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 Post subject: If Event's Changed updated tues-apr-1-08
PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:25 pm 
5. Willowhand
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Title: If Event's Changed

Spoilers: Up through season 5 tough luv

Rating: Pg-13 to maybe Nc-17

Disclaimer: I don't own anything only Whedon owns Buffy and all

Summery: Willow gets brain taken by Glory instead of Tara and things turn out differently then the series

Chapter 1 An Introduction of Things to Come

Willow: "S-O-R-T of. I mean, I just feel like the-the junior partner here. You've been doing everything longer than me. You've been out longer ... you've been practicing witchcraft way longer."

Tara looked upon her luver her eyes filled with a deep sadness

Tara: "Oh, but you're way beyond me there! In just a few- I mean ... it frightens me how powerful you're getting."

Willow looked back at Tara her own face frowning "That's a weird word."

Tara at Willows tone begins to smile nervously “Getting?"

Willow: "It frightens you? *I* frighten you?"

Tara jumps up from the bed "That is *so* not what I meant. I meant I-impresses - impressive."

Willow: "Well, I took Psych 101. I mean, I took it from an evil government scientist who was skewered by her Frankenstein-like creation before the final, but I know what a Freudian slip is."

Tara looks upon at Willow her face showing increasingly upset.

Willow: "D-don't you trust me?"

Tara: "With my life."

Willow: "That's not what I mean."

Tara: "Can't we just go to the fair?”

Willow: "I don't feel real multicultural right now." getting up Willow begins pacing around the room

"Wh ... what is it about me that you don't trust?"

Tara: "It's not that. I worry, sometimes. You're, you're changing so much, so fast. I don't know where you're heading."

Willow: "Where I'm heading?"

Tara: "I'm saying everything wrong."

Willow: "No, I think you're being pretty clear. This isn't about the witchcraft. It's about the other changes in my life."

Tara: "I trust you. I just ... I don't know where I'm gonna fit in ... in your life when..."

Willow: "When ... I change back? Yeah, this is a college thing, just a, a little experimentation before I get over the thrill and head back to boys' town."

Tara becomes quiet and tears runs down her face

Willow: "You think that?"

Tara: "Should I?"

Willow: "I'm really sorry that I didn't establish my lesbo street cred before I got into this relationship. You're the only woman I've ever fallen in love with, so ... how on earth could you ever take me seriously?"

Willow walks to the door angerly

Tara: "Willow, please!"

Willow: "Have fun at the Magic Shop"

Willow walks out and heads to the fair her mind in a haze as she just sits down and watches all the happy people pass by when she feels a hand touch hers and turns to face it and comes face to face with the insane hell goddess Glory

Glory: "Is this seat taken?"

Willow "Oh yea I was waiting for someone of the non skanky variety so off you go now now"

Glory looking angerly at the redhead looks upon her with a look of faint hurt "That’s so uncaring I thought you goodys were suppose to be nicer I just came here to just hang out, you know just us girls. You like that sort of thing, don't you?"

Willow "I like a girl and she’s not a total skank like you and by the way you really give skanks a bad name"

Glory angerly grabs Willow's hand and begins crushing it the sound of Willow bones breaking under the grip were deafening.

Willow gasps and begins to whimper as Glory looks around at the other fair attendees. The people walk around not seeming to notice anything oblivious to the terror happening.

Glory: "Nah. They won't help you. I'd kill them. You know that."

Willow begins to look around desperately her hand killing her as she holds tears in

Glory: "Your friend the slayer has my key and I want it back and she won’t give it to me so I was hoping for that blond girlfriend of yours but I guess ill have to settle for you"

Willow: "Leave Tara alone you bitch"

Glory: "No can do but I guess its time to go I got friends of yours to kill and keys to find but before I go I have a present for you"

Willow looking defiantly at the insane goddess spits at her the spit hitting Glory right in the face and turning the lips of the insane goddess into an angry frown

Glory: "You'll pay for that"

Glory: "Think about it. You think your hand hurts? Imagine what you'd feel with my fingers wiggling in your brain. It doesn't kill you. What it does ... is make you feel like you're in a noisy little dark room ... naked and ashamed ... and there are things in the dark that need to hurt you because you're bad ... little pinching things that go in your ears ... and crawl on the inside of your skull. And you know ... that if the noise and the crawling would stop ... that you could remember how to get out."

With that Glory raises her hand and inserts a finger into Willows head a blue light coming from it as both Glory and Willow screams in pain

:: Meanwhile at the Magic Shop::

Giles: "I hope this isn't a return. Everyone wants petrified hamsters and they're never happy with them"

Tara walks in her face full of sadness Giles looks upon her with concern

Giles: "You all right?"

Tara: "Yeah."

Giles: "Ah yes, because your good mood is both obvious and contagious."

Tara: "I had a fight with Willow. It was awful."

Giles: "Oh, I'm sorry."

Giles picks up the box and begins walking toward some shelves behind the counter

Tara: "Me too."

Giles: "You two don't quarrel much, do you?"

Tara: "Never. Until today."

Giles: "Well, now it's over."

Tara's face turns deathly pale and more tears begin to run down her beautiful face

Tara: "Over? How can it be over? I just found her!"

Giles: "The quarrel is over."

Tara becomes quieter and looks up with a soft voice

"Oh. Yeah."

Giles: "Uh, you'll feel better when you've made your apologies and you'll know that you can fight without the world ending.”:: walks toward the rear door:: "I know it all seems bleak now, but as they say, this too..."

Giles opens the door only to discover one of Glory's demons, Slook, who was listening intensely at the door. Slook falls into the room.

