait for more :kitty

 Post subject: Re: Chosen (My ending to it)
PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 5:58 am 
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So sweet! Le sigh. I see you also pretend JFK never existed. ;-)

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