Giles: "...shall pass."

Tara and Anya both stare at the ugly monster.

Giles grabs and holds the demon by the ear, dragging him into the shop and throwing him into a chair.

Tara and Anya rush quickly over to him.

ANYA: "Wow!"

Giles: "Now, what do we have here?"

ANYA: "Oh, he's one of those things that work for Glory!”

Giles: "Yes. How helpful."

SLOOK: "I do indeed work for the god. Let me go if you do not wish to incur her anger."

Giles: "Well, she's not here. What a marvelous opportunity for you and me to talk."

SLOOK: "I will not betray Glorificus. I will never talk, no matter what heinous torture-"

Giles: "Actually, you're talking quite a lot, just not about the right things. Tell us why you're here."

SLOOK: "No words shall pass my lips that will bring peril to Glorificus."

Giles doesn't take his eyes off the demon, but points with his hand.

Giles: "Girls, get the twine that's on the counter, let's tie him up."

Tara and Anya turn away. the girls hear some sort of rustling noise as Slook begins to sob. The girls turn back in amazement.

SLOOK: "No, no! I'll tell you! Anything! Please! Whatever you want! Just, I'll, anything!"

The girls walk back over to Giles.

ANYA: "What happened?"

Giles: "He changed his mind."

SLOOK: "I'm ... I'm supposed to watch. We're watching the Slayer's people ... while Glory fetches the key."

Giles, Tara and Anya's faces turns horribly alarmed.

Tara: "Glory knows who the key is?"

Giles: "Oh god.”:: removing his glasses he begins to clean viciously::

ANYA: "We've got to call Buffy."

SLOOK: "Too late. Too late. Glorificus will find the witch, and there's nothing you can do to stop her."

ANYA: "Witch? What do you mean?"

Tara's face turns to a look of pure horrified "Willow!"

Tara turns to the door and begins to run out.

SLOOK: She's the smart one among you. It wasn't hard to figure out. The glorious one will have found her by now."

Giles: "Tara, wait! I'll go with-"

Tara: "No! Call Buffy a-and go look in Willow's room, I'm gonna check the fair."

And with that Tara runs out.

Tara: "Willow!"

Tara desperately begins running through the crowds.

Tara: "Willow!"

Willow and Glory are seated on the bench Willows face showing pure pain as she stares at the evil goddess.

Tara seeing her luver in danger runs toward them.

Tara: "By force of heart and mindful power, by waning time and waxing hour ..."

Glory puts her hand on Willow s head. As people keep walking past them oblivious of the pain on the young red heads face and blocking them from view so it's difficult for Tara to tell what's happening.

Tara: "I echo Diana, um, when I decree ... uh, what is it, what is it?"

Glory with both her hands on Willow's temples. begins to absorb Willows mind

Tara: "No! No!"

The light begins to stream out as Glory's fingers enter Willow's head. Both Willow and Glory cry out.

Tara reaches the edge of the path but is blocked by the Chinese dragon people and has to stop.

Tara: "That she I love must now be free!"

Willow with Glory's fingers still in her head and the light streaming out as Willow makes a pained face.

People continue walking past and blocking her from Tara's pained view as she try’s to see what is happening.

Tara: "Willow!"

The crowd clears momentarily and we see Willow sitting alone on the bench with her head lolling to one side.

Tara: "No!!"

Tara runs over and sits on the bench, grabbing Willow by the shoulders. painfully Willow doesn't even react or look at her.

Tara: "Willow, Willow, are you okay?"

Tara: "It's dirty. It's all dirty. And all over me!"

Willow begins brushing at her stomach as if to brush off dirt.

Willow whimpers: "Dirty. Dirty. I'm bad. Bad."

Tara her face full of tears "Willow. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

Tara pulls Willow's head down onto her shoulder and rocks her gently.

Tara grabbing her cell phone quickly calls the magic shop

"Buffy thank the goddess your there Glory got Willow she’s just like Glory's other victims get to the hospital Willows hurt I think hands broken and who knows what else"

:: Sunnydale Memorial::

Tara sits guardingly by her luv her blue eyes shot with redness from the endless crying she’s endured since finding Willow at the fair

Tara: “Can she go home now?”

Doctor:”Unfortunately, no. Hospital policy dictates we keep her for the night”.

Tara:”But does she have to? I-I can take care of her at home.”

Willow:”It's poisoned. Why don't I tell you that? It, it has to be checked, though”.

Doctor:”She your sister?”

Willow:”I-I-it has to be verified, of course. Anyone can tell you that. Of course. Of course, of course.”

Tara her face full of lost looks into the doctors eyes:”She's my everything.”

Doctor:”Well, you can get her released first thing in the morning. But she's gotta spend one night in the psych ward. Just for observation. We'll keep an eye on her, do a couple basic tests, and then you can take her home. Does that sound fair?”

Tara nods at the young doctor

Doctor: “Well, sit tight then, and I'll send a nurse by in a few minutes to pick up Willow.”

Xander:”Man, words cannot express how much I hate this place.”

Giles:”It's dreadful.”

ANYA:”It's like communism.”

Buffy runs in just arriving her forehead sweatining “Hey. Tara, I'm so sorry.”

Willow: "They kill mice.”

Buffy: “Tara I'm sorry it took me so long, but Dawn's safe with Spike, so I-I can stay as long as you need.”

Tara: “I'm so scared.”

A nurse walks into room and begins taking vitals on Willow "Willow here seems to be in good health is there a history of mental problems?"

Tara: "Not that I know of any"

Just then the doctor walks into the room "I'm afraid ill have to ask you all to come back tomorrow Willow here needs her rest"

Buffy: "Yea sure come on Tara you can stay at my place with the rest of us I don't want you on your own"

Tara: "Thanks Buffy for everything"

The nurse returns bringing in a wheelchair and begins gently helping Willow into it

Willow turns toward the nurse her face clearly looking upset “Don't! Please don't with that treachery!” turning her face toward Tara's looking like a child’s “I told the cat. And now I beg my mother sitting all alone.”

Tara: “Bye, Willow. I'll see you tomorrow. I love you.”

As the nurse begins wheeling Willow out Tara begins moving toward her

Xander: “Tara. No. It's just for one night.”

Tara: “Yeah, I-I know, but ... it's a whole night. I don't think I can sleep without her.”

ANYA: “You can sleep with me.” Everyone just turns and looks at the former vengeance demon with a mixture of confusion and terrifying “Well, now that came out a lot more lesbian than it sounded in my head.”

Buffy: “Tar, you just have to rest, okay? Right now there's nothing you can do.”

Tara: “Yes there is.”

Buffy: “No. No way. You cannot even think about taking on Glory!”

Tara: “You saw what she did to Willow! I can't let her get away with it!”

Buffy: “No, you *have* to let her get away with it. Even I'm no match for her, you *know* that!”

Tara: “But maybe I am.”

Buffy: “You're *not*! And I won't let you go.”

Tara: “This is not your choice, she’s my girlfriend she’s my baby.”

Buffy: “This is *not* the time.”

Tara: “When Buffy? When is? She’s my life and its my faught she went to the fair without me. don't you get it its my faught”

Buffy: "When we have a *chance*. We'll fight her, when we have a chance. You wouldn't last 5 minutes with her Tara. She's a *god*.”

Tara: “Fine. I'll wait.”

Buffy: “It's the only way.”

Tara: “Yeah”.

Buffy: “Can I do anything?”

Tara: “Just let me be alone.”

:: Tara’s dorm room::

Tara rushes in and beings throwing books around and from behind her bookcase she pulls out an old leather book

"Mommy please help me in my time of need"

Tara hears a knock on her door and peaks through the spyhole

"Mr. Giles hello"

Giles: "Tara I wanted to make sure your ok I know you must be under a lot of stress lately"

Tara turns her eyes sparkling with anger "You understand how I feel you don't have a clue Mr. Giles Willow is hurting cause of that bitch I want payback"

Giles: "I know Tara I understand but you cant fight with dark magic’s you know better"

Tara: "Dark magic’s Giles I wont ever use dark magic’s not even at this time I wont go that way but maybe light magic could help us"

Giles: "Tara your knowledge and caring for both Wicca and magic is great and I will trust you to do the right thing for Willow"

Tara: "Thanks Mr. Giles I will do what I can"

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 Post subject: Re: If Event's Changed
PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:38 pm 
Hello kitty, I love the way you are trying to explore how would had been things changed like this. I hope you keep it p and fix to write the first chapter soon I wish to know what you have on mind.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2008 8:36 pm 
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I love this twist on the show it is well written I cant wait to read more my friend. :pinky

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interesting, but I wish it wasn't in script-like's so hard to read that. Any chance of the writing style being more story-like ? If not that's fine, everyone has their own style, i just find it hard to read script formats...

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Oooooo interesting wanna see we're you're headin with this :)

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Wow! Interesting beginning... can't wait for update-y goodness...

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 02, 2008 4:59 pm 
5. Willowhand
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the story look will change from here on out i just wanted to do a kinda of introduction to show that tara and willows lives changed by willow going to the fair instead of tara from here on ill put it in basic writing style

continue those insights positive and negative

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 07, 2008 7:36 pm 
5. Willowhand
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Chapter 2

:: Buffy’s home::

Giles shiny new corvette drives up in front of Buffy's home and out of the car jumps Buffy, Xander which head over to Willow's side and Tara who gathers stuff from the car.

Tara rushes out of the car and gathers a wheelchair from the back of the car and rolls it over to Willow's side.

"Come on baby we are home now let's get you out of this cold wind" Tara walks over to her and with Buffy's help picks up and gently puts Willow into the wheelchair. Tara bends over and kisses Willow's blank faced forehead gently.

"But the kitty's have all gone flying home I want to see the kittyroo's" Willow said grabbing onto Tara’s hand.

Buffy walks slowly over to Tara and Willow's side and takes over the wheelchair's bars. "I'll roll her in, come on I got you both all set in moms room your staying here with friends"

"Thanks Buffy we better hurry its almost time for Willow's bath and med's we've got a schedule to keep according to the doctors."

Inside Tara and Buffy begin heading to the bathroom and began helping to remove Willow's clothes, Willow began looking at her best friend and then her luver with a childish interest and began trying to grasp at the washrag and began whimpering “The ducky is fluffy"

Tara and Buffy began cleaning the redhead off and with Buffy carefully keeping her eyes averted from Willow's nude body. Tara began cleaning Willow with a carefulness and luvingness that only she herself could ever manage her face trying desperately not to show the pain dwelling there.

Buffy looks at Tara "I can see you really care for her I'm sorry I never saw it before I'm glad you are here for Willow and helping us and I can also see you would do anything for Willow"

"I would Buffy she’s my heart my soulmate"

Tara turns and looks upon her luver with tears running in her eyes "Come on baby let's get you into bed it's nighty time"

After giving Willow her med's, and then helping her into her night gown, and finally putting her into bed Tara walks softly out of the room and goes into the living room alone and begins to cry herself to sleep

Giles later that night walks through the door inadvertently waking Tara from her forced sleep and walks softly over to her

"Tara we will find a way to help Willow I promise you"

"What happens if she doesn't get better that she just stays in this state I want her in my life but is it right when she’s just a child now"

"Do you want to walk away?"

"No never she’s my baby and I will take care of her no matter what"

"I've looked over your mothers book of shadows there might be some spells in it we might use against Glory"

"I can’t do it tonight I'll look over it later"

“Go on go to bed Tara you look exhausted things will look better in the morning”

“Yea your right” Tara gets up and heads up to her room and cuddles into bed with Willow who whimpers softly in her sleep

“You're my always.” Tara kisses Willow on the forehead. And in Willow's sleep she smiles

Later that night Tara wakes up with sweat running down her face as she turns to the sleeping heavily medicated form of her luver

"I'm going to get back at Glory I promise you may the goddess and all forgive me for what I must do"

Stepping gently out of the bed Tara begins looking over a few pages of her mothers book and begins reading over some gray area spells she knows isn't good but not black ether "Hard times makes hard choices I know I'm going against my faith but I don't see any choices so I must do what I have to do"

Tara looks over at Willow and kisses her gently "I love you Willow and I always will" and with that Tara heads out the window and takes off

:: Glory’s apartment::

Glory paces around her apartment still feeling a high from taking Willow's mind "You know, I think I'm still a little buzzed from eating that witch! What a mind she has. Mmm, nummy treat."

Jinx one of the lead ugly minion's of Glory looks upon her: "Is your grace not the slightest bit concerned about-"

Glory laughs evilly "What, about the Slayer? Don't be stupid. I know I'm closing in. The key's as good as mine. Girl like Buffy's got just so many friends. All I gotta do it rip through 'em one by one until I finally..."

Glory stops as the walls begin to shake and rattle. Knick-knacks on the walls begin to fall over and smash into pieces.

Glory and her demons look around the room in confusion.

"Did anybody order an apocalypse?"

The door suddenly flies open, revealing Tara looking extremely pissed. Her hair fluttering in the wind she's generating and the power crackling around her

Tara walks in towards Glory like an angry tigress "Kali, Hera, Kronos, Tonic...Air like nectar, thick as onyx...Cassiel by your second star..."

Glory overcoming her surprise looks upon the white witch "Ohh! It's the lover. That's so cute."

Tara with her hands open wide "Hold mine victim as in tar."

The air around Glory shimmers as the hell goddess realizes she suddenly cannot move forward.

She looks upon Tara in surprise.

Tara "I owe you for what you did to Willow" "Shatter"

The mirrors in the room all begin to shatter and the glass flies toward Glory, slicing through her dress into shreds but not doing a bit of harm to the hell goddess.

Glory brushing off the glass "Is that it? Is that the best you can do? You think I care about all this, the apartment, the clothes?"

Glory walks over and backhands Tara, who goes flying backward and topples over a sofa, landing on the floor.

Glory smiling evilly: "Now, sucking on your girlfriend's mind? That was something to treasure."

Tara gathers herself up and uses a spell to move her bag toward her

Glory her face amused looks over at the injured Tara "What's this? Bag of tricks?"

Out of the bag a bunch of power burst forth and begins bursting into fire

Tara her face full of anger: “This is dragons flame and I'm gonna make you pay"

The flames burst toward Glory, who just stands mockingly as she let's them hit her and burn but shows no damage to her

Tara begins chanting and sends forth a burst of pure light energy

Glory taking the spell head on just stares at the young witch "Now this is getting weak."

Glory rushes forward and grabs Tara by the throat and tosses her hard against the wall

"And so are you, honey. Aren't ya?"

Glory begins stalking over to the injured witches form

Out of nowhere Buffy jumps in kicking Glory in the back and then begins fighting viciously against the hell goddess raining kicks and punches onto Glory's body

Tara just beginning to shake off the dizziness from the assult looks over at the battle and begins casting another spell "Hold"

Buffy holding her ribs races toward Tara and grabs her "let's get out of here while Glory can't move and Tara by the way you are in deep trouble when we get home"

:: Buffy's home ::

Buffy and Tara enter the house Buffy throwing her bag against the wall angerly

"What in the world were you thinking Tara you could've gotten yourself killed!"

"I did what I thought I had to Willow is hurting so bad cause of her and I lost it"

"Tara I understand you are hurting bad but if something were to happen to you what would we do about Willow how would we ever get her back to normal"

"I'm sorry Buffy and I am sorry to go half baked like I did but it hurt so much to see Willow like a child it snapped something inside me"

"Come on let's get you fixed up and get you to bed with your girl we can talk about this in the morning"

Buffy helped Tara up to her room and attended to the young witches wounds which were not as bad as the slayer first feared and then helped her into bed then the slayer went down stairs grabbed a blanket and pillow and curled up on the sofa and fell asleep

Tara laid looking at the fragile red head and begins crying to herself for almost getting herself killed and almost leaving Willow alone "I'll take care of you baby just like you would for me if something happened to me I luv you Willow I always will"

:: Next morning ::

Giles paced around the living room holding his glasses in his hand "I'm not sure what we can do now Buffy Glory has an large advantage over us with Willow down and out and Tara well I'm not sure how much good she will be to us with all that's been happening and Glory also knowing the key is somewhere in our team I think we need to think quite seriously about getting out of town quick"

Xander sitting beside his girlfriend Anya looked up at the watcher "Come on Giles don't be all too doom and gloom we've been in tough spots before and gotten out of them"

"True Xander but we have never took on a god before even Adam is no comparison to Glory"

Anya spoke up “If we are all gonna die I say we just go back home an have some pre apocalypse sex come on Xander”

Giles with his face looking very unhappy looks upon the former demon “Anya please we are in a serious situation here and one we really don't want to know about your sex yearnings”

Buffy gets up and walks to the door "I'll go talk to Spike and see if he can get us a ride out of here while I do that u guys get packed and watch over Dawn and Willow I'll be back soon"

As the door closes footsteps are heard coming down the stairs as Tara shows herself "I guess we are running we will need my mothers spell books to help us find a way to stop Glory also Xander I need to get some soft foods for Willow to eat can you and Anya go get them"

"Yea sure come on Anya let's go tally up some rations for our delightful retreat party"

"Mr. Giles I'm sorry about last night I guess I kinda lost it with everything that's been happening"

"It's ok Tara I completely understand I did it once myself a long time ago when Angelus killed someone I cared for a lot. I went after him and nearly got myself killed to"

Tara races over toward the watcher and hugs and cries on his shoulder as the Giles awkwardly pats her on the back

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Hello! yay, good update kat, where are we going now? With the story? I like how you put Giles with Tara, it feels like she is more into the team that what she was in the show, here she is love by the others not just Willow.

I think it is a good change to let her more in :)

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 08, 2008 6:13 am 
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Yay for update-y goodness... I hope Tara doesn''t do the same mistakes that Willow did...

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Well that went well looking forward to the next update! :D

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Chapter 3

The door of the Summers house opens and in walks Xander with a big bag of food in his arms. "Hello all I be bearing foods to eat on so let’s see we got a tuna sandwich for Tara, eggplant that's for Buffy... salami with peanut butter? Dawn. Meatballs for me and Anya and a regular ham sandwich for Giles and an applesauce for Willow"

Tara gets up and moves over to Willow's side "Its okay. Let's just start slow today. Buffy can I have that"

Buffy reaches out and hands over the applesauce and watches as Tara begins to feed Willow gently

Tara looks upon her Willow with true devotion and kisses her gently "Here you go. That's my girl."

Dawn moves quietly over to Tara and Willows side "Can I help?"

Tara looks up and smiles softly then gently gives Dawn the applesauce and leans back and watches as Dawn feeds Willow

Buffy begins pacing around the room and looks out the window "What are you going to need for Willow?"

Tara gets up and begins pacing herself "I don't know. The doctors gave me a lot of stuff to keep her calm. They also said I might have to restrain her at night. Sometimes she's fine. She looks at me, and... She’s fine."

Buffy turns around and slowly faces Tara with tears in her own eyes "I'm so sorry Tara I wish there was something I could have done. I wish I could kick Glory's ass for what she's done to Willow"

Tara smiles softly at the slayer "Its okay. I can do this. I'm going to take care of her. Even if she never... she's my girl."

Tara turns to Willow and leans over her beloved "You're my always"

In that instant the house began to tremor as the wall of Tara and Willow's room broke loose showing the evilly psychotic form of the hell goddess Glory

Glory smiles darkly at the Scooby's "I told you this wasn't over."

Dawn and Tara race over to Willow trying to shield her from Glory. Willow looking upon the hell goddess begins freaking out from the sudden appearance of Glory

Dawn wraps her arms around and holds tightly onto Willow "No Willow its ok it'll be ok"

Willow her face turning to that of a child's looks upon Dawn "Oh, look at that, look at that. The light! Oh, it's so pure! Such pure green energy!"

Dawn stood back and gasps and quickly turns over to look at Glory in fear. Glory begins to smile evilly.

Willow looking at Dawn her face set in curiosity "Oh, it's so beautiful."

Glory's smile widens even more as Dawn looks fearfully at Buffy. Buffy quickly turns to glare at Glory ready to battle to protect her sister and friends

Everything begins to move fast as Buffy whirls around and grabs Dawn by the hand and rushes straight through the door and into the hallway, Glory looks upon where the slayer was and laughs and starts after them

Tara seeing that Glory was going after Dawn begins chanting spells at Glory one stopping her in midstep and the other sending Glory flying backwards away from the house. Tara grabs Willow's hand and begins to run out of the house following Buffy and the others

Glory gets up angerly and ignores Willow and Tara's escape then goes straight after Buffy and Dawn.

Dawn stumbles to the ground as Buffy picks her up

"We have to keep moving!"

"I can't!"

"Yes you can come on"

Suddenly, Glory appears in front of them, standing in the middle of the street.

"I really hate it when people touch my things. Any last words, slay-runt?"

Buffy looks upon her with a cocky smile "Just one. Truck"

Glory turns and looks to her right, but it’s too late to do anything, as a huge semi truck smashes into her. Buffy and Dawn seeing the chance to escape run off in the other direction. Glory finds herself flying through the air and lands on her back on top of a parked car, smashing its roof in. Glory slowly starts to sit up, then stops with a jerk.

"No! Not now, you idiot! Let go" Glory reverts to Ben looking very unhappy at being in Glory's dress

:: Xander's apartment ::

Dawn paces back and forth in the little apartment "A-and then whoosh! All of a sudden Glory's just standing right there in front of us, all skanky and blonde and thinking' she's all that just 'cause some bumpy heads kiss her stinky feet ... Okkk so she does have nice feet. A-and she's comin' right at us, and- Buffy's just standing there not even blinking, like Bring it on, and then, wham! Hell-bitch in orbit."

Xander gets up smiling happily "Go, Buffster"

Giles walks over to Buffy looking very much pleased "I knew you'd best Glory eventually, I mean all-all our years of training"

Buffy her face beginning to look glum turns to Giles "Actually a truck hit her"

Anya's head perked up and looked intensely at Buffy "You threw it at her?"

Dawn spoke out before Buffy could explain to the former vengeance demon "Well, no. She more kind of waited for it to hit Glory. Uh, but then Buffy ran really fast and we got away."

Buffy got up and looked upon her friends "Spike's coming in an RV to pick us up we are getting out of town now"

The RV pulls up soon after and everyone begins to get there stuff packed in with Giles, Spike and Dawn taking the front and the others taking the back seat. As everyone begins to get comfy in the RV Tara reaches over and holds Willow close to her as she begins to watch Xander and Spike bicker at each other for a moment she turns her attention back to her luver and leans in and kisses Willow lightly on the forehead and continues to listen to the ongoing conversations.

Anya looking incredibly bored turns to face the others “Shouldn't somebody be asking, are we there yet?" The former vengeance demon turns to look over at her boyfriend Xander "Isn't that what small entertaining children do?"

Tara looks over at Xander and smiles gently "Xander you look like your going to get sick"

Xander just glowers at Tara his face looking a bit green

Dawn sitting in the passenger seat answers Anya's question: "Anya that kinda only works if you know where you're going."

"Do we know where we're going yet?"

Spike smoking a cigarette answers casually "We'd already be somewhere if Captain Slow Poke here would give up the wheel. Hey gramps, bloody step on it!"

Giles turns his head slightly and glowers over at Spike. "Step on what? I've driven tricycles with more power than this contraption."

Xander looking really sick now yells “Is anybody else queasy?"

Anya not really noticing things looks over at Xander "He doesn't travel well. He's like fine shrimp"

Spike turns to look over at Dawn "I shoulda nicked that Porsche I had my eye on. Just enough room for you me and big sis."

Xander turns and looks angerly at Spike "Would you give it a rest or..."

Spike smiling menacing "Or what? You gonna toss your cookies on my shoes?"

"Or you can be undead Man Walking. See how fast you can hitch a ride with a flaming thumb."

After hearing more than enough bickering Tara goes to feed Willow and begins to gently singing to her beloved and holds her close

"It'll be ok baby we will find a way to help you"

Out of nowhere an arrow hits the RV and Buffy screams out "It's those frikken knights again and they are on freaking horseback"

Willow who was curled up calmly in Tara's arms pushed up and started freaking out "The evil horsey's there going to eat us to bones"

Tara quickly pulls Willow under the table and holds her close as Giles puts the car into evasive actions as the entire RV goes insane as swords burst through the roof

"Buffy they are on the roof helpp"

After a proactive battle, Buffy rids the RV of knights. Inside, all seems calm. Giles peers out at his mirror. The back end of the RV with the road retreating away, clear of all knights. Giles lets out a sigh of relief calls out at the others "Everyone ok back there"

Everyone seemed to be all right. Giles smiles slightly as he turns back to the road. Only to see another knight on horseback coming straight at him, holding a spear. Giles looking horrified as he tries to twist the wheel as the knight throws the spear. It flies through the window and into Giles' side, impaling him. He gasps and is thrown forward onto the steering wheel. Everyone on the RV begins to shriek and gasp as the RV jostles, out of control.

Buffy who was still on the roof, began struggling to keep her balance. She leapt off the roof, and lands hard on the ground and rolls. She sits up just in time to see the RV go careening off the road, falling over onto its side, and came to a stop in a huge cloud of dust.

Buffy quickly ran to the downed RV where everyone began running out of it looking for cover

"Quickly all this way there’s a gas station where we can hold up"

With Xander and Anya helping the injured watcher into the station while Tara begins helping Dawn and a near hysterical Willow and finally Spike runs out with a blanket over him covering him from the suns deadly rays

"Oh sweet lord Xander help me find something to stop the bleeding" Buffy helps Giles onto the ground and begins helping with his injuries

Tara gets up and begins casting a protection spell that envelops the gas station

Buffy turns to look over at Tara "How long will it hold?"

Tara looks upon Buffy uneasily "Half a day maybe a little more."

The night moved on as Tara sat by Willow. The red heads head on her lap and Buffy and Dawn sitting together talking with each other and Anya and Xander cuddling and Spike was walking around the room occasionally smoking his cigarettes

Tara looking exhausted leans in and kisses Willow gently" It'll be ok baby we will find a way out of this I promise"

As Tara sits there with Willow she sees Buffy getting up and heading toward a window

"Tara it seems we got company someone from their camp is coming to talk open the field a little"

Tara looks upon the slayer worriedly but does as asked she allows the field to open just a little bit so that the knight can walk in and listens to the conservation between the slayer and the knight’s leader

The tall knight walks up to the slayer his face showing hatred for the slayers sister "Speak."

"One of my friends was hurt when you attacked us".

"And ten of my men are dead. Honorable men. Shall we balance the scale?" grabbing for his sword he looks upon her menacingly

"Will you let someone come and help him or not?"

"Give quarter to an agent of the beast? What madness would move me to such action?"

Buffy looking furiously at the knight moves toward him "I'm done asking."

Xander seeing that things were going to get bad quick moves in and grabs Buffy's arm "Whoa! Hey! This is war, isn't it? And if there's one thing I've learned from Sergeant Rock, it's that in war, there are rules. Or at least there should be if you're as honorable as you *think* you are. Plus we do have your general forehead guy."

Knight looks from Xander to Buffy "Yes we will be honorable and allow u to take your wounded from here in exchange for our leader"

Buffy turns to look over at Tara "Tara we need your help Xander and Anya will watch over Willow, Giles and Dawn while we go make ourselves a phone call"

Tara nodding slowly gets up and follows the slayer out but before leaving the station turns and looks upon Willow "I'll be back my luv I promise"

Outside Tara, Buffy and Spike head to a phone booth

Tara walks purposely into the booth and raises her hands "Discharge and bring life."

The pay phone sizzles and suddenly lights up. The dial tone coming clearly from the phone

Spike turns to look at the young witch and smiles mischievously "Handier than a Swiss knife. Look, the door to my crypt's got this nasty squeak, maybe you could..."

Buffy pushes past Spike before Tara could reply lifts up the phone and begins to dial "Hey, uh, i-it's Buffy. I need to ask you a really big favor."

A few hours later Tara sees a car driving up to the gas station where the army of knights stands around watching. Inside the car she spots that Ben is at the wheel. Ben gets out and walks over to the where Buffy, Tara and the injured watcher are waiting

Ben looks upon Buffy "You, uh, forgot to mention the costume party outside"

Buffy begins to flush and smiles "Sorry, I didn't know who else to call."

"It's okay. I mean yeah, not how I pictured seeing you again, but ah, I'll take what I can get."

"Thank you. For coming"

"My pleasure. All right, I think I got him stabilized, but there's a lot of damage. We need to get him out of here."

"Well, I think the guys with the pointy swords kinda have other ideas. Look, if this gets too weird, just tell me. I'll understand."

"Don't worry about me. I won't leave until I've worn out my welcome"

:: Late that night ::

Tara leans against the wall and begins yawning tiredly and looks up to see Buffy bringing some food to her

"Thanks Buffy Willow seems be calmer and sleeping a little better"

"How you doing Tara you holding out ok"

"I'm scared to death Buffy but I won’t let anyone hurt Willow if I can help it we will find a way out of this I hope"

Buffy smiles gently at her friend not knowing that all hell was going to break loose soon

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Yay for great update-y goodness....

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just a quick hi to all kittens things are a bit slow but ill work on it here and there to get a feel for it im finding this story harder than i first thought anyway thought id drop a line

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chapter 4

It was nearly three in the morning everyone was sleeping except Buffy, Dawn, and the young doctor Ben. Tara layed snuggled up to her luver Willow's head on her lap as she sleeps sitting against the wall of the gas station. Out of nowhere Tara hears Ben begining screaming.

"You have to let me out. Let me out now."

Tara looked up in the direction of the screaming her eyes trying to focus from her unrestful sleep to Ben and looks to see Dawn with a worried look on her face.

Dawn her face looking extremely scared squeaked "Ben?"

"You have to let me out! You don't understand, I gotta get out, open a door, now!"

Buffy rushes toward the screaming doctor concern heavy in her eyes "What happened?"

Dawn turns to look over at her sister "I don't know, he just freaked out."

"Let me out!"

Buffy screams for Tara to wake up "Tara, open a door..."

Before Tara could open a door in the protection spell Ben turns from the nice and caring doctor to the evil psychotic hell goddess Glory

Buffy turns in shock and begins to attack the evil hell goddess raining punches and kicks upon her. Spike taking the opportunity rams himself into Glory knocking her outside allowing Tara’s shield to come down.

"Tara get everyone to the back of the station quick I don’t think the shield will last long against her" Buffy yelled

Buffy watches as the knights begin taking arms against Glory and the evil goddess just towers over them destroying everyone by ripping off arms and snapping necks as easy as snapping a twig after disposing of the pesky nuances of the knights she turns herself back onto the protected gas station and begins pounding away until the field shatters

"Now that’s better I think this game has gone on long enough now give me my fucking key"

Buffy jumps at Glory and swipes at Glory with her sword cutting through Glory's dress but doing no noticeable damage while Tara try’s to run away from the battle

Spike his face turned vampire hits Glory with a hard punch to the face "You'r not getting the girl hell bitch"

Glory just double fists Spike sending him flying off and begins walking over to Dawn as Buffy jumps in front of her blocking her advancment

Tara begins casting a spell but is cut off as Buffy is thrown into her bowling them both down and knocking the wind out of the young Wiccan.

Glory holding a squirming Dawn roughly by her shirt swings her free arm at the barrier and breaks a hole in it and runs through it, pulling Dawn with her. The hole Glory made begins to close as Buffy untangles herself from Tara and emerges from the building and runs into the barrier just as it finishes closing making her pursuit of Glory and Dawn undoable.

"Tara get it down, now!"

"Hear, hear my plea. Circling arm protecting me allow my shield to dissipate immediately"

Buffy comes running out as the barrier disappear and limps forward looking around. All the knights that were there were lying dead on the ground broken and mutilated. Buffy walks forward slowly, looking around at the corpses in horror as Spike, Xander, Willow, Tara, and Anya burst out of the station. They slow down when they see the gruesome scene before them.

Buffy seeing everything and feeling the loss of her sister just slumps to the ground her mind shutting down

Tara races over to Buffy looking frantic and sees the emptyness in the slayer's face. "Shes gone catatonic im afraid we are in an extremely bad situation"

Giles looks over at Tara his eyes showing the beginning of tears and fear "Is there anything you can do to snap her out of this"

"Maybe but not here id need to get her back to the Magic Shop and do some research on mind scapes"

Giles turned to look at their vampire companion who also looked extremely worried about Dawns kidnapping and Buffy’s falling into an catatonic state

"Spike can u hotwire Ben's car to get us a ride back to Sunnydale we must be quick if we are to get Buffy back to normal and save Dawn"

"You got it it'll be child’s play to get that car roving"

Tara sitting near the slayer still holding Buffy’s hand turns to look at Xander "Xander get Willow up and ready we got to get going"

"Got it Tara come on Anya lets help get Willow ready"

As Xander and Anya begin helping Willow into the car Tara and the injured Giles carefully move Buffy into the back seat and begin to make there way back to Sunnydale

:: Few hours later ::

Tara sits down on the floor of the Magic Shop and slowly turns to the others

"I found some spells that will allow me to enter Buffy's mind but I'll have to be alone with her to do this spell "

Xander stands up and looks around at Anya, Spike and Tara "I'm going to take Giles to the hospital, Anya you need to look after Willow, and Spike you should find Glory, Check her apartment, see if she's still there. Try anything stupid like payback and I will ask Buffy to kick your ass when she gets better, ok?"

Anya turns to look at the young Wiccan and turns her head to the side "W-what will Tara do?"

"I'm gonna help Buffy somehow"


Willow turns to look at her luver with a face that could only be described as mindless "The world is spinning. Straight, to the new day. Big day, big big day ..."

Tara goes to Willow and kisses her gently "I'll find a way to help you too baby I promise"

As everyone goes onto their assignments Tara sits alone with only Buffy and Anya close by

Anya hands Tara the last of the ingredients for the spell and turns to her

"You sure you know what you're doing?"

"No but we don’t have much of a choice Glory has Dawn and Buffy is the only one who can stop her"

"A spell like this could be really dangerous for Buffy. And you."

"I know i'll be careful just take care of Willow while I’m gone"

"I will"

"There’s some pills in my knapsack. Half of one every two hours keeps her pretty calm"

Tara looks upon Willow one last time and kisses her gently on the lips "I luv you baby i'll be back soon so be good for Anya"

Willow whines softly and holds out her hand toward Tara as Tara walks out of the Magic Shop

:: Buffy’s room ::

"Ok Buffy lets get you back to us"

"Goddess please heed my calls allow me to enter the mind of your warrior she who has gone away and in this time needs to be returned to the conscious land"

With that Tara finds her eyes closing and finds herself inside a normal home different than where she was

"This must be Buffy’s mindscape"

A small voice comes from behind Tara and she turns to look behind to see a young girl about seven or eight with a pink bow in her hair looking up at her

"What you doing here?"

Tara looks at the child curiously and bends down to look at her in the eyes

"I’m here to see you Buffy there’s friends who need you badly"

"But I like it here"

"I know it's safe here but this isn’t real"

As the little girl left the room skipping out the door. Tara walked through the mindscape house going from room to room until she comes upon voices coming from downstairs and quietly walks down to see a younger Joyce and a young man with her

"Must be Buffy's dad Hank"

Joyce comes in holding a baby in her arms and lowers herself so Buffy could see

"Buffy darling this is your new little sister Dawn isn’t she cute"

Buffy looks upon the newborn and wrinkles her face

"She’s pruney and small is she done yet?"

Joyce laughs and smiles at her daughter "She’s just a baby all baby’s are like that"

"Even me?"

"Even you"

"Can I watch over her be her big sister?"

"Yes, Buffy. You can take care of her."

The mindscape changes this time Buffy looks much as Tara knew her to be

"Buffy we need you to snap out of this and come help us save Dawn"

Buffy just turns to face Tara and smiles a dark smile "Death is my gift"

Tara frowns in confusion "What does that mean death is your gift"

Buffy says nothing and walks out of the room Tara just looks over at her and follows

Tara follows Buffy to the backyard and sees a multitude of gravestones each with a name on them and Buffy standing in front of her mothers grave

"Buffy you didn’t cause this your mother was sick and she passed away these others they died cause of the evil lurking here if you weren’t here many more would have died"

"Tara my friend don’t you understand death is my gift"

"I don’t believe that your gift is death its all about protection from the darkness"

Buffy walks back inside and heads up the stairs toward Dawns room

Tara races in to see Buffy smothering Dawn with a pillow

"Buffy stop your killing her"

"Death is my gift Tara it always will be my gift alone"

"It’s just a dream I can’t stop you from doing this"

The world changes again as young Buffy shows up again

"Hello there again Buffy"

The mindscape continues as before with Buffy killing Dawn again

"Buffy why are you doing this"

"This is my gift. This is what I do"

"I'm not talking about this, I'm talking about ... Right here, it happened. I know it's something small, but it's something. What?"

"Tara please don’t go there."

Tara looks at Buffy her eyes full of concern "I'm not Buffy you’re the one who keeps bringing me here. And you wouldn't be doing that if you weren't trying to show me something."

"Do I?"

"Buffy, this is your mindscape. Tell me. What happened here?

Buffy looks upon her sadly "This was when I quit, Tara. Just for a second. I remember I was in the magic shop. I put a book back for Giles. Nothing special about it. And then, it hit me.

"What hit you?" Tara asked gently

"I can't beat Glory and cause of that in effect I killed Dawn"

"Buffy she’s not dead but she will be if you don’t pull yourself together and help us stop Glory before she does whatever she plans to do I know what your feeling cause its the same I feel with Willow its called guilt but guilt wont help us save them"

Buffy says nothing as the dream world crashes and Tara finds herself holding a crying Buffy and holds her close and rubs her back gently

"We will save them Buffy I promise you"

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Yay for excellent update-y goodness...

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Cool. Is good


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Good kitty! :pinky
An update soon? :kitty

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